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    ( July 31, 2013 -- The victims of natural disasters across the world will now have instant access to clean water thanks to an exciting innovation jointly pioneered by British company, Pure Hydration and the charity Shelterbox.

    Thirst Aid Station is a revolution in safe drinking water and the fruit of a comprehensive design and development process, led by Pure Hydration, experts in water purification technology. The bag-based design filters diseased and dirty water into pure, clean and safe drinking water quickly and easily. The dirty water is poured in at the top and clean water emerges from the bottom, instantly. The kits have already been supplied to the charity Shelterbox, which helps victims of earthquakes, tornados, floods and tsunamis across the world, following their input earlier this year.

    Made to SPHERE Minimum Standards, which dictate that a family of four has a total basic water need of 7.5L - 15L per day, Thirst Aid Station will last for approximately one month, providing 1000L of emergency water. When it is past its useful life it can also act as a waterproof dry bag or bucket to extend the lifespan and usefulness to recipients.

    Jon Grant, Managing Director of Pure Hydration says, "We are thrilled to launch our award-winning technology, and we are honoured to be able to assist the charity Shelterbox in their efforts to help the victims of natural disasters all over the globe, they do such an amazing work. We have a proud history of supplying our water purification products to the military and to many disaster charities, and our association with Shelterbox will hopefully be the first of many for the Thirst Aid Station."

    The Thirst Aid water purification bag is made of incredibly tough material, and can hold 10L of water, yet can roll down to just a few square centimetres and weighs less than 300 grammes, making it perfect for transporting across the globe. The unique filter incorporates exclusive MAD (mechanically advanced disinfection) technology which removes bacteria, viruses, chemicals, dirt, and odour from water making it safe to drink. There are no chemicals involved in the process and there is no wait time, guaranteeing safe, clean drinking water at any time, in any place. The innovation was recently nominated for a highly prestigious humanitarian award at AidEx, a global conference for global aid and development needs.

    Pure Hydration are world-renowned experts in water purification and have supplied their products to a range of high-profile organisations, including the Ministry of Defence, US Law Enforcements and USAR teams. Their purification bags and products are also a hit with mountaineers, adventurers, cyclists, climbers and holiday makers who choose to visit places where clean water is not a given. Their products have been tested by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to verify their viability and ensure that they are safe to use.

    The Thirst Aid stations are also highly ethical and environmentally-friendly. It costs just 11p to filter one litre of water, and the usage of the bags prevents thousands of plastic and PET bottles going into landfill. With no chemicals, batteries or pumping used, the Thirst Aid station is one of the most eco-friendly, cheap and effective purification systems available in the world today.

    For more information about the Thirst Aid Station or any other Pure Hydration products, visit

    About Pure Hydration: Founded in the UK in 1995, Pure Hydration specialises in providing a range of high-profile organisations and clients with effective and cheap water purification methods. Their products are used by the Ministry of Defence, many US Law Enforcement departments and disaster charities across the globe to provide safe, clean drinking water for all.

    Notes to Editors: Issued by Dakota Digital. Please direct press queries to Rebecca Appleton. Email

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- He provides quality home appliance service while offering tips to improve performance and efficiency

    Dix Hills, NY - The local dishwasher repair man offers appliance maintenance and troubleshooting tips while building relationships with his customers. Bob Dougherty, owner of Fleet Appliance Repair enjoys making sure his customers understand how to properly maintain their household appliances to ensure maximum performance. His customers appreciate the tips and he enjoys the conversation.

    The automatic dishwasher is a popular appliance in Bob's neighborhood and he is often asked for advice to improve their efficiency. Like any home appliance, dishwashers are only as efficient as the user. The dishwasher repair man often answers questions about poor cleaning quality. He begins by explaining some facts about dishwasher detergents:

    • Dishwasher detergents can get old and become ineffective, so do not buy large quantities at a time.
    • Buy a national brand because they contain quality ingredients.
    • Store in a cool, dry place, not under the sink.
    • Use one teaspoon of soap per grain of water hardness.
    • Be sure to read labels for ingredients and usage instructions.
    • Use the appropriate water temperature

    The dishwasher service technician says that rinse additives also play an important role in cleaning power. Rinse additives greatly improve drying by allowing water to drain from dishes after the final rinse. They also prevent water spots and streaking. Most dishwashers have a liquid dispenser that holds about 5 ounces of rinse additive which will last about 1 to 3 months. Fill when rinse aid indicator falls to "add" level. The rinse aid setting can be adjusted according to water quality, with hard water requiring a higher setting.

    The appliance repair man's customers enjoy quality service and education about getting more from their appliances. They often recommend Fleet Appliance Repair ( to their family and friends.

    Fleet Appliance Repair provides service in many categories and they are authorized to work on most major brands of home appliances. Bob Dougherty is a certified customer service manager. To achieve this status, he has passed a comprehensive examination that measures skills in consumer relations, management techniques and the ability to successfully manage employees. Visit to learn more.

    About Fleet Appliance:
    Bob Dougherty operates Fleet Appliance Corp, a member of AHASC with over 22 years in business. Their factory trained technicians provide appliance repair services on most major brands and they are licensed by Suffolk consumer Affairs. The appliance service technician will do a thorough inspection and recommend the best course of action for their customer. Fleet Appliance Repair uses only factory specified parts and fully guarantees their work.


    Fleet Appliance Corp
    Bob Dougherty
    149 Waverly Ave
    Patchogue, NY 11772
    Call: 631-824-7895

    This press release was submitted by Right Now Marketing Group, LLC

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- Anxiety increases for a busy homemaker juggling work, children, errands, appointments and housework...And why isn't the washer working!

    Hampton Bays NY - The local washing machine repair man feels his customer's pain as a broken down appliance disrupts the entire day's plans. Like any other day, mom is a busy juggling work, home and children. She has the patience of a saint, but it is pushed beyond its limit as the children squabble, someone spills juice, a toy is lost, etc...As if matters could be any worse, the washer has quit running in the middle of its cycle.
    Since she is frustrated to tears, it is unlikely that she will think to do some troubleshooting on her own. She wants the washing machine repair man to come over right now and fix it so she can get things done. Finding an appliance service technician that can come out right away can be difficult. Typically, when a home service provider promises to be there soon, the customer ends up waiting all day.

    Bob Dougherty owns Fleet Appliance Repair (, a company that is well known for their honesty and dependability. When the local washing machine repair man gets the call from the overwhelmed mom, he quickly puts her at ease as he asks her what is going on. He has her check a few simple things like breakers or fuses and if the appliance is plugged in. If the washer isn't properly leveled, it could vibrate and cause the plug to come loose, explaining why it stopped in the middle of the cycle. If this is the case, the machine just needs to be leveled.

    Bob Dougherty makes a living in the appliance repair business, so why would he try to avoid a service call by providing troubleshooting tips over the phone? He certainly cannot bill the customer for his time if he doesn't come to their home. Bob explained, "I like to be sure my services are truly needed before going to a customer's home. This way, I'm free to handle those who really need appliance repair and the customer is happy if we I can give her a simple solution to her problem."

    Fleet Appliance service technicians take great pride in their work; they arrive on time, in uniform and in a lettered vehicle, fully stocked and prepared to complete most services on their first trip. The technician will thoroughly inspect your home appliance and then recommend the best course of action. Visit to learn more.

    About Fleet Appliance:
    Bob Dougherty operates Fleet Appliance Corp, a member of AHASC with over 22 years in business. Their factory trained technicians provide appliance repair services on most major brands and they are licensed by Suffolk consumer Affairs. The appliance service technician will do a thorough inspection and recommend the best course of action for their customer. Fleet Appliance Repair uses only factory specified parts and fully guarantees their work.


    Fleet Appliance Corp
    Bob Dougherty
    149 Waverly Ave
    Patchogue, NY 11772
    Call: 631-824-7895

    This press release was submitted by Right Now Marketing Group, LLC

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- The Simon mini LED Flashlight T6 Pro developed by is now available, using a Cree LED bulb to provide superior lighting in a compact package. This mini flashlight is the new choice of military and law enforcement professionals, and consumers like it as a useful self-defense tool.

    This consumer version T6 Pro LED flashlight is both rugged and lightweight. Aircraft-grade (6061) aluminum is used for its body, and its weight is less than half a pound. This makes it durable and comfortably portable in the palm of a hand.

    Simon Volkov, Simon Brands CEO, designed the T6 Pro to be versatile and multipurpose. "It brings great benefit to a broad range of people," he says, "from business owners to sailors on expedition, to law enforcement, to service providers, and to individuals. Moreover, it's not just a hand-held device, but can be mounted onto weapons, hard hats, and helmets."

    In fact, because the Simon Cree LED flashlight emits up to 500 lumens, it's ideal in tactical situations or just walking your pets. "This level of luminosity is versatile," notes Volkov, "making the light a good personal safety device."

    Many women find the bright luminosity a tactical safety feature particularly attractive. The Cree LED bulb's blinding effect helps them to fend off an attacker and make their escape. Its smallness renders it easy to tuck out of the way while walking the dog or jogging, and yet it furnishes additional lighting in predawn and evening hours.

    The versatility of the Simon LED flashlight carries over into its controls and accessories. The 16 dial focus settings allow beam adjustment from tight and focused to a broad fan. The on/off push button is also a soft-touch control cycling among high-beam, medium-beam, low-beam, strobe, and S.O.S. signaling.

    A heavy duty belt clip and adjustable lanyard wristband make it convenient handling in awkward spaces such as when working on boat hulls or automobile engines. There's no limit to the household uses of this mini flashlight. And it is the perfect companion for fishermen, boaters, and hunters.

    Nevertheless, its suitability for home use does not make the Simon T6 pro LED flashlight any less suitable for military and law enforcement applications. Officers use its bright light to impair the vision of suspects temporarily, enabling them to subdue them successfully without having to resort to deadly force.

    The Simon Brands high power Cree flashlight runs on three AAA alkaline batteries, providing up to two hours of continuous operation. Alternatively, it can accommodate rechargeable lithium ION batteries. The Cree bulb is built to last, delivering up to 100,000 hours of luminosity.

    Barbara Thorpe
    Barbara (at)onlinemarketingdna(dot)com
    Google+ :

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- Harry H. Heard III, D.D.S., P.C.

    Luray, VA Dentist Harry Heard Uses Digital X-Rays for Accurate, Safe Results

    The field of dentistry is constantly advancing. Each new dental technology has allowed for more efficient office visits and better overall patient experiences. These modern technologies have made it easier to perform routine exams and procedures with precision and accuracy. Dr. Harry Heard utilizes many different forms of technology at his practice, providing patients with comfortable and comprehensive dental care. At his Luray, VA practice, digital x-rays are one of the many technologies utilized during routine exams and various dental procedures.

    Over the years, digital x-rays have come to replace traditional film x-ray technology. Digital x-rays are an advanced imaging technology that provides high definition, accurate images of a patient's teeth, gums and oral cavity. The digital images are produced in minimal time and are quickly displayed on a computer monitor for viewing. Dr. Harry Heard can efficiently evaluate a patient's oral health with a visual understanding of their smile. The detailed images allow for a closer look at each individual tooth. Since the captured images are highly detailed, digital x-rays make identifying potentially problematic areas simple. Dr. Harry Heard can easily plan upcoming procedures and better address his patient's oral health needs.

    Digital x-rays offer a number of benefits beyond the accurate and detailed images they produce. This advanced dental technology also offers a safer overall dental exam. Digital x-rays emit about 80% less radiation when compared to conventional film x-rays. Dr. Harry Heard's Luray, VA patients can find comfort in safer, more accurate care with digital x-ray technology.

    To learn more about the benefits of digital x-rays and the other advanced technologies available through Dr. Harry Heard, visit or call 540-743-3434 to schedule an appointment at his Luray, VA office.

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- Frankford Dental Care: Pablo E. Sotelo, DMD

    Philadelphia, PA Dentist Dr. Pablo E. Sotelo Provides Imtec Mini Implants For Sleek Restorations

    Dental implants are acknowledged as one of the most versatile, reliable and secure solutions when it comes to restoring a full tooth or multiple teeth. However, some patients who have narrow or thin jaw bones may not be able to utilize standard dental implants as a restorative option. Fortunately, dentists like Dr. Pablo E. Sotelo, can easily place Imtec mini dental implants for those patients in need of slimmer, less invasive implants. Imtec dental implants can serve as anchor systems for dentures. Philadelphia, PA patients can now visit Frankfort Dental Care for imtec mini dental implants, among many other general, cosmetic and restorative dental services.

    Imtec mini implants are created by 3M to be a high quality, economical and reliable answer to a unique dentistry need. Unlike standard, full size dental implants, Imtec mini implants are much sleeker and easier to place. As a result, the procedure is less invasive and costly, and the healing process is much faster. Imtec mini implants provide many of the same advantages as full size dental implants, including stability, longevity and simple care requirements. Dr. Sotelo has used Imtec mini implants with much success; completing implant denture procedures for many of Frankfort Dental Care's patients. When grouped, they can serve as rooted support for dentures, eliminating the instability and discomfort that affects some dental prosthetic patients.

    Dr. Pablo E. Sotelo is currently welcoming new patients to his Philadelphia, PA dental practice, particularly those patients who are looking for more stability and security when wearing dentures. Complete information on Imtec implants can be found on Frankfort Dental Care's website, where patients can also easily request an appointment online.

    For more information on Imtec implants in Philadelphia, PA, visit or call 215-331-5757 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pablo Sotelo at Frankford Dental Care.

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- Frankford Dental Care: Pablo E. Sotelo, DMD

    Philadelphia, PA Dentist Dr. Pablo E. Sotelo Fits Patients With Beautiful, Modern Complete Dentures

    Dentures remain one of the most reliable and effective options when a complete smile restoration is needed. While they are an enduring solution, complete dentures have advanced just as other dental prosthetics. At Frankfort Dental Care, Dr. Pablo E. Sotelo has fit many Philadelphia, PA patients with comfortable and beautiful complete dentures. Even if you have tried full dentures with limited success or discomfort in the past, the complete denture fitting and placement services available at Frankfort Dental Care may make you rethink this type of dental prosthetic.

    The complete dentures available at Frankfort Dental Care have provided many of Philadelphia patients with confidence, security and peace of mind. Dr. Sotelo and his staff provide a high level of technology and personalized patient care that denture patients can really appreciate. When you visit Frankfort Dental Care for complete dentures, you can expect gentle and comprehensive care that will ensure your dentures are perfectly suited to your individual attributes and oral health needs. Dr. Sotelo will work with you closely to find a fit that not only looks beautiful and natural, but feels secure and stable. As the staff at Frankfort Dental Care knows that ill-fitting dentures can cause discomfort, health problems, apprehension and inconvenience, they will ensure that your complete denture results offer you exactly the opposite.

    Patients throughout Philadelphia, PA have been impressed and assured through the results their Frankfort Dental Care complete dentures. Dr. Pablo E. Sotelo is now welcoming patients in need of their first denture fitting, as well as those who would like an improvement or update from their current prosthetics, to make an appointment and discover the benefits of complete, modern dentures firsthand.

    To learn more about complete dentures and other dental restoratives in Philadelphia, PA, visit or call 215-331-5757 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pablo E. Sotelo at Frankford Dental Care.

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- Auckland, New Zealand - Pat Menzies is a reputed Auckland based foot wear store operating since the early 70s. This underground destination footwear store is the original stockiest of Dr Martens, Converse and Vans. Pat Menzies range of shoes includes many leading brands from basics to limited editions. The stores collection varies from dress shoes, funky shoes and street shoes. They also cater for large sizes of men's footwear. Pat menzies do not just offer trendy shoes for the young, but also have a huge collection of classy formal shoes for the mature crowd. They understand what the customer needs and guide them to their choicest pieces.

    The store aims to offer more to their customers. Pat Menzies online store offers the best collection of footwear online. Their website is a virtual store where people have access to a huge collection of shoes to pick from. The size chart on the website is of immense help in buying the right size of footwear online. Buying directly from their stores or buying online from their website, customers can witness a vast choice of shoes from many brands and styles. Their variety in shoes and price range makes them one of the best stores in New Zealand. They are solidly reputed for stocking a great supply of shoes in terms of brand, size, fit and fashion. Pat Menzies hand- picked and trained shoe fitters ensure that customers get the best fitting shoes that are up to date in fashion.

    One main reason for Pat Menzies' rapid growth over the years is due to their firm belief in old fashioned customer service. As much as they are passionate about shoes and styles, they are also passionate about serving their customers in remarkable manner. Some of Pat Menzies staff has remained loyal with the store for over 25 years. Converse, Skechers, Florsheim, Caterpillar, Keds, Clarks, Johnny Reb, Stacy Adams, Loake, Julius Marlow are some of the brands available at Pat Menzies.

    Located directly across Pat Menzies store is their new Converse concept store, a first of its kind in New Zealand. The new store contains new and exciting range of Converse products that aren't usually seen in regular stores. Pat Menzies' exciting shoes, exceptional customer care and trained shoe fitting service makes them a store that people will want to visit over and over again.

    About Us: Pat Menzies is Auckland's reputed footwear store that has a wide range of shoes from various leading brands like Converse, Vans, Caterpillar, and many more.

    Media Contact:
    Name: Colin James
    Location: Auckland, New Zealand

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- Los Angeles, California - Gone are the days when people had to swim through seven seas and climb over seven mountains to find the love of their lives. With the advancement in technology finding a soul mate or even a good friend is just a mouse click away. But owning to the increase of scams in the online dating world, people are reluctant to approach each other. DateEtc provides a solution to this problem by suspending fake profiles. DateEtc is a Free International Dating Site that aspires to bring together singles and couples all over the world to interact in one place.

    The highlight of the site is that each registered profile is manually scanned and checked for spam and scams, ensuring users to find authentic profiles on the site. The site suspends and deletes the profiles of people who use proxy servers and give untrue information about their location. And people who engage in inappropriate activity are also be suspended from the site. When a person sends the exact same message to multiple users on the site, the system immediately deletes these messages, preventing its members from spam. This makes DateEtc a safe haven for people looking for new friends or soul mates.

    Members of DateEtc can exhibit their personality and likes through their profile page and interact with members with similar interests. The general chat room is the right place to meet and chat with thousands of people from all over the world. However the site also has a private chat feature that helps members to have one-on-one chat with another member without the interference of others. The site allows members to look for like-minded people using the navigational search page. People can search by usernames or key words. The site is 100% free to use and asks users to spend a minute to sign up on the site. The sign up process is simple and users are required to give basic information like name, age, location and email id. Although DateEtc is a Free International Dating Site, the services offered are of premium quality. More than 500 people have found genuine friends and soul mates through DateEtc.

    About Us: DateEtc is a Free International Dating Site that aims at uniting singles and couples from all over the world as friends and lovers without scam or spam.

    Media Contact:
    Name: Steven Porter
    Location: Los Angeles, CA

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- Travel is freedom and travelling non-stop around the world is a dream Savannah Décage has found the courage to realize.

    London - Everyone loves to travel. There is an element of excitement and fun, of adventure and mystery in any journey. The anticipation of the journey is half the fun. People travel to relax, to meet friends and family. A trip could be to celebrate an anniversary or it could be a honeymoon trip, symbolizing the beginning of a new life. Or it could be because they just love to travel, pure and simple. Travel can be a life changing experience, no matter what the reason.
    People who travel can be placed in two categories, the tourists and the travellers. The difference between the two is that travellers want to understand the location that they are exploring and find out what everyday life is like there. Tourists on the other hand, only touch on the surface of any location. They generally do not get involved with the locals or their thoughts and beliefs. Savannah Décage, a self-confessed travel addict and editor of TravelButterfly magazine, is a traveller and explorer. As she said "Travel is freedom and freedom is the quintessential path to sustainable happiness."

    Travelling is her passion and to be able to realize her dream of travelling around the world she has made an enormous change in her life. As Savannah told us "I am starting my freedom revolution and hope to inspire other people to join me in a social change. I want to inspire people to reassess their lives and values, to gain courage to challenge and change personal prospectives." Her new thought concept has brought about a social change in her life. She has sold or given away everything she owns except for what she needs on her travels. Her plan is to embark on a non-stop trip around the world carrying only the basic things she needs in a carry on backpack. The readers of her magazine will be kept updated about the travels on The videos from the travels will be posted on TravelButterfly's YouTube channel

    Travelling challenges concepts and thoughts. It changes the way the world is viewed and that brings changes within ones self. For those who want to see a change their lives, it is possible to find inspiration in Savannah Décage's bold move to change her life style to follow a dream. Following her in her travels, either through the website or in real life, will give anyone the courage to start their own freedom revolution and find what they seek.

    More About TravelButterfly e-zine:
    TravelButterfly Magazine was created by Savannah Décage who travels around the world alone exploring culture and communities. She offers many tips on how to enjoy travel, covering topics such as how to travel alone, safety and how to increase your confidence to change your life. With her inspirational Travel Magazine, she wants to share inspirational travel information and new thought strategies to encourage peak performance in peoples lives.

    Telephone: +44(0)7508606 078
    To find out more about TravelButterfly visit their website at
    YouTube Channel:

    Contact information:
    Name: Savannah Décage
    Telephone: +44(0)7508606 078
    Address: 2, Sydenham Hill, London, England, UK, SE26 6LR
    Skype: IntrepidButterfly

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    MIDLOTHIAN, TEX. ( August 1, 2013 -- The Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA) will offer comprehensive forensic photography training during the 2013 LEVA Digital Multimedia Evidence Training Symposium, which runs Sept. 9-13 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Asheville, N.C. The three-day seminar, "Forensic Photography for IAI Certification," will teach basic and advanced techniques to improve crime scene photography, as well as provide the skills needed to successfully complete the practical portion of the International Association for Identification Forensic Photography Certification.

    "Proper photographic techniques are important regardless of the significance of the scene," explained Ann Mallot of the Kansas City Police Crime Laboratory, one of two instructors for the course. "Photos are the 'silent witness' to the crime scene. They may record information that doesn't necessarily seem important at the time, but can reveal the 'smoking gun' as the investigation develops."

    Mallot has worked in forensic photography and forensic video analysis for more than 15 years, and is the chair of the IAI Forensic Photography and Imaging Certification Board. She will be joined by Sgt. David T. Gamble of the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office, who retired in 2012 after a 21-year career processing crime scenes with a specialty in forensic photography.

    "Some of the most common mistakes that inexperienced forensic photographers make are due to not understanding the concepts of photography from a professional standpoint," Mallot explained. "For example, photographers will take a picture of an item of evidence, but not have any photos showing where it is in relation to the scene or the victim's body."

    "Forensic Photography for IAI Certification" runs Sept. 11-13 and fulfills 24 hours toward LEVA certification. Participants will need a DSLR camera with external flash and flash cord, along with a tripod or similar camera support and various types of scales. (Laptops are encouraged as well for downloading images.) Enrollment is limited, and the LEVA conference fee does not cover the IAI certification application fee.

    LEVA's 24th annual conference offers a mix of hands-on workshops, case studies, and interactive seminars focused on forensic video and audio technologies, as well as video production and editing tools. Many sessions throughout the five-day conference have limited availability, and pre-registration is required. For travel information, as well as the conference schedule and pricing options, visit


    LEVA is a nonprofit corporation committed to improving the quality of video training and promoting the use of state-of-the-art, effective equipment in the law enforcement and emergency services community. Our mission is to serve as a key resource to the global public safety community by focusing on the needs of video production and forensic imaging disciplines by providing opportunities for professional development through quality training and informational exchange. We make a positive contribution to a more competent public safety establishment. Find out more at

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- now offers free online comparison car insurance quotes to help attract new visitors to their website.

    Anyone hoping to acquire the very best car insurance will probably come across a number of different sites starting with www claiming to offer the rates everyone dreams of. Certainly, there are quite a number of different sites that do offer excellent deals on car insurance. Some offers will be better than others. The best car insurance agent will point out different insurance providers will be the right match for different customers. However, to get the best auto insurance rate will require ordering quite a number of different quotes and then reviewing them in a thorough manner.

    It might seem a bit time consuming to read quote after quote, but the effort is necessary. The one thing to be very mindful about when seeking auto insurance is the purpose of the insurance is to protect you financially. Far too often, customers of auto insurance look at it as a necessary evil. They just have to spend the money on it if they wish to own a car. Well, this may be true to a certain degree, but you would be putting yourself at great fiscal risk if you did not look for the best comprehensive policy at the best price.

    To learn about best car insurance quote, please check out this great website.

    David Musa
    Musa Solutions Inc

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- recently launched their new Birkenbihl approach to learning Spanish. This new launch is expected to help thousands learn Spanish more effectively.

    The Spanish language can be a lot of fun to learn. Yes, you can learn it for business or travel purposes and still have fun doing so. Unfortunately, many feel they are unable to learn the language because they do not have access to an instructor or formal classes. In truth, the best way to learn Spanish would to to study it on your own. Yes, like I said, there are ways to learn this language via a home study course.

    The Birkenbihl Approach just might be the best way to learn Spanish on your own. How does this unique approach work? Basically, you will watch on a screen text in Spanish that is accompanied by someone reading it in the foreign language. You can then follow the English translation on the bottom of the screen. Really, this is a very simple and effective strategy for learning a new language.

    You will have to be committed to be consistent with your language learning sessions. Stopping and starting might not be the best strategy to employ. If you are willing to hit the jump button and learn more about this program. Doing so might prove to be the best way to learn Spanish on your own.

    David Musa
    Musa Solutions Inc

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    CONTACT: Jim Farrell, PR First, 781-681-6616,

    Dolce Med Spa & Boutique Announces Charitable Division

    Medical Spa services assist people in feeling better and relieving side effects

    HANOVER, MA ( August 1, 2013 -- Inspired by a client who was battling cancer, Tracey Lively, president of Dolce Med Spa & Boutique in Hanover, is launching a charitable division which will provide medical spa services to people who are impacted by illness and the side effects of medical treatment.

    People may submit their confidential story or those of a friend or loved one to Dolce Med Spa and a person will be chosen each month to receive complimentary services. Lively will meet with each individual chosen to determine which spa treatments or services are appropriate and will best assist with stress and healing. Submissions may be made by e-mail at

    The inspiration for the Dolce Med Spa charitable division is a young mother, now in remission, who has been receiving services over the past two years. The chance meeting took place when the then 32 year old South Shore woman was driving home from treatment at Dana Farber Cancer Center and noticed the newly opened Dolce Med Spa. Her day had been horrible and she realized that she wasn't emotionally ready to go home. Lively and her team at Dolce helped her to relax, feel better and recharge, then a close friendship evolved as the woman endured two years of radiation, chemotherapy and close to 20 surgeries.

    Realizing that her laser treatments went beyond beauty treatments Lively was able to use her technical skills to assist her friend in healing the scars caused by the surgeries. Different chemotherapy treatments and medications at times caused such severe vomiting that capillaries were ruptured and Lively was able to use laser treatments to repair her friend's skin.

    Dolce Med Spa has also donated services to a widow of 9/11 who in Lively's words "helped remove the pain and stress from her face." While Dolce Med Spa has donated to more than 50 local charities this new division will be their own "hands on" charity to fulfill their mission to give back to the community.

    "I am so inspired by the courage, strength and dignity that this young woman has shown that I knew I wanted to help. Then when I realized the difference we could make for an individual who is fighting ill health and the side effects of treatment I wanted to do more," said Lively. "We have created an environment that is not about vanity, it is about helping each individual go through a personal transformation that makes them feel good. We are fortunate to have a relaxing, beautiful environment that can provide a sense of peace. While each individual medical case is different the services we offer can provide some relief and healing. Our passion is to give back and our new charitable division will fulfill that need."

    About Dolce Med Spa & Boutique
    Dolce Med Spa & Boutique ( is a 5,000-square-foot luxury spa in Hanover, Mass., that offers exceptional, five-star spa services for men and women. The spa offers advanced skin care, injectables, laser treatments, massage therapy, facials, peels, body treatments, makeup and spray tan services, which allow clients to relax, revive, and rejuvenate. Dolce Med Spa features a Tuscan ambiance, cultivating a warm and healing environment. For more information, please contact Tracey Lively, president and medical laser technician, at 781-792-0919 or

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    Third Annual Wings of Hope Butterfly Release for the Cancer Support Community of MA-South Shore

    500 live butterflies to be released

    NORWELL, MA, ( August 1, 2013 -- The Cancer Support Community of MA-South Shore (CSC-MSS) will host its third annual Wings of Hope Butterfly Release on August 15, 2013 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Hidden Pond, behind Whole Foods Market at Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham.

    Some 500 live butterflies will be released over Hidden Pond to symbolize hope for those impacted by cancer. Attendees may also purchase and decorate paper butterflies for a $10 donation to honor or memorialize loved ones; proceeds will benefit Cancer Support Community-MA South Shore. The paper butterflies will be hung from trees on Hidden Pond property and then brought back to the CSC offices for display,

    The event will also feature a craft table, face painting and refreshments.

    Rain date for Wings of Hope Butterfly Release is August 22nd.
    "We invite everyone in the community to join us in this beautiful and symbolic event," said Megan Bettencourt, Executive Director of the Cancer Support Community of MA SS. "Wings of Hope provides great family fun and helps us raise hope and awareness for families that are living with cancer."

    About The Cancer Support Community of South Shore MA

    The Cancer Support Community-Mass South Shore is one of the 50 affiliates, and the only one in New England, of the National Cancer Support Community, headquartered in Washington, DC. Its mission is to offer emotional support, education and hope, through professionally led programs, to people who have been impacted by cancer. All programs are offered at no cost to participants. CSC-MSS is able to offer these programs due to the generosity of individual, group and corporate donations, grants and bequests. The Cancer Support Community- Mass South Shore is a division of the NVNA Foundation and is located at 120 Longwater Drive in Norwell. Please visit or call 781-610-1490.

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    1010 103, a Montreal, Canada, US and international long distance calling service provider, is offering lower rates for calling African countries in celebration of their Independence Days.

    Press Release:

    Montreal, Quebec ( August 1, 2013 -- 10-10-10-3, a Montreal, Canada, US and international long distance calling service provider, has announced lower phone rates for various countries in Africa, including Niger, Burkina, Ivory Coast, Chad, and Central African Republic, as they celebrate their Independence Days.

    1010 103 offers a low calling rate of 17.9 cents a minute with both landlines and cell phones for Niger, celebrating its independence from France since 1960, on August 3rd. For Burkina Faso, celebrating its Independence Day from France on August 5th, rates are just 21.9 cents a minute for landlines or cell numbers. The Ivory Coast, whose Independence Day is on August 7th, is offered a low rate of 20.9 cents a minute for landlines and cell phone numbers, while Chad, which observes its Independence Day on August 11th, is offered a rate of 26.9 cents a minute both for landlines and cell numbers. The Central African Republic, celebrating their Independence Day on August 13th, will enjoy a low calling rate of just 26.9 cents per minute, both for landline and mobile phone numbers.

    The President of 1010 10 3, Alejandro Bitar, said, "This is a perfect opportunity for people to try out our high quality service and enjoy big savings on long distance international phone calls all year long, while contacting friends and family members in different countries at lower rates. 10 10 10 3's goal is to offer the cheapest long distance phone rates worldwide every day of the year. Our goal is to always offer the highest voice quality, the lowest calling rates and the best customer service of any long distance and international phone service provider."

    Bitar added, "With 10 10 10 3, customers don't need to sign a contract to get great savings and they do not have to use a telephone calling card. All callers have to do is dial 1010103 before the number they are trying to reach, and then the call will be added to their local phone bill at 1010103's low international phone rates."

    You can visit 1010 103 to get more information about their low rates to African countries and worldwide, as well as their entire portfolio of local and international long distance services.

    About Montreal 1010 103

    10-10-10-3 is a Canada, US, and international long distance calling service company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 10-10-10-3 provides a 10 10 service which is a long distance service used by consumers on a casual calling basis. This type of long distance service allows the consumer to get amazing long distance rates without having to change their primary local telephone service provider and eliminates the use of a telephone calling card.

    For further information, please contact:

    Customer Care
    Tel.: 1-866-650-0103



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    Philadelphia, PA ( August 1, 2013 -- Premier Luxury Rentals will be providing celebrity comedians, with their transportation, throughout the Radio One Family Comedy Show.

    Premier Luxury Rentals will be offering their Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes Benz S550 vehicles to provide ground transportation for the special guests throughout the weekend.

    The Radio One Family Comedy Tour: How to Find & Keep a Good Man will be hosted by Marcus D. Wiley and will feature Veda Howard, Coco Brown and Queen Alshah. This is a not-to-be-missed event, with tickets on sale now.

    The team at PLR is excited for this celebrity comedy tour; it is certainly one not to be missed.

    About Premier Luxury Rentals
    Premier Luxury Rentals ( provides a superior selection of luxury and exotic vehicles, destination homes, private jets as well as charter yachts to individuals, businesses and members of the travel industry. We take pride in being able to offer our high-end rentals at an affordable price and making your dreams a reality.

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- Interior Image Group (, one of the hospitality industry's emerging leaders of interior architecture and design, was recently reviewed by the Hilton Suppliers Connection team and has been approved to join their new invitation-only web directory listed under >INTERIOR DESIGNERS>GENERAL for the USA and it's territories for Focused Service brands of Hilton properties (Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites, Home2Suites).

    SuppliersConnection will give owners and franchisees an additional tool for reviewing and selecting 100's of potential service providers and product manufacturers that have been screened by Hilton.

    IIG has been getting accolades from developers and management groups for design work especially on Homewood and Garden Inn remodels in upstate New York and Florida. Those designs helped provide additional references and documentation for the Hilton Suppliers Connection team review. IIG was already reviewed and approved by the Global Design department at Hilton Worldwide for Focused Service Brands.

    Patti Tritschler, President of IIG, commented: "We've been working on both applications and both review processes since April, and are honored to be one of the Interior Design firms that Hilton trusts to participate in both of these lists of providers."

    Hilton owned properties and Hilton franchise properties can confirm the status of Interior Image Group by looking on the new SuppliersConnection website being launched, or by contacting the Hilton Worldwide Focused Service Design department.

    About Interior Image Group:

    Interior Image Group offers award winning 'Visually Distinctive Interior Architecture and Design' by creating aesthetically and physically exceptional environments for their clients in hospitality, healthcare, higher education, gaming, and dining. IIG was recently awarded 'Best Overall Vignette" for their Concierge Lounge at HIConnect Design, and just received a Bronze Citation award for their design of the Olivet Nazarene University Student Recreation Center by the American School & University Education Interiors Showcase.

    Interior Image Group is a certified Women's Business Enterprise with the WBENC, and is a Business Sponsor of the Chicago Chapter of NEWH: The Hospitality Network. Their staff includes designers who are NCIDQ & LEED certified and have additional IIDA and ASID affiliations. Their approach to design is done with a fresh and timeless appeal that reflects the firm's small town attitude to customer service and project management. Each project is completed understanding the importance of the client's budget and timeline.


    Interior Image Group
    1035 Sheffield Avenue - Dyer, IN 46311
    Ph: 219.322.7841
    Fax: 219.322.7857

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    ( August 1, 2013 --, a brand new crowdsourcing platform for graphic design, has launched. The website is HTML 5 and completely responsive, meaning users can easily launch design projects anytime and anywhere from any device.

    ZillionDesigns offers a unique crowdsourcing model in which customers can select a design service and name a price they'd like to pay. Design services include single services, such as logo, web, stationery, and package design or packages combining several of these services at an affordable price.

    Launching a design project (contest) on ZillionDesigns is simple and user-friendly. Customers simply select a service or package, decide on a price, fill out a creative brief to let designers know what they want, and then wait for design concepts to pour in. They can provide feedback to designers to improve designs. The standard project will end in seven days, but can be shortened or extended as needed. Once it has ended, the customer chooses their favorite design and receives all necessary file formats.

    ZillionDesigns utilizes a design community of over 50,000 designers from around the world in order to provide customers with a multitude of design concepts at a low price. The more the customer is willing to invest in the project, the better the quality and quantity of concepts they will receive. The artist who creates the winning design receives the prize amount that the customer has agreed to pay.

    ZillionDesigns came to be when we noticed a consistent issue within the graphic design industry: expensive services that don't offer enough options. Agencies and freelancers can take weeks or months to turn over a few designs for you to choose from. ZillionDesigns can provide you with over 100 design concepts in one week. With us, you get tons of high-quality designs to choose from at a price that fits your budget in just one week.

    ZillionDesigns can be found at

    CONTACT: Danielle Pacelli at or (877) 525-5646 ext. 809

    ENDS ###

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    ( August 1, 2013 -- Bob Dougherty achieves Master Technician rating as a Certified Appliance Repair Professional and his customers notice the difference

    Holtsville NY - The local appliance repair man receives top grades from area residents for providing superior service. His customers appreciate his friendly attitude and attention to detail. They notice a difference in the professional workmanship and integrity Bob Dougherty, owner of Fleet Appliance Service displays as he fixes their appliances and respects their home.

    Bob Dougherty is among an elite group of appliance repair technicians in the United States to be certified as an appliance professional with a master technician rating. His customers describe him as the friendly neighborhood, go-to guy for all home appliance problems.

    "The technician came found the problem quickly and put the part in on the spot. This place is friendly and efficient. They also worked around my work hours. I would highly recommend them." May 12, 2009 by Christina in Huntington, NY

    "Very accommodating in a difficult situation. They fixed the problem at a reasonable rate." Matt H. Huntington Station.

    The appliance repair man has enhanced his education to better serve his customers. Dougherty has passed eight different comprehensive examinations that measure his skills in consumer relations, diagnostic techniques and repair ability for all types of domestic major appliances. The master technician rating is the highest available level of recognition for technical expertise given by the major home appliance industry.

    Service technicians with Fleet Appliance Repair ( understand that diagnosing and repairing today's sophisticated appliances requires special skills and constant training. They receive ongoing education and attend appliance repair conventions to remain current on changing technologies. Technicians like Bob Dougherty, who make the effort to maintain the high level excellence necessary to become a certified service manager, deserve national recognition.
    Bob Dougherty operates Fleet Appliance Corp in Long Island, NY. With over 22 years in business, their factory trained technicians provide appliance repair and installation services. Fleet Appliance is factory authorized for most major brands and licensed by Suffolk Consumer Affairs. Visit to learn more.

    About Fleet Appliance:
    Bob Dougherty operates Fleet Appliance Corp, a member of AHASC with over 22 years in business. Their factory trained technicians provide appliance repair services on most major brands and they are licensed by Suffolk consumer Affairs. The appliance service technician will do a thorough inspection and recommend the best course of action for their customer. Fleet Appliance Repair uses only factory specified parts and fully guarantees their work.


    Fleet Appliance Corp
    Bob Dougherty
    149 Waverly Ave
    Patchogue, NY 11772
    Call: 631-824-7895

    This press release was submitted by Right Now Marketing Group, LLC

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