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    Contact: Cristen Sayegh

    San Bernardino County, ( July 25, 2013 -- First 5 San Bernardino awarded local non-profit Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) $194,000 for a two year Motheread Story Exploring literacy program - CCRC's first funded grant in San Bernardino County.   This exciting new opportunity provides parents and children a structured environment to increase reading, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

    "CCRC works within a framework of strengthening families and we are elated to expand our services to include San Bernardino County. The five protective factors are so important to building a strong and successful family - parental resilience, social connections, concrete support, knowledge of child development, and the social emotional competence of children.  We assess and support parents in all five factors and the Story Exploring model is just one more way in which we help families not only survive, but thrive," relates Ellen Cervantes CCRC's Vice President & Chief Operating Officer.

    Beginning in August, CCRC's Literacy Specialists will conduct story time sessions for 150 families through July 2014.  Specialists will also work with parents to give them the confidence and skills to be story readers, writers and tellers. Parents will learn "why" reading is so important to a child's overall success, not just "how" to read.  Each family will participate in three sessions within the three month series and, once completed, they will receive a literacy kit!   At the same time, children from birth to 11 years old will participate in a variety of activities including reading, writing, listening and speaking aimed at fostering creative thinking, problem solving and nurturing a love of books.

    CCRC encourages child and adult literacy in many of its existing programs and services including Resource & Lending Libraries in the San Bernardino and Victorville offices, parent and child care provider workshops and trainings, online learning, and through its literacy campaign, "What a Difference a BOOK Makes".  Over the past four years, the agency has collected and distributed 450,000 age appropriate books in communities across Southern California. 

    Families that are interested in participating in CCRC's Story Exploring grant are encouraged to contact Resource & Referral Specialists at 909-890-0018, ext. 333 or 330.  For more information about all of CCRC's programs and services in San Bernardino County please contact our Mill Street location at 909-890-8000 or visit our website at

    About CCRC:  Established 37 years ago, the Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) promotes optimal child development and family well-being through access to quality child care, family support, economic development, and community education.

    About Motheread, Inc.: Motheread, Inc. is nationally acclaimed private, non-profit organization that combines the teaching of literacy skills with child development and family empowerment. Motheread offers classes for both adults and children.

    About First 5 San Bernardino:  First 5 San Bernardino, created in 1998, is a program designed for the purpose of promoting, supporting, and improving the early development of children from the prenatal stage to five years of age.

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- It's indeed a unique program designed for anyone with kidney disease to start using natural supplements to reverse kidney disease damage. You can be free from the fear of dialysis, the fear of never urinating again (symptoms of kidney failure) and live a good life if you decide to make the investment in this product.

    However, you don't need to make a quick decision into purchasing "The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program", without getting informed of what it is and how it can help you. There's a lot you need to know about this superior one of a kind product.
    The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program has reviews abound from previous clients who have used this program.

    Here are a few ...
    Diabetic Kidney Disease Reversed In 3 Months
    "I was very frightened of when my doctor said my kidneys were damaged. I followed the program exactly for a diabetic. My 3 month follow up showed I had normal kidney function! I can't thank you enough"
    ~ Christy Cambridge
    United Kingdom

    It's even been doctor approved ...
    This Program Is What I turn To for My Patients And So Should You
    "After speaking to Robert and looking into the references I know recommend this program to anyone with kidney disease. The patients I have given this program to are doing well, with improvements in their symptoms and kidney disease states."
    Dr. Knox D.C. - Chiropractic Doctor (Canada)
    This is a one of a kind program that can help anyone reverse their kidney disease with supplements.

    You need to be very careful when using any nutritional or herbal supplements to reverse kidney disease damage. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Many supplements products out there can hurt you and make your kidney disease worse. In contrast some supplements will keep you healthy, strong and avoiding dialysis.

    The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program provides you with everything you need to know to have better kidney health in just a few short weeks. It contains the exact supplements to use and the exact therapeutic diet for any form of chronic kidney disease.

    It also covers third party tested FDA approved companies to purchase supplements from. The program also lets you know about how the supplements work to reverse kidney damage and to improve your function. For instance, a high fiber diet along with fiber supplements can clear away uremic toxins taking the stress of the kidneys. You can rest assured about the safety of these supplements, as they have shown a good safety profile. You'll find out more about all the healing remedies used for kidney disease when you purchase this product.

    The FDA normally doesn't regulate supplements. That is why a list of companies that voluntarily allowed the FDA to inspect their facility is included. You will only discover this when you review the program. It's also important you discover where best to purchase the products online and offline. Detailed lists in the resource section of the book can help you in that regard. You'll be totally informed and directed on how to get the supplements to reverse kidney disease damage.

    Also, included in the program are the life style changes you can make to have better health. For example, do you know that exercise can reduce inflammation in kidney disease? Did you know that acid reducing medication can be harmful to kidney disease? Did you know that blue berries have healing anti-oxidants specifically for kidney problems? And so much more is covered in this program to begin helping you today.

    To get more information about The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program, you've got to visit its website. This great website has everything you need to know about bettering your kidney health and also includes a Free Video of over 7 tips to better kidney health.

    It offers detailed information about this unique product that comes with 60 days of unlimited email support. Just visit his website by clicking the link below:

    **Supplements To Reverse Kidney Disease Damage**

    About Healthy Kidney Publishing

    Healthy Kidney Publishing is a company dedicated to giving you the best natural alternative remedies to help kidney problems. The founder of the company is Robert Galarowicz. Robert Galarowicz has been through every stage of kidney disease, dialysis and currently living with a kidney transplant. This is what makes his recommendations so valuable. He has been in your shoes and knows exactly what you are going through. It is all firsthand experience and his many years of research into diet and natural treatments for kidney disease.

    For media inquiries

    Contact person:

    Healthy Kidney Publishing
    1 Sears Dr. Fl#3
    Paramus, NJ 07652
    Contact email -

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- Heathrow is the UK's busiest airport, the third busiest in the world and has more international travellers than any other worldwide, so it should be no surprise thаt thеrе is a large number of hotels near the hub. This can mean looking for а hotel near Heathrow is bewildering, especially as it has four terminals spread out around its runways, meaning the best hotel for one terminal might not be right for those travelling to / from another terminal. Here the experts at offer a guide to the hotels near Heathrow Terminal 5, and also advice on how to book at the best price.

    Terminal 5 is Heathrow's newest terminal and is home to its biggest airline, BA. Opened in 2008, it is the largest free-standing structure in the UK, cost £4 billion to build and took 19 years from conception to completion, including the longest public inquiry in British history. In 2011 it handled 26.3 million passengers.

    In addition to over 100 shops and restaurants within the terminal, there is one airport hotel connected directly to it - the Sofitel Heathrow Terminal 5. This is a large, modern 5 star hotel with 52 suites and 605 bedrooms, conference facilities for 1300, a Spa, two restaurants, two bars and a tea salon. Rooms are available from around £135 a night.

    In addition to the Sofitel, there are several hotels near to the terminal including a Hilton, Travelodge, Premier Inn and Express Holiday Inn. All are "connected" to the terminal via a regular (but not free - £4.50 per passenger each way) bus service called the Hoppa. Slightly further afield there are 40 or so other hotels close to the airport, and many these can also be accessed via the Hoppa too.

    Of the hotels nearest to the terminal, the Hilton Terminal 5 is closest to the Sofitel in terms of facilities (and price). This 4 star hotel has 350 bedrooms and is a mile away. It has an executive lounge, business centre, free WiFi, a coffee shop, two bars, two restaurants, a fitness center and Spa. It is usually £20+ cheaper than the Sofitel, but some of this saving is lost for those who need to take the Hoppa to / from the terminal.

    The Travelodge, Premier Inn and Express Holiday Inn are all 3 star hotels that offer convenience and excellent value for money. They are aimed at those who just want a room for the night close to the terminal.

    The Premier Inn is the biggest and the closest to the Terminal at a mile away. It has a coffee shop, restaurant and bar, with room rates from around £40. The Holiday Inn Express Terminal 5 is 2 miles away, with a cocktail lounge, restaurant, fitness room and a free continental breakfast, and rooms from less than £50. The Travelodge is furthest away at over 2 miles; and has limited facilities compared to the other two, with a bar / restaurant; rooms cost from £60.

    For those happy to travel further to / from their hotel there are 35 other 3 and 4 star hotels within 2 - 3 miles of Terminal 5 - many on the Bаth Road, Heathrows main "hоtеl ѕtr

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- People desperately seek skincare products to solve their problems like hyperpigmentation, dark skin and uneven skin tones. They try this product and that product, not really knowing which one will work for them. There are helpful reviews online that can help women decide what is the right product to buy. For example, is one website with detailed information and a review on Meladerm.

    The skincare industry is making lots of money every year. People desperately seek skincare products to solve their problems like hyperpigmentation, dark skin and uneven skin tones. They try this product and that product, not really knowing which one will work for them. Women are spoilt for choice when it comes to skincare solutions. The problem with having to many choices is that it gets very confusing and it is common to end up wasting money on a product that doesn't produce results.
    There are helpful reviews online that can help women decide what is the right product to buy. For example, is one website with detailed information and a review on Meladerm. When it comes to a trusted brand with high quality products, Meladerm makes the list. The website covers information such as ingredients Meladerm uses, what kind of skin problems it addresses, what people are saying about it and if it is safe to use.
    Meladerm cream is the brainchild of Civant Skin Care. After 4 years of extensive research, this skin lightening cream made its debut in 2003. The purpose of the cream is to improve skin conditions related to skin discoloration. Therefore, people who are suffering from hyperpigmentation, freckles, melasma, acne marks, old scars, dark spots or sun spots, uneven skin tone, and sun damaged skin can benefit from this cream. Civant Skin Care still continues to do research and development in the area of skin lightening.
    Those that seek out natural products will be happy with Meladerm. Its ingredients utilizes many natural plant extracts. Here are some of the ingredients found in the cream: Alpha Arbutin, TEGO® Cosmo C 250, Gigawhite, kojic acid, licorice extract, mulberry extract and bearberry extract. The cream can be used on sensitive skin as it is gentle and safe to use.

    One of the highlights of Meladerm skin lightening cream is that it does NOT use hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is used in many skin lightening creams because it is effective. Unfortunately, it is not safe and has been linked to cancer. Countries such as Europe, Japan, Australia and South Africa has banned the use of hydroquinone in skin care products. Meladerm also does not contain steroid, mercury and paraben.

    Civant Skincare continues to find ways to make their cream more effective. Over the years, the company has made improvements to their formula. Their dedication to new innovations means users can expect only the best from them.

    According to Corin Verduzco, the author of, "For anything to lighten age spots, the ingredients must interfere with the production of melanin. Melanin is the color pigment of the skin." She points out that results will differ for different people. She explains, "The results also depend on your skin tone, severity of your age spots, and the daily sun exposure." There are ways to maximize the effect of the cream and Corin shares that on her website.

    Check out to find out more about Meladerm skin lightening cream. Readers will get a better idea what the cream can do and if they should spend their money on it. The website has included links to the official Civant Skincare website where readers can order the product.

    About is a website that is dedicated to helping people who are struggling with hyperpigmentation problems. Besides learning more about Meladerm, readers can also find articles on various remedies to reduce the appearance of dark spots. For additional information, please go to

    Corin Verduzco
    Fort Worth, TX
    Website URL:

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- According to industry insiders, analysts have stated that Mick Jagger is preparing for his new music album. While his reps are trying to keep things under wraps, information around the this hot news have been moving around Online. There exist serious talks that the famed artist has made a comeback to the recording studio and is working on his Sixth solo album.

    As per a trusted source, the stories of Mick Jagger recording his new solo album are accurate, with 8 songs having been already recorded, 4 of them with the music of Sharon Holzman, a celebrated Singer/songwriter from Israel.

    Holzman, who is extremely popular in Israel for his exceptional and exclusive skills as a song writer, has written over four hundred songs including several of No. 1 hit songs for himself and others, winning him many musical awards and critical acclaim.

    Holzman and Jagger in LOS ANGELES and instantly clicked. "They are like two little kids, always goofing around; they got security on the doors to ensure no-one hears a whisper," a source said.

    Mick Jagger is is also said to be preparing a worldwide tour in 2014. When contacted, a representative denied to have any information on a new album or any of the singer's future plans. This isn't the first time in recent memory reports have surfaced about Mick Jagger recording sessions. Fans will be anxiously awaiting.

    About Mick Jagger
    Mick Jagger is one of the most recognizable British musicians of the modern era. As lead singer and songwriter of The Rolling Stones (, a successful producer and a lauded solo artist in his own right, Mick has been the gold standard for popular performance and creativity for nearly five decades. Jagger is now reportedly coming back with a new solo album on which he's collaborating (among others) with Israeli musician Sharon Holzman.

    About Sharon Holzman
    Sharon Holzman is one of Israel's most talented musicians,well known for his remarkable song- writing ability and unique approach to writing songs. Nicknamed as a "rare bird," in the Israeli musical scene, Holzman wrote some of israel's greatest hits, but have a complex love-hate relationship with the Israeli media.

    Media Contact :
    Jane Kaminski
    1259 Bridge Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027
    (P) (323) 673-0800
    (F) (323) 925-8797

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- "With so many vacuum cleaner brands and each claiming to be the best, coming up with the best vacuum cleaner selection is like looking for a needle in a haystack", says Jayne. Being a mom with a young kid can sometimes be frustrating but with two? Everyday is a nightmare and your house always looks like a war zone regardless how frequent you try to tidy things up. Being a mother of two young children, Jayne understands that while a good vacuum cleaner that works is the dream of every busy mom, the task of selecting one is frustrating. A full-time mom turned blogger, Jayne wants to make it easy for fellow busy moms to select the best vacuum cleaner that works best for their needs. blog author, Jayne, understands the tough life that every mother with young kid(s) has to go through. Every child is different and there is no single parenting formula that works for all. To make matters worse, kids of different ages are in different stage of development and emotional swings are common. They can be at their best behavior at one instant and turn into a little monster at the next instant. "When you have a young kid in the house, to be able to sit peacefully in front of your computer for more than 5 minues is considered a luxury", says Jayne.

    When it comes to vacuum cleaner, best is not absolute. "What works for me does not necessarily work for you", says Jayne. There are several important factors that one has to consider in making a vacuum cleaner selection.

    One important consideration is the type of flooring that the vacuum cleaner is designed for. If one has timber floorings at home, candidates for the best vacuum cleaner are naturally those that have been optimally designed to work on wood floorings. If one has carpet floorings at home, the list of candidates may be entirely different and certain models are entirely unsuitable to be used on carpet surfaces.

    The other crucial consideration is the age of the child. For a mom with young child who is only starting to crawl, the best vacuum cleaners are those that can get rid of all the germs and bacteria unseen. They may be unseen to the naked eyes but they are potently harmful. The use of chemical to get rid of these harmful elements is not uncommon but it comes with its own set of drawbacks such as the high maintenance effort required.

    Water-based steam cleaner is increasingly popular but without knowing exactly what steam-based vacuum cleaner can and cannot do, many consumers find themselves disappointed with their purchases. "Many vacuum manufacturers tend to amplify the benefits of their solutions from narrow angle and play down the limitations that come with them", according to Jayne.

    Given the competitive nature of the vacuum cleaner industry, aggressive marketing campaign tactics are unavoidable and they are here to stay. But the problem is the majority of the consumers do not have the luxury to do their fair share of study and analysis. Being a mom with two young kids, Jayne understands the plight that her peers have to go through. With her recently launched blog, Jayne hopes to make it easy for fellow busy moms to select the best vacuum cleaner that works best for their needs.

    About VacuumCleanerAssistant.Com
    VacuumCleanerAssistant.Com is a blog dedicated to provide easy to understand guide when it comes to vacuum cleaner selection. As a mother of two young children and having gone through the painful experience in selecting a good vacuum cleaner herself, Jayne shares the important aspects that one should consider before making their selection.

    Contact Info:
    Name: Jayne Payton
    Company Location: Atlanta, Georgia
    Website Address:

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- In Early 2013 was launched; a free online Bitcoin wallet and anonymous Bitcoin transfer network: featuring instant off chain Bitcoin transfers and embedded automatic untraceable 'mixing' of all Bitcoin transactions. Featuring truly instant, anonymous and highly secure Bitcoin transactions, the platform brings a plethora of key innovations to the table, setting a new benchmark for online Bitcoin wallet services. Anyone worldwide can open an online wallet in 30 seconds or less. possesses the most advanced anonymity features of any online Bitcoin wallet service. All internal Bitcoin transfers to other accounts are handled in the network: off the blockchain, private, instantaneous and anonymous. Even if the recipient does not have an account, all transactions processed through the public Bitcoin blockchain are mixed and untraceable to any one identity or IP address.

    Sending Bitcon directly to another account via the recipients email address has a number of advantages unique to the service. There are no fees; as the transaction does not go through the Bitcoin blockchain it is not subject to a 0.0005 BTC fee. As these transactions are off the blockchain there is absolutely zero risk of double spending attacks. Bitcoin transfers sent to an email address are also 100% anonymous: processed internally without utilizing the public Bitcoin blockchain. Transactions sent to email addresses are also truly instantaneous and confirm instantly. Currently the Bitcoin network can only handle 7 transactions a second, while's system can scale up to theoretically handle an infinite number of transactions per second: enabling the platform to transcend one of the core limitations of Bitcoin itself in its present form.'s interfce has been designed with ease of use and security in mind. Frictionless buttons allow users to send Bitcoin securely without leaving the page. To further secure users' accounts, has 2-factor authentication, SSL encryption, password hashing, randomized PIN pads, location-based authorization, GPG auth, and many more cutting edge security features which can be seen at . Advanced security features include a cold storage system protecting wallets against a compromised server, automated and manual security auditing, protection against SQL injections, automatic account locking to prevent brute force attacks and much, much more.

    Although possessing the most advanced security features of any online Bitcoin wallet service, was designed to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible. An account can be created in 30 seconds and Bitcoin can be sent directly to email addresses. is a Bitcoin Foundation Silver Member and has experience in handling large sums of cryptocurrency. The platform processes and stores thousands of coins monthly for a service which has not been hacked for months. The level of professionalism and security of is a rarity in the Bitcoin world. Due to its innovative security features and its enabling of truly instantaneous and anonymous Bitcoin transactions, the platform is well positioned to become the market leader in the online Bitcoin wallet space of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

    To see for yourself please go to

    To Learn More Please Contact:

    Contact: Lori Bjerk


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    ( July 26, 2013 -- MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA -- Cheap carpet cleaning in Melbourne is easy to find, but at what cost? Has the coupon industry ruined our customers' price perception forever?

    Deal sites offering unbelievable prices are giving consumers false expectations when it comes to the true cost of carpet cleaning. This means it is very difficult for the average business to compete in what is already a highly competitive niche. Carpet cleaning in Melbourne is something many cleaning companies offer, but very few of them are actually qualified carpet cleaners. It takes time, experience, training, the right equipment and knowing how to use it to clean carpet properly. This all comes at a cost to the business and contributes to the pricing.
    Your carpets and lounge suites cost a lot of money, why risk using someone based on their pricing alone? Would you take your designer dress or Italian Suit and throw it into the washing machine, just to save money on cleaning? No, of course not! You would take them to a professional dry cleaner. Why then, would you trust your valuable soft furnishings to anyone other than a professional?

    Before you hire a anyone for carpet cleaning in Melbourne, coupon or otherwise;
    • read the fine print
    • have a look at their website
    • ask about a guarantee
    • check out their accreditations
    • read reviews of the business on other sites

    To know more about Black Gold Carpet Cleaning and their professional carpet cleaning Melbourne process, have a look at their new video

    Carpet Cleaning Melbourne - Black Gold Carpet Cleaning

    Black Gold Carpet Cleaning, based in Melbourne, Australia is a Company that offers cleaning services for carpets, rugs, upholstery, mattresses as well as leather lounges. They also offer commercial carpet cleaning as well as residential cleaning services and offer water damage restoration. Customers can call for a free quote or book their services online.

    Media Contact
    Black Gold Carpet Cleaning
    Address: 1114 Dandenong Rd, Carnegie, Victoria 3163, Australia
    Phone: 0403 254 080

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- If you've never heard of a virtual concierge, either you're missing out or not in the right line of business. Virtual concierge services are popping up everywhere. They're created to in an effort to connect great concierge services with businesses who want them but don't know how to find them, or people who didn't know they needed a concierge. Hospitals are places that need concierge services that don't often have them, but in an environment where technology improves on what was always done with human hands in the past, hiring human concierge help in hospital rooms hasn't been a possibility- until now.

    So, what is a concierge? Concierges are typically professional people who offer luxury services to people who are able to pay for them. Concierges exist as a service to make things a little easier and more comfortable for others, in a very basic sense. In the past, concierges typically existed only in hospitality places of business where luxury items are a necessity. Places like hotels, resorts, high-end apartment buildings, and similar establishments typically employ concierges on a regular basis. Personal concierges exist for people who can afford them and who don't have the time to take care of mundane everyday tasks on their own, such as their dry cleaning and grocery store shopping. But today, more business owners who operate in the hospitality industry have realized and are working on employing concierge services whenever possible, as an added perk to help make their clients more comfortable. In hospitals, this type of service is a necessity- not because it's a luxury, but because any effort to return normalcy to the healing and sick, even the dying, is a step towards offering dignity and a heightened sense of being to those who need it most.

    Our hospital virtual concierge services employ the use of electronic virtual concierge technology. We use standalone kiosks that act as real concierges, where patients confined to hospital rooms can order things that make life in a hospital room a little more bearable. Meals, books, movies, entertainment, whatever the patient needs can be offered using this virtual concierge service technology.

    For people who are having to endure long term care in a hospital setting, having a way to quickly and easily access the little extras in life is essential. Many people who are dependent on others for everything find it difficult to bother busy nursing staff for things like a movie to watch, or a book to read, or a snack. With a virtual concierge, a patient can feel better about ordering something to eat or do whenever they need it, without feeling guilty. They're not asking someone to bring something for them, but simply placing an order that can easily be fulfilled. Confusion on what a patient wants is also eliminated, since choices are all clear to see and understand.

    A hospital virtual concierge service is a necessity. It offers some amount of independence to the people who are the most dependent but require heightened dignity. It also lessens work on staff, by giving an electronic outlet for patients to request what they want without taking time out of a busy work schedule. Check out some of our solutions today.

    James M. Mahon
    224 Single Street
    Malden, MA 02148

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    ( July 26, 2013 --, one of the UK's leading retailers of luxury lingerie, has launched a brand new website, allowing women across the country to revel in the alter-egos they hide under their everyday clothes. Are you sassy and sweet, with frills and bows? Do you favour the demure and ladylike silk and white pearls? Or are you daring and seductive, with a penchant for black lace and satin? If there is a passionate seductress or a sweet and sultry alter-ego hiding under that work uniform, let her out with

    Victoria Barber, director of, says, "We are thrilled with the new-look site, which offers easy navigation through our sexy and feminine ranges, and we are excited at the prospects it will offer for our customers. At we love to celebrate all women's bodies, and the best way we can imagine to do it is to adorn them with lace, bows, ribbons, silk and lots of love every day. Whether buying for a special occasion or to add a little touch of luxury to everyday life, our brand new website allows our customers to browse at will and order the pieces they love with ease."

    The new website offers unparalleled access to a sinful selection of sought-after luxury brands, including Lise Charmel, Gracya, Sensualle and Escante. If your style is soft chemises with layers of chiffon and lashings of silk, has the ideal solution. If you prefer to vamp it up with suspenders, lace, basques and bustiers, browse the offerings on the brand new site and see what takes your fancy. There are also swimwear selections for ladies who love to flaunt their poolside style, and elegant nightwear, gowns and robe sets for the ladies who believe that even bedtime is a time for glamour and opulence.

    Of course, it is not just women who will be enjoying the gift of lingerie; men now have a one-stop shop for all of their luxury lingerie needs, whether for Christmas, a birthday or simply just a special treat. Simply point him in the direction of the website and allow him to choose the lingerie he thinks will best suit the hidden alter-ego that only he gets to see; await a delicate lace babydoll, a soft silk nightgown, a pair of sensual stockings to spice up an everyday outfit or some quintessential French lingerie to inject a dash of excitement into a special occasion.
    To see the new website, visit

    About With the aim of bringing a little beauty and luxury into every woman's world. Their brand new site stocks some of the biggest brands in lingerie, and with lashings of silk, lace, satin and chiffon, women can celebrate their bodies like never before.
    Note to Editors: Issued by Dakota Digital. Please direct requests for further information to Rebecca Appleton. Email or Tel: 01623 428996.

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- One of the world's most exciting gathering of creative minds and talent will return for a fourth year this September, with Designer's Fiesta hosting another inspirational day of workshops and keynote speeches in London. The event, run by the UK's leading Adobe-Authorised Training Centre, Academy Class, will help digital creatives from across the country learn, socialise and celebrate the leaps and bounds their industry has taken in the past year. Areas covered include graphics and illustration, web, tablet and mobile and production, motion and 3D.
    Mark Young, MD of Academy Class and organizer of the event, says, "We are thrilled to be coming back to London Waterloo for a fourth year running, and we are very excited to be celebrating and improving the talents of the many designers and developers across the UK who use Adobe products. Ticket-holders can improve their prospects in a notoriously tough industry, and have the opportunity to network with like-minded creatives before they let their hair down at our exclusive central London after-party."

    The event, which will be held on Friday 27th September at 15 Hatfields, London, will host a number of professionals and experts in the field, and offers a plethora of activities and workshops for ticket-holders to get involved in. Attendees at Designer's Fiesta are urged to get involved with workshops and tutorials on a range of different Adobe platforms, with everything from Photoshop to HTML5 covered. Experts will offer them some tips and tricks of the trade across a range of different Adobe tutorials, so that developers from far and wide can harness their own potential.
    The digital age is moving at a pace faster than anyone predicted, so it is important for those working within the industry to proactively stay informed and up to date on all the latest developments. Designer's Fiesta allows attendees to take control of their future and shape their prospects in a new way; mastering crucial software and understanding all new innovations is imperative for those who want to progress and grow within the industry. The key note sessions and Adobe software workshops will bring event goers up to scratch with the latest developments, whilst they network with influential figures and like-minded individuals, creating important connections that could be useful in the future.

    Sessions will include 'Make the Most of Creative Cloud' with Marton Perheniak, which acts as an introduction to Adobe's new membership system, and 'Invaluable Photoshop Shortcuts' with Ozgur Gorgun, where attendees will learn a range of industry-standard shortcuts that will speed up their work flow on the popular Photoshop platform.
    Designer's Fiesta will take place on Friday, 27 September 2013 at 15 Hatfields, London. To find out more and register to attend, visit
    About Designers Fiesta
    Designers Fiesta by Academy Class is an inspirational day of key note sessions and workshops bringing attendees up to scratch with the ever popular Digital Age. The day is designed as a truly fantastic opportunity to network with like minded peers, gain knowledge from industry experts and to shape future career prospects. Take that leap and maximise your true potential at 'The Academy Class Designers Fiesta' on September 27 2013.

    About Academy Class: Academy Class is the new media training company of choice for creatives and developers in the UK and beyond. It is passionate about encouraging creativity, building online communities and encouraging innovation. Academy Class has training facilities in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff and Birmingham and can also deliver training on-site in any workplace.

    Note to Editors: Issued by Dakota Digital. For further information please contact Rebecca Appleton. Email: or call 01623 428996.

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- Complete Appliance is qualified to service most makes of home appliances including the high end models seen in many homes today and offers customer maintains programs to prevent expensive appliance repairs.

    Complete Appliance Service has earned the respect of area residents for their expertise in high end appliance repair. With over fifty years in the appliance repair business and extensive factory training for many national brands of home appliances, including high end models seen in many homes today Complete Appliance is a leader in Shaker Heights Appliance Repair.

    When asked for a recommendation for high end appliance repair, area residents say Complete Appliance Service is their neighborhood appliance professional. Happy customers report a more positive appliance repair experience with Complete Appliance Service.

    "The technician arrived promptly and quickly surveyed the work to be done; very knowledgeable and went beyond the obvious to eliminate other possible problems; speedy, proficient repair, very courteous and respectful of me and my premises; fee was more than reasonable; would not hesitate to call them again and highly recommend," says one satisfied customer.

    David Borsani of Complete Appliance Service credits the success of his business to keeping on the cutting edge of appliance repair techniques. Technicians at Complete Appliance Service receive monthly classes to introduce the newest appliances on the market. Technicians also attend the annual convention for the appliance repair technicians. More about the companies services may be seen at or by calling 216-364-2700 to speak with a representative.

    At Complete Appliance Service quality appliance repair service doesn't end at the technical level. Their expertise is vitally important to how the appliance repair company operates behind the scenes, leading the way for other managers to monitor customer satisfaction, marketing efforts and ways to improve the service.

    Complete Appliance Service specializes in high-end appliance brands including Sub Zero, Bosch, Thermador, Viking, Dacor, Asko, Fisher & Paykel, Scotsman, Wolf and U-Line. The company also services most other makes and models of home appliances as well. Visit to learn more about the company and the services they offer at or call 216-364-2700.

    About Complete Appliance Service:

    Complete Appliance Service is located in Warrensville heights, Ohio and services Akron, West Lake, Shaker Heights, Cleveland and Lorain. All work is warranted.


    Julie Borsani

    Complete Appliance Services Inc.
    4735 Richmond Rd.
    Cleveland, OH 44128

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- Sharing tips on maintaining washing machines is helpful to customers trying to avoid expensive washing machine repair and is part of having good customer service from Complete Appliance Service.

    Keeping appliances running does take a little bit of preventative maintenance, but by doing this one can stop premature appliance repair. Appliances are used every day and we all understand that appliance repair is part of having them. Complete Appliance Service helps customer to understand repairs can be prevented by simple maintenance.

    Technicians at Complete Appliance Service in West Lake Ohio love to help out the customers by supplying them with some useful tips that they can do themselves. These tips help to stop premature breakdown or unneeded service calls. Information about ways to prevent an appliance breakdown is available on their website at or with a phone call to Complete Appliance Service to speak with a appliance technician at 216-364-2700.

    Here are just a few tips from Complete Appliance Service for the washing machine:

    1. Check hoses for any signs of weakness or leaks and follow the recommendations of the manufacturers when to replace with a new hose. This is preventative maintenance can save one from an unexpected and messy Appliance Repair later.

    2. Wipe down the edges of the lid inside and out. Sometime detergent or softener may have dribbled down in this area and may cause the lid from shutting properly and making the proper connection.

    3. Check to make sure the electrical outlet is plugged in tightly; simple the vibrations of the washing machine slowly jiggle it loose.

    4. Clean any grime and soap build up by putting two cups of vinegar along with a little bit of lemon juice into an empty machine, then run the washing machine on the hottest water setting.

    Complete Appliance Service takes great pride in helping out customers. Not every call to the shop will result in a appliance repair service technician having to come out. When a technician is needed they will be there and supply quality workmanship and service. More helpful tips are available on the company website at or by calling 216-364-2700.

    About Complete Appliance Service:

    Complete Appliance Service is located in Warrensville heights, Ohio and services Akron, West Lake, Shaker Heights, Cleveland and Lorain. All work is warranted.


    Julie Borsani

    Complete Appliance Services Inc.
    4735 Richmond Rd.
    Cleveland, OH 44128

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- The World Wide Web has secured its place as an informational database. People no longer reach for a bound dictionary to find the meaning of a word or visit the library to research periodicals. Now, they simply type in keywords and search millions of sites over the internet providing information. Sometimes the information is not correct or it is poor quality. 

    These recently launched web directories provide internet users with quality articles, fresh content, business classifieds, and more. Stay informed and check into these online web directories, Drop Top Directory, Top Hat Classifieds,, Source Code Directory, and Professional Web Directory.

    Drop Top Directory ( web design is a simple, yet classic themed website. The color scheme and slide show make it visually appealing to the visitor. Users are able to navigate effortlessly with provided website categories listing business finances, services, food & drink, home improvement and more. Locate tips and news articles on the left hand side of the site.

    Ever wonder about how 3d printing and 3d laser scanning works? Source Code Directory,, is dedicated to covering topics on technology industry, insurance industry, medical billing, legal matters, and more. Providing up-to-date information and adding new classified listings regularly.

    Vivid Web Directory offers readers information on the latest in the aviation industry, travel industry, email & direct marketing strategies, and more. The website landing page is inviting, loads fast, and lets the reader find topics quickly.

    Professional Web Directory covers diverse subjects like insurance, personal finance, medical professional job placement, business & internet marketing, to name a few. Find unique content, high quality articles at

    Top Hat Classifieds is the newest web directory launched it provides high quality company listings in the classifieds, covering services, boat & yacht sales, professional florists, vacation packages, kitchen worktops, landscape services, health, and housing. New articles will be added soon,

    Email to find out more or visit any of the above listed web directories.

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- Some of the major factors which are driving the clinical diagnosis automation market include: growing number of diagnosis globally, low reimbursement rates and growing number of suppliers in the diagnostic market. Many players in the clinical diagnostics market, due to intense competition are looking to sustain in the market by gaining some competitive advantage over each other. These players are focusing on cutting down the overall cost and are putting pressure on laboratories to increase their efficiency and productivity. Automation is proving very fruitful in order to increase the production as well as efficiency.

    Browse Report @ :

    In, Clinical diagnosis automation market by types automated analyzers is the leading clinical diagnosis automation type, whereas Stand-alone automation is the fastest growing type in the clinical diagnosis automation market which is expected to grow at a double digit CAGR throughout the forecasted period. Total lab automation is best suited for large hospitals but due to its properties like inflexibility and the communication problems which add on to the overall cost it is having low market penetration and is serving to only few markets.

    Some of the major players in the market include: Abott Diagnostics, Beckman Coulter Inc, Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc, Caliper Life Sciences, Siemens Healthcare and others.

    This research report analyzes this market depending on its market segments, major geographies, and current market trends.

    Geographies analyzed under this research report include

    North America
    Asia Pacific
    Rest of the World

    Upcoming Market Research Reports @ :

    This report provides comprehensive analysis of

    Market growth drivers
    Factors limiting market growth
    Current market trends
    Market structure
    Market projections for upcoming years

    This report is a complete study of current trends in the market, industry growth drivers, and restraints. It provides market projections for the coming years. It includes analysis of recent developments in technology, Porter's five force model analysis and detailed profiles of top industry players. The report also includes a review of micro and macro factors essential for the existing market players and new entrants along with detailed value chain analysis.

    Reasons for Buying this Report

    This report provides pin-point analysis for changing competitive dynamics
    It provides a forward looking perspective on different factors driving or restraining market growth
    It provides a technological growth map over time to understand the industry growth rate
    It provides a seven-year forecast assessed on the basis of how the market is predicted to grow
    It helps in understanding the key product segments and their future
    It provides pin point analysis of changing competition dynamics and keeps you ahead of competitors
    It helps in making informed business decisions by having complete insights of market and by making in-depth analysis of market segments
    It provides distinctive graphics and exemplified SWOT analysis of major market segments

    Transparency Market Research Blog @ :

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- The primary placement of commercial signs has been the storefront, be it a window or the façade. Certainly, this is still true for many businesses and organizations, but the high information, content, and communication needs have put lobby signage nearly on par with bulky, branding markers of a business's name and location. Web-enabled "smart' devices demonstrate the way in which old-fashioned marketing has fallen short. Customers are seemingly more likely to find a business through a search engine than randomly passing by in their motor vehicles. After all, with gas prices this high, who has the money for any extraneous driving? Likewise, in a society that's finally maturing from the early stages and false-starts of the "Information Age", it's easy access to limitless information that drives foot traffic and consumption behaviours alike.

    The Lobby's Location and Role

    As hard as it is to overestimate the importance of first impressions, it's the building lobby that serves as the first substantial interaction for many businesses and their clients. Whether it's a hotel and its guest, a public agency and a constituent, a museum and a vacationing family, a university building and a freshman student, the lobby is the nerve center for delivering information, directing visitors throughout the property, completing financial transactions, and fielding all kinds of queries. In fact, it's hard to imagine a lobby without also picturing an information, receptionist, or customer service desk.

    What Lobby Signage Can Do

    Here, too, the sky is the limit or, perhaps, the horizon is the better analogy, as the breadth of various signage applications is staggering. Building directories, building maps and way finding information, menu offerings, prices for any type of product or service, hours of operation, event calendars, promotional advertising, policies and regulations, ADA signage, news and weather updates, welcome messages, along with countless other signage functions. Of course in designing and implementing signage for a specific lobby, it's important to identify and prioritize these various functions in a way that makes sense for the individual building and its operations. What should be the first thing a visitor sees upon entering a lobby? What signs and information are best relegated to the lobby's periphery and/or at the entry points to the rest of the building? Which of these functions can be served in other parts of the building or left out altogether?

    Calgary Signs & Banners can look after your office's signs needs: they are a local sign company who can design, produce, and provide installation services for custom directory signs and lobby signs Calgary made, architectural signs, 3D signs, or various other types of office signs for their clients in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lloydminster, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Bragg Creek, Chestermere, Strathmore, High River, Turner Valley, Nanton, Olds, Sundre, Canmore, Banff.

    CSB manufactures and installs signs for multi-tenant office buildings, corporations, institutions (hospitals, schools, community centres, retirement residences, etc), high traffic volume locations such as airports, public transit terminals, sports arenas, concert halls, etc. This Calgary lobby signs manufacturer and installer offers versatile directory sign systems with easily changeable custom printed information (such as floor, unit numbers, tenant company names, etc.). They work together with their Clients, ensuring the best outcome for each individual requirement.

    Media Contact:
    Website :

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- SONY PICTURES " SHARK TANK" $50,000,000 LAWSUIT

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Please be advised that Celler Law, P.A. has filed 50,000.000 suit in Broward County,
    Florida against Sony Pictures Television (Shark Tank) for Tortious interference of a
    business relationship and business contracts. Case Number: CACE-13-017759

    Sony Pictures Television has coerced at least two Sharks from ABC TV SHOW SHARK TANK to cancel their contracts with The Celler Organization for our

    "Shark Tour & Entrepreneur Expo
    Presented by Bobbie Celler"

    which was to take place on November 2, 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

    A copy of the Complaint and all exhibits hereto are included in this submission.

    Download link

    For more info please

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    NEW YORK, NY, ( July 26, 2013 -- Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals has added a new quote form that can help to get an accurate quote for your travel plans in no time. Conveniently located on their home page, the form asks only a few simple questions such as location and date of travel before being able to receive a highly precise estimate of your costs.

    Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals has been providing innovative and effective service for the mobility impaired traveler and their families since 1987. When traveling as or with a wheelchair user, there are many things for one to worry about. With Wheelers' help, renting a handicapped accessible van is not one of them. They are able to solve any transportation problem that may be encountered with the best solution possible. Wheelers is a leader in the accessible travel field and will continue to be in the future.

    Wheelers Handicapped Accessible Van Rentals is dedicated to providing quality service and products and because of this they end up on top of competition time and time again. They use only the best of modified vehicles in the country, such as Amerivan from Eldorado, Braun, Vantage Mobility International (VMI) and others. Their mission is to provide quality and innovative transportation to all handicapped travelers in every city around the United States and Canada.

    This new estimate form will allow customers to easily find out available rentals and costs for their future trips in a simple and convenient place. Wheelers Handicapped Accessible Van Rentals ensures that any travel, from a simple day outing to a long country-wide road trip can be accommodated by their unique vehicles.

    SOURCE: Jubilant Web Website Marketing Company

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- Dixie Lee Brown is back with the second heart-pounding installment of her e-original Trust No One series--and When I Find You leaves no doubt about it: Dixie Lee Brown is destined to become one of the leading lights of romantic suspense! In When I Find You, Brown's flare for injecting unexpected yet heart-rending tenderness into a story that's got high-octane amounts of sizzling chemistry, non-stop action, and a breakneck pace is on perfect display.

    Readers immediately fell for tall, dark and handsome Walker in Dixie's debut, All or Nothing--and how could they not? A hard-edged ex-marine with a sarcastic sense of humor and a heart of gold, Walker is the kind of swoon-worthy hero that romance fans are dying to read about--and that makes him the perfect foil for Darcy Maddox, the spunky, kind-hearted yet iron-willed heroine being hunted within an inch of her life by various mafia hit-men.

    "Darcy is bold yet naïve, while Walker is driven yet bewildered. The plot-centered story...will hold readers' attention"
    --Library Journal's "Book Verdict"

    About the Book:
    A man who can find anything, anywhere...
    As a former Marine, Walker could find a needle in a haystack--but as a result of traumatic experiences in the military, the only place he's looking for anything is at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. When the US Marshalls ask him to track down a mafia nanny on the run for her life, he takes the job--and realizes that finding Darcy Maddox and keeping her alive may be more trouble than it's worth. Especially after the sexy little thing clubs him and leaves him for dead in the woods. Walker's stunned by her courage-and her curves-and can't help feeling drawn to this damsel who repeatedly claws her way out of distress. He'll find her, and when he does, it'll take more than the mafia to tear him away.

    ...just found the love of his life--and her life is in danger
    Darcy Maddox never expected to be running for her life; an innocent nanny with a pain-filled past, Darcy thought the most running she'd be doing would be chasing after the kids she cares for. But when she gets caught in the middle of some heated mafia disputes involving her employer, Darcy's faced with a choice: Go it alone or trust a man she just met - never mind the way his touch gets her heart pounding. The choice seems simple enough until she realizes it's not just her life at stake - it's her 

    About the Author:
    Dixie Lee Brown started writing romantic suspense nearly twenty years ago. Then life took a few unexpected turns, and the writing career was put on hold in favor of starting a new life and a new job. One's passion is not easily forgotten, however. Two years ago, Dixie started writing again-a YA novel-but, before she could finish, another idea pushed to the forefront and wouldn't go away until a full-fledged novel was completed.

    That idea became All or Nothing, the first book in the Trust No One series. All or Nothing placed third in the 2011 TARA Contest (Tampa Area Romance Authors) in the romantic suspense category.

    Dixie now lives in sunny Central Oregon with two small dogs and a cat for company while she writes the third book of the Trust No One series. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading, movies and trips to the beach.

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- There have always been those who were on the edges. There are those who want to elevate the taboo and convey the unthinkable. However, according to Dr. Steven DavidSon it is beyond being artists, and what they do is not new.

    "The terms are satanists, illuminati, even free masons as an order of persons who are a secret society and taboo merchants. They have lost their creativity and innovation. So they sell-out to being and saying anything. They convey their occult messages through their music and dance rituals and sew the seeds of death and darkness."

    According to DavidSon they are not a part of his world, but his college-aged grand-daughter bought his attention to them. He understands that these people do benevolent works as well.

    "One thing about people and their works of darkness, they cannot have impact without luring people first. 'No bait, no fish.' Many of these people I never paid any attention other than they are in the media. As a person who watches world events I know little about them beyond their names and their professions. But once I listened to examples of their works recently, it is the lyrics of the occult. They have a right to make a living, but they've crossed the line into preaching the occult. Again, this is not new."

    When asked about what people should do he is resolute.

    "Many of these artists are descendants of slaves who desired to be free to pursue a life of freedom. Many of the freed slaves who sung incredible songs of freedom in Christ would return to slavery if they knew their descendants would produce occult music in the freedom God secured for them. When you consider the murder and out of wed-lock birth rates, particularly in the African-American community among other serious problems a boycott is past due."

    'According to DavidSon the boycott begins August 1 asking Christians to avoid radio stations, TV media, and anything else playing their music, or showing their images. DavidSon says it will continue until some concessions are made by artists, stations, and corporations or until Jesus returns.

    "These people are perpetuating Satanic doctrine through their music, dance rituals and other activities. No Christian should be enabling their lives. There's plenty of others to make their billions. I understand I could be killed. Here's some words for the occult preachers: Mou Matoures, I am a martyr for Jesus (Acts 1:8). "

    Dr. Steven B. DavidSon is author of the Christ-based Series, and founder of the nation's exclusive Christ- based organization devoted to Christian counseling and education, the Association of Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators and Educational Systems (A3CEES).

    Contact Information:
    Article Origin: CB Associates
    Dr. Dennise Bates, or Timothy DavidSon
    Phone: 972 719 2589
    Web sites:,,

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