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    Duluth, GA ( July 26, 2013 -- The much anticipated arrival of the Digiscale digital kitchen scale by SYATT International Inc. has just been released for sale to the general public online. Digiscale, SYATT International's first major product brand in the health and fitness niche, is positioned for worldwide distribution beginning with the world's leading reseller Amazon. According to Paul Woodley, SYATT International Incorporated's President, "Amazon has an amazing track record for reliability and customer service...we wanted to offer our customers a streamlined point of sale system that they are familiar with and can trust!"

    Being the new kid on the block isn't going to be easy for the new company. As of July 23, 2013 there were over 107,988 search results for the keyword term digital kitchen scale However, that doesn't faze the folks at Digiscale. According to Mr. Woodley, "success in sales is a result of having great products, at an affordable price, and most importantly giving superior service." A customer service expert with a background in hospitality and retail sales, Paul Woodley is no stranger to fulfilling customer expectations. He founded SYATT International Inc. with the goal of being the best consumer goods company in the world. "When you want to be the best you have to study the best. Then once you are ready to act do it to the max," he states.

    One area of the sales funnel the company is focusing on is the "post-sale" process. After a customer purchases a Digiscale product they will have the opportunity to access additional bonus materials that will add greater value to their purchase. According to Mr. Woodley, "the idea is to under promise and over deliver. Unfortunately, most companies have it backwards!" The philosophy of making customers for life runs deep in SYATT and Digiscale. And the folks at Digiscale promise not to disappoint. According to Mr. Woodley, "we live in a niche-market world. Those companies that are able to build a community are the ones that are going to endure for the long haul. We plan on doing exactly that!"

    About Syatt International Inc.

    Syatt International Inc.produces and markets the Digiscale for weight watchers, cooks, and home enthusiasts everywhere.

    Paulo Fitzalbert

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- CEO of Punch TV Network, Joseph Collins, will appear live on hit radio show 620 AM WTMJ in Milwaukee, WI hosted by radio personality Derrell Connor. Due to the growing success of Punch TV Network, radio stations are reaching out to Joseph Collins to obtain the scoop on the future endeavors of Punch TV Network and find out more information about its viewer-driven television shows.

    News radio 620 WTMJ began broadcasting in 1927, as a way to sell newspapers. It was then named, "The Milwaukee Journal." Today, it is a news, talk and sports powerhouse, part of an independent sister company of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and is one of America's largest and most successful radio stations.

    WTMJ has been the recipient of radio's highest honor, the National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Award along with one of broadcast journalism's highest honors, the Radio-Television News Directors Association's Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence in large-market radio and has received this coveted interview with Punch TV Network CEO Joseph Collins as a reflection of its esteemed status.
    Host Derrell Connor joined WTMJ in February of 2012, obtaining his own Sunday Night radio talk show. The basis of Connor's show is to discuss local and national issues, as well as interview remarkable individuals who come from all walks of life from business owners to nonprofit executives; from authors to entertainers.

    Connor looks forward to interviewing CEO, Joseph Collins and states, "I wanted to interview Mr. Collins because I find his story remarkable. Starting any business (in particular a network) is a tough thing to do, especially with all of the competition that exists today. It sounds like Mr. Collins is growing his network differently than what others have done in the past. The key is to separate yourself from the crowd, to be unique and innovative, and I believe Mr. Collins is doing just that."

    CEO of Punch TV Network, Joseph Collins is delighted to receive an invitation to be a guest on the hit radio show 620 WTMJ and states," We at Punch TV look forward to expanding our Network and enjoy the opportunity to bring further attention to our new and innovative shows. I specifically look forward to being in a leading radio market, not only the City of Milwaukee, but for the entire state of Wisconsin!"

    Punch TV aims to be the leading television network providing diverse and innovative content for audiences of all ages and genders. Add your voice to the "I Want My Punch TV Campaign" and call you cable provider or join our online campaign!

    For more information on Punch TV call (562) 424-4597 or visit

    Are you thirsty yet? "I want My Punch TV!"

    # # #

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- Hill & Partners, Inc. the full-service provider of Branded Environments currently in its 18th year of growth will bring new client, High Sierra, to the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2013, premiering the partnership with the leading manufacturer of affordable outdoor gear at the event, slated July 31 to August 3 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    The creative team at Hill & Partners will design and manage a Custom Owned 40x50 Branded Environment for High Sierra. The new client relationship between High Sierra and Hill & Partners results from the referral of long-time client Samsonite, which acquired High Sierra last year.

    Outdoor Retailer Summer Market will provide the perfect opportunity for High Sierra to roll out its "new look and feel"; the custom designed property will incorporate multiple Hill & Partners custom-designed product display elements and employ backlit High Sierra imagery as a highlighting mechanism.

    Other salient features of the Custom Owned Branded Environment will include a faux wood texture and wood details throughout to yield an outdoor yet modern feel; the imaginative use of angles and peaks to create dimension and tie into the logo and branding of High Sierra; overhead signs textured with wood planking; ample meeting areas for private and semi-private conversation; and substantial storage space.

    "It gives us great pleasure to announce High Sierra as a new client," said Michael McMahon, President and CEO of Hill & Partners, Inc. "We're thrilled to have the opportunity to premier our partnership with this leading company at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2013 and look forward to a long and successful relationship with High Sierra."

    About Hill & Partners

    Over the last two decades, Hill & Partners has developed services and people that create custom, rental, commercial and portable Branded Environments. H&P is your full-service brand team with a network of skilled partners throughout the country and the world. They provide professional exhibit program management, plus a variety of project based brand communication services. Experience is a key factor in their long running relationships with clients including Polartec LLC, Dunkin' Brands, Demandware, Samsonite and National Grid. For additional information, please call 617.471.7990, visit or find the company on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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    Santa Ana, CA, ( July 26, 2013 -- West Coast Aviation Services is pleased to announce the selection of Anton Pint, formerly FAA Accountable Manager, as the new Part 135 Director of Maintenance for West Coast Charters, and Alfredo Garcia, formerly Sales Manager, as the new General Manager for West Coast Aircraft Maintenance effective immediately.

    Anton "Tony" Pint began his career in aviation during his 11 year service in the United States Army, where he worked as a mechanic on Black Hawk Helicopters. At the end of his military service, he began working for Garrett Aviation LAX as an entry level mechanic. He was soon promoted to Lead Mechanic in the TFE 731 Engine Shop and eventually moved to the Airframe Department where he was granted a Master Mechanic Stamp.

    In 2004, he joined West Coast Aircraft Maintenance as a Lead Technician, and since then has held numerous positions including Project Manager and Chief Inspector. He has more than16 years of aviation maintenance experience, holds a private pilot's license, inspection authorization and is a certified A & P Mechanic. He is also the recipient of the Fast Team FAA Silver Award winner and has received several other prestigious awards over the years.

    Alfredo Garcia has been in the aviation industry for nearly 20 years. In 1994, he began his career working as an A&P Mechanic for Garrett Aviation LAX, until 2003 when he accepted a position as Sales Supervisor for the Long Beach Citation Service Center. At Citation he was able to cultivate and maintain customer relationships throughout the southwestern United States, while also developing a strong customer base for Mexican and Canadian Cessna Operators.

    In 2009, he was granted the Regional Manager Position for Mesa Citation Service Center, whereby he continued to maintain his relationships in Southern California, Canada and Mexico, while also overseeing two teams of mobile service crews in Southern California.

    In 2012, he had a small stint as Senior Customer Project Manager for Standard Aero-LAX before accepting the position as Sales Manager for West Coast Aircraft Maintenance. In less than a year at WCAM, he was instrumental in adding Mexican DGAC Authorization and JSSI Service Center Authorization.

    "We will be seeking to improve the quality of our product by implementing quality management strategies and putting procedures in place to better communicate with internal and external customers. I am looking forward to leading a talented team here at WCAM and taking WCAM to the next level," said Garcia.

    "Both Tony and Alfredo have been invaluable members of the West Coast Aviation Services Team. I am confident that with their knowledge and experience as leaders in the aviation industry, they will continue to guide and strengthen West Coast Aircraft Maintenance," said President/Founder Gary Standel.

    For additional information please contact:

    Sabrina Schneider
    Phone 949 852 8340

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    Manhattan, New York ( July 26, 2013 -- Charlie "The Guy" Kingston, President and CEO of KIKO Golf Inc. has introduced an ergonomically-designed golf tool geared to solve one of the most common problems in golf. The Wrist Rite™ wrist support is a simple, lightweight device that slips inside a golfer's glove to lock the lead wrist in the flat position needed to ensure that the club face remains square to the ball through impact.

    Bending, or "cupping" the lead wrist is a problem that affects nearly every golfer at some time. While a flat lead wrist is well-known to all golfers as an important aspect of an effective swing, it is particularly crucial to the shots needed to work out of bunkers and around greens. Tiger Woods, in his book How I Play Golf, referred to the bent lead wrist as the worst and most common error golfers make when playing short shots around the green. With the Wrist Rite™ inserted in the glove and locking the lead wrist into a flat position, the golfer will receive instant feedback if the lead wrist begins to bend. This will help to break bad habits and train the wrist to remain flat.

    This training feature is what sets the Wrist Rite™ apart from the braces and supports that have been used to correct lead wrist cupping in the past. Rather than substitute for the muscles of the wrist, the Wrist Rite™ helps the golfer to develop the physical strength and muscle memory that gradually leads to improved natural ability to control the wrist and maintain good golf swing habits. According to CPGA Pro John White, "The Wrist Rite™ golf tool provides a lifetime of lessons on one of the most important aspects of the golf swing, the flat upper wrist."

    The Wrist Rite™ resembles a small shoe horn, and is made of durable plastic that can last a lifetime. It is a slim device with no projecting straps, buttons, or snaps, and it can easily slip into a shirt or pants pocket. The Wrist Rite™ fits men, women, and children, and works on the left or right wrist. It is made to fit in any golf glove - the golfer simply slides the Wrist Rite™ in and plays on in seconds. An added benefit of the Wrist Rite™ is its solid, stiff design that may help to reduce the chance of wrist injury. Designed according to the principles of biomechanical engineering, the Wrist Rite™ is built to be both simple and effective. The Wrist Rite™ is produced by KIKO Products Inc., an all Canadian Company specializing in creating and producing products that are MADE IN CANADA.

    Find the Wrist Rite™ golf tool online at Amazon - Just search Wrist Rite Golf Swing Training Aid

    About apples+oranges

    apples+oranges is a company that rings true to the idiom - all of our products are different and cannot be compared! We pride ourselves in presenting items that are unique and have an interesting background story. And they are of the highest quality and truly special golf swing training aid.

    Jack Watters

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- Bytec Medical has announced the launch of the revolutionary Geni-TecTM Intelligent Battery System. The brand new range of batteries, charging units and power options is designed to addresses key issues in the healthcare field including infection control while prioritising ease of use and reliability.

    The Geni-Tec Intelligent Battery System can be integrated with Bytec's range of medical carts, such as the Geni-Cart, and used as a standalone power system in any healthcare environment. The intelligent system is multi-purpose and can be used to supplement existing battery power, provide uninterrupted power supply or to mobilise otherwise static equipment.

    Featuring a 200 Wh capacity Polymer Lithium-ion power pack, the Geni-Tec battery is constructed with a tough plastic casing to withstand the rigours of the modern, fast-paced medical environment. Portable and light, the Geni-Tec battery pack is easy to carry, but is also an incredibly durable and robust mobile power solution.

    With infection control a critical issue, Bytec Medical have developed the Geni-Tec model to promote quick and efficient cleaning within the medical environment. Sealed to IP66, the battery unit is processor controlled and has no "live" terminals when disconnected, meaning it can be safely cleaned or sterilised under running water. The smooth profile of the case is also easy to wipe down with a damp cloth or sponge for maintenance on the go.

    A range of sleek charging options, including a wall-mounted 4-Bay charger and convenient desk charger, are also available to compliment the battery pack. When plugged into a mains power supply, the Geni-Tec battery can recharge in situ on a medical cart or workstation, which gives healthcare professionals the freedom to charge the battery without removing it from their device.

    Andy Stevens, Group Sales Manager at Bytec Medical said, "The ability to use a medical device, such as a computer cart, and not interrupt the charging process is a feature that was important to nurses and our customers. A lot of other battery systems on the market won't do that. But with the Geni-Tec System, the mains power will recharge the battery and power your computer cart at the same time. You can keep working and don't have to wait around for the battery to charge."

    A networked monitoring system provides asset management of the batteries and performance logging, giving hospitals and clinics greater accountability when tracking their power systems. Medical staff can also monitor how each Geni-Tec battery is used, where it is deployed, and whether or not the battery was activated as back-up power due to a failure of mains power supply.

    After more than two years of research and development, a prototype version was displayed at MEDICA 2012, resulting in tremendous positive feedback from attendees at the trade fair in Germany. Geni-Tec is compatible with Bytec Medical's own range of carts, but can also be fitted to carts and trolleys from other manufacturers.

    The Geni-Tec Intelligent Battery System is available now. To place an order or learn more about the range, contact Bytec Medical on +44 (0)1737 378 800, visit or email

    About Bytec Medical

    Bytec Medical is a privately owned company focused on delivering innovative integrated equipment solutions to a range of customers in the medical sector. Product ranges include mobile carts, laptop and computer carts, roll stands, battery systems, mounting arms and waterproof keyboards, and are medically approved to EN-6601. As a member of the Bytec Group, Bytec Medical also provides ODM and OEM services for a number of market leading companies. Bytec Group has a portfolio of developed products, which also target the military and automotive markets.

    About Bytec Group Limited
    Bytec Group focuses on the many facets of human machine interfacing (HMI), bringing state-of-the-art technologies and new product developments to strategic markets. Bytec Group provides specialist products and services to both the public and private sectors. Working with leading manufacturers, business partners and suppliers from around the world, Bytec Group offers complete solutions for both standard and custom applications.

    For more information please contact:
    Lara Child
    Marketing Executive
    Tel: +44 (0) 1737 378816

    Andy Stevens
    Group Sales Manager
    Tel: +44 (0) 1737 378825

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- A Social platform that allow users to combine multi photos and video into a story launched their App for iPhone & Android.

    PaperV a new Bahrain based Startup, today announced the launch of their app for android as well as iPhone. The users would now be able to access the network right from their Smartphone without the hassle of using internet browsers. Speaking on the occasion, a representative of PaperV said, "We are extremely excited to announce the launch of apps for our platform on android as well as iOS and hope to provide a way for the users to log in and interact while on the move."

    According to the sources, the use of Smartphones for browsing the internet and interacting online has been increasing dramatically and expected to exceed the usage of Desktop and Laptop by 2014.
    The launch of the Apps by PaperV is seen as a step in the right direction by the experts of the field. When contacted, Ali Mohsen, PaperV Founder said, "Everyone and everything is going mobile and now it is the time where every service must have an App."

    The Startup launched its services in April 2013 and has already seen a huge rush of new users signing up every day. The platform allows the user to combine images, audio files and videos to present them in the form of a story thereby making it easier for others to view and share. PaperV also allows users to import images from other social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Picasa among others. Ali added, "People love to share their stories and we help them do that in an easy and fun way."

    The Apps are available to download for free from App Store and Google Play Store, The Startup is planning to release apps for Blackberry as well as Windows Phone before the end of the year.

    About PaperV
    PaperV is a Bahrain based Startup that launched its service in April 2013 and it allows users to present their images and videos in a story style for people to view and interact with. The Startup is working to bring together the best talent and ideas from all areas of social media to build something truly unique and usable by everyone.

    App Promotion Video:

    For High Resolution: Screenshots, Logo and Graphics please download the Press Kit:

    Android App Link:

    iPhone App Link:

    Contact Information:
    Contact Name: Ali Mohsen
    Contact Number: +973 33673330

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    ( July 26, 2013 -- Granger Plastics Company expanded into the Aerospace Industry earlier in 2012. Expansion continued as Granger's manufacturing facility was outfitted for aerospace products. This plastics company is also currently hiring to staff growing needs expected to continue as Granger Aerospace Products develops in the market. The company is now nearing the completion of FAA certification moving the entire line forward to market.

    Granger Aerospace Products has launched a line of revolutionary air cargo containers including ULD 2, ULD 3 and ULD 8 containers. Granger Aerospace Products is also developing forklift able versions of the containers. The containers are all staples in the air cargo and commercial airline industries.

    Granger Plastics has produced over 10,000 custom air cargo containers. All of the containers produced by Granger are rotationally molded polyethylene and made from the highest quality materials. Many businesses in this industry are urgently looking for changes that will use resources most economically. Changing from the current materials of fiberglass, aluminum or sometimes polycarbonate offers savings in many areas. The lighter weight design saves in fuel burn over some current containers. The polyethylene construction offers a longer lifespan and significantly lower maintenance costs reducing overall operating costs as well as time lost for repairs.

    Granger Aerospace Products are being manufactured at the plastics company in Middletown, OH. Granger Aerospace also offers custom design and manufacturing capabilities for continuing conversions of air industry parts due to the many benefits of polyethylene. Granger Aerospace is a full service facility capable of everything from design to manufacturing and completed assembly.

    Granger Plastics, a division of Granger Industries, continues to be internationally recognized as a leader in the field of Rotational Molding. Granger Plastics is known for innovative design, superior quality and industry leading solutions for a number of industries ranging from Poly Tanks for Chemical and Agricultural use, Family Safety, Defense, Aerospace, Material Handling and more. For more information on Granger Industries or Granger Plastics Company, please visit contact 513-424-1955.

    For More Information:
    Shawn Cravens - General Manager
    The Granger Plastics Co.

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    Qualified job seekers with disabilities can connect directly to top U.S. employers seeking to hire them

    CHICAGO ( July 26, 2013 -- Think Beyond the Label, a private-public collaborative that connects businesses, job seekers and the public workforce system together to ensure greater employment opportunities for workers with disabilities, will host an online career fair Tuesday, July 30. The career fair is free for job seekers with disabilities.

    The Think Beyond the Label Online Career Fair will connect job candidates with disabilities to top U.S. participating employers that include IBM, Merck, Aetna, Qualcomm, UnitedHealth Group, EQ - The Environmental Quality Company, Graybar, Eastern Michigan University and others. The event is co-hosted by Brazen Careerist, a leading cloud-based recruiting technology firm that connects employers and candidates in virtual recruiting events.

    DATE: Tuesday, July 30
    TIMES: 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm Eastern Time
    SIGN UP: Online registration is available here
    NEXT FAIR: Tuesday, October 22

    Who should attend:
    • Job seekers with disabilities from all backgrounds, with all skill levels, nationwide
    • Federal contractors who have jobs for people with disabilities and want to enhance their compliance efforts, particularly in light of proposed regulatory changes to Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
    • Employers nationwide who value workplace diversity and inclusive team-building

    "Our online career fairs give job seekers with disabilities an easy and accessible way to connect directly to top employers who actively seek to hire qualified workers with disabilities," says Barbara Otto, CEO of Health & Disability Advocates, the Chicago-based policy and advocacy organization that operates Think Beyond the Label. "The career fairs also serve as an ideal platform for employers seeking to diversify their workforce, while meeting compliance needs and showcasing their investment in disability hiring."

    Employer benefits
    • Employers will gain one-on-one access to Think Beyond the Label's 4,500 registered community members. All have disabilities. Sixty percent of past participants have at least five years of relevant job experience; one in three have a professional certification or college level degree or beyond.
    • Under the U.S. Department of Labor's proposed new law that amends Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, companies will need to show evidence that they are taking proactive steps to recruit workers with disabilities - and keep better data on the number of people with disabilities hired. Participation in the Think Beyond the Label Online Career Fairs can help employers meet these requirements.

    This virtual event is the third of four online career fairs in Think Beyond the Label's 2013 series; the next fair will be October 22.

    About Think Beyond the Label
    Think Beyond the Label is a private-public collaborative that helps businesses and the public workforce system more effectively recruit, hire and retain job seekers with disabilities across 50 states. Think Beyond the Label connects the entire range of job seekers with disabilities to employers looking to hire through its virtual career fairs, online jobs portal, social platforms and community profiles. Our partnership spans state health and human service and employment agencies; businesses; and Health & Disability Advocates, a national private nonprofit organization that manages the Think Beyond the Label partnership. For more information please visit

    About Brazen Careerist
    Brazen Careerist combines groundbreaking virtual recruiting events with actionable career advice and education to help professionals discover their strengths, refine their skills and find a job they love. The company helps hundreds of employers identify, engage with and hire top talent - and helps universities connect their students and alumni with each other and with top employers around the world. Hundreds of large organizations - from Amazon and Citi to Deloitte and the U.S. Department of State - use Brazen Careerist's virtual event platform, Brazen Connect. For more information, please go to


    Megan McDonnell
    abledbody & co.

    Laura Wilhelm
    Think Beyond the Label

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    Miami, FL ( July 26, 2013 -- Lasik Eye Surgery Miami, a new LASIK surgery consumer resource for the state of Florida, is now available.

    Laser vision surgery is one approach to treat some of the most frequent eyesight difficulties. It works by utilizing a small stream of light that simply modifies the patient's cornea.

    The website's chief editor, Patrick Simpson, says, "A number of our web site visitors have heard of LASIK, but they don't really understand exactly what it is. The main objective of this site is to present them a bit of details about this medical issue and enable them to determine if this path is a process they could be serious about going after."

    "LASIK surgery might be a good alternative for some categories of people," added Simpson, "So while a great many patients may be suitable for this conventional surgery, each man or woman has to discover which particular type of LASIK is ideal for their circumstance."

    Typically, as soon as the surgery is finished, almost all patients are capable to see clearly without the need of their eyeglasses or contact lenses.

    Simpson said plenty of people do not recognize that LASIK vision correction is the most common optional procedure in Florida. "The actual procedure doesn't take long to complete, there is generally no soreness attached with it, plus the benefits are almost instant."

    Simpson said that it is necessary for anybody who is thinking of getting laser vision correction get together with a specialist for a consultation to make sure they are a good candidate for the procedure.

    About Lasik Eye Surgery Miami is a website that specializes in laser eye surgery services around the Miami area. To get more information, go to

    Media Contact:
    Patrick Simpson
    Contact Form:


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    Financial Planning Association™ of MA Member Laurence J. Cohen Receives the Commander's Award for Public Service

    DANVERS, BOSTON, MA, ( July 26, 2013 -- Financial Planning Association™ (FPA™) of Massachusetts member Laurence J. Cohen, CFP® recently received the Commander's Award for Public Service in recognition of his pro-bono tax preparation work and financial counseling with members of the armed services and their families.

    The award was signed by L. Scott Rice, Major General and Adjutant General of the Massachusetts National Guard. Cohen has volunteered his time and services throughout the year at events held for service members who are either pre or post deployment.

    Cohen is an active volunteer with a team of Military Pro Bono members from the FPA™ of MA who volunteered for a Massachusetts National Guard sponsored free income tax preparation program. This year program volunteers completed 1900 Federal and State tax returns, saved service members and their families $337,000 in tax preparation fees, and generated over $2.5 million Federal and State refunds for service members. Military Pro Bono members volunteered 490 hours of service throughout the 2013 tax season.

    A resident of Danvers, Cohen heads Laurence Financial Planning LLC, a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm which he founded in 2009; Laurence Financial Planning LLC is registered in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and California. Earlier in his career Cohen was with General Electric and its affiliates for more than 30 years in progressively responsible financial leadership roles. Most recently he was President and Chief Executive Officer at Electric Insurance Company, a General Electric property/casualty insurance affiliate.

    Cohen, a member of the FPA MA for four years, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Boston College and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

    He is married and has a son currently residing in Tokyo and daughter who makes her home in London.

    "We congratulate Larry on receiving the Commander's Award for Public Service," said Peter Jaworski, CFP® President of the FPA™ of MA. "He has donated countless hours of services to assist our military men and women with their financial well being. As an organization we are proud of our community service and we are grateful for the generous commitment that Larry brings to our program."

    About the Financial Planning Association™ of Massachusetts

    Since the year 2000, the FPA™ MA has sought to foster the value of financial planning and advance the financial planning profession in the Bay State. Our 900 members are dedicated to the financial planning process, which entails establishing personal and financial goals and creating a way to reach them. FPA™MA believes that everyone needs objective advice to make smart financial decisions and that when seeking the advice of a financial planner; the planner should be a CFP® certificant.

    Many FPA™ MA members engage in philanthropic pro bono work in their communities. They also recommend legislation, elevate public awareness, promote financial literacy, and advocate for sound economic and tax policies. We welcome all those who advance the financial planning process and promote the CFP® mark as the cornerstone of the financial planning profession. For more information please call 855-54-FPAMA (37262) or visit

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    ( July 29, 2013 -- The Final Fantasy XIV offers an awesome visual appeal to the gamers and keeps them engaged for hours in a world that is full of fantasy and charismatic visualization. The game is well-known for its addictive gameplay, and any MMORPG gaming enthusiast will love to be part of this wonderful gaming world. Keeping this fact in mind and considering the ever-growing popularity of the game, the website provides all details about the Final Fantasy CD Key and offers it at an extremely reasonable price.

    For a newbie gamer who is not well aware of the Final Fantasy games, this could be the right opportunity to get the activation key for the game at a dirt cheap price and start developing MMORPG gaming skills. Those who already have played the previous versions of the Final Fantasy series will always love to grab a WOW CD Key for the Final Fantasy XIV for a mesmerizing and exciting gaming experience. It could be a fun-filled experience for anyone to fight with the deadly monsters in pulsating gaming sessions. There are few important gaming strategies that ensure the victory of the gamers and which one can learn gradually, developing the skills step by step manner.

    The purpose of the game is to create maximum damage to the enemies, and special effects in the game create a whole exiting world for gamers. Whether someone is an experienced MMORPG gamer or a newbie, he or she will never want to miss the unlimited fun and enjoyment of the game, and offers them the best opportunity to enjoy the game to the full extent. The website claims to be the cheapest and fastest provider of the Final Fantasy CD Key.

    The site reveals that a gamer will receive the key through e-mail within 10-15 minutes of placing the order. All CD key sales are backed by excellent customer services, and one will receive all details to use the key safely for mind-blowing gaming sessions. One can learn all about the activation key for the Final Fantasy XIV game and can place an order on the website

    About offers various CD keys and game time cards for the convenience of game players. All players get fast transactions in a safe and secure environment with a 24-hour customer service for assistance in case of any difficulty in placing order or using the activation keys.

    For Media Inquiries:
    Contact Person: Ms.Emma
    Telephone: (1)-408-898-4825
    Email: support@

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    ( July 29, 2013 -- For many players, the GW 2 Gold amassing process is a rather challenging task and this makes their mission of moving further in the game more difficult. However, the website now invites all Guild Wars 2 gamers to the site to get the activation key and develop a knack to overcome the challenges and to discover a whole world of exciting gameplay. The site is currently offering Guild Wars 2 CD Key at an affordable price that would turn a gamer's experience even more joyful.

    The website has two different versions of the Guild Wars 2 activation keys, one for Windows users and another for the PC users. Both are available with different pricing, but are highly affordable in comparison to other retailers, as the website claims. Besides the activation key, one can also buy the Game Time Card from the site, in order to enjoy the game to the full extent. The site reveals that gamers, who want to fast procure the GW 2 Gold, should place an order for the game's activation key without wasting time, since this could be an opportunity for them to amass the GW 2 Gold at the most economical cost.

    The website offers Guild Wars 2 CD Key to the US and EU gamers and assures them of a fast delivery. The US version of the CD Key also allows the players of Mexico and the North America to enjoy the game. However, a player in the US can play with a pal in the European country who has been using an EU version of the CD key.

    Besides the key, one will also receive the crafting material which can be used to enrich the gaming skills that are needed to accumulate the GW 2 Gold at an incredibly fast speed. So, the real enthusiasts of the Guild Wars 2 game can place an order for the activation key on the site

    About offers various CD keys and game time cards for the convenience of game players. All players get fast transactions in a safe and secure environment with a 24-hour customer service for assistance in case of any difficulty in placing order or using the activation keys.

    For Media Inquiries:
    Contact Person: Ms.Emma
    Telephone: (1)-408-898-4825

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    ( July 29, 2013 -- The company is expecting top-line Phase II data for BIOD-123 to be released in the third quarter 2013. With the market for these products estimated to be about $10 billion in value, good results for Biodel's product would be a major step for the company and serve as a top-notch catalyst for biotech investors.

    Biodel chose Eli Lilly's Humalog as its comparator for BIOD-123 and in Phase I trials has shown very positive results. BIOD-123 showed a better pharmacokinetic profile (PK) than Humalog and an improvement in injection site tolerability. After successful Phase I data, Biodel began a Phase II trial, with results expected in the third quarter 2013, as Biodel CEO Dr. Errol De Souza stated in the second quarter 2013 financial results presentation:

    "We are pleased to report progress across the breadth of our portfolio of pipeline product candidates. Enrollment is fully complete in our Phase 2 clinical trial of RHI-based ultra-rapid-acting insulin BIOD-123 and more than half of the subjects have finished the study, as we remain on track to report top line data in the third calendar quarter of 2013. On the research front, our new concentrated insulin candidate BIOD-531 has demonstrated an ultra-rapid-acting onset and basal duration profile in diabetic swine which could offer medical practitioners a novel therapeutic to improve prandial coverage while maintaining basal coverage in both severely insulin resistant patients and patients who use premixed insulins."

    With all the buzz associated with Mannkind (MNKD) lately, Biodel seems poised to take advantage of this. Biodel might be the next big price mover among small cap biopharmas, as news spreads and institutions roll money into the name.
    Contact: Scott Matusow -
    Twitter: @stockmatusow

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    ( July 29, 2013 -- The joy and expectations related to the FIFA soccer 2014 are surprisingly very high among the worldwide soccer lovers. This is the reason why the game is creating stupendous curiosity among the gamers, while it is yet to be released officially. Seeing the enthusiasm among the game lovers, now announces to accept pre-orders for the FIFA Soccer 14 activation keys. The official release date has been announced as 24th September 2013, and the site promises to provide the CD Keys to all gamers at the earliest who place a pre-order with them.

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    (NEW YORK, New York , July 29, 2013) - Kanupriya Bhargava and Athene Kim, seniors in the B.S. in Hotel and Tourism Management, offered by the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management of the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS), have been selected as the recipients of the second annual Alfred Pisani Corinthia Hotels Scholarship for the 2013-14 academic year.

    The Scholarship was established by Alfred Pisani, founder and group chairman of Corinthia Hotels, to meet the financial needs of deserving undergraduate students who are pursuing degrees in hotel and tourism management. Each scholarship is $10,000.

    Bhargava, a New Jersey native and daughter of Indian immigrants, is an active member of the Tisch Center community. Through an internship she completed at the Cannes Film Festival, she decided that her future career in the hospitality industry would need to encompass her deep appreciation for the arts. Upon graduation, she plans to travel and to work in several boutique hotels around the world in preparation for her ultimate career goal: to develop a global chain of boutique hotels that reflect the art and culture of each location.

    Kim, a native Californian, transferred to the Tisch Center as a junior, after beginning her education as a global liberal studies major and then switching to pre-medical studies for her sophomore year. Along the way, she discovered her affinity for a career in service that could best be realized through employment in the hospitality industry. The Scholarship will allow her to accelerate her studies, while propelling her toward a career that combines her interests in service, in people, and in experiencing diverse cultures.

    "We are very pleased to know that Corinthia Hotels can play a supportive role in assisting these talented young students in pursuing their education at the Tisch Center," said Pisani. "These scholarships provide them with the opportunity to fulfill their career ambitions in the field of tourism and hospitality."

    "Kanu and Athene are extraordinarily deserving of this significant and prestigious recognition for which we are so grateful to Mr. Pisani," said Tisch Center Divisional Dean Bjorn Hanson.


    Photos Attached:
    1. Alfred Pisani, Founder & Group Chairman, Corinthia Hotels
    2. Kanupriya Bhargava, Alfred Pisani Corinthia Hotels Scholarship Winner 2013
    3. Athene Kim, Alfred Pisani Corinthia Hotels Scholarship Winner 2013

    Editorial Contact in US:
    Karen Hoffman/Sarah McHeffey
    (212) 447-0027

    About Corinthia Hotels
    Corinthia is a collection of hotels founded by the Pisani family of Malta. We are in our 50th year of business and growing. Corinthia is a family-inspired business, with family values underpinning the Spirit of Corinthia, meaning that we look out for one another, support one another and positively encourage one another. As a hotel business, we focus on giving honest, discreet service. We see ourselves as craftsmen in the world of hospitality, valuing authenticity, passion, precision and understanding. Each of the hotels and resorts we have created in some of the most exciting places in the world is a tribute to local architecture and cultural traditions. The Corinthia portfolio includes the newly-opened flagship Corinthia Hotel in London, as well as award-winning Corinthia Hotels in Budapest, Malta, Prague, St Petersburg, Tripoli and Lisbon. Corinthia Hotels is owned by International Hotel Investments (IHI), a publicly-traded company in Malta. CHI Hotels & Resorts Limited is a wholly-owned member of the IHI Group which manages Corinthia Hotels. For more information, please visit

    About the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management
    Founded in 1995, the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management of the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies was established in response to the growing need for hospitality and tourism undergraduate and graduate education. In 1999, the Tisch Center identified the increasing interest and need for sports business education and added programs on accordingly.

    Hospitality, sports, and, tourism are major global economic sectors, and the Tisch Center serves these growing and evolving industries by offering relevant, cutting-edge curricula that attracts bright, motivated students who seek to become leaders in their fields. Through undergraduate degrees in hotel and tourism management and in sports management, graduate degrees and certificates in hospitality industry studies, sports business, and tourism management, a plethora of noncredit programs, and the Center's world-renowned conferences, the Tisch Center provides students with the tools to enable them to manage change, to communicate, to thrive in complex work environments, and to advance the businesses of hospitality, tourism, and sports. For more information, visit

    About the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies
    Established in 1934, NYU-SCPS ( is one of NYU's several degree-granting schools and colleges, each with a unique academic profile. The reputation of NYU-SCPS arises from its place as the NYU home for study and applied research related to key knowledge-based industries where the New York region leads globally. This is manifest in the School's diverse graduate, undergraduate, and noncredit programs in fields such as Real Estate, Real Estate Development, and Construction Management; Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management; Global Affairs; Fundraising and Grantmaking; Advanced Digital Applications and Graphic Communications Management and Technology; Publishing; Professional Writing; Human Resource Management and Development, Marketing, Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Management and Systems, Project Management, and Accounting, Finance, and Taxation; Liberal and Allied Arts; and Foreign Languages, Translation, and Interpreting.

    More than 100 distinguished full-time faculty members collaborate with an exceptional cadre of practitioner/adjunct faculty and lecturers to create vibrant professional and academic networks that annually attract nearly 5,000 degree-seeking students from around the globe. In addition, the School fulfills the recurrent continuing higher education needs of local and professional communities, as evidenced by close to 48,000 annual noncredit enrollments in individual courses, specialized certificate programs, workshops, and seminars. The School's community is enriched by more than 25,000 degree-holding alumni worldwide, many of whom serve as mentors, guest speakers, and advisory board members.

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    ( July 29, 2013 -- The user friendly site provides answers to frequently asked questions and professional HVAC system maintenance and air duct cleaning service is just a phone call or click away

    Glendale AZ - The local HVAC maintenance and duct cleaning company is constantly updating their website to provide useful information in a more user friendly format. Those who have questions about commercial or residential duct cleaning service can find answers on the site, while those who are ready to schedule service can click the big orange button on the home page or call the number provided.

    Vince Divarco, owner of DUCTZ of North Phoenix provides the best HVAC system cleaning available in the industry. His service technicians are specially trained in the latest air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration techniques and they hold the necessary license to ensure ventilation system cleaning is done properly.

    DUCTZ HVAC system cleaning technicians stand out from the discount duct cleaning companies for their specific license and qualifications that make them an industry authority. DUCTZ ( is a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Information about these highly respected affiliations can be found on the new DUCTZ website.

    Vince Divarco is a busy social networker who provides links to his Face Book page, Twitter, Linked in and YouTube right on the front page of his new duct cleaning website. Get to know the local indoor air quality professionals and learn why area residents and business owners turn to DUCTZ for HVAC system maintenance and air duct cleaning service.

    DUCTZ of North Phoenix and Deer Valley opened in 2007 to provide air duct cleaning and indoor air quality solutions for home and business owners in Maricopa and Pima Counties. The local duct cleaning experts adhere to National Air Duct Cleaners Association standards and EPA guidelines as they clean and restore air ducts and HVAC systems. Visit to learn more.

    Founded in 2002, DUCTZ has become the nation's largest air duct cleaning and HVAC Restoration Company. DUCTZ professionals adhere to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ACCA) standards, undergo rigorous training and are committed to a program of on-going education and quality service. The industry-leading principles and practices employed by DUCTZ professionals have helped to advance the industry by creating new, patented duct cleaning processes. DUCTZ continues to lead the way in certification, training and development.


    DUCTZ of North Phoenix and Deer Valley
    Vince Divarco
    20280 N 59th Ave, Suite 115-640
    Glendale, AZ 85308
    Phone: 623-466-8625

    This press release was submitted by Right Now Marketing Group, LLC

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    ( July 29, 2013 -- Smart people do not rely on an unlicensed doctor for their physical health so why would they trust their most important investment to an unlicensed home service provider?

    Scottsdale AZ - The local air duct cleaners with DUCTZ stand out from the competition, but not for the reason some would think. They do not claim to be the cheapest, but their workmanship is superior to that of a discount duct cleaning company advertized on cheap flyers. Service technicians with DUCTZ keep pace with the industry and hold the specific license required to perform HVAC system maintenance and air duct cleaning service.

    Professional duct cleaning service can be vital to healthy indoor air quality. DUCTZ service technicians are trained and certified by NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. NADCA is a not-for-profit trade association that serves the HVAC inspection, maintenance and restoration industry. With over 1,000 member companies from more than 20 countries NADCA serves as the focal point of the global industry.

    Vince Divarco owns DUCTZ of North Phoenix and Deer Valley (, providing air duct cleaning, HVAC system cleaning and restoration service, dryer vent cleaning and carpet cleaning in homes and businesses. Families who are moving into a new home or just tired of their allergies flaring up whenever the furnace is operating can trust DUCTZ to clear the air.

    DUCTZ air duct cleaning and indoor air quality specialists are the industry leaders to trust for HVAC system maintenance. In the warm, dusty climate of Arizona, duct cleaning is recommended to remove dirt, dust and pet dander from heating and air vents.

    Customers who call DUCTZ enjoy great service from a family owned duct cleaning company that treats all their clients with the highest level of dedication and professionalism. DUCTZ of Phoenix service technicians are licensed (K-05) and authorized to perform HVAC system and air duct cleaning in homes and businesses. Service technicians are happy to show their customers verification of proper licensing to perform duct cleaning service.

    DUCTZ of North Phoenix and Deer Valley opened in 2007 to provide air duct cleaning and indoor air quality solutions for home and business owners in Maricopa and Pima Counties. The local duct cleaning experts adhere to National Air Duct Cleaners Association standards and EPA guidelines as they clean and restore air ducts and HVAC systems. Visit to learn more.

    Founded in 2002, DUCTZ has become the nation's largest air duct cleaning and HVAC Restoration Company. DUCTZ professionals adhere to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ACCA) standards, undergo rigorous training and are committed to a program of on-going education and quality service. The industry-leading principles and practices employed by DUCTZ professionals have helped to advance the industry by creating new, patented duct cleaning processes. DUCTZ continues to lead the way in certification, training and development.


    DUCTZ of North Phoenix and Deer Valley
    Vince Divarco
    20280 N 59th Ave, Suite 115-640
    Glendale, AZ 85308
    Phone: 623-466-8625

    This press release was submitted by Right Now Marketing Group, LLC

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    ( July 29, 2013 --
    This is an age of information, where a person can simply speak to their smartphone and get an answer immediately via the World Wide Web. The amount of information of the internet increases each day, these newly created web directories are adding high quality content for those searching topics like business, personal finance, travel, arts, and more.

    The web directories and classifieds recently launched provide up-to-date news, information on marketing, personal finance, business, and much more. Find resourceful information at Corporate Web Directory,, Elegant Directory, Standing Stones Directory, and Sky Scraper Directory.

    Chameleon Web Directory offers visitors a full range of topics. Learn about the differences in wine and champagne, holiday cottages, to more serious subjects like finding the right health insurance for the family. The website is user-friendly with its quick links to featured articles, and its scrolling classifieds that help locate the desired information and answer fast.

    Corporate Web Directory,, is structured to provide professional information. Quickly find high quality content on subjects for medical professionals, innovative technology, and more. Make use of its website search toolbar to find any key information, or simply click on the straightforward, labeled header tabs.

    Elegant Directory, is a directory that lives up to its name. It offers readers on informative articles on cruise traveling, boat buying, and cosmetic surgeries. Above and beyond, the content articles are high quality links available through the website category classifieds.

    Sky Scraper Web directory provides visitors with excellent and educational content on job recruitment, business direct marketing, and articles for professionals, to tips on relocation. For more information visit website at

    The last web directory, Standing Stones Directory offers information both locally and international. This web directory has been set up with the user in mind. Locate directories with the recently added listing section, the featured articles section, or the website categories. This site,, has a vast of array of informative and instructional articles.

    Feel free to visit and browse any of the topics listed on these web directories or contact for more information.

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