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    Cary, NC ( July 25, 2013 -- As part of its mission to continually monitor the training marketplace for the best providers of training services and technologies, is announcing its 2013 Content Development Companies Watch List.

    View the 2013 Content Development Companies Watch List

    Applicants were selected to the 2013 Content Development Companies Watch List based on the following criteria:
    • Industry visibility, innovation and impact
    • Capability to develop and deliver multiple types of content
    • Company size and growth potential
    • Depth and breadth of subject matter expertise
    • Quality of clients
    • Geographic reach

    "This year's Watch List includes a combination of growing and mature companies, each providing an innovative blend of solutions to their clientele," said Ken Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, "These companies are not only increasing their presence within the training and development space, many are advancing the way that content development is delivered."

    "The 2013 Content Development Watch List represent a tier of companies focused on expanding their reach and continuously improving their offerings within the corporate training market," said Doug Harward, Chief Executive Officer, "With an impressive selection of initial clients and a range of training solutions, many of these companies are poised for steady growth in the training industry."

    View the 2013 Content Development Companies Watch List spotlights the latest news, articles, case studies, and best practices within the training industry. Their focus is on helping dedicated business and training professionals get the information, insight, and tools needed to more effectively manage the business of learning.

    For additional information on 2013 Content Development Companies Watch List, email or visit

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    New Simulator's Concept was Defined at IAFC Innovation Conference 

    Ann Arbor, MI ( July 25, 2013 -- The groundswell of interest generated by FAAC's new Crew Trainer© driver training simulator system is expected to continue into the halls of the FRI conference next month in Chicago.

    FAAC's new Crew Trainer, enabled with its proprietary new 2View© technology onboard, uses 3D technology to affix a separate viewing angle - one for the driver and a separate, visually correct viewpoint for the second front-seat crew member - for each student in the simulator. The result is that for the first time both students get the same view and, thus, the same learning opportunities.

    "We are excited to bring the Crew Trainer to FRI because essentially this concept began at the IAFC Innovation Conference," said David Bouwkamp, FAAC's Executive Director of Commercial Business Development. "It was at that conference that we received the positive feedback to the Crew Trainer that we needed to begin making the physical product. It will be satisfying to share with them the result of their inputs."

    FAAC officials were invited to the 2013 IAFC Innovators Conference and conducted a presentation of the Crew Trainer simulator. After receiving input from the chiefs and instructors in attendance at the conference, they set forth on a design and build plan and schedule.

    The prototype Crew Trainer was unveiled in March at FDIC and company officials asked for attendee input through a survey. Survey questions gauged participants' overall reaction to the simulator, whether the system had a practical application in their driver training program, and if the Crew Trainer could help them achieve their training goals..

    Survey results were overwhelmingly positive, and respondents gave many examples of how they would incorporate a second learning seat into their driver training program. Ideas ranged from initial incident command to train the trainer programs for officers teaching new apparatus drivers.

    The Crew Trainer simulator is scheduled to be onsite at the FRI Conference in Booth #4106 Aug, 16 and 17 in Chicago.

    Since FAAC engineers unlocked its proprietary 2View capability, an entirely new training landscape has emerged.

    For the first time, fire departments can train their drivers and officers in a collaborative learning environment that builds critical teamwork experience and the oversight skills necessary to comply with national training standards. Officers must be provided training because they are ultimately responsible for the actions of the vehicle driver, according to driver training standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 1500: A6.2.4).

    Training capabilities include:

    - officer roles and responsibilities to conform with NFPA standards;
    - teamwork, collaboration, and communication between driver and officer;
    - initial on-scene command strategies and tactics;
    - proper radio communication between dispatch and other responders;
    - evaluation and coaching skills for officers, and
    - in-cab equipment operation.

    "The problem in the past with two-seat simulators was that the view from the officer seat was not configured properly for its position in the simulator," said Bouwkamp. "As a result, the student in that second seat sees a skewed image of the virtual driving world and soon becomes sick from the distorted view."

    2View technology can separately compute and render the same scene from two unique points of view, which enable both driver and officer to process their own full-screen image separately from each other in perfect, high-definition quality. While not new to the military and aviation industries, this dual-view technology is a first in commercially affordable simulation applications.

    "It will be exciting to watch departments bring these 2View simulators on board and see how they use that second seat to expand their current training programs," said Bouwkamp. "We are proud of our engineering team that they were able to design that second viewpoint from the officer's seat. It was not an easy task, but this is where FAAC excels - understanding the training demands and objectives and then putting our resources to task to find the solution."

    For more information on FAAC products and services, contact Bill Martin at 734-761-5836 ( or visit the website at


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    ( July 25, 2013 -- Robert Walsh proudly announces that his Strategies based Pick 3 Lottery System has created a Strategy Win in every Pick 3 Lottery in the United States and Canada during the period of July 1 - 15, 2013.

    Robert Walsh's Pick 3 Lottery System with its revolutionary winning Strategies, first published in 2010, has successfully created a Straight/Box Strategy based winning number in every Pick 3 State and Provincial Lottery in the United States and Canada during the first half of July 2013.

    Robert Walsh's System and its proven winning Pick 3 Lottery Strategies like to boast that it works equally well in every Pick 3 Lottery Game in the World.

    On his website Mr. Walsh has listed a Strategy based Straight/Box Win created by his proven winning Strategies in every one of the thirty-seven Pick 3 State Lotteries from the Arizona Pick 3 to the Wisconsin Daily Pick 3 as well as in the District of Columbia DC-3, the Puerto Rico Pega 3, Western Canada Pick 3, Ontario Pick 3, and Quebec's La Quotidienne 3 Lotteries during the period of July 1 - 15, 2013.

    This is a very important achievement for Pick 3 players everywhere in North America. It clearly answers their question.

    When it comes to Pick 3 Lottery players in the United States, whether they play this lottery game in the New York Numbers, New Jersey Pick 3, Florida Cash 3, Pennsylvania Daily Number, Ohio Pick 3, Michigan Daily 3, Illinois Pick 3, Arkansas Cash 3, Texas Daily 3, California Daily 3, Idaho Pick 3 or Washington State Daily Game lotteries, the very first question they are going to ask of any Pick 3 Lottery System is, "Does it work in my State?".

    This is their primary concern that needs to be addressed before any of the players will invest any of their money in purchasing any Pick 3 Lottery System.

    Robert Walsh's System does not discriminate against any of these Pick 3 State Lotteries. His Pick 3 Strategies work equally well in all single drawings Pick 3 Lotteries as well as all two drawings per day Lotteries.

    All single drawing Daily 3 and Pick 3 lotteries in the United States and Canada are included on the list beginning with the newest Pick 3 Lottery Game in Colorado. Also included on the list are Daily 3 and Pick 3 lotteries in Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Quebec and Western Canada.

    Within the last year both the Ontario Pick 3 and the Puerto Rico Pega 3 lotteries added a midday drawing to join the two drawings Cash 3, Daily 3, Pick 3 and Play 3 lotteries which have their successful wins posted in the July 2013 chart on Robert Walsh's Pick 3 Website, including Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.

    Robert Walsh's Pick 3 Lottery System has clearly answered the question of every Pick 3 player in North America with a very strong resounding "YES" with these July 2013 results!

    Robert Walsh is the owner of Robert Walsh Enterprises and the author of the Pick 3 Lottery System, How To Play & Win The Pick 3 Lottery, at

    Robert Walsh Enterprises
    Forest Park, IL 60130

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    Rolling Meadows, Ill. ( July 25, 2013 -- Consumers are satisfied with soft-tissue filler treatments 92 percent of the time, a procedure they seek more often from dermatologic surgeons than other providers, according to survey data released by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

    The first-ever ASDS Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures asked more than 6,300 consumers for their opinions on cosmetic treatments in general and ratings for 10 specific procedures - from ultrasound/light treatments and body sculpting to laser hair removal.

    Although tied with the highest overall satisfaction rating of the 10 categories (92 percent - with wrinkle-relaxing injections), soft-tissue fillers received the highest "extremely satisfied" rating (45 percent) from consumers. Another 47 percent said they were "moderately satisfied."

    Soft-tissue fillers add volume to facial creases and folds that have lost fat and collagen through aging. Through a few tiny facial injections, skin is rejuvenated by reducing or eliminating wrinkles, raising scar depressions, enhancing lips and replacing soft-tissue volume loss.

    Several types of fillers - each with its own specific purpose or purposes - are available, including Juvederm (Allergan), Radiesse (Merz), Restylane/Perlane (Medicis) and Sculptra (Dermik).

    While survey respondents listed excess weight as their greatest cosmetic concern, more than half also are bothered by conditions treatable with soft-tissue fillers - mid-face folds and wrinkles, skin texture, sagging facial skin and lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

    ASDS members performed more than 917,000 soft-tissue filler treatments in 2012, up 10.4 percent from the nearly 831,000 treatments performed in 2011, according to the 2012 ASDS Survey on Dermatologic Procedures.

    "ASDS members have the training and expertise that makes them the obvious choice for patients to achieve the desired results with minimally invasive treatments," said ASDS President Timothy C. Flynn, M.D. "ASDS members are the skin experts."

    More than half of survey respondents (53 percent) said they are considering soft-tissue fillers in the future. When asked why they have not yet had a treatment, respondents listed cost (78 percent), concerns over not getting the desired results (32 percent) and uncertainty about which practitioner to see (23 percent) as the most common reasons.

    The 5 percent of survey respondents who had soft-tissue fillers indicated that dermatologists were their physician of choice and, of those, more than three out of five say their treatment was performed by a dermatologic surgeon.

    "As consumers become more interested in cosmetic procedures such as soft-tissue fillers, they are increasingly turning to ASDS members," Dr. Flynn said. "Advances in technology have made many of these procedures more affordable today than they have ever been."

    Consumers undergoing more than one cosmetic procedure rated soft-tissue fillers (21 percent) as the procedure that gave them the second best result, behind only wrinkle-relaxing injections (26 percent).

    About the ASDS
    The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) is the largest specialty organization exclusively representing dermatologic surgeons who have unique training and experience to treat the health, function and beauty of the skin. ASDS members are pioneers in the field. Many are involved in the clinical studies that bring popular treatments to revitalize skin and fill and diminish wrinkles to the forefront. Their work has helped create and enhance many of the devices that remove blemishes, hair and fat, and tighten skin. ASDS members also are experts in skin cancer prevention, detection and treatment. As the incidence of skin cancer rises, ASDS members are committed to taking steps to minimize the life-threatening effects of this disease. For more information, visit

    Thom Wilder
    Communications Manager
    American Society for Dermatologic Surgery


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    ( July 25, 2013 -- A tornado shelter manufactured in Ohio was featured on "The List", a prime time television show that features stories from many regions of the country. The Granger ISS in-ground storm shelter was featured in a story on July 18, 2013 covering emergency preparedness and specifically how to be safest during a tornado. The story gained the interest of the Cincinnati regional editor for the show due to the tumultuous seasons in recent years. It was also a point of interest that the manufacturer of the highest quality single family unit is based in the region.

    The story featured Linda and Ted Nichols of New Richmond, Ohio who found themselves in a situation many homeowners face. They do not have a basement or cellar in their home and were unsure what to do when the sirens that signify storm danger were set off. It is a common reality that many homeowners do not have a safe place to go in an emergency and it is factual knowledge that the safest place to be in a tornado is an in- ground shelter designed to protect you from that type of danger. It was their decision to take their family's safety into their own hands that prompted to them to have a storm shelter installed in their back yard. "Before we heard sirens we didn't know what to do per say and so we know what to do now is get in the shelter. It's a very good secure feeling to have this," said Ted Nichols.

    Having a unit installed is a simple and fast process essentially consisting of digging a hole, placing the shelter inside and filling in around it. "Once inside the shelter turn the lights on. You will lock three point locking system on the door. You have two sources of ventilation in the unit through the door and in the vent," said Shawn Cravens of Granger Plastics Company. The cost of the unit is approximately $7000. Linda says money well spent to protect her family. "To know that this house can be replaced and we can not so that's the reason we spent the money," said Linda Nichols. "The List" airs in Cincinnati, Baltimore, Cleveland, Phoenix, Tampa and Tulsa.

    Granger Plastics Company is a rotational molding company based in Middletown, OH. Granger utilizes plastic to make safer products for many industries and specializes in custom designed products that require excellent design. A world renown rotational molding leader and in business for almost two decades, Granger Plastics has never seen a greater interest in safety products including the Granger ISS - In-ground Tornado Shelter. To learn more about the Granger ISS please visit or contact 513-424-1955.

    For More Information:

    Alli Cravens - Sales and Marketing
    The Granger Plastics Co.

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    ( July 25, 2013 -- Rotational molding is being utilized to convert products made out of other materials into polyethylene. Fiberglass, metals such as aluminum and steel, as well as other types of plastic applications are all being redesigned to be rotomolded. Rotationally molded products have a variety of advantages including longer lifespan, durability, lower maintenance costs and ease of repair. Polyethylene's superior molecular structure makes the transition a logical choice for manufacturers of a wide variety of products in a number of industries.

    Granger Plastics Company, a rotomolding leader based  in Middletown OH has been quoting an increasing number of product conversions. Over the past two years the company has also embarked on two lines of proprietary rotationally molded products unique to their industry. ForeverSafe Products is a line of theft deterrent cemetery products that are rotationally molded offering a high quality alternative to bronze and other metal materials which are often stolen for scrap metal. The company also launched Granger Aerospace Division in 2012 which offers a revolutionary air cargo container line providing a much lower cost of ownership for these valuable items. These lines are seeing great success in the midst of Granger's ongoing commitment to its custom manufacturing customers which are also adding a number of new rotomolded products to their orders.

    Often, once a company converts one product to rotationally molded polyethylene there are many more opportunities to increase the savings through converting other products. One of the products Granger has converted from fiberglass to polyethylene is a rear trailer cone for Precision Motor Transport Group, a World leader of hauling high end luxury vehicles and sports cars. This cone is placed on the back of car hauling equipment to defer rear impact away from the vehicles inside should an accident happen in transportation as well as offer protection from damage that may occur from road debris. The following is a testimonial as to how this conversion has performed in the field.

    "Having introduced the world's first all-polyethylene rear trailer 'cone' as the replacement for 'cones' that have historically been fiberglass, we are pleased to advise that the new PolyCone produced by Granger Plastics Company is performing well in the field: Better impact resistance, better scuff resistance and lower cost. When a PolyCone is dented in the field, we just push it back into its original shape and send our enclosed car hauling equipment back on the road. Damage to fiberglass has always required bodywork to repair. We are pleased with the results of our material conversion project with GPC.
    Jim Prang
    Director of Maintenance
    Precision Motor Transport Group
    Okemos, MI"

    Other products being converted to polyethylene are tanks, housings, seats, carts, pallets and a variety of other containers. Granger Plastics specializes in analyzing product conversion to determine if it is advantageous. Price, durability, maintenance and repair are all evaluated and compared. Granger Plastics is a World leader in rotationally molding innovative products. Granger offers a full service facility including engineering services, mold shop, manufacturing, stock programs and order fulfillment. To learn more about Granger Plastics Company please contact 513-424-1955 or visit

    For More Information:

    Shawn Cravens - General Manager
    The Granger Plastics Co.

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  • 07/25/13--12:50: Hmedicine introduces Zeel
  • ( July 25, 2013 -- Hmedicine Introduces Zeel a Homeopathy ointment used to temporarily relieve joint pain, improve joint function and stimulate normal cartilage performance.
    Zeel consists of 15 all-natural ingredients and is indicated for the temporary relief from symptoms associated with arthritic conditions, including joint pain, stiffness and inflammation.
    It is suitable for long term use and is safe for the entire family except for children.
    Zeel is made in Germany by Heel Inc.
    BHI meets the needs of today's lifestyles by introducing new homeopathic products to health conscious individuals.
    Active Ingredients:
    Silicea, Symphytum officinate, Arnica Montana, Rhus toxicodendron, Sulphur, Sanguinaria Canadensis, Dulcamara, Coenzyme A, a-Lipoicum acidum, Nadidum, Natrum oxalaceticum, Cartilago suis, Embryo suis, Funiculus umbilicalis suis, Placenta suis.
    Inactive Ingredients: Ointment- ethanol, cetylstearyl alcohol, paraffin, purified water and white petrolatum.
    Instructions for use:
    Symptomatic relief may be immediate; therapeutic improvement typically occurs within 24 hours to 1 week. The rate depends on a number of factors including the type and amount of dosage, the condition being treated, and your age and overall health. Zeel is safe to administer as necessary unless otherwise directed by a physician. Typical dosage is 1 tablet 3 times daily or a generous application of ointment 3 times daily. Injectables: 1-2 ampoules twice a week. Children ages 6 to 12 receive half the adult dosage.
    Infants and Children to 6 years: should have no contact.
    For external use only. Do not apply over large areas of the body. If symptoms persist or worsen, or if a rash develops, physicians should be consulted.
    Store at room Temperature.

    Founded in 2001, is an online store selling homeopathic remedies. It also offers other natural health products to complement the consumers' homeopathic purchases. has a resource center for people looking for homeopathy and alternative health content. The resource center includes a blog, homeopathy discussion forums, homeopathy guides, news and other alternative health information. has a mission to make the consumer aware of alternative medicine options that are available to them.

    Email or call 704-540-1088 for more information.

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    A controversial review of Peter Garety's P1 Content Magnet plugin has been published by Hanif Quentino at his P1 Content Magnet Review Site. This review exposes the truth about the plugin and offers an exclusive line of bonuses, which are designed to bring in 'fast cash' from Search Engine marketing.

    Peter Garety, the creator of P1 Content Magnet, is a well-known personality in the internet marketing world. He has launched several wordpress plugins and training reports, such as WP Social Curator, WP Lock to Share and much more. His products are focused on providing web owners with the tools they need to generate traffic.

    P1 Content Magnet is a wordpress plugin that is designed to increase search engine rankings by 'optimizing content' in the exact same way that Google prefers to see it. It gives precise suggestions on word counts, frequency and priority, along with LSI words and synonyms to give a particular article or post the highest possible relevance score in Google.

    Hanif Quentino reviews this product from an unbiased point of view, highlighting both the advantages and disadvantages of the plugin, as well as revealing ways to increase the money-making potential of the plugin. He is offering a unique line of bonuses, including the 'Fast Cash' Academy, prize giveaways, money-back guarantees and more.

    On top of fast cash strategies revealed, Hanif is also offering 1-on-1 coaching for 60 days to help owners of the plugin increase their overall profits. There is also a bold guarantee offered that challenges users to follow his methods to make money.

    To take advantage of the P1 Content Magnet bonus and get discounted pricing on the plugin, visit Hanif's review site.

    About Hanif Quentino:

    Hanif Quentino is an internet marketing expert that publishes reviews on popular IM products such as the P1 Content Magnet review. His publications contain useful information and typically offer bonuses that help to accelerate the success from each program. Details about P1 Content Magnet bonus can be accessed on his publication.

    Hanif Quentino

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    Ottawa, ON ( July 25, 2013 -- International Datacasting Corporation (TSX: IDC) is pleased to announce that the Management slate consisting of the following directors was elected at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) held earlier today:

    -Mr. Del Lippert, retired, past President and CEO of Med-Eng Systems
    -Mr. Georges Ata, President and CEO of Intelcan Technosystems Inc.
    -Mr. Peter Strom, President and CEO of March Networks
    -Mr. Graham McBride, President and CEO of Larchhill Capital Inc.
    -Mr. Chris Van Staveren, President of Chrysalis4 Investments
    -Mr. Doug Lowther, President and CEO of International Datacasting Corporation

    All existing members of the Board prior to the AGM have been re-elected, with the exception of Mr. Chris Van Staveren, who is a newly elected director. Mr. Van Staveren is the President of Chrysalis4 Investments, an independent advisory firm focused on developing new business ventures and investing in private companies. Mr. Van Staveren was formerly a partner at KPMG, an international accounting and advisory firm, where he focused on mergers and acquisitions for numerous North American and international-based clients with particular emphasis on the satellite and broadcast/technology sectors.

    Doug Lowther, President and Chief Executive Officer of IDC stated, "IDC has a strong, seasoned leadership team with the experience to take IDC to the next level of performance. IDC is appreciated by customers for delivering innovative solutions and is focused on driving revenue growth and profitability."

    A total of 18,185,056 common shares were represented at the AGM, being 31.1% of IDC's issued and outstanding shares as of May 27, 2013, the record date for the AGM. Shareholders voted in favour of all matters brought before the AGM. Detailed results of the vote based on proxies submitted for the election of directors are set out below.

    Director                      Votes For                % For          Votes Withheld           % Withheld

    Del Lippert               14,994,973                90.0%              1,667,966                     10.0%

    Georges Ata             15,074,523                90.5%              1,588,416                      9.5%

    Peter Strom              15,343,609                 92.1%               1,319,330                     7.9%

    Graham McBride     10,317,738                 61.9%               6,345,201                    38.1%

    Chris Van Staveren 16,339,338                  98.1%                  323,601                     1.9%

    Doug Lowther         16,474,609                  98.9%                 188,330                      1.1%

    Final voting results on all matters voted on at the AGM have been filed with Canadian securities regulators and are available at

    About International Datacasting Corporation:

    International Datacasting Corporation (TSX: IDC) is a global leader in digital content distribution for the world's premiere broadcasters in radio, television, data and digital cinema. IDC offers a broad portfolio of advanced solutions including the STAR Pro AudioTM Solution, LASERTM Targeted Ad Insertion Platform, and the Digital TattooTM DTH Over IP Gateway. The company's products and solutions are in demand for radio and television networks, targeted ad insertion, digital cinema, 3D live events, satellite news gathering, sports contribution, VOD, and IPTV. IDC is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with regional offices in Arnhem, the Netherlands and in San Diego, California. The company has installations in over 100 countries and service offices in Thailand and Singapore, and an international network of value-added partners and resellers. For more information visit:

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    ( July 25, 2013 -- Calabasas, CA - The experts at Active Appliances like to share information that can help their customers save money. One way to do that is by answering the fix it or replace question. When it comes to appliances, this is a dilemma that most homeowners face at one time or another. Information is key when making the right decision and Active Appliances can help one to make the right decision. For Further information visit or call 888-882-2848.

    Arthur Ashkinazi, owner of Active Appliances works with the customer's best interest in mind. He has come across many customers who insist an appliance be repaired when he knows that it should be replaced. Though some other company might welcome the opportunity to charge a customer for a costly and sometimes wasted repair, he has walked away from many of these service calls. He knows that the customer will only be upset when the appliance breaks down again, which it is sure to do if it is old and worn out.

    The Active Appliances' appliance repair specialists suggest several factors to consider when deciding if they should repair their broken appliance or if it is time to retire it and buy a newer model. Important factors include the age of the appliance, its performance history, the cost of repair and the likelihood of 3 to 5 years performance as a result of repair.

    Other factors that can determine a decision include being too attached to an appliance. Some customers may even live in denial because they are happy with past performance of the appliance and can't see the forest for the trees. The appliance may look good with surrounding décor or the owner may be very familiar with its features and not want to learn a new appliance or put in the time and effort required to shop for a new appliance. Whatever the reason, sometimes it takes effort for the customer to realize that it is simply time for a new one.

    Active Appliances' service technicians will give their customer an honest opinion before performing an expensive appliance repair service that is not in their best interest. On the other hand, they will do their best to repair an appliance to save the customer the cost and hassle associated with replacing it.

    Though new appliances with time and energy saving features can tempt consumers to buy new ones, many are hesitant to spend the money. They prefer to keep their old appliances working as long as possible. Sometimes it is best to cut one's loses and move on, however.

    Recognizing the need for dependable, honest appliance repair company, Arthur opened Active Appliances. They have grown tremendously in the last 25 years and now provide appliance service in Calabasas, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Hollywood and the whole Las Angels area. Active Appliances' appliance repair specialists provide home appliance service for most major brands including Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchen Aid, Jenn Air, Amana, Admiral, magic Chef, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan and Samsung, to name a few. Visit or call 888-882-2848 to learn more.

    About Active Appliances:
    As a leader in the appliance repair service industry, homeowners can rest assured that they will be provided with the highest quality appliance repair service. Active Appliances performs dryer repair, washer repair, refrigerator repair and air conditioner repair. They also repair freezers, dishwashers, ovens, heaters, disposals, compactors and ice makers.

    Arthur Ashkinazi
    Active Appliances
    6736 Van Nuys Blvd.
    Van Nuys, CA 91405
    Phone: 888-882-2848

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    ( July 25, 2013 -- Prolexic Technologies, the global leader in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection services, announced today it has closed a US$30 million Series C funding round led by new investors Trident Capital and Intel Capital. Prolexic's existing shareholders include Kennet Partners, Camden Partners and Medina Capital.

    This latest round of financing comes at a time when Prolexic's year-over-year revenues have increased 65 percent, while remaining EBITDA positive.

    Following the Series C investment, Trident Capital's Managing Director Gustavo Alberelli will join Prolexic's Board of Directors. "For the past two years, I have seen companies and government agencies around the world repeatedly select Prolexic for DDoS protection, cementing the firm's position as market leader," said Alberelli. "I'm excited to continue working with Prolexic management and providing Trident's IT security expertise to help Prolexic continue its rapid expansion."

    The Series C financing comes in the aftermath of two of the largest DDoS attacks ever seen in the industry. So far in 2013, Prolexic has successfully mitigated the single largest attack in its 10-year history (167 Gigabits per second), as well as the world's most powerful attack campaign (144 million packets per second). To keep pace with bigger, stronger and more sophisticated attacks, Prolexic will use the new funding to expand its worldwide scrubbing center footprint, increasing the capacity of its cloud-based DDoS mitigation platform beyond 1 Tbps, and to develop new cloud-based security services. Prolexic currently operates four scrubbing centers located in London, Hong Kong, San Jose and Ashburn, Va.

    "We are pleased to partner with seasoned security investors like Trident Capital and Intel Capital," said Scott Hammack, chief executive officer of Prolexic. "With this additional funding, we will be able to accelerate a number of strategic initiatives as we continue to expand our portfolio of cloud-based products and industry-leading DDoS protection services."

    About Prolexic

    Prolexic is the world's largest, most trusted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation provider. Able to absorb the largest and most complex attacks ever launched, Prolexic restores mission-critical Internet-facing infrastructures for global enterprises and government agencies within minutes. Ten of the world's largest banks and the leading companies in e-Commerce, SaaS, payment processing, travel/hospitality, gaming and other at-risk industries rely on Prolexic to protect their businesses. Founded in 2003 as the world's first in-the-cloud DDoS mitigation platform, Prolexic is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida and has scrubbing centers located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. To learn more about how Prolexic can stop DDoS attacks and protect your business, please visit, follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook , Google+ , YouTube , and @Prolexic on Twitter.

    About Trident Capital

    Founded in 1993, Trident Capital invests primarily in growth equity together with select investments in venture. Since its inception, Trident has raised nearly US$2 billion across seven funds and invested in more than 170 companies throughout the Software, Internet and Business Services sectors. Notable Trident investments in the IT Security market include: AirTight Networks, Alienvault, Arxan, HyTrust, Mocana, Neohapsis, Qualys, Solera Networks (acquired by Blue Coat), Sygate (acquired by Symantec), Tablus (acquired by EMC), Thor Technologies (acquired by Oracle), Tricipher (acquired by VMWare), and Voltage Security. Trident is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For additional information, visit

    About Intel Capital

    Intel Capital, Intel's global investment and M&A organization, makes equity investments in innovative technology start-ups and companies worldwide. Intel Capital invests in a broad range of companies offering hardware, software, and services targeting enterprise, mobility, health, consumer Internet, digital media and semiconductor manufacturing. Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested more than US$10.9 billion in over 1,294 companies in 54 countries. In that timeframe, 202 portfolio companies have gone public on various exchanges around the world and 324 were acquired or participated in a merger. In 2012, Intel Capital invested US$352 million in 150 investments with approximately 57 percent of funds invested outside North America. For more information on Intel Capital and its differentiated advantages, visit or follow @Intelcapital.


    Michael E. Donner
    SVP, Chief Marketing Officer
    media {at} prolexic {dot} com
    +1 (954) 620 6017

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    ( July 25, 2013 -- Raleigh, NC - For those who require Raleigh storage rental , Cardinal Self Storage now maintains six different facilities in the area, making it convenient to find space close by. These include facilities on the north and south sides of Durham, plus the east and west sides of Raleigh. The storage company also runs a facility in Burlington, NC and one in Graham.

    Each Raleigh storage facility has several sizes of units available, depending on the customer's storage needs. The company even provides a chart detailing the sizes related to how much can be fit inside each unit. Temperature controlled units are also available at all of the locations.

    In addition, customers can purchase packaging supplies at each facility, and use the company's moving trucks at no extra cost. Customers also benefit because no administration fees or deposits are charged when units are rented. Each localized storage facility is operated by local managers who live on site. Units range from 5 x 5 feet to 10 x 30 feet.

    Also, each facility is protected by an electronic gate; tenants are provided with a code to open the gate, which is constantly monitored. A video monitoring system, consisting of multiple cameras, is also used to track activity. For those looking for local Raleigh self storage , this provides an added sense of security and peace of mind while belongings and valuables are being stored.

    To learn more about Cardinal's storage facilities and services, visit the company's website at the address

    About Cardinal Self Storage

    Providing storage units in Raleigh, Burlington, Durham, and Graham, NC, Cardinal Self Storage serves businesses and individuals. It maintains local facilities with different unit sizes, while offering packaging supplies and moving trucks to make storing valuables simple. Each location is kept secure by electronic gates, video surveillance, and on-site managers.

    (919) 255-3699

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    PHILADELPHIA ( July 25, 2013 -- Olfactory Biosciences Corp (OLFC) today announced the release of NOXO Autism Aid™, an all-
    natural formulation which may help nearly 1/3 on the autism spectrum that are hypersensitive to odors, amounting to millions worldwide.

    All products are immediately available at:

    The new NOXO Autism Aid™ is a vanilla-scented balm which is applied topically, under the nostrils. The proprietary formulation helps settle brain waves and effects the resulting autistic behavioral patterns by sending scent molecules into the child's system where they entirely bypass the brain-blood barrier. These molecules move directly to the brain's tiny, hair-like olfactory nerves which capture the aroma of NOXO's formulation of Phytonutrients and Phytochemicals and transport their "messages" directly to the brain's limbic system, which controls emotion.

    One comment tells the whole story from Todd & Margaret (INKA) Inkarespite in Autstralia

    I ordered NOXO balm from your webpage and it has worked wonders. It completely stopped this attraction to odours as well as      reducing many other self-stimulation behaviours. My husband and I live in Australia and have a farm which we use as a respite camp for    children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We have used NOXO for other children at the camp as well who are sensitive to certain smells.  Parents purchase NOXO balm for themselves to use at home and school.

    NOXO Autism Aid™, is a special proprietary formulation of Phytonutrients and Phytochemicals taken from plants, flowers, roots and seeds, designed to have far-reaching applications for ASDs around the world.

    NOXO Autism Aid™, is gel, applied topically under the nostrils, specifically formulated to block the physical discomfort, retching, nausea and vomiting associated with offensive and unpleasant odors. NOXO's innovation is to control the effects of offensive and unpleasant odors at the olfactory receptor site. Whereas other products attempt to control bad odors at the source.

    Uniquely-formulated NOXO Autism Aid™ is based on advanced, olfactory, perception-altering technology developed by Dr. V. Ruth Pinney, a director of Olfactory Biosciences Corp. Dr. Pinney also conducts the research for the company's products at her research facility in The Woodlands, Texas.

    The new NOXO Autism Aid™ is supplied in an 0.75 oz tin containing over 100 applications for $ 49.95.

    About Olfactory Biosciences Corp

    Olfactory Biosciences Corp.'s NOXO division is focused to develop a variety of products targeting Olfactory Receptors for the desired effect. These alternative medicine wellness products may modify behavior or provide relief to common health problems such as smoking cessation or weight control, as examples.
    This company has taken NOBEL Prize science related to discoveries of odorant receptors in the nose and the organization of the olfactory system, and has developed unique wellness products that are affordable and made from all natural ingredients. Olfactory Biosciences Corp. offers the most advanced and innovative wellness products with the potential to change the way we approach wellness issues today. Olfactory Biosciences Corp's unique advantages will make NOXO™ products the most sought-after wellness products in the alternative medicine market.

    "Safe Harbor" Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: Statements by the Company, statements regarding the NOXO product line, optimism related to the business, expanding ales and other statements in this press release are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements are based on current expectations, estimates and projections about the Company's business. Words such as expects, anticipates, intends, plans, believes, sees, estimates and variations of such words and similar expressions are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve certain risks and uncertainties that are difficult to predict. Actual results could vary materially from the description contained herein due to many factors including continued market acceptance of the Company's products or the need to raise additional capital. In addition, actual results could vary materially based on changes or slower growth in the indoor garden market; the potential inability to realize expected benefits and synergies; domestic and international business and economic conditions; changes in customer demand or ordering patterns; changes in the competitive environment including pricing pressures or technological changes; technological advances; shortages of manufacturing capacity; future production variables impacting excess inventory and other risk factors listed from time to time in the Company's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings under "risk factors" and elsewhere. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release speak only as of the date on which they are made, and the Company does not undertake any obligation to update any forward-looking statement to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this press release.

    Richard Stevenson, President
    Olfactory Biosciences Corp.
    333 E. Lancaster Ave. Suite 317
    Wynnewood, PA 19096, USA
    Phone: 484-278-1626

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    WAYNE, NJ ( July 25, 2013 -- JVC Professional Products Company, a division of JVC Americas Corp., today announced its VN-H657U PTZ dome and VN-H657WPU outdoor PTZ dome IP-based security cameras are now officially listed as Profile S supporting devices by the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF).

    Since 2008, ONVIF has been a global industry forum dedicated to integrating network security and safety devices using a global open standard. Profile S, released in 2012, makes it easier to manage interoperable features between IP-based cameras, video management systems, and other devices. Among its requirements, Profile S includes support for video, audio, and metadata streaming, plus PTZ control and relay outputs for devices that include those features.

    The VN-H657U and VN-H657WPU both feature a 2 Megapixel Super LoLuxHD™ CMOS sensor for True Day/Night performance, 18x optical zoom lens, 360-degree endless PTZ function, MJPEG/H.264 High Profile dual stream, and a newly-developed Direct Drive Motor for quieter and more accurate pan/tilt operation. Three additional JVC cameras offer Profile S support as well: the VN-T16U box camera, VN-T216U mini-dome, and VN-T216VPRU outdoor (IP66) dome with IR.

    "We are proud to support ONVIF's efforts toward building a global open standard for video security products," said John Grabowski, national sales and marketing manager, JVC Security Division. "Our VN-H657U and VN-H657WPU dome cameras are the latest JVC models to meet Profile S specifications, so they are compatible with equipment from a variety of other companies."


    JVC Professional Products Company, located in Wayne, New Jersey, is a division of JVC Americas Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVC Kenwood Corporation, and a leading supplier of IP network and analog security cameras and monitors for the video security industry. Its V.Networks product line of has earned a solid reputation for quality and reliability, and provides superior picture quality for thousands of installations worldwide. For more information about this, or any other JVC professional product, contact JVC at (800) 582-5825 or visit JVC's Web site at

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    Aidmatrix Deploys Equipment from Brocade to Support Centers of Excellence Education Initiatives in Slovakia
    Aptech Europe uses equipment to train future technologists and demonstrate the accessibility of careers in the IT sector.

    IRVING, TX ( July 25, 2013 -- Today Aidmatrix, Pontis Foundation and Aptech Europe announced the gift of networking equipment from Brocade to their Aidmatrix Centers of Excellence program in Slovakia. Orchestrated by longtime partner, TechSoup Global, the gift enables the program to give hundreds of youth at vocational secondary schools across Slovakia hands-on experience in the fundamentals of networking technology. The in-kind gift includes wireless access points and related networking gear that will help in the skills development programs currently underway by Aidmatrix.

    Aidmatrix Centers of Excellence harness the power of the private sector to empower young people to master the technology skills and gain the experiences they need to secure a future with leading employers in their region or launch their own enterprises. The net result is not only the student's life changed, but local employers receive access to the talent they need to grow, and ultimately their local economy is transformed. The Aidmatrix Centers of Excellence in Slovakia is a partnership among Aidmatrix, Aptech Europe, and TechSoup Global Affiliate, Pontis Foundation.

    Tomas Bozik, Director at Aptech Europe, drove over 6,000 kilometers delivering the equipment and initial training to the programs. "One of our main aims is to support the educational system in Slovakia and help to prepare IT specialists. We have never received such a significant gift and been able to make such an incredible impact for students all over our country," said Bozik.

    Both Brocade and Aidmatrix have strong partnerships with TechSoup Global. When Brocade came to TechSoup with such a large gift of high value technologies, they identified Aidmatrix as uniquely skilled to benefit from the offer.

    "Having the opportunity to provide our products to this program is a privilege," said Jeff Rangel, Director of Corporate Affairs at Brocade. "The opportunity to serve such a unique need and make an impact on an entire generation of future technologists is in perfect alignment with what the Brocade culture values."

    "Partnerships like this with the team at Brocade show the tremendous power that one company can bring to the critical task of helping incubate the next generation of technologists and problem solvers," said Keith Thode, COO and CTO of Aidmatrix. "We are grateful to Brocade and our skilled team of partners at Pontis, Aptech Europe, and TechSoup for making this possible."

    To learn more about Aidmatrix' Centers of Excellence, visit

    About Brocade
    Brocade (NASDAQ: BRCD) networking solutions help the world's leading organizations transition smoothly to a world where applications and information reside anywhere. (

    About Pontis Foundation
    The Pontis Foundation is one of the largest grant-making and operational foundations in Slovakia. They encourage individuals and businesses to take responsibility for those in need and for the world around them. The Pontis Foundation undertakes programming in three basic areas: strengthening of the NGOs, corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility, democratization and development abroad. Learn more at

    About Aptech Europe
    Aptech Europe is a non-profit organization providing lifelong education in field of information technologies. They offer long-term IT trainings from 3 months to 2 years. Aptech Europe training portfolio also includes short-term courses on core technologies, widely used applications, soft skills and customized programs for companies, governments, and individuals. Learn more at

    About The Aidmatrix Foundation, Inc.
    The Aidmatrix Foundation, Inc. builds and operates powerful technology hubs that support diverse stakeholder groups in their efforts to work together to solve the world's most challenging humanitarian crises. Our solutions enhance participation, amplify contributions, and accelerate results for humanitarian relief. 52,000+ leading corporate, nonprofit and government partners leverage solutions to mobilize $1.5 billion annually in global aid with Aidmatrix. The donated goods, money and services impact the lives of 65 million people. Aidmatrix is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, with offices in Wisconsin, Australia, France, Germany and India.


    Julie Ross
    Marketing Director
    C: 817-727-1539

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    ( July 25, 2013 -- VIP Ink Publishing, L.L.C. recently signed Angelo "Barefoot Pookie" White for an autobiography. Angelo "Barefoot Pookie" White is one of the original co-founding fathers of the Los Angeles, California gang called the Crips. White also has been featured in three documentaries Gangland - Crip or Die, Inside the Bloods and Crips L.A. Gangs and Peacemakers which aired across the globe.

    White's amazing journey will take its reader on a never ending thrill ride from being born into gang-banging to finding Christ and leading the lost to the Christian Cross. His autobiography will give readers for the first time an in-depth look into the mind set of "cripping" and the movement of the largest most dangerous gang in Los Angeles. White's story will also detail the history of the birth of the Crips gang with Raymond Washington and the original Baby Avenues from 1969, which copied the political activities of the organization the Black Panthers.

    After twenty years of warfare between the Crips and the Bloods, White was instrumental in helping bring about the first gang truce in South Central Los Angeles. He has also worked with super star rapper Ice T in Los Angeles with a gang truce called "All In The Same Gang". White now works with two organizations which educated our youth about gang violence called Cease Fire and Peace Protocol. He also has organized his own safe passage program called CHAMPS which works with many of the schools and churches in the state of California to help counsel children about gangs.

    Angelo "Barefoot Pookie" White's autobiography titled "Crips to Christ" is nothing short of spectacular. His story of building one of Americas most destructive gangs to how God changed his life and now uses him as an example of how the Blood of Jesus was shed for our salvation, will touch the hearts of millions.


    VIP Ink Publishing, L.L.C.

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    ( July 25, 2013 -- Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network (FFAN) today applauded the recent American Medical Association (AMA) resolution that calls on the U.S. government to test all U.S. seafood for radiation and fully report the results to the public. The AMA joins FFAN in demanding the public's 'Right to Know' regarding radiation levels in food. The California Medical Association (CMA) initiated the resolution.

    In March of 2013, in response to the worst ongoing nuclear disaster in history at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station, FFAN coalition member groups Beyond Nuclear, Citizens for Health and Ecological Options Network filed a legal Citizen Petition through the official process of the United States Department of Health Services Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    The FFAN Citizen Petition points out that the U.S. currently has the highest allowable limits for radioactive Cesium 134 and 137 in the world, 12 times higher in fact than Japan's. "Food and beverages that are considered far too dangerous for consumption in Japan can be exported to U.S. citizens, including vulnerable children and pregnant women. This is an outrageous radioactive loophole that our lawmakers and FDA must address immediately," states Kimberly Roberson, FFAN Director and author of "Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout." Roberson continues, "We appreciate the AMA's call for testing and encourage all to speak out for the additional steps required to protect our children as the current U.S. limits are still dangerously high."

    To that end, FFAN has petitioned the FDA to accept their petition into official process and lower the amount of man-made radiation currently allowed in U.S. food, nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals.

    After the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl exploded, children in Belarus were found to have heart and hormonal problems with approximately 1% of the current U.S. limit for radioactive Cesium in their bodies.

    "We must demand our right to know what's in our food, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical products. The National Academy of Sciences has stated that there is no safe dose of radiation, therefore we reject the current FDA radiation in food policy. The limit the FDA has set will doom a certain number of people to unnecessary disease, particularly children who are much more vulnerable to radiation," says Cindy Folkers of Beyond Nuclear.

    On July 10, 2013, the Japan Times reported that rising radioactivity levels in seawater off the coast of Fukushima measured 90,000 times more than officially "safe" drinking water. This is in ocean water that migratory fish, such as bluefin tuna spawn and swim in before crossing the Pacific to U.S. coastal waters. Bluefin tuna caught off San Diego in an August 2012 study demonstrated elevated amounts of Cesium 134 and 137, which are considered characteristic isotopic markers for Fukushima radiation.

    Both AMA and FFAN want a national database, and we invite others to join us in demanding that FDA reduces the amount of radiation permitted in our food.

    Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network (FFAN) is a coalition of groups and concerned citizens working for safe food policy in the U.S. For more information please visit and

    Cindy Folkers
    Radiation and Health Specialist at Beyond Nuclear

    Sean Witzling
    Esq. Swankin and Turner

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    ( July 25, 2013 -- A comprehensive service dedicated to remote computer support, provides all Windows and Mac customers with professional help for resolving Toronto Internet connectivity issues and more. By contacting the company, computer users receive a full range of support from technicians with tools to access the machine remotely.

    Technicians can quickly resolve any Internet connectivity issues. Individuals and small businesses do not have to suffer with excessive downtime, either from a connection problem or an issue with hardware or software. Toronto computer support is available to area residents needing to optimize the speed and performance of their machines.

    In addition to a PC tune up, technical help is available for adding devices to a system, backing up data, restoring damaged or corrupt files, or simply troubleshooting issues. All web-connected computers are at risk for virus, malware, and spyware infections, no matter how much protection there is. The reason is the rate at which new malicious programs are being introduced. Virus or even Toronto spyware removal can be conducted remotely as well.

    For residents living in Toronto computer repair services are also provided. The company employs highly trained and skilled professionals. If a machine needs to be fixed, a technician can be sent over if necessary, or look for a solution remotely.

    Virtual PC Repairs provides technical support 24/7. Computer users can call the company or contact an agent by filling out an integrated chat form, making getting touch extremely simple. To take advantage of the company's services, visit

    About Virtual PC Repairs

    Virtual PC Repairs is a leading technology company that provides businesses and individuals with remote computer assistance services. It provides remote virus and malware removal, software installation and removal, and troubleshooting services. A range of web design services are also provided.

    Phone:: 1 (800) 638 1142

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    ( July 25, 2013 -- PRO1 Security Solutions is proud to be ESET ELITE Partner.

    We are a leading value-added distributor specialising in business management, mobility, and antivirus and internet security solutions for businesses across Australia. Our portfolio includes a comprehensive range of antivirus, internet security, ERP, CRM, authentication and business intelligent solutions, as well as associated services, wholesale managed services and certified training courses - all delivered through our Reseller and Service Integrator Partners available in APAC region.

    Why Pro1 Security Solutions?

    Expertise in IT Security, ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and sales force automation
    Professional customer service and support
    Flexible and innovative approach to tier 2 partnership
    Reliability, code of ethics, proactivity and results
    Whether you are an end user, reseller, integrator or consultancy house - or a technology vendor - contact Pro1 Security Solutions today to find out how we can direct your technology or business needs through our professional approach to value-added unified technology distribution.

    Our Vision

    Pro1 Security's vision is to be the most customer-oriented and VAR-friendly security solutions distribution company. What sets our company apart from the competition is our singular pursuit to deliver ESET security software and antivirus solutions that will make even the most efficient resellers more effective every day.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to produce world-class security solutions distribution, and to empower resellers in local markets throughout Australia to deliver the absolute best ESET antivirus and internet security solutions. After years in the distribution software industry, we know what works and what doesn't.

    We run Pro1 Security on these foundational principles:

    Serve. Provide the ultimate in responsiveness to reseller and customer requests and questions.
    Listen. Resellers know what resellers need.
    Collaborate. Provide conferences and events that allow customers and resellers to have meaningful opportunities to partner with us in shaping our collective ESET security software solutions.
    Research. Study and represent internet security software solutions that use the best available technology, considering features and investment, for all Australian consumers and businesses.
    Deliver. Construct an intuitive, feature-rich reselling software system.

    Pro1 Security Solutions
    Address: 50 Yeo Street, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089, Sydney - Australia
    Tel: +61 (0)2 9033 8685
    Mob: +61 (0)403 906 432
    Fax: +61 (0) 2 4744 2534

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    Chris Salmon joins the Place2Give team

    Calgary, Canada ( July 25, 2013 -- Place2Give, leaders in North American charity big data and prescriptive charity analytics, is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Salmon as Chief Operating Officer.

    In his new role, Chris will assume responsibility for Place2Give's commercialization and operations strategies including the innovative Advisor Toolbox: CRM-integrated software that helps financial and legal advisors facilitate conversations with their clients about their charitable giving.

    A newcomer to Canada from the UK, Chris comes to Place2Give following a successful career in both senior management and operations management consulting. In the last three years alone, Chris has assisted Canadian businesses to achieve performance improvements in excess of CAD$30 million with an approval rating of 93% from front line staff and zero layoffs.

    Chris earned a PgD in Management from Birkbeck, the University of London, an MA from the School of Law at the University of Manchester and a BScEcon (hons) from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

    "I am both delighted and excited to be invited to join Dexterity Ventures and Place2Give" said Salmon, "What we have at DVI is an opportunity to provide North America with a big data charity infrastructure that supports a smarter way to connect people with the causes they care so deeply about. To do this I have been gifted with an outstanding team possessing a competitive mix of experience, innovation and dedication to delivery."

    Chris has a passion for both tech startups and social innovation in the non-profit space. He was a co-founder of the Calgary micro-philanthropy movement the Calgary Awesome Foundation. Further to his work at Place2Give, Chris consults on commercialization strategies and operational delivery at Salmon and Partners.

    Gena Rotstein, CEO, commented: "We are delighted to announce the appointment of someone of Chris's calibre to strengthen the Place2Give senior management team. He has a strong track record in all aspects of product commercialization and his experience will be invaluable as we continue to drive growth".

    For more information about Place2Give, to enquire about investing in the company or to sign-up for a free account visit


    Meghan Somers
    The Agency
    +1 (587) 899 0615
    meghan at theagencyinc dot ca

    Karine Aviv
    Dexterity Ventures Inc.
    +1 (866) 936-GIVE or +1 (403) 909-8235
    karine at dexterityconsulting dot ca

    Notes to Editors:
    Dexterity Ventures Inc. was developed by Dexterity Ventures Inc., a leading developer of philanthropic automated solutions for Canadian donors. Dexterity Ventures Inc. operates Dexterity Consulting, Canada's first philanthropic brokerage firm and

    Since 2008, Dexterity Consulting has facilitated over $3MM in charitable transactions working with donors, their advisors, and charities across Canada. Our foundation partners include: Benefaction Foundation for Canadian transactions, Cidel Trust for charitable trusts, and the Tides Canada Foundation, for cross-border philanthropy. Dexterity Ventures Inc. works with several community foundations across Canada.

    Dexterity Ventures and were named a TechRev Innovator for 2012.

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