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    ( July 23, 2013 -- Tokyo, Japan - In an effort to guide residents of Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan find legal and enjoyable means to gamble online, has published numerous tips on how to gamble responsibly and profitably. The website has also discussed the legality issues faced by the players from East Asian countries and has provided useful advice on with which online casino companies the players are allowed to gamble with.

    Despite the increasing number of online gamblers and online casinos, there has been a limitation in consumer research websites that are specifically aimed at helping the Asian players. offers all advice, tips, strategies and reviews from professional full-time online gamblers who have been profitable for past few years and are now financially in a stable position. One of the key traits of the website, which can be visited here, is its open discussions and straightforwardness. The articles published are also comprehensive sharing complete guidelines to gambling and all essential dos and don'ts. Interested players can visit the site to read more about these guidelines and the exclusive tips.

    Some of the companies that have been mentioned in the reviews and are considered as premium sites to gamble are GigaMedia, SBOBET, PokerStars, Bovada and many more similar companies. These companies are safe for Asian players and are legal however suggests that terms should be constantly checked for any changes. GigaMedia headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan is the parent company of Everest Poker, one of the most popular poker sites. GigaMedia is quickly becoming a prime spot for online players and its future as predicted by tech critics is very bright. GigaMedia also owns FunTown an increasingly popular casual game platform. Click here to view information and specific details of GigaMedia and other online casino companies.

    Latest news in the online gambling industry is also shared by, to keep the active players stay informed on recent activities. Introduction to any new online games that are catching on and have a high chance of making profits is another rare feature of the website. overall acts as a one-stop destination for all online gambling needs and interested individuals can view their extensive content by visiting the site URL.

    About is one of the leading websites that provides reviews of various online gambling websites focused on online casinos that accept players from China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. The website also shares tips and techniques on how to become more profitable with the use of proven probability based strategies. Through the online platform,, the extensive reviews and tips can be viewed. The website is one of the rare websites that offers advice to individuals living in East Asian countries and openly discusses legality concerns.


    For more information about Online Casinos and Sports Betting Reviews, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of, please email to

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    White Plains, NY- Based Neuro Alert Lays Out Specific Suggestions on How to Prepare for a Major Surgical Procedure and Ensure Success

    White Plains NY ( July 23, 2013 -- - Let's face it: very few people escape going under the knife at least once in their lifetime. Having complex surgery can be stressful and even nerve-wrecking. As you are getting ready for one of the most important days of your life, a wide variety of questions will inevitably arise: How long will it take to recover? When can I get back to work? How do I make sure I will be safe throughout the whole procedure? How will I know if the operation is a success? And how do I avoid accidental injuries during surgery?

    Preparation can go a long way in making sure that you are ready for your surgery, both mentally and physically. Certain injuries or infections can make recovery more difficult and lead to illness, stress and enormous costs. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that appropriate prevention efforts are taken.

    Below are a few vital areas where you can take positive steps to prepare yourself for surgery.

    1. Choose Your Surgeon, Surgical Facility and Time of Surgery

    Fortunately, most patients have the opportunity to choose their surgeon and their hospital. Do your homework and learn as much as you can about different options available to you. Ask around, talk to your friends, relatives or colleagues, and get second opinions if you deem necessary. Your primary care provider may refer you to a specialist for consultation. You may also find out if your surgeon utilizes minimally invasive techniques and more advanced surgical methods, which can minimize the possibility of trauma to a patient's anatomy and result in a shorter hospital stay and more expedient recovery.

    When considering a surgical facility, you may reach out to hospital PR offices and request the information you need. If you are bracing up for major surgery (i.e. spinal, nerve, or brain surgery), don't be afraid to ask how many procedures the hospital has conducted in past. The more often the surgical staff performs a particular technique, the more expertise they develop. Furthermore, you have to decide whether you need a small private facility, teaching hospital or community hospital.

    Before surgery, you may request a list of dates and times available for surgery and schedule the procedure at the convenience of your family and work.

    2. Ask a Lot of Questions

    In the days leading up to your surgery, discuss all your health problems/concerns, medical history and home problems with your physician. Don't forget to mention all the medications, vitamins or herbal supplements you take. Keep in mind that these issues could impact your surgery and your treatment. You should also ask if you need to get antibiotics prior to surgery. Evidence suggests that patients who ask a lot of probing and specific questions and actively participate in their own care, enjoy better clinical outcomes.

    3. Consider Monitoring to Avoid Potential Injury

    It is important to know that there are different types of monitoring services available to patients, depending on their condition and the surgical procedure. Some patients with heart disease may benefit from cardio monitoring, while others may consider EEG monitoring to measure the effect of anesthetic medications during surgery. Patients who need to undergo neuro, spine, vascular, ENT or peripheral nerve surgery may request neuromonitoring to protect their nervous system and avoid serious complications that can accidentally arise during major procedures.

    Neuromonitoring, also known as Intraoperative Neurophysiological Neuromonitoring (IONM), helps to monitor and guide the surgical team and effectively diagnose conditions in the neuromuscular system. IONM is a crucial and cost-effective tool designed to detect, prevent and treat neurologic injuries during surgeries. You may want to consult your physician regarding this valuable procedure and find out how it could effect your safety and surgery results. Please note that neuromonitoring allows surgeons and their support teams to instantly pick up early signs of neurologic deficit and take corrective action, which would be impossible to accomplish without real-time monitoring. You can benefit significantly from advanced monitoring technology and avoid potential damage to your nervous system. IONM continues to improve the standard of care and is gaining enormous popularity among surgeons and patients alike.

    4. Get in Shape Before Surgery

    This one is a no-brainer...The healthier you are going into surgery, the faster you will heal and get back on track. This can also be a good time not only to increase your workouts and yoga sessions but also evaluate your diet.

    5. It is Never Too Soon to Prepare for Your Post-Surgery Recovery

    While you are getting ready for a big day, interviewing healthcare providers and researching various intraoperative monitoring methods, you should spend a great deal of time properly preparing for your homecoming. Let us assure you that post-surgery recuperation is not any less important than the surgical process itself.

    What you should do is prepare your home, eliminate clutter, get the bathroom ready, and order assistive devices and supplies, if necessary. In addition, may want to arrange for help and hire someone (either on your own or through the agency) to assist you with housework, laundry, meals and shopping. Some patients may require a nurse, physical therapy or even specific dieting guidelines. Please note that some doctors and hospitals employ discharge planners who can help you facilitate the transition process, ease your pain, and alleviate stress.

    6. Make travel arrangements

    You should determine how you will get to the hospital and back again. You may not be in a position to drive, so you may want to arrange transportation or ask a friend/relative to help you out. In some cases, the hospital may be able to make all the necessary travel arrangements for you.

    7. Quit Smoking

    If you smoke, quit. Patients who smoke are more likely to get infection. In fact, stopping smoking 24 to 48 hours before surgery improves oxygen transfer to blood during surgery.

    Final Thoughts

    Feeling anxious going into surgery is normal. However, you should always remember that you have some control over your destiny and you ARE in a position to influence the outcome of you procedure. No matter how stressful or complicated it is... Therefore, we suggest you do everything in your power to make an informed decision, make your surgery as safe as it can be, and ensure a positive outcome.

    About Neuro Alert

    Neuro Alert is a physician-owned and operated company providing intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) services for surgeons, surgical groups and hospitals since 2006. The rapidly-growing Westchester NY-based organization was founded by Dr. T.V. Seshan - a renowned physician, specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, who has been actively involved in intraoperative monitoring over the course of 30 years. The simple yet crucial monitoring procedures, offered by Neuro Alert, are set up to detect any neurological deficits during major surgeries, allowing surgeons to gain instant feedback about their patient's condition and avert potential adverse affects. Neuro Alert consists of a team of experienced and highly-skilled physicians and technical professionals who work together to enhance treatment precision, reduce physician liability and ensure patient safety. For more information about Neuro Alert, please visit
    or call (888) 787-6267

    Press Contact
    Steve Goldstein
    (888) 787-6267

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- For the first time in a century, the prevalence of smoking in England's adult population is set to stop belore 20 percent. In 2011, the proportion of smokers dipped as low as 20.1 percent, according to a study from yearly results released last year.

    By the end of this year, researchers plan to publish more statistics that help show less than a fifth of the adult population now smoke, and barring an unlikely u-turn in the current trend, it will continue to decline.

    The Smoke Toolkit Study tracks smoking habits in adults over the age of 16 every month and publishes the statistics and results online. Researchers also conduct household surveys to collect information from up to 1,800 people. Professor Robert West, from the University College
    London, who is part of of the study, says 2013 is going to be a big year for smoking, since it will be the first time in a hundred years the prevalence of smoking is solidly below 20 percent.

    Currently, the average smoking prevalence across England is 19.1 percent, but there is a marked difference in socio-economic status status. Among those in the upper and middle A, B and C1 social brackets, only 13 percent of people smoke, however, tobacco is more prevalent in the lives of more than one fourth of people classified in the C2, D and E brackets.

    In England, smoking causes about 86 percent of deaths from lung cancer, 80 percent of deaths from bronchitis, emphysema and other breathing related problems and 17 percent of deaths from heart disease.


    Stop Smoking With EFT ( can not only help you quit smoking, but it can help improve your life by helping you release the worry of withdrawal, stress and anxiety of quitting smoking. With Quit Smoking With EFT, you won't need patches or dangerous drugs to stop smoking, so visit the website today to get started breaking free of the shackles of cigarettes.

    Company: Stop Smoking With EFT
    Contact: Tim Jones
    Phone: 9189874654

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- Raeford, NC resident and local high school student, Carson Langmack, has successfully completed the Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy. The camp was held July 7-20 at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. The academy is dedicated to supporting and encouraging young men and women and includes character building, leadership strengthening, and military training. Many graduates have gone on to serve as military officers, enlisted personnel or enroll in an ROTC program.

    "For two weeks this summer, Cadet Langmack learned practical leadership skills both inside and outside of the classroom," said MLA Director, Adam Morgan. "We admired his hard-work and discipline, Cadet Langmack is an asset to the Academy. Freedom Alliance would like to congratulate Cadet Langmack on a job well done."

    This was the first of two Freedom Alliance MLA sessions this summer in Pennsylvania. Some activities of the two-week courses include Leadership Seminars, Land Navigation, Tactical Decision Making Courses and Military Operations in Urban Terrain--also known as MOUT--training.

    For more information please visit or

    To view more photos of Cadet Langmack please visit the MLA Facebook account at

    About Freedom Alliance
    Freedom Alliance is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a public charity organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. The mission of Freedom Alliance is to advance the American heritage of freedom by honoring and encouraging military service, defending the sovereignty of the United States and promoting a strong national defense. Visit


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    / / July 23, 2013 -- Book Club Reading List today announced that Primal Creatures has been added to its expanding list of titles from which book clubs can schedule the author to attend their meetings. Every quarter, Book Club Reading List circulates a newsletter to book clubs around the United States informing them of authors that have joined their program. Primal Creatures offers book clubs a taste of south Louisiana culture.

    Mr. Wilder has made himself available by phone and in-person (when available) to attend book club gatherings and discuss his novel, Primal Creatures. To view more information about his book or learn how to schedule a time with Mr. Wilder, please visit his book's page on Book Club Reading List -

    About Primal Creatures

    When a movie producer hires Wyatt Thomas to investigate a death at a remote island south of New Orleans, the French Quarter's favorite sleuth quickly encounters monks from a strange monastic order, residents of a fishing village that practice voodoo, and mysterious night creatures that may be changelings the locals call rougarous. These creatures may be werewolves. Along with a killer hurricane approaching the island, they threaten to prematurely end Wyatt's investigation, and maybe his life.

    About Book Club Reading List

    Book Club Reading List (BCRL) publishes a quarterly newsletter that introduces book clubs to authors who have agreed to make themselves available to participate in book club meetings. Book clubs can contact authors using details provided on the website and arrange for them to attend meetings by Skype, telephone, or in-person (when possible). For more information, please visit


    Company: Book Club Reading List
    Contact: Steven Pojerova

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    / / July 23, 2013 -- Book Club Reading List today announced that The Dragonfly Saga, Book 1: Empress of Canton has enrolled in its growing database of tomes from which book clubs can schedule the author to attend their meetings. Every quarter, Book Club Reading List sends a newsletter to book clubs around the country detailing the authors that have joined their program. Empress of Canton offers book clubs an unlikely romance that plays out in a country ravaged by war. A couple who's fate could well change the destiny of a nation and possibly destroy them both.

    Ms. Troi has made herself available by Skype, phone, and in-person (when possible) to attend book club gatherings and discuss her novel, The Dragonfly Saga, Book 1: Empress of Canton. To view more information about her book or learn how to set up a time with Ms. Troi, please visit her book's page on Book Club Reading List -

    About The Dragonfly Saga, Book 1: Empress of Canton

    Bound together by a love as strong as it's forbidden, Ty Wang and Kathryn Hopewell must overcome impossible odds in the first book of The Dragonfly Saga series.

    Set in China in 1923, this majestic nation is now being torn apart by a bloody revolution. Ruthless warlords have overthrown the Imperial system and have claimed dominion, carving up the country to satisfy their own selfish desires. Caught between two warring factions during an invasion of Canton, Kathryn Hopewell is taken prisoner and her life hangs in the balance. A witness to her capture, Ty Wang must make an impossible choice. To save the woman he loves will cost him his life; to let her die could mean the death of his homeland.

    About Book Club Reading List

    Book Club Reading List (BCRL) publishes a quarterly newsletter that introduces book clubs to authors who have agreed to make themselves available to participate in book club meetings. Book clubs can contact authors using details provided on the website and arrange for them to attend meetings by Skype, telephone, or in-person (when possible). For more information, please visit


    Company: Book Club Reading List
    Contact: Steven Pojerova

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    / / July 23, 2013 -- Book Club Reading List today announced that Strange Connections has enrolled in its growing database of tomes from which book clubs can schedule the author to attend their meetings. Every quarter, Book Club Reading List circulates a newsletter to book clubs around the country detailing the authors that have joined their program. Strange Connections offers book clubs an entry into the mind of the most twisted criminal Kansas City has ever seen and the detective who'll stop at nothing to find him.

    Ms. Washington has made herself available by Skype to attend book club gatherings and discuss her novel, Strange Connections. To learn more about her book or learn how to schedule a time with Ms. Washington, please visit her book's page on Book Club Reading List -

    About Strange Connections

    A dead body in a cheap motel in Kansas City is just the type of murder and mystery Detective Lang Peoples lives for. He's good at his job and nothing's better than out smarting a criminal.

    But he's got a problem: solve the crime or reconnect with the woman he loved and lost.

    A small man is shot through a peephole and Peoples is on scene collecting a photograph that will lead him to the strangest set of characters he's ever seen as he solves his case.

    About Book Club Reading List

    Book Club Reading List (BCRL) publishes a quarterly newsletter that introduces book clubs to authors who have agreed to make themselves available to participate in book club meetings. Using the author contact details provided on BCRL, book clubs can arrange to have authors attend book club meetings by Skype, telephone, or in-person (when possible). For more information, please visit


    Company: Book Club Reading List
    Contact: Steven Pojerova

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    [Singapore - July 22, 2013]  Singapore's leading social media firm has a new name and stunning new look but still provides the same incredible service and insights to clients and companies.

    Social Metric is the new name for Internet Success Hub but they will continue to provide the same insightful and effective brand awareness, increased sales and stronger customer loyalty than before.

    A growing client list including such blue chip brands as Qatar Airways, Wacoal, JobStreet Singapore, 3M and Singapore Management University already testifies to the strength of their service.

    Social Metric have also redesigned their website to showcase the results they have achieved for their clients and highlight case studies, white papers and an introduction to social media so new clients can familiarise themselves with concepts before beginning a prosperous new business relationship.

    Social Metric's approach is focused measurable social media and digital marketing and growth, not solely on unsustainable hype. Their laser-like focus on ROI to deliver return tailored exactly to a client's business objectives. Utilizing their expertise in three main areas of service - Facebook Marketing, Facebook Advertising and Social Media Marketing - Social Metric's approach is built on close attention to customer insights, precise targeting of customer segments and professional follow-through on engagement and deliverable strategies to build a loyal and lucrative customer following.

    Contact Social Metric today and see exactly how they can take your business and sales to new social media heights!

    Notes to Editors
    Social Metric is the new company name for Internet Success Hub and was officially changed on July 1st. The company is 3 years old and focuses on creating brand awareness, increasing customer sales, and customer loyalty.

    Media Contact
    Mr Norman Yeo
    (65) 3158 4384 ext 2.
    Kaki Bukit Road 1, #02-47 Enterprise One,
    Singapore, 415934

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    Tampa, FL ( July 23, 2013 -- Eccentric Billionaire, Entrepreneur, and Media Guru Alki David has accepted a position as a member of the Omniverse One World Television (OmniBox TV) Advisory Board.

    Mr. Jason DeMeo has stated his confidence in bringing Mr. David to OmniBox TV due to his longtime familiarity with Mr. David and his success in the media industry. David's FilmOn TV powers OmniBox with over 250 Live Premium Channels. As a successful businessman, Mr. David possesses indispensable knowledge of how to raise a media company to a Global indispensable model, and as such, is an invaluable asset to the future of Omniverse One World Television. His previous and current outstanding contributions to media technology and trade industries, as well as his impact on international relations make him an extremely qualified choice and an essential addition to the board.

    As the company strives towards greater goals and expands towards a global market, Mr. David is sure to offer valuable consultation in the path of our mass media market shift.

    Alkiviades "Alki" David (born May 23, 1968) is a digital media entrepreneur notable for his early adoption of social media as a marketing vehicle, such as FilmOn with the community called Battlecam. Listed by the Times Rich List in 2011 as 45th richest Man in the UK, Mr. David is currently involved in movie, web video and event productions. He had previously also appeared in several Hollywood movies and UK productions for TV. Having starred in The Bank Job with Jason Statham and The Grid with Julianna Marguilles.

    Omniverse empowers Producers, Content Rights Holders, Syndicators, and Broadcasters large and small to effectively monetize their content through a Multi- Media Platform which covers all 211 domestic markets, worldwide markets, has unlimited channel capacity, and allows for very low broadcasting costs allowing us to transfer those savings to our subscribers. Omniverse is built to allow the viewer to Watch what they want to - On the device they want to - Whenever they want to. Viewers can watch content from anywhere whether at home, at work, in the park, on business trips...

    Omniverse's core services are built on "The OMNI Platform" allowing the end user to view "Real Time Live TV" or "Video on Demand" with the ability to deliver an HD signal to millions of TV viewers across the United States and around the World using the "The OMNI Platform" and a single broadband connection. Since the bandwidth required to broadcast doesn't increase with the number of viewers, this technology allows producers, content rights holders, syndicators, and broadcasters to achieve massively lower broadcast costs than usual with today's technology. In addition, "The OMNI Platform" also has the benefit of delivering live feeds without being stored to viewer's hard disks, and thus offers better protection to content owners.

    The Omniverse service opens the next generation for TV Broadcasters, Producers, Content Rights Holders, and Syndicators. It offers opportunities denied to them by the limitations of cable and satellite infrastructure. Local content providers and broadcasters become National and International; new channels can find a channel position; and bigger broadcasters can create new channels to monetize content that they own but lack the space to broadcast on their existing channels and platforms.

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- Dreamhouse Studios and Cut It Up Def Entertainment are excited to announce the debut of their latest creation, "The Bass That Ate Miami, The Foundation". This independent documentary is based on the evolution of music in South Florida and the untold story of the hip hop genre known as Miami Bass. South Florida artists, producers and music executives helped evolve this sound into its own unique hip hop dance genre. Miami Bass dominated the airwaves and car speakers from the mid 1980's to the mid 1990's. The Miami Bass sound continues to influence many of today's hottest artists.

    As hip hop grew and took over different regions of the U.S.; South Florida gave birth to a new style of hip hop that most people don't realize evolved there. The fast, bass heavy drum beats that are used in pop culture today were created on the street corners of South Florida with huge speakers and massive street parties.

    The documentary features segments on Kraftwerk, Electro-Funk, breakdancing, turntableism, drum machine programming (the 808 & the SP1200), the process of record making, car audio exhibitions and of course high energy dance moves.

    Some of the main creators of this genre are interviewed including; Afrika Bambaataa (The God Father of Hip Hop), Pretty Tony (The Inventor of Freestyle), Mr. Mixx (One of the Forefathers of Bass), Jim Jonsin, Afro-Rican, Dynamix II and many more producers, deejay's & artists from the old school to new school.

    A small group of music enthusiasts from West Palm Beach, Florida came together to film the documentary that truly is a labor of love. Working on a small budget, spending many hours of shooting, editing and research, "The Bass That Ate Miami" has turned into a historic piece that will go down as a true representation of South Florida's most innovative music genre.

    The first preview will be Thursday, August 8th @ Cinema Paradiso in Ft Lauderdale. The two set limited edition DVD will be released the first week in November and is available by pre-sale now at For more info, business opportunities & sponsorships please contact

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- A large majority of respondents to a new Wise Insurance Quotes poll say that insurance companies over charge for the services they provide.

    More than two out of three surveyed or 71% said insurance carriers charge too much for the coverage they provide. The online poll simply asked respondents a single question, "Do you feel insurance companies charge a fair price for the coverage you receive?"

    The remaining 29% said insurance companies did not over charge for their services. The insurance industry has undergone a series of sweeping changes over the past decade, which has forced thousands of agents to leave the business, with falling insurance commissions as many insurance companies report record profits.

    A series of natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes and fires have produced major changes for homeowners' insurance policy holders in many regions of the U.S. Insurance firms have left states in the south and mid-west instead of writing policies in areas which have been hit with severe damage repeatedly over a number of years.

    The Internet has sent the insurance industry into a whirlwind. Wise Insurance Quotes independence sets it apart to provide the latest technological advantages for consumers. The website is owned by a small company that is not part of the insurance industry and has no conflict of interest.

    The site enables visitors to search and compare insurance coverage and obtain quotes instantly online without being contacted by an insurance agent. There is no cost or obligation and visitors are free to spend as much time as they like to read the latest insurance news to save money and get the best insurance coverage possible.


    For additional information on this press release contact Mike Colpitts at editor @ (no spaces).

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    Goshen, MA ( July 23, 2013 -- When companies must weigh every dollar spent on marketing, it helps to understand which moves will probably pull in results now, and why. To help organizations plan effectively as the economic downturn drags on, author Marcia Yudkin has posted 15 free-to-read articles on cunning marketing moves at her web site, (

    "Frantic marketing without strategy doesn't work," says Marcia Yudkin, author of numerous books on marketing and publicity, including Strategic Marketing and 6 Steps to Free Publicity, in its third edition. "Small and mid-sized companies especially don't have a clear idea why certain marketing efforts are more likely to work than others. That's why I decided to post articles I'd written in a cluster around this topic - some particularly keyed to today's hard times and others containing timeless how-to information."

    Yudkin's no-cost, no-opt-in article archive includes insights and advice on such points as:
    * How to analyze one's customer base and find additional customers just like the best existing ones
    * Why some companies and professionals don't need to worry much about competitors
    * Advantages that can be credibly claimed by smaller organizations
    * Seven key differentiators that prevent "them too" perceptions
    * Increasing referrals by cultivating influencers
    * Five powerful ways of attracting new business fast

    Marcia Yudkin's own shrewd marketing moves have included a weekly email newsletter read by 12,000+ subscribers, constant publicity initiatives, a nanozine delivered Monday through Friday by Twitter, autoresponders on narrow topics related to her home-study courses, and much more.

    To read Yudkin's articles on marketing strategy without even having to opt in, simply go to .

    Contact: Marcia Yudkin,, (413)582-4052.

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    New York, NY ( July 23, 2013 -- Popular New York City telecommunications equipment and services provider Birns Telecommunications Inc. announced its latest sale on VoIP phone systems geared towards start-up businesses in the tri-state area. Over the next four weeks, NYC based new companies can benefit from discounts prices on all orders of VoIP Phone Systems.

    After the release of an upgraded platform on their website, Birns Telecommunications is looking to help up-and-coming companies to jumpstart their business by providing unparalleled low prices on some of the most popular VoIP phone systems available on the market. Birns offers everything from NEC to Shoretel to Mitel phone systems.

    Birns Telecommunications understands the importance of having cutting-edge equipment at a reasonable price. "Is the same philosophy we have with our colocation services," says a Birns Telecommunications Inc. staffer. "We want to help companies to operate more efficiently without affecting their budget."

    This trusted NYC integrator of telecommunications equipment and services has been supplying high-quality networking services since 1973. In order to take advantage from Birns' wide catalogue of communications equipment, please feel free to call 212-352-7001 or send an email to contact@birns (dot) net

    About Birns Telecommunications
    New York-based Telecom Company Birns Telecommunications Inc. has been supplying state-of-the-art communications equipment and services since 1973. Located in the Tri-State Area, they are experts in the installation of PBX systems, VoIP phone systems, voice and data cabling, as well as other computer networking services. Birns is a leader in the telecommunication industry, with over 100,000 satisfied clients in NYC, because their staff strives to give their customers access to cutting-edge technology by providing the most advanced telecommunication solutions available in the market.

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    Parkmobile Contact: Tina Dyer
    Parkmobile USA, Inc.
    770 818 9036
    770 818 9039 (fax)

    New Haven Contact: Anna Mariotti
    Director of Communications
    203-946-7660, 203-675-8291 (cell)


    Parkmobile USA, Inc. Launches Mobile Payment Solutions in New Haven, CT

    With the launch of Parkmobile, residents, businesses and visitors will be able to conduct their parking transactions by mobile phone.

    New Haven, CT ( July 23, 2013 -- Parkmobile USA, Inc. announced today their revolutionary new service has been implemented in New Haven. Customers can pay for parking with their cell phone using Parkmobile's native mobile applications for the iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry smart phones.

    To use the new Parkmobile system, customers can register for free at or download the mobile app. Once registered, they can use the mobile app, the internet, or a toll free number to pay for parking. After setting up the account, customers can immediately start using the system with their registered mobile phone. They can also select the option to receive alerts and reminders 15 minutes prior to expiration of their parking session.

    "Parkmobile is very excited to launch our mobile payment parking service in New Haven," said Cherie Fuzzell, CEO of Parkmobile USA, Inc. "This technology offers customers a new and better way to pay for parking. Our mobile payment service is an example of another technology that can make our lives easier and more efficient."

    "With the most densely populated downtown in New England and thousands of visitors each month, it's important for our city to take advantage of technology and ensure convenience for on-street parkers and the institution of Parkmobile provides this convenience," said New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, Jr.

    "Department of Transportation, Traffic and Parking continue our ongoing efforts to integrate advances in technology to parking. Pay by cell is an optional way to pay at all on-street meters that's so convenient and simple to use. We see this as another way to greatly improve the customer experience of paid parking for our residents and visitors," said Jim Travers, Director of Transportation, Traffic and Parking for the City of New Haven.

    For additional information and locations, please visit:

    About Parkmobile
    Parkmobile, headquartered in Atlanta, is the leading global provider of seamlessly integrated end-to-end solutions for mobile payments, parking guidance using business analytics and parking. Its offerings include mobile payments for on- and off-street parking, digital parking permits, real-time enforcement and a seamless transit parking experience. Parkmobile's services are used in 400 cities around the world by millions of registered users. Parkmobile's investors include BCD Holdings and Fontinalis Partners (a strategic investment firm that invests in next-generation mobility companies and whose founding partners include Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company) and BCD Holdings. For more information please visit, or on Twitter @Parkmobile.


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    The company will display best-in-class solutions to manage medical supplies, medical devices, medical equipment, staff and patients.

    ( July 23, 2013 -- LogiTag Systems, the leading provider of RFID solutions and high-value inventory management systems, announced today it will exhibit at the upcoming AHRMM's 51st annual conference and exhibition. During the conference, the company will present its internationally recognized solutions for the healthcare market, including SmartCabinet, StockBox™, specifically designed for supply rooms, cath-labs, ORs, eye-clinics, pharmacies, radiology labs and more.

    SmartCabinet, a lean and efficient inventory management system for medical devices, provides materials managers with an easy-to-use system that automates high-value medical devices and implants in any healthcare setting, including cath-labs, operating-rooms, pharmacies and clinics.

    StockBox™, an inventory management for medical supplies, provides materials mangers with a simple, highly efficient method to automate inventory management and reordering of medical supplies in any healthcare setting.

    Some of the solution suite benefits to hospitals include:
    • Immediate 50% reduction in supply room inventory
    • Eliminated stock-outs
    • Eliminated expired items
    • Reduced over-stocks in supply rooms
    • Increased materials managers efficiency
    • Centralized storage and supply room
    • Eliminated dead SKU

    LogiTag's RFID and inventory management systems solutions have already been installed and verified by materials managers and supply chain VPs, directors, and managers at dozens of recognized hospitals and other leading healthcare institutes around the world.

    AHRMM13 will take place at the San Diego Convention Center, California, July 29-31 2013. LogiTag will exhibit in Hall AB1
    Booth # 1217

    Please contact us at to schedule a meeting with our representatives.

    About LogiTag
    LogiTag develops, manufactures, and markets intelligent, best-in-class RFID solutions and systems for tracking, monitoring, and managing inventory, assets, and people. LogiTag identified a growing need for advanced RFID technology with applications in healthcare, security, and enterprise. LogiTag's founders drew on their extensive knowledge and deep understanding of RFID, software, operations, and logistics to develop modular, Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and comprehensive hardware/software suites that integrate smoothly into lean manufacturing and operations.

    Press Contact:
    Karen Shemesh, Online Marketing Director
    Tel: +972 9 8354848; Twitter; LinkedIn

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- All three books in the gripping fantasy trilogy, The Search by Welsh author Philip J. Cook are now available to buy from Amazon, B&N, Waterstones and on Kindle.

    Each page in The Gateway, Plague and I CANNOT KILL! is packed with wizards, elves, logic-defying magic and albatrosses as Cook weaves an action packed tale to a backdrop of friendship, loyalty, betrayal and adventure.

    Cook published the first novel in the series, The Gateway, in 2011 and quickly followed it up with the trilogy's second instalment, Plague, in 2012. Finally this summer the long awaited final instalment of The Search, I CANNOT KILL! was published making all three books available for readers across the globe on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Waterstones and Kindle.

    In The Gateway, wizard's apprentice Aidan accidentally passes on his gift of magic to his friends, setting off a cataclysmic series of events which see Aidan's friends in peril and Aidan himself hunted by the fearsome Montetor clan and a demon who thirst's for the boy's blood.

    Plague is the second outing for Aidan and his band of supporters, who face a race against time as the survivors of Sanctity flee on the Grim and head towards Griffin Island pursued by a shape-shifter and the plague. As the islanders revolt, pirates and demons close in.

    The Search's final instalment "I CANNOT KILL!" centres on a world at war whose only chance at peace lies in the hands of one character, Aidan. The thrilling finale promised to keep readers on the edge of their seats as the story, which started in The Gateway builds to a thrilling crescendo. Cook has also promised that all of his readers will be "pleasantly surprised" by the twist that is waiting for them at the very end of the novel.

    The Search was published by, an organisation funded by the Arts Council of England and established in 2006 to help new writers, such as Philip J. Cook, develop their writing skills. Cook then went on to self publish his work on Kindle in order to make all three novels in the fantasy trilogy more accessible to the public.

    Readers can read and comment on Cook's other literary works on his blog where he has published several of his enjoyable short stories, which include Herbie's Shameful Secret and Unfortunate Rewards, among others. Readers also have the opportunity to read the opening chapter of each novel in the fantasy trilogy The Search and will probably find themselves quickly rushing to an online bookstore to buy the full series.

    Readers can keep up with Philip J. Cook and his blog via Twitter and Facebook to make sure they do not miss out on any of the excitement surrounding The Search, the fantasy trilogy everyone has been waiting for.

    About Philip J. Cook
    Philip J. Cook is a Welsh writer from Aberdare that realised writing was his passion after enrolling on a creative writing course at the age of 54. In addition to his recently published fantasy trilogy The Search, he has written several short stories, which are available to read on his frequently updated blog When not writing, Cook works as a security guard at a local company where he is known by most of the staff as Grandpa.

    Issued by Dakota Digital. Please direct media queries to Rebecca Appleton. Email: or Tel: 01623 428996.

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- System Insights (SI) announced the completion of a critical solution to integrate robots and machine tools. This extraordinary advancement moves toward "plug and play", factory level interoperability between these two disparate technologies.
    The solution was developed with a team of partner organizations and companies under a grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) led by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM). This application was successfully demonstrated and tested at the NIST Gaithersburg research facility.

    According to Will Sobel, CEO of System Insights, "We utilized two powerful industry standards - ROS/Industrial and MTConnect - to create a cost-effective automation solution for shops looking to address labor cost issues and process consistency associated with managing their shop floor."

    In the most recent demonstration at NIST, the software enabled a robot conversant in ROS/Industrial to load and unload parts into a Mazak lathe using the MTConnect standard to coordinate the activities. This project marks the first time a read-only protocol has been utilized to integrate manufacturing equipment in a fully distributed manor.

    Fred Proctor, leader of NIST's Smart Manufacturing and Construction Control Systems Program, enthusiastically reported, "The goal of this project and follow-up efforts is to make it as easy as possible to integrate factory robots and machine tools and also to reconfigure them in response to changes in orders or customer requirements." Douglas Woods, President of The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) which sponsors MTConnect commented, "This is a giant step forward in resolving manufacturing interoperability issues. To witness existing standards like MTConnect and ROS being leveraged in such a collaborative effort is exciting."

    About the Project:
    This work was conducted under Grant Opportunity Number 2012-NIST-MSE-01 for the Intelligent System Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in collaboration with System Insights, SwRI (Southwest Research Institute), NCDMM (National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining), AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technology) and Mazak USA. Future plans for the team to continue this exciting manufacturing technology include extending the framework to measurement and verification with additional devices such as CMM and conveyors.

    System Insights, ( based in Berkeley, California, with offices in Chennai, India, is a leading global supplier of manufacturing software in both machining based, discrete and process industries. Through the innovative combination of a comprehensive real-time data solution and multidimensional, complex reasoning technology, the SI flagship product - vimana - delivers predictive analytics solutions to improve client's efficiency, productivity, and profitability. vimana provides these data while enabling customers to realize sustainable manufacturing objectives. The vimana software platform delivers a unique combination of Cloud Computing and Big Data capabilities that sets out to revolutionize the economics of manufacturing. System Insights is a proud member of both AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technology) and NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association). Follow System Insights on Twitter @systeminsights.

    System Insights
    William Sobel, CEO

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    MADISON, Wisconsin ( July 23, 2013 -- Marla Ahlgrimm, RPh, has been a leading advocate of women's health for more than three decades, co-founding the first pharmacy in the United States to specialize in women's health in 1982. Now, she's giving back to her alma mater with the establishment of the Marla Ahlgrimm Fund at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

    The Marla Ahlgrimm Fund is one of the most significant financial gifts ever presented to the School of Pharmacy. The fund will allow deans to pursue a myriad of opportunities related to School development, including support for student scholarships, faculty research and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and facilities. Marla Ahlgrimm hopes that her gift will inspire other alumni to pledge their financial support for the School of Pharmacy and its talented students and professors.

    After graduating from the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Marla Ahlgrimm set about demonstrating how hormonal changes uniquely affected women at various stages of their lives. Marla Ahlgrimm played an integral role in identifying and developing treatment options for what is now known as premenstrual syndrome, or PMS and later, perimenopause and menopause.

    After determining this hormonal link, Marla Ahlgrimm started to focus on personalized, bioidentical hormone prescription treatments that would address specific symptoms that impacted individual women. Ahlgrimm's early work sparked her interest in important issues related to women's health. In the years since, Marla Ahlgrimm has dedicated her time to improving women's lives as a pharmacist. She is the co-author of two groundbreaking books, The HRT Solution and Self Help for Premenstrual Syndrome.

    Marla Ahlgrimm and her staff helped patients to experience better results by customizing medication regimens. Marla Ahlgrimm and her expert healthcare staff began to earn national recognition for their research efforts. Marla Ahlgrimm has expanded her work by developing medical protocols that have proven critical in PMS and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) management across the country.

    For her efforts, Marla Ahlgrimm has received honors from the University of Wisconsin, the Women's Fund and the YMCA, among others. Marla Ahlgrimm continues to help women lead healthy and fulfilling lives at any age through natural hormonal therapy.
    Marla Ahlgrimm currently resides in Wisconsin and has served as a board member with many organizations, including the United Way of Dane County.

    Contact: Marla Ahlgrimm
    2935 S. Fish Hatchery Road #162
    Madison, WI 53711

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Pervasip Corp. (OTCQB:PVSP). Pervasip Corp. (the "Company"), a cloud-based voice and video communications solutions, apps and services provider, today reported results for its second quarter ended May 31, 2013.

    Pervasip's CEO, Paul Riss, noted, "In the second quarter, we saw incremental positive trends in our business metrics and momuntum from the investments we've made in new product development that have led to our ability to raise additional growth capital from our primary lender and the successful restructuring of certain of our debts in the third quarter. Our second quarter gross margin was the highest quarterly margin in more than a dozen quarters, and our year-to-date reduction in total liabilities exceeded $3.1 million. With our focus now on capitalizing on these metrics and the renewed commitment from our lender, it is our third quarter that brings us the most excitement."

    In the third quarter the Company began selling calling cards, submitted its mobile VoIP app to the Apple app store, and put in place new marketing initiatives. "We expect our iPhone app to complete the Apple review process shortly," continued Riss, "at which time users will be able to download the Pay and Go app on iPhones and iPads. This is exciting because users will be able to make free app-to-app voice and video calls across Android and Apple devices, as well as very inexpensive international calls to landlines and mobile phones."

    During the third quarter, the Company also instituted a plan focused on achieving positive cash flow from operations by Q1 2014. The plan includes certain overhead reductions, a focus on driving new business through sales efforts in the calling card channel, and an increase in marketing spend to drive awareness and sales of apps. Riss stated, "We are pleased that we've been able to attain the #1 position on the Google Play store for VOIP searches from consumers with very little marketing spend to-date. We have high hopes that a focused marketing effort will allow us to achieve a similar position within iTunes once our app is available for download."

    "We had a healthy gross margin of 57% in the second quarter," continued Riss. "We are all working together to create value by offering our product to iPhone users, Android users, calling cards customers and wholesale accounts."

    Net income for the six months ended May 31, 2013 was $1,876,233, or $0.00 per basic and diluted share, compared to a net income of $4,385,498, or $0.03 per basic and $0.02 per diluted share, for the six months ended May 31, 2012.
    For additional disclosure regarding operating results, refer to the Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the period ended May 31, 2013, which has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    For more information, please visit

    The information contained herein includes forward-looking statements. These statements relate to future events or to our future financial performance, and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual results, levels of activity, performance, or achievements to be materially different from any future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements since they involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which are, in some cases, beyond our control and which could, and likely will, materially affect actual results, levels of activity, performance or achievements. Any forward-looking statement reflects our current views with respect to future events and is subject to these and other risks, uncertainties and assumptions relating to our operations, results of operations, growth strategy and liquidity. We assume no obligation to publicly update or revise these forward-looking statements for any reason, or to update the reasons actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements, even if new information becomes available in the future.

    Paul H. Riss
    Chief Executive Officer
    Ph: 212-404-7633

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- Social media CEO Brian Boyd shows how to "maximize your brand and monetize your business" in an easy to read and understand way.

    Social Media for the Executive is an important resource that shows leaders of organizations the dollars-and-cents value of social platforms. Social Media for the Executive is not for techno-geeks. It's not about how to navigate Facebook or send a Tweet. It gives executives a grasp on where social media is and where it is going, and lays it all out in an easy-to-understand read.

    Social media is here to stay. It is not a passing fad or novelty. It continues to have a profound impact on the way business is done around the world and in your own universe no matter how large or small. Whether you like it or not, feel comfortable with it or not, you cannot afford to ignore it because many of your competitors are using it effectively.

    "The landscape is changing rapidly. Brands and businesses that hope to thrive are those that harness change as an opportunity to build an advantage," said author Brian Boyd. "You don't have to be a Silicon Valley whiz kid to get it. This book gives you the tools to understand social media, why it's vital to the success of your business and how you can put it to work to grow your bottom line."

    Through real-world examples, Social Media for the Executive will show you how to:
    • Leverage the three C's of social media success
    • Create a winning social media strategy
    • Measure social media ROI (return on investment) and ROR (return on relationship) and use both to boost your bottom line
    • Maintain your social media edge as innovations and social preferences evolve

    "I recommend this book to all who value the art of triumph and victory, both financial and relational, in this new era of communication," said Ossie Mills, Executive Vice-President of Oral Roberts University.

    Timothy Smith, Chief Development Officer at Food for the Hungry said, "When Brian speaks... we listen. He is the leader in social media execution for charities and executives. This is a must read!"

    Social Media for the Executive: Maximize Your Brand and Monetize Your Business is available now at and all eBook distributors.

    About Brian E. Boyd, Sr.
    Brian Boyd is the founder and CEO of Media Connect Partners, LLC, a social media firm specializing in delivering real world social media strategies and execution plans that deliver ROI. Boyd combines his 20+ years' experience in the business and IT worlds to keep his select clients on the cutting edge: Hobby Lobby, Hachette Book Group, Joel Osteen Ministries, Bank of NY Mellon, and more.

    Boyd holds a B.S. in Telecommunications from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK, and is a speaker at numerous conferences and workshops. You can follow @BrianBoyd on Twitter

    For more information about Social Media for the Executive: Maximize Your Brand and Monetize Your Business, to pre-order, request an interview with Brian, or to have Brian speak at your event, please visit
    Media Connect Partners, LLC
    Brian Boyd, CEO
    800.627.1265 (office) 646.515.4363 (mobile)

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