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    MOORESTOWN, NJ ( July 19, 2013 -- The impact mobile browsing has on consumers and businesses today signals a reality for businesses: If your site isn't easily accessible on mobile devices, it needs to be, according to Miles Technologies Director of Graphics & User Interface Carly Stunder.
    Why should businesses go for responsive web design?

    Stunder explains: "Gone are the days when businesses could reach out to their target audiences through websites that were compatible with desktops and laptops. That is no longer the standard. Today, a wide number of people, including potential clients and existing customers, are searching the web through their tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. This can be a scary position for a business, which needs to keep its online presence fresh."

    Clients today want an enhanced experience on mobile devices. The user experience for mobile devices must be kept in mind, meaning today's websites must look outstanding on different shapes and sizes. A responsive website, Stunder reports, offers a better viewing experience that is convenient to navigate in a comfortable, user-engaging format.

    "Responsive websites are rapidly becoming a phenomenon for today's businesses," Stunder explains. "Taking your website in a "responsive" direction may seem overwhelming at first, but the benefits will far outweigh any initial apprehension."

    Responsive websites offer the best of both Mobile Friendly and Separate Mobile website designs. A responsively designed site can be more complex to create in the beginning, but it will also be the design that gives a business the most bang for its buck when considering a mobile site. Responsive websites can detect the type of device being used to access them, and then adapt their layout and content to accommodate that device.

    "Responsive design is the most SEO-friendly version of a mobile site," Stunder reports. "This will allow you to maintain one website's content and information, while still getting the benefit of well optimized content for the search engines."

    Miles Technologies provides comprehensive website services beyond designing a powerful website. Our websites are built from scratch and customized to match individual business goals. Miles Technologies also provides reliable hosting services, develops e-commerce and integrates and develops custom web-based and mobile applications.

    "Web design offers an amazing opportunity for businesses today to promote themselves by utilizing innovative technologies," Stunder shares. "Responsive web designs developed by experts, such as our website design team at Miles Technologies, create websites that are beneficial for business presentation, marketing and growth."

    To learn more about Miles Technologies website design, mobile web design and website development, visit To view Miles Technologies Website Gallery, visit To speak with a member of the Miles Technologies Website Design team, call (800) 496-8001 or visit Miles Technologies at


    Founded in 1997, Miles Technologies of Moorestown, NJ, provides Information Technology (IT), business software, web and graphic design and online marketing services to organizations of all sizes and from all industries. Today, Miles Technologies provides these cutting-edge technology services to more than 1,800 customers nationwide. Contact Miles Technologies at (800) 496-8001 and visit Miles Technologies at LIKE! Miles Technologies on Facebook and follow @milestech on Twitter for news, information and services impacting business technologies today.

    Miles Technologies
    Corporate Headquarters
    300 West Route 38
    Moorestown, NJ 08057
    (800) 496-8001

    Marie Alonso

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    ( July 19, 2013 -- It is troubling to so many concerning the Zimmerman decision. However, based on polling those who approved of the decision exceeded those who disapprove 48% to 34%. The decisions split along political lines. Seventy-five percent of Republicans agreed, while only 35% of Democrats agreed. The racial divide is also similar with 69% of African Americans disagreeing with the decision while only 29% of Whites disagreed. The fact is people view things differently.

    Nevertheless, there are people who want to do something. The question is, "what can be done about it?"

    According to Dr. Steven DavidSon, this is the classic circumstance where faith clashes with race.

    "There are already those calling for marches and boycotts. Peaceful public demonstration has a place of allowing people to express themselves. There is a therapeutic value for many. Talking heads can pontificate perspectives as I do here, but the question remains: Beyond the superficial what can be done that will have lasting effect?

    Remember when the incident originally happened, public outrage calling for Zimmerman's arrest and due process was the objective. People called for justice. Today, the same ones are still calling for justice. Zimmerman is free and cannot be tried again. By the way, the condition is exponentially greater than the Zimmerman decision or what happened to Trayvon Martin. And it is greater than race, which dominates the perspectives for many as shown by the polling."

    According to DavisSon faith and race are a major theme in Scripture, and holds the answers for those who will observe the lessons.

    "Biblically, it is clear matters of race and ethnicity are so powerful it will contaminate and minimize faith if allowed. This is evident throughout the Biblical record.

    The pivotal confrontation concerning the Christian movement is the Apostle Paul's confrontation with Peter the leader of the Apostles when Paul discovered Peter's hypocrisy and discrimination concerning the Gentiles.

    According to DavidSon faith perspectives must determine all other perspectives.

    "Paul was as sensitive to his race as anyone. He longed for his race to 'get it' concerning Jesus. But he did not allow his racial concerns to overwhelm His faith and specific ministry concerns. His highest call was the pursuit of Jesus as His personal model and pathway to peace in the present and assurance for eternity.

    As a result he broke the bias barriers. Love and care for humanity is the greatest bias equalizer when we view circumstances through the eyes of Jesus.

    The universal perspective of the Christian faith is that it is the answer to all of the ills of humanity. Sickness, disease, wars, racism, bias, injustice whatever it may be. These are not new, and will not be completely eradicated until Jesus returns.

    There are some conditions that are a part of human circumstance. Believers have a record of surviving the most deplorable of them. Our Central Figure (i.e., Jesus) faced incomparable injustice, and experienced a horrific death.

    Therefore, the greatest response to any of humanity's dark conditions is to develop people in Christ.

    Unfortunately, there are those in clergy white and black who are more invested in social activism, and politics across a broad range of topics (e.g., abortion, guns, race, etc.) than they are in the work involved with developing believers A through Z. Many simply don't get it.

    When the odds are against any people or group the way they are shown in the polls, the greatest hope is to turn to the Lord. A nation can fail, and laws may be biased, but the Lord will never leave nor forsake you.

    Glory and Amen!"

    Dr. Steven B. DavidSon is author of the Christ-based Series, and founder of the nation's exclusive Christ- based organization devoted to Christian counseling and education, the Association of Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators and Educational Systems (A3CEES).

    Contact Information:
    Article Origin: CB Associates
    Dr. Dennise Bates, or Timothy DavidSon
    Phone: 972 719 2589
    Web sites:,,

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    ( July 19, 2013 -- Now eReader users can take their own documents with them wherever they go. Thanks to Hong Kong software company, Flipbuilder, tablet users all around the world can read and showcase essential documents for school, business and more with Flipbuilder's new software Flip PDF. Users can easily create regular PDF documents into stunning eBooks that can be read on eReaders such as tablets and computers.

    Unlike other PDF to eReader converting programs, Flip PDF allows users to customize the style of the eBook. Users can customize this animated page-flipping eBook by setting specific colors and background images. This is specifically significant for users who wish to take a branding and marketing approach for their eBook and is particularly useful when using Flip PDF to create catalogs or magazines. Users can choose from a variety of settings such as the ability to print or not print, modify the height and width of the eBook, and choosing whether readers can download or share the eBook. Users can also customize background sounds, toolbar colors, and icons to make every eBook unique and specific to the marketed audience.

    Flip PDF is incredibly easy-to-use and requires absolutely no programming skills. Programmers designed Flip PDF specifically for the everyday person. Flip PDF is easy to navigate through in order to make stunning and professional-quality eBooks.

    Other features of Flip PDF include selling the eBook online with Shopping Cart, setting various templates, themes and scenes for the eBook, add an animated assistant for the eBook with text and audio, build digital libraries to display multiple eBooks, and share on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, FlickR and LinkedIn.

    In addition, if users have a Google Analytics account, eBook authors can make use of Flip PDF's built-in functionality, Google Analytics Embedding. This code will give users the ability to view statistics of eBook readers such as location, device, the amount of readers per day, and so on. This gives eBook authors the ability to increase marketing effectiveness by using the tools provided by Google Analytics and Flip PDF.

    Flip PDF is available for purchase at Flip PDF is available for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS 10.5 and above. For $99.00 and a 30-day money-back guarantee users will experience an amazing PDF to eBook experience with no programming skills necessary.

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    New York City, New York ( July 19, 2013 -- Get luxurious vacations to practically anywhere in the world for next to no cost. Xplocial offers vacation certificates to well over 400,000 destinations in the world with the exclusive packages offered. With Xplocial vacation packages, there's opportunities to save substantially with the vacation offers included with Xplocial membership.

    Xplocial offers two distinct memberships that people can take advantage of. Xplocial membership includes the Gold and also the Platinum member's programs. Although the memberships are close in similarity, there of course some significant differences worth consideration. Both the Gold and the Platinum memberships offer vacation packages but the Platinum program offers the bulk of extended vacation getaways.

    The Xplocial Gold program costs $29 per month and includes some nice getaways to Hawaii, Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic to name a few. Xplocial Gold also features other options to other exciting destinations with of course, hotel accommodations included. Other benefits offered with the Gold membership includes airfare with the purchase of resort stays, shopping discounts, $1000 in grocery and dining out savings and other smaller benefits.

    The Xplocial Platinum program costs $129 per month and includes everything featured in the Gold program also. The Platinum membership is far superior to the Gold program as it offers longer stay luxury vacations including many 4 to 8 day stay all-inclusive resort and cruise packages. Although the Gold membership is valuable, it certainly does not include th extended stay travel benefits that are available to Platinum members. The Platinum membership is the ideal membership for people that love to travel to unlimited destinations without the hassles of short getaways offered to Gold members only. The Platinum program has its privileges and boasts all inclusive stays to condo vacations, resort and cruises to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and other getways throughout Canada and the United States resorts.

    Remember that the bulk of vacations offered through Xplocial are nearly free or greater than 75 percent off the valued price of these vacation travel packages. The price that members have to pay are phenomenally less than sold retail, so membership with Xplocial provides members with exlusive offers not available without a membership.

    About New Xplocial Vacation Packages Offered: Xplocial has been in growing since its inception in 2013, which is roughly in the last four months. Xplocial is expanding their Electronic Incentives System and now most vacations can be viewed through the internal system listings of available resorts worldwide. Xplocial continues to offer two membership options but has expanded and always improving the vacation packages they are offering.

    For additional information please contact: Adam and Holly Uttley at New Xplocial Travel Packages Offered by phone (+1-757-337-2577), or email (   You will also find further information on our web site at

    Adam and Holly Uttley
    Xplocial Electronic Incentives

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    Seattle, WA ( July 19, 2013 -- A new website that helps interested individuals find out information about cooking schools is now online.

    Online Culinary Class is a new website devoted to teaching and training new chefs into culinary artists.

    The website provides information on various online classes for anyone who has the desire to become a professional chef. Students can enroll in classes including baking, restaurant cooking, private household cooking and even head chef training.

    The website's manager, Susan Turner, says these online culinary classes are a great way to develop skills necessary to starting a career as a chef.

    "Cooking is so fun and online classes can really teach a young chef how to clean, cut and cook to perfection. Our site showcases some of the fast and easy ways to learn new techniques and master the art of cooking," Turner said.

    The Online Culinary Class website discusses how cooking shows can be an inspiration to show students how to cook. However, unlike just watching these shows, students who take classes are able to actually eat what they cook and taste the pleasure and joy of cooking.

    "Cooking shows lets the viewer see what to do and what ingredients are best for a dish. But in online cooking classes, the techniques are closely shown so the new young chef can learn as he or she watches a dish turn into a delightful masterpiece," Turner continued.

    According to the National Restaurant Association, in 2010, average restaurant sales climbed to a record-high of $580,000 with about 945,000 restaurants in the U.S. Restaurant-industry employees are also one of the biggest private sectors at 12.7 million employees.

    "Although most chefs want to become a head chef, each individual must work their way up to become the top of their food chain. Completing classes can really boost expertise and help gain a new chef professional contacts that can kick start a career and increase their salary," Turner said.

    According the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with a college degree or some other form of higher education make more money and receive a job more quickly than those without. In America, 14.6 percent of people without a high school diploma are unemployed while only 6.8 people are unemployed who have at least an associate's degree.

    "Who knows, by starting with online cooking classes you may become the Next Food Network Star," Turner concluded.

    About Online Culinary Class is a website set up for anyone who is interested in enrolling at a cooking school or attending a cooking class. The site has information about schools and typical class content. To learn more, visit

    Media Contact:
    Susan Turner
    Contact Page:


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    ( July 19, 2013 --, a powerful and fully functional guest blogging engine was launched today. The website is an online meeting place for website owners looking for content and guest bloggers looking for publicity. The guest blogging platform is the first one of its kind, as it categorizes websites into 24 different subjects, includes featured listings, and integrates Social Media.

    Content is king in the new age of Internet marketing, and the demand for content is outstripping its supply. Even reputed websites and blogs are looking for guest posts these days. On the other hand, individuals and entrepreneur are waking up to the usefulness of the Internet for achieving professional and personal goals through guest blogging.

    Surprisingly, there aren't many working guest blogging platforms available that work. is something that was waiting to happen under these market conditions. To the relief of website owners and guest bloggers, it finally has. is free to join for guest bloggers and website owners, however, website owners have the option to update to featured listings, which are distributed online widely through Social Media and email. is simple to use. Website owners can submit their websites, which are visible to thousands of guest bloggers visiting The interested bloggers can contact you via email.

    The difference between other guest blogging websites and is that really works. Its effectiveness has already been tested through a 90-day pilot project, during which many website owners and guest bloggers have made mutually profitable exchanges. comes preloaded with hundreds of websites and blogs that are actively looking for guest posts. relies on robust SEO and regular online advertising in order to attract guest bloggers. It appears near the top search engine results and drives a lot of organic guest blogger traffic. The site also uses Social Media and email to solicit guest posts.

    The website is already receiving a huge number of hits, and both guest bloggers and website owners are finding it very useful. Sara, an Internet marketer says is the answer to her prayers. "I used to pay heavily to get my posts. Here, I get them for free."
    Stephan, an app developer, plans to use to get the word out about his first app. "I plan to blog for some of the technology websites listed on I'm sure people will love my idea."

    About is the brainchild of Miko Mo, a professional Internet marketer and guest blogger. Miko and his team are continuously updating the website, optimizing it and looking for ways to add more value. They welcome your suggestions for improving the user-experience at The website can be accessed at


    Media Contact:

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    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. ( July 19, 2013 -- More than $12,000 was donated to charities across the country, thanks to New York Times bestselling author, Gorodon D'Angelo, for his vision of helping people find the motivation within themselves to achieve the perceived impossible.

    "Originally, and this is still the case, every penny we get from the book goes to charity," said D'Angelo. "My vision is to help as many people in need as possible, either by igniting a passion within to find their vision or by providing monetary support to uphold their hope."

    To help spread his message of vision, D'Angelo has spent the last year traveling to the nation's top cities and speaking at various charitable and community events. However, many companies are beginning to notice and contact D'Angelo for his powerful presentation on vision and the effects his message can have on the overall production levels of their employees.

    "Vision can be applied to anything or anyone," said D'Angelo. "It is the basis behind success. Without vision, you have nothing--no direction, no purpose, no drive. Vision is the reason we try to exceed our own expectations. It is the catalyst behind every successful person's accomplishments and it is in all of us."

    His book, "Vision: Your Pathway to Victory" was released in summer 0f 2012, making the New York Times bestsellers list the first week in stores. "Vision: Your Pathway to Victory" is an inspirational guide detailing D 'Angelo's sought-after strategic visionary planning approach. By using this method, D'Angelo has started several multi-million dollar companies including Jackson Hewitt Tax Service and NEXT Financial Group Inc., an independent broker-dealer in Houston servicing the needs of financial professionals throughout the nation.

    D'Angelo is currently booking events for 2014 and is eagerly hoping to double this year's monetary donations to charity. If you are interested in contacting D'Angelo and hosting him as a keynote speaker at an event, please contact Amanda Aksel at or call 757-306-4101.

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    Firm will design/manage six separate client booths; exhibit space to total 7,100 sq. ft.

    WEYMOUTH, MA, ( July 19, 2013 -- Hill & Partners, Inc. the full-service provider of Branded Environments, currently in its second decade of growth, will provide their award winning design and management services for six separate client exhibits, totaling over 7,100 square feet of space for the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2013, to be held July 31 to August 3 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    The Outdoor Retailer Summer and Winter Markets are recognized as the trade show venue of choice for the outdoor specialty industry.

    The creative team at Hill & Partners will design and manage a 40x50 Custom Rental exhibit for long-time client Polartec; a 20x30 Custom Owned Branded Environment for Unifi; a 20x20 Custom Rental property for Khombu (a division of ATSCO Footwear); a 30x50 Custom Rental Branded Environment for Celliant; a 40x50 Custom Owned exhibit for new client High Sierra; and a 20x30 Custom Rental for new client Nilit.

    Hill & Partners has designed and managed Branded Environments for clients at both the Outdoor Retailer Summer and Winter Markets since its incorporation in 1995. The 2013 summer event marks Hill & Partners' 36th involvement with the show.

    "We're proud of our long-standing and continually expanding presence at this premier trade show and take particular pleasure in bringing two new clients to this year's prestigious event," said Michael McMahon, President and CEO of Hill & Partners, Inc. "We've been taking clients to the Outdoor Retailer Summer and Winter Markets since we opened our doors 18 years ago and for good reason - the exhibits we design and manage successfully convey the messages client companies want to deliver."

    About Hill & Partners

    Over the last two decades, Hill & Partners has developed services and people that create custom, rental, commercial and portable Branded Environments. H&P is your full-service brand team with a network of skilled partners throughout the country and the world. They provide professional exhibit program management, plus a variety of project based brand communication services. Experience is a key factor in their long running relationships with clients including Polartec LLC, Dunkin' Brands, Demandware, Samsonite and National Grid. For additional information, please call 617.471.7990, visit or find the company on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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    ( July 19, 2013 -- Punch TV is thrilled to welcome the new reality TV show "Taste of Hunney" to the fall lineup. "Taste of Hunney" stars Patrice Fisher, most notably known for her lead role as Patience James in the Cinemax TV series, Zane's Sex Chronicles.

    Depicting the harsh, yet at times satisfying world of Fashion, "Taste of Hunney" is centered on the relationship between Actress, Patrice Fisher and Lingerie Designer, Sati Gordon working together to make a name for the new Lingerie line and Hollywood Blvd store, "The Hunney Pot".

    "Taste of Hunney" was created and executively produced by Executive Producer, Cassandra Cooper. Throughout her career Cooper has had the pleasure of working with artists such as Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, MJJ Records and Luther Vandross and has generated sales upwards of 70 Million units respectively.

    Punch TV Network is an independent television network whose current reach includes millions of households nationwide and is deemed the future of original and diverse content on digital and satellite television.

    Now, with the collaboration of Cooper and CEO of Punch TV, Joseph Collins, "Taste of Hunney" is deemed to be a great success in itself and for the network. As Cooper states, "With the quality of our content, along with my two stars, I believe we have an immense opportunity to shine and be the number one show at Punch TV."

    And CEO, Joseph Collins states, "Taste of Hunney" is a show that keeps the viewers thirsting for more. We want you to watch the story unveil."

    Are you thirsty yet? "I want My Punch TV!"


    Contact Sharifah Hardie
    Punch TV Network
    (562) 424-4597

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    MOORESTOWN, NJ ( July 19, 2013 -- A recent survey revealed that a surprising 75 percent of small business owners view a crashed computer as more disruptive than a sick employee - with 77 percent noting that a tech malfunction has negatively impacted their business, resulting in a missed deadline or lost business opportunity.

    The Fourth Annual Brother Small Business Survey, released in March, examined the role of technology in small business and illustrated glaringly that small business owners view tech malfunctions as greater negative impacts than absent employees. Survey results also revealed that, while technology plays a vital role in terms of office productivity, 66 percent of small business owners say they are frequently overwhelmed by the amount of technology available to help them run their business. Additionally, 86 percent noted that, in the past year, office productivity suffered due to technology not working properly. In fact, 31 percent of respondents went so far as to say that they would give up a week's worth of vacation to ensure tech malfunctions never happen in their business again.

    "The stress levels that hit a company when IT issues slow, or stop, normal operations is extreme," reports Dan Carpenter, President of IT at Miles Technologies. "Business owners and top executives need to focus on customer service, daily managerial operations, and client meetings - not IT issues."

    Miles Managed IT Services, delivered via Miles Assurance Plans, enable businesses to operate more efficiently and profitably by providing unlimited IT support at predictable costs, proactive IT services and increased efficiency.

    "With unlimited support for your network, you'll never again worry about how much support time you've used or how tightly your wallet will be squeezed. Your costs for managed IT services will be predictable so that you can easily set and stick to your budget," Carpenter explains. "With a Miles Assurance Plan, Miles Technologies becomes your managed IT service provider, taking on the responsibility of making sure your network is running at peak efficiency as well as identifying and addressing issues before they cause problems."

    With 24/7 network monitoring by Miles Technologies, businesses can rest easy knowing that when a problem arises, Miles Technologies will know about it - immediately - and can begin working on a resolution. Once the problem is resolved, Miles Technologies IT support team works hard to create solutions for preventing future issues.

    "With Miles Assurance Plans, companies can gain peace of mind and concentrate on what's most important, running and growing the company," Carpenter states. "Miles Assurance Plans provide the expert-level consulting, on a monthly basis, which businesses need to perform at peak efficiency and gain competitive advantages."

    To find out how managed IT services by Miles Technologies can benefit your business, contact Miles Technologies at (800) 496-8001 or visit To learn more about the IT, business software, website and graphic design and online marketing services of Miles Technologies, visit


    Founded in 1997, Miles Technologies of Moorestown, NJ, provides Information Technology (IT), business software, web and graphic design and online marketing services to organizations of all sizes and from all industries. Today, Miles Technologies provides these cutting-edge technology services to more than 1,800 customers nationwide. Contact Miles Technologies at (800) 496-8001 and visit Miles Technologies at . LIKE! Miles Technologies on Facebook and follow @milestech on Twitter for news, information and services impacting business technologies today.

    Miles Technologies
    Corporate Headquarters
    300 West Route 38
    Moorestown, NJ 08057
    (800) 496-8001

    Marie Alonso

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    ( July 19, 2013 -- Twenty children massacred in an elementary school room. A gunman enters a theatre and does the unthinkable. Two young immigrants launch improvised explosive devices in a crowd of spectators, and urban violence is a mainstay of the American fabric. All of these have amounted to no change in the nation's gun laws. According to Dr. Steven DavidSon, the marches and other activities in the wake of the Zimmerman decision are attempting something that no other racial group white or otherwise could change.

    "What's the end game of the activity? Changed gun laws? Most of the focus is on the National Rifle Association when it comes to changing gun laws, but the NRA has four powerful themes. Any one involved in social activism, politics, or any other pursuit will find the four as an insurmountable foe."

    DavidSon identifies the four fears as terrorism, urban imagery, suburban massacres, and government.

    "These four and others represent a stalwart that no movement can overcome. These make laws like 'stand your ground' an impossible fortress. These fears are so powerful wherever one or more of these fears are displayed they become immovable objects."

    According to DavidSon, one was on complete display in the Zimmerman trial.

    "The George Zimmerman case raised one of the greatest fears in the jurors. Although she was introduced by the prosecution , the imagery of a young Black female representing every stereo-type imaginable initiated the proceedings. Concluding the proceedings, the defense introduced a single white female-parent living in fear in her community, and a picture of Trayvon shirtless. Given the combination of urban imagery such as a hoodie, gold tooth and a black youth prepared to initiate violence little was needed thereafter. As Juror B-37 shared, Trayvon delivered the first blow. All of the other facts concerning Zimmerman as the origin of the darkness, by-passing the prohibition of the 911 operator, following the deceased, and the one carrying a weapon had no bearing once the jurors were introduced to their worse fears.

    Nothing else mattered. They and the nation sided with Zimmerman."

    When asked what can those concerned do? DavisSon admits he offers what few desire to hear.

    "This is not the 1860s where Civil War began unlocking the shackles of slavery, and it's not the 1960s where marches and similar activities
    raised national conscientiousness. The concerns of minority communities have been overtaken by terrorism and other concerns.

    As a practical strategic matter, when jurors sense in their spirits that
    injustice is taking place, they have to stand! Among all of the activities, this must be the initiative among any other activities.

    DavidSon alludes to a jury that he hung three years ago concerning a Hispanic charged with drunk driving for a third-time.

    "The previous two offenses happened ten years prior. It was a case where the evidence did not support drunk-driving but could support wreck less driving in my view. The police audio tape began with John Q citizen calling in this person at midnight weaving across a lane and the words 'he's a Mexican.' John Q. Citizen did not even show as a witness for the hearing. The officer's dash-cam showed the officer giving the field sobriety test. It was clear the officer could not detect an issue. There were other problems. Once the jury duty was concluded with a one abstention hung-jury, the prosecuting attorney wanted to know what happened. The other jurors who said guilty before we all sat down the first time in the jury room were furious. The lead prosecutor desired my perspective. I told him the video was exculpatory. The guy stood on one foot, and did not slur his speech at all. These were inconsistent with someone so drunk, he'd swerve all over the freeway. He responded, 'we knew the video could be a problem.'

    What the prosecutor was relying on was the culture. He'd submit what he had to the bias and inhibitions of a law enforcement, corporal punishment oriented demographic, and he was almost right. By the way, the defendant's defense was pathetic.'

    Concerning those not as knowledgeable about the law, DavidSon provides the key indicator.

    " When the judge could see that we were hung he asked that we return to the jury room one more time. He said words that should be with every jury member. 'Do not commit conscientious suicide.'

    While injustice may not be apparent to all, when something in the conscientious is deeply troubled jurors must abstain. Anyone viewing the CNN Zimmerman case Juror B-37 clearly witnessed a person who committed conscientious suicide."

    DavIdSon also includes one other factor.

    "Most of the marches and other activity are an appeal to government, and particularly the federal government. Checkmate!
    Today, the federal government is viewed as an arch enemy, particularly where these 'stand your ground' laws exist. I suppose the exception is when a catastrophe occurs.

    Unfortunately, clergy activists neglect the most powerful resource available. When the odds are completely against anyone as in this case, folks need Jesus. In fact, folks need Jesus regardless of the odds. He's the answer to all the ills, particularly in a society so fearful, your community concerns are way down the list of national issues."

    Dr. Steven B. DavidSon is author of the Christ-based Series, and founder of the nation's exclusive Christ- based organization devoted to Christian counseling and education, the Association of Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators and Educational Systems (A3CEES).

    Contact Information:
    Article Origin: CB Associates
    Dr. Dennise Bates, or Timothy DavidSon
    Phone: 972 719 2589
    Web sites:,,

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- DUI Attorneys Los Angeles has just launched their new directory of DUI lawyers in the City of Angels.

    The directory is the most comprehensive list of attorneys who handle DUI cases created to date and it offers those who have been charged with DUI the information they need to make an informed decision about representation. In fact that is the main reason the directory was created. A DALA spokesperson announced that launch of the new directory and said, "When individuals are pulled over and charged with DUI, they have enough to worry about without the added stress of finding the right lawyer. This directory takes the frustration out of that process and gives people access to the information they so desperately need."

    According to DUI Attorneys Los Angeles there is nothing more important than choosing an experienced DUI attorney when charged with this serious offense. The directory they have created lists the many DUI attorneys in Los Angeles and provides information about their experience, location and philosophy of handling DUI cases. Those who use the directory will have access to this important information and can then choose the right DUI attorney who will best handle their case.

    DUI Attorneys Los Angeles has a long history of offering advice for those charged with a DUI offense. The firm is known as the go-to resource for information on all aspects of a DUI case, from start to finish. Visitors to their website can learn about the pretrial process, what to expect at a hearing, how a DUI affects a driving record and what the potential penalties are for a DUI. This new directory is just another way in which DALA is giving those charged with DUI the information they need to navigate the system and position themselves for the best outcome possible.

    Those who want to learn more or who want to browse the directory can visit the DUI Attorneys Los Angeles website at or call 424.835.3040 to speak with a representative. DUI Attorneys Los Angeles also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Github, Dribbble, LinkedIn and YouTube.

    8721 Santa Monica Boulevard #808
    Los Angeles, CA 90069-4507
    Phone: (424) 835-3040 (24/7)

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- London, United Kingdom --, the new and popular UK based web hosting service has added Virtual Private Servers, or VPS, to its product line up. After opening its doors in December 2012, has quickly established itself as the hosting provider of choice for many UK home and business users and aims to increase its appeal by offering VPS to the mix. added UK-based dedicated servers last month.

    Freddy Schiwek, CEO of, said "We're pleased to offer a range of VPS plans. These are hosted in our UK datacentre and powered by Supermicro's latest hardware. The result is customers using our VPS plans experience faster speeds and improved reliability when you compare us to some competitors. And with our pricing starting at just £19.95 per month, our offers are very affordable - even for those on a tight budget."

    "Each VPS offers a choice of Operating Systems, dedicated IP addresses, guaranteed CPU and Memory resources and a range of software add-ons. We also include unlimited bandwidth with each virtual server."

    About is quickly becoming the number 1 choice for people looking for UK hosting. Their 100% network uptime guarantee, affordable pricing and responsive customer service is resulting in many 5 star service reviews across a number of review sites, including

    Contact info:
    Matthew Russell
    1 (800) 252-1887

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- - The United States Destination Marketing Agency and US Travel Guide, celebrates the re-launch of their website, promoting travel and tourism in the United States of America.

    Washington, DC Metro- The America The Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Pass Program now includes America's most iconic collection of classic patriotic music and stunning video of the United States of America from The National Park Pass is your ticket to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. Each $80 Annual pass covers entrance fees at national parks and national wildlife refuges as well as standard amenity fees at national forests and grasslands, and at lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation. The pass covers entrance and standard amenity fees for a driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle at per vehicle fee areas (or up to four adults at sites that charge per person). Children age 15 or under are admitted free. is offering The Spirit of America DVD video FOR FREE (a $29.95 value) with every park pass purchased through their website - The Park Pass is good for One Year from the month of purchase. The free DVD offer is not available with the Senior Pass, Access Pass or Volunteer Pass. The promotion is scheduled to run through September, 2013.

    "We are delighted to share The Spirit of America DVD with visitors to the National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands across the United States of America," said Peter Smith, President of The America Companies. "The musical experience we have compiled features beautiful video of the United States and celebrates our most cherished Patriotic Music including: "America The Beautiful", "God Bless America", "My Country 'Tis of Thee", "Star Spangled Banner", "Stars and Stripes Forever" and much more."

    The America Companies, LLC released the most comprehensive privately held tourism and travel promotion website to the world in March of 2013. The America The Beautiful website focuses exclusively on tourism and travel in the United States of America, The District of Columbia and United States Territories. As a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), will continue to prepare and release tourism and travel information to keep travelers informed on an expansive list of tourism and travel options in the United States. American Citizens and International visitors are encouraged to take a broader look at the opportunities, adventures and entertainment available in the United State of America and also to include more US Destinations in their travel and sightseeing plans for 2013 and 2014.

    "Tourism promotion is a vital part of the economy here in Washington, D.C. and across the United States of America," said Peter Smith, President of The America Companies. "Given the current state of the US & Global economies and the continuing slow recovery process, global travel has been impacted significantly. Fuel prices remain at record high levels and international airfare rates are reflecting it." "We are all feeling the effects" says Smith. "These are times when we need to look out our back door at all the United States has to offer the tourism and travel industry. The United States of America is home to many of the globe's most spectacular landscapes, national parks, unique cultures and unprecedented hospitality in the tourism industry and we need to make a point to revisit all that has made this country so grand." has recently become a Priceline Network Partner and is offering Travel Booking Solutions for Hotels, Rental Cars, Airlines, Vacations Packages and Travel Deals across America. The America Companies plans to make travel in the United States more attractive to assist in boosting the US Tourism Industry once again.

    Media Contact: Peter F Smith, founder -

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- When it comes to producing quality music, Tuneheadz, a venture of Cooch is always ahead of its game. What began as an unconditional love for music led to some colossal achievements that Cooch continues to revel in. Through ups and downs, Tuneheadz has managed to carve a place in their followers' hearts and continues to do so with engaging and foot tapping music.

    New York City, New York (July 22, 2013) - Tuneheadz is the platinum production that has catered to the musical needs of millions all over the globe. It was a venture by Cooch which led to the addition of a brand new dimension to music. He discovered his love for rapping at a very young age. It was during this time that the seeds for a musical revolution were sown. When he grew up, he started making beats to go with his rapping. This magical harmony made him realize that the sky is the limit. He was not too sure about the name that would grace the record label. That is when his daughter stepped in and suggested a name that went on to become a celebrated one in the music industry; Tuneheadz.
    Partnering with Cooch to take on challenges faced by Tuneheadz was Batman, who still continues to be a part of this renowned production label. Together they witnessed the highs and lows of Tuneheadz and worked homogeneously to bring out the best from it. Later on, they teamed up with Living Proof and have been inseparable since.

    Tuneheadz is well known for its knack of selling music records apart from its potential of producing superior quality music. Cooch enjoys his work and there is nothing else that he would love to do for the rest of his life. He has been multitasking for quite some time now. He looks after the various aspects of the production label. He is a producer and a manager at the same time. Apart from producing foot tapping music, he also looks after the entire workflow, ensuring only the finest quality finds its way to the listener.
    His career, to say the least, has been a roller coaster journey as he has worked with some of the most celebrated names in the industry. He is currently working with U.M who is better known as Uncle Murda. They have some addictive music lined up, which he believes the listeners will keep humming all day long. Prior to working with Uncle Murda, Tuneheadz has proudly collaborated with the charming Mariah Carey along with the G-Unit heavyweight 50 Cent & Young Jezzy. They have also worked closely with other renowned stars like DMX, French Montana, Waka Flocka, Camron, Jada Kiss and the likes. They have teamed up with the best the industry has to offer.

    Currently Tuneheadz is busy spinning hooking music as part of its record deal with its imprint 'Epic Records', 'Tuneheadz', 'GMG'. The collaboration is sure to bring out some fine results that the world will see.

    Tuneheadz was going through a rough time after losing 2 of their esteemed partners, Living Proof and Chris Lighty. They faced every hardship and every joy and honor together. They will be missed forever. Tuneheadz has made a momentous comeback and is busy working on their 3 projects that are lined up for the upcoming music releases. The Tuneheadz Family, Uncle Murda and 38 Spesh are the three very valuable projects that have been taken up by Tuneheadz. Cooch, the CEO of Tuneheadz is positive that these projects will be highly influential with addictive music that will be loved by their listeners.
    If a musical anthem is what one wishes for, a musical anthem is what they will get. This is what Tuneheadz promises to deliver to their listeners. Stay tuned for their line-up of Artists.

    Media Contact:
    Name: Steve Flagg
    Contact Number: 646 481-3180
    Email ID:

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- Honolulu, Hawaii -- Executive producer Thomas G. Donovan is looking for a buyer for the film rights to his 1992 Australian feature, "Jindalee Lady."

    "I originally became involved with the film because I had Australian Aboriginal friends and because my friend and business associate, Briann Kearney [sic], was the screenwriter and producer," said Donovan, 84. "It's an historical document of importance in the cinema of indigenous people that is still relevant today. It has universal themes of identity (both self- and cultural), of love lost and then found, and of winners and losers. I don't have any heirs, and in this later stage of my life I'd like to see this groundbreaking project bought by an organization in a position to donate it or use it to advance the Aboriginal cause." The asking price is US $1 million.

    The story is set in Sydney, Australia, about a woman of Aboriginal descent (Lauren, played by Lydia Miller) who rises to the pinnacle of success as a fashion designer (using Aboriginal designs), only to find her marriage crumbling due to her Caucasian husband's philandering (David, played by Patrick Ward). She rediscovers her Aboriginal roots through the rekindling of a relationship with an Aboriginal cinematographer she once knew (Greg, played by Michael Leslie). The film marks the first professional appearance of the Bangarra Dance Theatre, an internationally recognized dance troupe today.

    The late Aboriginal director, Brian Syron, noted that the movie heralded a major victory for his community at the time: "This is very important for young Aboriginal children -- because there have never been success stories about their people. Boys have only ever had the image of the bottle and girls have only had the image of the baby." Leading lady Lydia Miller called it a breakthrough for Aboriginal filmmakers. "Aboriginal women have always been presented as victims of rape and violence. It's thrilling to think that the public will now see a positive role model." (Donovan with Brody T. Lorraine, Media Ethics, An Aboriginal Film and the Australian Film Commission, pp. 269-270.)

    The film's purchase is ideal as all rights are available. A TV series based on the movie had even been discussed with ABC.

    "Jindalee Lady" was invited to screen at the 1992 Inaugural Brisbane International Film Festival as part of the first Charles Chauvel Tribute, was nominated as Best Feature Film - East West Award at the 1992 Hawaii International Film Festival, and was awarded Best Feature Film at the 1992 Dreamspeakers International Film Festival in Edmonton, Canada. Wherever it showed, it played to full houses.

    And as Donovan pointed out in his 2002 book with Brody T. Lorraine, Media Ethics, An Aboriginal Film and the Australian Film Commission: "'Jindalee Lady' is a series of 'firsts' and is a landmark in Australian films' history. It is the first Australian feature film to be directed by an Aboriginal, Brian Syron. It is the first Australian feature film to be composed and scored by an Aboriginal, Bart Willoughby, and the first Australian feature film with an Aboriginal Costume Designer, Stephen Fitzgerald. It is the first feature film to show Aboriginals as successful people in modern Australian society and the first time Aboriginal leaders supported a film project from its inception to its completion." (p. 11)

    The plot evolved from one of a travel film of a woman in her 40s from Mount Isa, Queensland, to Darwin, Northern Territory, to one that was based on briann kearney's own modeling career and her work in the film industry. Syron (a well-known actor who had studied under Stella Adler) had also worked as a model in New York and Paris and was Aboriginal consultant as well has co-scriptwriter. He added his people's overview to the story and influenced how indigenous people would be portrayed in the film.

    In his book with briann kearney, Kicking Down The Doors: A History of Australian Indigenous Filmmakers From 1968 - 1993 (2008), Syron declared that in "Jindalee Lady" it was the "first time an Aboriginal or a non-Aboriginal has shown Aboriginal people in a middle-class, melodramatic production. ... My community believes it is essential for the survival of my race that we see ourselves living in urban Australia, involved in personal and emotional issues that do not exclusively revolve around poverty and lower socio-economic groupings. Our dreaming must continue and we indigenous peoples must live in two worlds. ...'Jindalee Lady' is a film about romance and dreams because without romance and dreams my people will have nothing."

    The movie is currently available through pay-per-view streaming distribution at . Video Preview: Website:

    Contact Dave Dickey, (808) 852-8833 or, for further information on purchasing the rights.

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- Skintagfree launches a new blog that that will cover all skin care and skin tag related topics to help their visitors beautify themselves.

    Skin and beauty issues plague people almost constantly. For many it is a life-long struggle against the ravages of acne and other skin issues.

    Skin Tag Free is a new website designed to fight the ravages of skin problems without expensive visits to dermatologists and medicinal products.

    Written in a series of friendly and easy to read blogs, each post concentrates on a different and unique aspect of skin care and treatments.

    One of the most popular posts is the 73 Myths of Acne.

    There are other posts as well. An extensive posts on the difference between skin tags and moles is available and very educational for visitors.

    Since many of the dermatological issues that many face cause problems outside of beauty, there is a post dedicated to irritation and skin issues.

    "When I first went to this site, I went because I was struggling with skin problems for my daughter," said Laura Kehl, "but when I got there I was very pleased to learn how there are others who are facing the same issue as my daughter.

    Additional posts and information is available on the website. Visit to learn more about the skin issues.

    About: Skintagfree provides a natural and safest cost effective product for mole removal which is a best alternative to surgery. For more information interested clients can visit Skintagfree at 80 Continental Drive, Ste 101 Reno, Nevada 89509, or make a phone call by dialing 1-755-323-1413 and also send emails at

    Aaron Lilly,
    80 Continental Drive, Ste 101 Reno, Nevada 89509
    PHONE : 1-755-323-1413
    Email ID :

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    ( July 23, 2013 -- The newly created QuestDeck Discovery System sales app for the iPad, designed to help uncover client needs and assist sales professionals increase sales, has today been officially released by its developer, Tye Maner Group (

    QuestDeck Discovery System App is a powerful, interactive and easy-to-use sales tool that allows you to draw out key information from potential customers.

    "When client's needs are uncovered in the sales cycle, it helps you build a relationship with your client, create larger orders, and close more sales... and that's exactly what this new QuestDeck Discovery app does," says the app's developer Tye Maner, who is also President and founder of Tye Maner Group and is a renowned facilitator of leadership development and sales skills in addition to being an inspiring radio show host, motivational/keynote speaker and the author of "Forget Patience, Let's Sell Something. Essential Selling Skills for Winning More Clients Now!"

    Maner adds the app was created for sales professionals, sales organizations, and mid to large sized businesses that need an effective sales process without hard selling and manipulating closing tactics.

    "The QuestDeck Discovery Sales System will now give thousands of sales professionals and business owners the confidence and the template to close more sales and get paid higher commissions," notes Maner.

    With the full release of the QuestDeck app, Maner has left nothing to chance, and is now offering training that will get users up to speed in the quickest possible way.

    "If the QuestDeck app will make the sales process easier and more effective, while being interactive and less stressful for the salesperson, then we would have achieved our goal," says Maner, who is an expert in sales training and development.

    Any sales professional seeking a novel way to uncover all their client's needs, with the goal of increasing sales, and shortening the sales cycles... in say, under two minutes, then the Tye Maner Group seems to have the right solution. Undoubtedly, with the release of their QuestDeck Discovery System, the guesswork for many sales teams can now be thrown out the window.

    For further information about the QuestDeck Discovery System app and how it helps to build relationships with one's clients and prospective clients, please visit the following website:

    Tye Maner, Sales Expert,
    CEO, 813-672-1040,
    Tye Maner Group
    9360 Balm Riverview Rd. Riverview, Fl 33569,

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    York, United Kingdom, ( July 23, 2013 -- Current Partnering ( has announced the publication of the "Partnering Deals and Alliances with Big Biotech" report.

    The latest edition of "Partnering Deals and Alliances with Big Biotech" report provides comprehensive and in-depth insight into the deal making interests and activity of the world's leading fifty big biotech companies.

    This brand new market intelligence report includes:
    • Detailed partnering activity profiles for each of the top 50 big biotech companies
    • Over 300 charts showing a company's deal making activity since 2007, allowing quick identification potential partners
    • Partnering therapy focus revealed
    • Partnering activity since 2007 - number of deals per year
    • Full listing of partnering deals
    • Activity by deal type
    • Activity by industry sector
    • Activity by phase of development
    • Activity by technology type
    • Activity by therapeutic area
    • Comprehensive access to over 1,500 partnering deals as recorded at Current Agreement, together with contract documents if available
    • Insight into the terms included in a partnering agreement, together with real world clause examples, via contract documents
    • Understand the key deal terms the company has agreed in previous deals
    • Undertake due diligence to assess suitability of your proposed deal terms for partner companies

    Fully up to date, this research provides details of big biotech agreements to from 2005 to 2013.

    The Partnering Deals and Alliances with Big Biotech report provides the most comprehensive and in-depth insight into the dealmaking interests and activity of the worlds leading fifty big biotech companies.

    This premier report provides all the information you require to better understand big biotech partnering.

    One of the key aspects of partnering is finding those companies that are potential candidates for the development and commercialization of the next generation of therapies. A lot of resources are spent on finding partners, identifying their interests and making contact to initiate discussions.
    Using this report, dealmakers will effectively and efficiently target their partnering activities to deliver the company's business development objectives. Over 300 charts allow quick understanding of each big biotech companies dealmaking trends over the last eight years.
    This report contains over 1,500 links to online copies of actual partnering deals as recorded at Current Agreement, together with contract documents if submitted to the Securities Exchange Commission by big biotech and their partners.

    Table of Contents

    Full table of contents and list of figures:

    Executive Summary
    Chapter 1 - Introduction
    Chapter 2 - Big biotech top 50 dealmaking activity
    Chapter 3 - Top big biotech deals by value
    Chapter 4 - Submitting opportunities to big biotech
    Chapter 5 - Forthcoming big biotech partnering events
    Chapter 6 - Big biotech company profiles
    Chapter 7 - Resources

    Companies profiled:
    Acorda Therapeutics
    Alexion Pharmaceuticals
    Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
    AMAG Pharmaceuticals
    Anika Therapeutics
    Array Biopharma
    Bavarian Nordic
    Biogen Idec
    BioMarin Pharmaceuticals
    Emergent BioSolutions
    Enzo Biochem
    Gilead Sciences
    Isis Pharmaceuticals
    LFB Group
    Nektar Therapeutics
    Novo Nordisk
    NPS Pharmaceuticals
    Onyx Pharmaceuticals
    PDL BioPharma
    Questcor Pharmaceuticals
    Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
    SciClone Pharmaceuticals
    Seattle Genetics
    Spectrum Pharmaceuticals
    Swedish Orphan Biovitrum
    The Medicines Company
    United Therapeutics
    Vertex Pharmaceuticals

    To order this report: Partnering Deals and Alliances with Big Biotech

    More: Deals and Alliances reports

    Current Partnering
    Phone: +44 1904 799893
    Fax: +44 8709 305993
    Sector: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology
    Source: Current Partnering

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    August Spirited Open House Includes Ghosts, Spirits and Mediums

    Lively Event Promotes Energetic Connections with Friends and Spirits

    "If you were to meet a Spirit on the stairway, the first thing you'd want to know is if it's real. To make it easier, you'd probably want a Medium around so you can find out if it's also friendly or not."

    San Francisco, CA ( July 23, 2013 -- Joyce Jackson, the Sane Psychic, and Lil' Luna Clothing announce their annual Spirited Open House August 24, 2013, 511 First Street, Benicia, CA. With Lil' Luna Clothing occupying an historic building once a brothel and bar, Joyce Jackson, Psychic Medium hosts the annual Spirited Open House. Not only is the building purported to be haunted, guests will enjoy a spirited time ghost hunting as well as readings, tarot cards and astrological insight.

    "One of the highlights of the event is the Spirit Contest," explains Lil' Luna owner Sandra Cox. "Guests get to walk around the building and see if they can meet the spirits we believe are there and get their names and characteristics. The one who sees the most will win one of our fabulous door prizes."

    "I believe there are numerous Spirits in and around this building," says Jackson, also known as The Sane Psychic. "If you were to meet a Spirit on the stairway, the first thing you'd want to know is if it's real. To make it easier, you'd probably want a Medium around so you can find out if it's also friendly or not." The benefits of attending are the chance to dialogue with them and to chat one-on-one with various different Advisors, from Mediums to Astrologers to healers.

    Lil' Luna specializes in gently used children's clothing. In addition to the store, Cox works within the Benicia, CA mother's community to bring events, opportunities and insight into their roles as moms, nurturers and women in the workplace.

    CONTACT: Joyce Jackson
    The Sane Psychic

    Spirited Open House
    Saturday, August 24, 2013, 1pm - 5pm.
    Lil' Luna
    511 First Street
    Benicia, CA
    See for more information.

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