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    ( May 15, 2013 -- Massachusetts exclusive buyer agent real estate firm Buyers Brokers Only, a member of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA), is excited to announce the creation of a $1,000 scholarship program. Scholarships will be awarded to two individuals who can best demonstrate with a short video why a smart consumer should use an exclusive buyer agent when buying a home.

    The scholarship contest is open to all individuals who will be enrolled in a U.S. accredited post-secondary institution during the Fall 2013 session regardless of major or degree program, including those attending accredited post-secondary trade or technical schools.

    "With the cost of higher education continually on the rise, we are happy to partner with the National Association of Buyer Agents to offer this scholarship program," Richard Rosa, broker/owner of Buyers Brokers Only, LLC said. "It's also an opportunity for students and others to learn about the importance of having a real estate buyer agent that is 100 percent loyal to the home buyer."

    Video entries are being accepted immediately through May 31, 2013. Starting June 25, 2013, the public may vote on their favorite video and the top 40 finalists will be reviewed by a NAEBA committee. The two winners will be announced on July 31, 2013. For full details and an entry form, students can visit the NAEBA Web site (

    About Buyers Brokers Only, LLC
    Buyers Brokers Only, LLC is an exclusive buyer agent real estate brokerage with buyer brokers located in Boston; Haverhill, MA; Canton, MA; Needham, MA; Chelmsford, MA; Dunstable, MA; Dedham, MA; Milton, MA; Lynn, MA; Shrewsbury, MA; and Portsmouth, NH. For the latest in real estate news in Massachusetts, subscribe to the Massachusetts Home Buyer Guide (

    About the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents
    The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) is an organization of real estate professionals who have dedicated their business lives to representing only buyers of real estate. NAEBA buyer agents don't list homes for sale and never represent sellers. This restriction to one side of the real estate transaction stands out as vitally important in light of what has happened in real estate in the last decade or so. Since several states discarded the common law of agency in the mid 1990s, the real estate agent's duties of obedience, undivided loyalty, confidentiality and reasonable care have been greatly diminished. More importantly, most consumers are not aware of agency concepts.

    Richard Rosa, Broker/Owner
    Buyers Brokers Only, LLC


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    ( May 16, 2013 -- As international trade begins to show signs of recovery globally, Dunlap-Stone University has noted a change in the way students are declaring their degree status, particularly in the U.S.--students pursuing their bachelor degree are declaring an interesting double major. Records show increasing numbers of students in the Bachelor of Science in International Trade Management program are pursuing a dual emphasis for their degree--regulatory trade compliance law and global supply chain management. School officials say that this interesting combination of disciplines aligns well with the emerging needs of industry and high paying jobs. They say trade compliance law is an increasingly hot topic for companies as the cost of export violations can be in the millions of dollars per offense. As the global economy begins to rebound, companies' needs to enter global markets safely increases. Those with knowledge of how to manage a company's global supply chain will be in high demand. Having both of these high demand disciplines within their formal degree will make graduates valuable to a broad spectrum of potential employers. University officials say the need for employees with this expertise greatly exceeds the number of graduates the school is able to supply.

    About Dunlap-Stone University

    Dunlap-Stone University is a premier online university. For nearly 18 years it has been the leader in providing "Professionally Significant Degrees(R)" and training programs to industry. It is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). DETC is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Dunlap-Stone University is an Arizona private corporation. It is licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education as an online degree granting university. For the fourth year in a row, DSU has been ranked in the Top 15% of all U.S. Universities and Colleges for Military Friendliness.

    Enrollment Advisors
    Dunlap-Stone University
    (800) 474-8013
    (602) 648-5750

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    ( May 16, 2013 -- In a digital age, rash decisions can haunt you indefinitely and this lesson, unfortunately for Kitchen Nightmares stars Sammy and Amy, can be learned the hard way. Twitter, Facebook and Yelp can harm your business as much as they can help.

    With that in mind, Zap Marketing Group, a San Diego Reputation Marketing Company, has recently renewed efforts to educate small business owners in regards to online reputation management. Information and emotions travel rapidly on the web and, regardless of whether it's fact or fiction, the bookmarking site Reddit can go viral, and tweets and Yelpers can transform five star reviews to one star stay-away reports in the blink of an eye.

    "I have seen businesses with the best practices and intentions fall victim to unethical complaints on social media. No one is immune," said Michael Pearse, a reputation marketer.

    Such was the recent experience of Amy's Baking Company. After some negative exposure on Kitchen Nightmares a clip of the show was posted on Reddit. It was at that point when Samy and Amy Bouzaglo should have hired the professionals to go into reputation management mode. Instead, in the heat of the moment, they tried to handle the increasing criticism by deflecting it on facebook. It was more than they bargained for, and as the trickle became a deluge, and remarks became more and more heated, Samy and Amy Bouzaglo responded in kind. That became bigger news than ever. Tweets started going viral, and those on Yelp downgraded the 1.5 star restaurant.

    Experts in reputation management might have considered a completely different route. They might have temporarily deactivated facebook or prevented comments while posting an apology from management. They might also have removed the Bougazlo's website and waited until the fuss died down before letting it go live again. They might also have ensured that any search for the company only brought up positive reviews. The purpose of it would have been to let as little of the damage surface on the web as possible.

    "It is key business owners do not let emotion to take over when responding to consumer complaints or attacks. This event is the perfect example," said Pearse.

    Zap Marketing Group has now been successfully caring for their existing clients in this field for some years and, based on that experience, has now opened the doors to new clients. Zap Marketing Group continues to offer Mobile and Local SEO as well as Reputation Management to small business owners.

    Media Contact: Michael Pearse


    Phone: (619) 436-6893

    Source: News Wire


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    Wayne, N.J. ( May 16, 2013 -- FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Optical Devices Division will demo several of its latest products ideal for the film and video production community at the Cine Gear Expo, to be held at The Studios at Paramount in Hollywood from May 31-June 1. The company will be in booth #43 and will showcase its Premier PL 4K+ cine lenses and Cabrio cine/ENG-Style lens series.

    The Premier PL 4K+ Series features the fastest T speeds available in a family of zooms, with unprecedented color matched 4K and beyond optical performance. The Premier PL lenses are available in 14.5-45mm T2.0, 18-85mm T2.0, 24-180mm T2.6, and 75-400 mm T2.8-T3.8. All four PL Mount zooms are similar in size and weight, and uniform gear placement and front barrel diameters (136mm). Focus, zoom, and iris gears are all in the same position--which speeds up lens changes, since follow focus accessories and lens motors can stay in the same position on the rods. Focus barrel rotation is a uniform 280 degrees on all four zooms.

    Premier PL 4K lenses have been used by several acclaimed DPs for feature films including Oblivion and Iron Man 3.

    In its Cabrio series, the PL 19-90 (model ZK4.7

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    Blasting specialist Blastmaster uses its expertise to offer key advice regarding the optimum amount of abrasives to use. The company is a reputable supplier of blasting equipment to the protective coating and corrosion control industries.

    ( May 16, 2013 -- Blastmaster, a recognized provider of abrasives and other specialized materials and equipment for the global corrosion control and protective coating sectors, uses its extensive experience to offer excellent advice regarding blasting.

    A key piece of advice is with regards the proper amount of blasting abrasive to use during blasting operations. Using too much or too little abrasive contributes significantly to inefficiency and can drive up costs.

    Adding too much abrasive to the air-abrasive mix than is necessary is quite simply a waste of abrasive, and can also complicate dust control operations. Conversely, using too little abrasive will prevent a blasting operation from being as effective as it needs to be.

    These concerns illustrate the importance of ensuring that one's mixture contains just enough abrasives to be efficient. Fortunately there is a fast and effective way for blasting operators to ensure that they attain the right mix every time.

    To do so, blasting operators simply need to make sure that their abrasive metering valve, which regulates the amount of abrasive used during blasting operations, is optimally set. To properly set an abrasive metering valve, once a blaster is running and with the deadman trigger on, an operator first needs to shut the valve. Next the operator should slowly open it, watching the emerging mix carefully until its colour changes slightly. Doing so will ensure that only enough abrasive is incorporated into the air-abrasive mix to render it effective during a blasting operation, and avoid using too much of it. An efficient air/abrasive mixture will be only slightly visible, appearing as a coloured haze in the air stream.

    To learn more about Blastmaster's services and tips, visit:

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    ( May 16, 2013 -- 2013 is thought to be the year of the Solar Max, the 11-year solar cycle's peak, but although 2013 has arrived, the solar activity is quite low. This has led a few observers to question if forecasters overlooked the mark. Dean Pesnell, a solar physicist who is a part of the NASA Solar Cycle Prediction Panel, however, has a different explanation. He suggests that it appears different from what they expected as it is double peaked.

    It is commonly known that solar activity moves back and forth similar to a simple pendulum. At the cycle's one end, there's a quiet time with a small number of flares and sunspots. At its other end, Solar Max leads to high numbers of sunspots and solar storms. It is a regular rhythm that recurs every eleven years.

    However, it is more complicated in reality. Sunspots have been counted by astronomers for centuries and they've noted that the cycle isn't completely normal. Several solar maxima are extremely weak while others are extremely strong. Pesnell also notes that the last 2 solar maxima had not 1 but 2 peaks. The same occurrence could be happening now. In 2011, sunspot counts increased and dipped in 2012. Pesnell expects them to increase again in 2013. He also notes a resemblance between Solar Cycle 14 and Solar Cycle 24, which had a double-peak during the 20th century's first decade. He said that if the 2 cycles are twins, 1 peak in late 2013 and another peak in 2015 are likely to happen.

    Last winter was supposed to be the top peak in the 11-year solar cycle, but now it looks like next winter is going to be just as powerful as the last one. The sun is the source of the Northern Lights and for people wanting to see these, this news is actually quite important.

    The northern lights website is part of Ferðamenn Íslands, which is owned by Robert S. Robertsson. It is the best place to visit for those who want to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. Commonly known as the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights have long charmed visitors to Iceland. With their ethereal radiance and impressive colors, Northern Lights might seem like magic, yet the science behind this wonder is well understood. The shimmer happens electrons from the solar winds interact with the atmosphere of Earth and the stream-like movements occur as the winds follow the magnetic force of the planet.

    For more information, please feel free to visit or send emails to


    Contact: Róbert S. Róbertsson
    Company: Frumkvöðlar ehf

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    ( May 16, 2013 -- Under circumstances an overly long commitment of partners in a partnership organised under the German Civil Law (GbR) that arises out of the memorandum of partnership of the GbR, can be inappropriate.

    GRP Rainer Lawyers Tax Advisors, Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart, Bremen, Nuremberg and London explain: It seems like the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) gave a judgment on the question which length is appropriate for a commitment of partners by a memorandum of partnership of a GbR which is binding for the partners (Ref. no.: II ZR 176/12).

    A long-term commitment could be invalid because it might lead to a limitation of the partner's options for termination. The personal and economic freedom of the partner should not be restricted inappropriately by the commitment of the partners to the company and the partner should have the option to manage it time-wise. The memorandum of partnership cannot extravagate this.

    The limitation for commitment which is appropriate has to be decided on a case-by-case basis, meaning there is no general upper limit. Especially deciding are following facts: the structure of the company, the nature and extent of the arising obligations from the participation in the company. Furthermore the interest in the long-term existence of the company deriving from its purposes shall be taken in consideration as well as the legitimate interests of the individual partners involved in the long-term commitment.

    The partnership organised under the German Civil Law is also known as BGB-Gesellschaft. It is the most basic form of a partnership and there are few binding conditions to be fulfilled. It's up to the partners to shape the company through its memorandum of partnership.

    The memorandum of partnership does not need a specific form and many GbR provisions are not obligatory. This contains a certain kind of flexibility. This flexibility implicates incentives and risks since many opportunities also pose many risks which might not be foreseen by the partners. That is why it is so important to place the interests of a company even before its establishment in the hands of experienced lawyers.

    GRP Rainer LLP is an international firm of lawyers and tax advisors who are specialists in commercial law. The firm counsels commercial and industrial companies and corporations, as well as associations, small- and mid-sized businesses, self-employed freelancers and private individuals worldwide from offices in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich, Stuttgart, Bremen, Nuremberg and London UK.
    Contact Michael Rainer
    Lawyer, Managing Partner

    GRP Rainer LLP
    Hohenzollernring 21-23
    50672 Cologne

    Phone: +49 221-27 22 75-0

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    ( May 16, 2013 -- FlipBook Creator and FlipBook Creator Professional, digital publishing tools from, both now feature an online Bookshelf. The feature enables users to sort their e-books and magazines by title, date, new, and more, including ascending and descending order. The most beneficial perk is it is integrated with the publisher's shopping cart, so readers can quickly identify the titles they want and purchase them. In addition, the Bookcase has a search feature and simplified navigation.

    The new feature is especially helpful in building a digital library and managing an online e-book store. There are many online stores now selling e-publications to customers. One example is the digital magazine service, Zinio, launched recently by the St. Tammany Parish Library in Louisiana. Using a library card, users can download over 100 magazines. An app even allows viewers to read magazines online. The availability of such a service demonstrates just how prevalent e-magazines have become; demand for them has reached all corners of the United States and is spreading across the world.

    In addition, Wethersfield Library in Connecticut has made the Zinio digital magazine service available. Readers can see these on computers, iPads, Androids, and most other mobile devices by creating an account with their library card online. These examples of digital libraries prove that people want to read their magazines electronically. It is therefore easy to predict, according to, that massive digital libraries are on the way.

    The Bookshelf tool in the company's flip book PDF software was developed by three experienced software engineers. Since it began developing the software in 2008, the new tool is the greatest leap in its product line and has dominated talk of the new features constantly added. The Bookshelf will continue to be perfected as all of the functions in the software are. Digital magazine services are one profitable area the company sees as users of its revolutionary software.

    FlipBook Creator and FlipBook Creator Professional are software tools enabling users to convert PDF to flash page flip e-books. Flash effects, video, pictures, and more can be added using the simple interface. Users do not need professional experience to develop these electronic publications quickly. It is suitable for all types of businesses plus home users. For more information on the company, its software, and the new Bookshelf feature, visit


    FlipPageMaker is based in China and began creating innovative digital publishing tools in 2008. Its PDF to flash flip book conversion software has become popular among home users and business worldwide and now has features to support any digital magazine service. Software and template downloads are available online, while the company offers top-notch customer service to aid any problem and come up with solutions for new software versions.

    Contact us

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    ( May 16, 2013 -- The main organizers of the competition are the Foundation for the Polish Promotional Emblem "Poland Now", with the U.S. based partners Non-Profit Organization Pangea Alliance, an association engaged in building relations between Poles at home and abroad. The competition is the patronage of the office of the President, the Senate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. The main objective of the competition is to create a positive image of Poles living around the world and their achievements in highlighting and promoting their ability to succeed beyond the Polish borders at a world class level.

    The winners of the consular districts of New York and Chicago will represent the U.S. in the global finals in Warsaw. The winner will receive the title of "Outstanding Pole in the World" at the June gala "Poland Now" at the Grand Theatre. The Committee of Experts has selected this year's nine winners, awarding prizes in the following categories: culture, education, personality, business and the young Pole.

    In the category "Culture" the chapter honored the outstanding Polish painter and creator of world famous posters Rafal Olbinski, also choreographer and promoter of Polish art of dance in the United States Magdalene Solarz. In "Education" the award was presented to distinguished engineer Mark Dollar and Dr. John Krasoń, the most outstanding Polish geologist who has made many breakthroughs and discoveries throughout the world including, the first identified shale gas discovery in Poland.

    In the category of "Personality" long distinguished Polish-American activist and chief editor of the weekly "Kurier Plus" Sophie Kłopotowska, and activist and President of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation Carle Knorowski took the prize. In "Business" it was a sad but certainly refflective choice as the chapter posthumously awarded the distinguished Pole Wojciech Inglot for his lifetime achievements. One of the most prominent Polish businessman and president of Inglot Cosmetics died suddenly on February 23, 2013, in Przemysl, Poland where he came from.

    The title of "Young Pole of the Year" which does not compete for the World award, in this edition was awarded to distinguished Investment Banker/Entrepreneur Oskar Kowalski, who is considered the most promissing Polish talent on Wall Street heading up the Eastern European Equity Group at Legend Securities. Mr. Kowalski this year also Co-Founded Quiet Ink Entertainment with long time friend and Multi-Platinum selling recording artist Sacario. Incredibly the real story here might actually be the fact that Mr. Kowalski was homeless just 4 years ago, quiet an amazing achievement in all regards.

    He stated, "Absolutely the greatest achievement of my life, I will cherish this award for the rest of my life as it validates victory, not for me but for everyone who believed in me as a human being and gave me a chance to start a new life, I hope I will continue to make my country proud and give inspiration to anyone who feels like they can't, because you can if you believe." Director Peter Uzarowicz, author of the film "The Officer's Wife", telling the true story of families of officers killed in Katyn was also chosen.

    -This is the third edition of the "Outstanding Pole" award and we are delighted that each year the project is gaining prestige and momentum. Next year the competition will be extended for a further two constituencies with the additions of California and Florida to the U.S. representation - says Gregory Fritz, vice president of Pangea Alliance. - Thus we will be able to appreciate and bring attention to the most distinguished Poles in the United States even further, awarding them the most prestigious non-governmental distinction in Poland, which is the statuet of the "Outstanding Pole".

    This same sentiment of achievement will be evident at the end of June, as many distinguished Poles will join their foreign counterparts at the 1st Annual BREAD Conference, hosted in Poland is expected to be a premier international business get together. Over 350 top level executives, politicians, and the elite of young entrepreneurs representing Poland along with the best that the world has to offer in corporate business will join forces in exchanging ideas.

    Dany Albayali 

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    ( May 16, 2013 -- There are many different duties to accomplish pursuant to the provisions of the Commercial Code (HGB) by a commercial agent.

    GRP Rainer Lawyers Tax Advisors, Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Hanover, Bremen, Nuremberg, Essen and London explain: The HGB defines commercial agent as anyone who as an independent trader has continuing authority to mediate transactions for another businessman or conclude them in that person's name. He has to deal with the duty to both endeavour to solicit this mediation or such a deal, as well as communications and the duty to furnish information in addition to other duties.

    The commercial agent is to be considered a representative of the businessman who must endeavour to carry out his remit within the scope of the duty to endeavour provided in the HGB.

    At the same time, this duty to endeavour is therefore his principal duty such that it is not adequate for him to comply with it simply incidentally. The key element here is not that the commercial agent enables as many mediations or deals as possible, but rather that he gains suitable turnovers. The businessman, who can hence be regarded as the principal, can substantiate the commercial agent's duties to endeavour to that effect by providing him with instructions. Therefore the commercial agent is ultimately obliged to preserve the interests of the businessman.

    In the case that the commercial agent facilitates a deal or concludes a business transaction, he is obligated to inform the businessman immediately. In particular, he must account for the deal or the particulars of the mediation.

    In addition to his duties to communicate and furnish information there is another duty that the commercial agent may be challenged with, namely the duty to be accountable. Furthermore, the businessman can demand information about the state of things at any time.
    The other duties of the commercial agent include, among other things, that he must observe the same standards of care as a businessman or preserve the business secrets disclosed to him, even if it might not ultimately lead to the conclusion of an agreement.

    The legal consequence, in particular with respect to a breach of a duty of care, can potentially be a claim for damages of the businessman against the commercial agents. Commercial agents should consult a lawyer in good time where claims may be raised against them.

    GRP Rainer LLP is an international firm of lawyers and tax advisors who are specialists in commercial law. The firm counsels commercial and industrial companies and corporations, as well as associations, small- and mid-sized businesses, self-employed freelancers and private individuals worldwide from offices in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich, Stuttgart, Bremen, Nuremberg and London UK.
    Contact Michael Rainer
    Lawyer, Managing Partner

    GRP Rainer LLP
    Hohenzollernring 21-23
    50672 Cologne

    Phone: +49 221-27 22 75-0

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    ( May 16, 2013 -- The seller of a house who fraudulently conceals an existing defect is potentially unable to plead an article of agreement excluding all warranties for defects.

    GRP Rainer Lawyers Tax Advisors, Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Hanover, Bremen, Nuremberg Essen and London explain: The Koblenz Higher Regional Court (judgment of 15 January 2013, Az.: 4 U 874/12) decided in favour of a purchaser whose house's roof was affected by a marten infestation. A few months after the acquisition of the house, the purchaser discovered the damage.

    However, the sellers of the house had told him before that they were not aware of any hidden defect in the house. In reality, they had discovered the damage before and tried to rectify it during a partial refurbishment of the roof. They stated that they therefore assumed that the house was now free from defects. Nevertheless, the marten lived in the roof for about a year, making noises and apparently destroying it. Therefore, in the opinion of the Koblenz OLG, the sellers of the house must have assumed or at least suspected during the partial refurbishment that the rest of the roof was also damaged.

    In the agreement of the sellers and the purchaser, the sellers had excluded all warranties for defects. However, the purchasers could bring claims for damages because a seller cannot invoke a warranty exemption insofar as he has fraudulently concealed a defect or assumed a guarantee for the condition of the object.

    The judgement of the Koblenz OLG shows that purchasers should not be immediately discouraged by warranty exemptions of the seller. Liability for bad faith cannot be readily excluded. Instead, a purchaser whose item is concerned by defects should seek the advice of a lawyer active in the real estate law. He will be able to carefully examine the purchaser's individual situation and claims.

    A seller, for his part, should also always legally secure himself. Consulting an experienced lawyer as early as the planning of the sale can potentially protect him from nasty surprises, such as an ineffective warranty exemption.

    GRP Rainer LLP is an international firm of lawyers and tax advisors who are specialists in commercial law. The firm counsels commercial and industrial companies and corporations, as well as associations, small- and mid-sized businesses, self-employed freelancers and private individuals worldwide from offices in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich, Stuttgart, Bremen, Nuremberg and London UK.
    Contact Michael Rainer
    Lawyer, Managing Partner

    GRP Rainer LLP
    Hohenzollernring 21-23
    50672 Cologne

    Phone: +49 221-27 22 75-0

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    ( May 16, 2013 -- eFlip, a digital publishing tool company and producer of eFlip Standard, has launched tips to help authors reach their target audience. The software includes many useful features for converting PDF into page flipping e-books. Once these are completed, authors, have numerous options for getting the attention of readers. To start, they can use the company's Upload Online Server, an Internet-based storage system which software owners have direct access to. This way, one does not even have to have a website to get their e-book read. For eFlip Standard version, 5GB free space which can accommodate 250+ flipbooks is provided with it.

    Another way to catch readers' attention, according to the company, is to fully utilize the professional software's multimedia functions. If eFlip Professional is chosen, authors can easily add video, sound, images, and photo slideshows to their e-book without any technical experience. These assets make the e-book more attractive and add engaging content that readers are often enticed by. Adding them is simple via the easy-to-use tools on the software interface; any multimedia element will appear automatically when the viewer turns to the appropriate page.

    Sharing is another benefit of the flip book maker. To reach the target audience, one does not have to look farther than easily accessible tools online. Both the eFlip Standard and eFlip Professional software allow control over the sharing function of an e-book, which lets readers send the book to friends via e-mail, or on social networks. Distributing creations throughout a social network lets readers do the promoting and the designer's e-book to get noticed.

    With the eFlip software, e-books can easily be branded and copyright protected. This helps viewers become accustomed to the author's style and product. The software provides a simple way of setting a password, so the e-book is instantly copyright protected. Users can also activate the search feature, so readers have the ability to locate content that interests them the most. With the fast-paced world of the Internet, search functionality has become imperative in drawing an audience.

    The company also suggests authors conduct market research before writing the e-book. Only then can a marketing strategy be developed. Press releases are another effective strategy for getting published e-books noticed; by including links in the announcement, the author can draw readers to the publication. With Google Analytics tools built in, it is also wise to check on how many people are reading the e-book. This will help gauge the effectiveness of a particular marketing strategy. Social media is also an effective means to promote e-books and draw the attention of readers.

    About eFlip Software (

    Digital publishing tools from let users create e-books out of PDF files, Microsoft Office documents, and more. Inexperienced business and home users can easily generate e-books, magazines, catalogs, and brochures in minutes. The eFlip software provides tracking tools and multimedia editing functions to make the possibilities endless. In addition to helpful customer service and regular updates, the company features more information on the software at

    Contact us

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    Los Angeles, USA ( May 16, 2013 -- The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) has ranked Avasant, a leading management consulting firm, among the Top 3 World's Best Outsourcing Advisors for 2013. This marks the sixth consecutive appearance for Avasant in IAOP World's Best Outsourcing Advisors rankings. The complete 2013 World's Best Outsourcing Advisors list is available on the IAOP website.

    RANK                 COMPANY NAME
    1                           Deloitte Consulting
    2                           KPMG
    3                           Avasant
    4                           Alsbridge
    5                           Elix-IRR
    6                           Ernst & Young
    7                           Baker & McKenzie
    8                           Pace Harmon
    9                           Kirkland & Ellis
    10                          Quint Wellington Redwood

    Fortune magazine will publish the IAOP rankings in a special advertising section in the May 20, 2013 issue. IAOP, a leading professional association and advocate of the outsourcing profession, annually assesses the outsourcing services capabilities of service providers and advisors. The rankings in the IAOP World's Best Outsourcing Advisors list are based on key parameters including size and growth, customer references, organizational competencies and management capabilities.

    "This is delightful news; to be ranked #3 by IAOP demonstrates our strength and competency in outsourcing advisory and globalization services" noted Mr. Kevin S. Parikh, Avasant Global CEO. "Our business philosophy is to focus on our clients; with their support we have enjoyed a year-over-year growth rate of 35%," added Mr. Parikh.

    Avasant is an industry thought leader with nonpareil consulting, research and events solution expertise. The firm is also committed to social and economic development through impact sourcing initiatives in emerging economies.

    About Avasant 
    Avasant is a next-generation management consulting, research and events firm servicing global clients across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Avasant's talented team of consultants, lawyers and technologists average over 20 years of industry-honed experience and have conducted over 1,000 engagements in over 40 countries worldwide.

    Avasant is recognized as a leading strategic sourcing, technology optimization and globalization consulting firm. Vault Consulting recognized Avasant among "Top IT Consulting" and "Best to Work For" consulting firms for 2013. Avasant has also been honored as the Black Book of Outsourcing's "Number 1 BPO Advisor" and a "Top 10 Full Service Advisor".

    To learn more about Avasant, please visit

    For more information, contact

    Avasant LLC
    Voice: +1.310.643.3030
    Fax: +1.310.643.3033

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    St Kilda ( May 16, 2013 -- St Kilda, located 6 kms. South East of Melbourne, happens to be a popular tourist destination with thousands of tourists from all over the world visiting here every year. There are many things that this suburb city offers to tourists making it a preferable destination. Some common attractions that city boasts about include Esplanade Hotel, Luna Park and Acland Street. Together with this, there are people who like to stay in St Kilda to experience some of the big events happening like Olympics. Whatever reason one travels to St Kilda, there is a great experience that waits with city offering so many things. One thing that can enrich anyone's experience of being here is choosing the right accommodation. This is a way to make sure that one feels comfortable and at the same time enjoys everything the city has to offer. For all accommodation needs in St Kilda, St Kilda Stayz is one name that has continued to be popular among tourists for more than 5 years now. Company recently celebrated its 5 years of successful service and feels proud to remain a preferred accommodation partner for people. Executives at St Kilda Stayz mentioned that there are different kinds of accommodation options available here that one can choose based on his needs. Further company is committed to continuous improvement and enriching experience of people visiting St Kilda.

    Anna, who works at St Kilda Stayz, mentioned that all professionals working here carry a huge experience of local area that makes it possible to provide the best accommodation. All apartments provided by St Kilda Stayz are located at some of the best locations in the city that provides an easy access to different places in the city. With this, one can be sure to have easy access to beaches, restaurants, cafes and trams. Together with this, there is every care taken to ensure comfort of the guests with different modern facilities like air conditioning, leather lounges and Wi-Fi internet. Additionally, all apartments are regularly cleaned and well maintained. Executives added that there are also provided complimentary toiletries on arrival to assist anyone in fine living. The quality of services extended by St Kilda Stayz is well proven by so many testimonials available online. Further all these services are available at a very affordable price and one can be sure to find the right accommodation in St Kilda by visiting the online website. Irrespective of where one travels from, he can be sure to have a great time in this suburb city by finding the right accommodation available just a click away. There are even many great deals available online that one can grab from time to time. Company's focus on quality improvement and customer dedication is all set to enrich anyone's experience of visiting St Kilda.

    For more information, visit:

    About is a company dedicated to provide different kinds of accommodation options in St Kilda. With its commitment to enrich anyone's experience in St Kilda, there are comfortable accommodation options available here at some of the best locations in this suburb city.


    St Kilda Stayz™ Pty Ltd
    ABN 39 124 342 150
    PO Box 1159
    St Kilda South
    VIC 3182

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    Janesville ( May 16, 2013 -- Lawn happens to be an important part of any building. In addition to complementing beauty of the house, having a well maintained lawn is a way to ensure a great time outdoors. There are different lawn designs that exist today and it is important that regular maintenance of the lawn is carried out. There are available today dedicated lawn care services that are all intended to add beauty to the lawn. For all those looking to add a new look to their lawn or maintain the existing lawn, things can be easier with launch of exclusive services. Joe Rebout feels proud to have launched commercial lawn mowing Janesville services that are aimed to provide an extraordinary look to the lawn. Irrespective of what kind of lawn it is, one can be sure to have it maintained in the best possible manner with the dedicated services available just a click away. One can easily visit to find the range of services and choose the best one suiting his needs well. Joe added that there are well trained and experienced professionals available here who understand the needs of different kinds of lawns and are committed to provide the best services. Whether it is a residential building or commercial one, hiring commercial lawn mowing Janesville services is a way to complement beauty of any building. Joe further mentioned that there is available latest machinery here that makes sure that lawn is maintained in the best possible manner.

    In addition to commercial lawn mowing Janesville services, there are also available snow removal services here that are intended to make life comfortable for people in the winter season. This is the time when there is a huge snowfall experienced that often interferes with different day to day activities. Excess snowfall results in blocking different areas thereby impacting movement of people. However hiring dedicated snow removal services is a way to make sure that excess snowfall is cleared off as and when required. Joe added that one can choose among a variety of snow removal services based on his needs. However it is advised that one chooses the complete package for a season that makes sure that excess snowfall is removed every now and then. There are even many benefits to businesses by hiring these services that can result in increased revenues. Commercial lawn mowing Janesville and snow removal services are further available at a very affordable price. Together with this, there is available a dedicated customer support that can be contacted for any kind of issues one might have. Having a great looking lawn and excess snow cleared off can be easier now with these brand new services launched in Janesville.

    For more information, visit:

    About is a company dedicated to provide different kinds of lawn care and snow removal services. With an aim to ensure comfortable living for people, there are best services available here at an affordable price.


    6740 W. Hanover Road,
    Janesville, WI 53548
    Phone: (608) 373-0769

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    ( May 16, 2013 -- Hire ABC Testing Inc. to carry out Non Destructive Testing and determine the operational readiness of your materials.

    If you are looking for Non Destructive Testing in New England and Massachusetts then ABC Testing a right destination for you. Here the selected team of expert professional conducts Non Destructive Testing (NDT) to determine the reliability and operational readiness of materials you are using. Today industries across various verticals are benefitting from its Non Destructive Examination or NDE in New England.

    For those engaged in shipping business it is wise to hire the services of ABC Testing Inc. The trained experts working here undertake Ship hull inspection in Massachusetts for both security and husbandry purposes. They carry out well-defined procedures with planned inspections and maintenance and through the process inject new life to the ship. You can also call them for conducting Leak Testing in Massachusetts.

    Why Choose ABC Testing Inc.?

    Today ABC Testing Inc. is a reputed name in the testing industry and carries out Non Destructive Testing for various industries across major verticals like naval, aviation, railways,construction, fabrication, automotive, transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing, and many others. It carries out following testing for its clients.

    1) Thickness Testing,
    2) Ultrasonic Testing,
    3) Radiographic Testing,
    4) Magnetic Particle Testing,
    5) Liquid Penetrant testing,
    6) Hydrostatic Testing and Pressure Testing,
    7) Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
    8) Eddy Current induction
    9) Leak Testing and more...

    Leak Testing in Massachusett
    s carried out by them helps to locate leaks in tank bottoms or other types of vessels. This type of testing is highly beneficial for ship building and construction industry as it brings into notice the affected area that can be repaired on time. It uses latest technology like Vacuum Box Testing to locate the leaks at the bottom of tanks or other vessels.

    Today ABC Testing a reputed name in the testing industry. In order to Locate Active Electrical Lines it carries out uses Ground Penetrating Radar. This method enables them to locate buried structures like post tension cables, conduits, rebar, utility and active electrical lines. Furthermore this method leaves no scope for harmful radiation that can affect your life and environment.

    To know more about the company, visit . You can also visit them personally to find more about their testing services.
    About The Company: ABC Testing Incorporated has earned a leading position in the industry by providing highly effective services for different NDT techniques. In order to maintain the position and credibility for its clients and customers, the company comprises only well trained and experienced inspectors who have acquired higher level of welding procedurequalification.

    Not only inspectors and other team members but when it comes to tools and technology, the company never compromise. To offer best and reliable results, ABC Testing Incorporated has all state of the art equipment and machinery at its testing laboratories in New England as well as other places as to offer high quality services for every Non Destructive Testing techniques.

    In order to get detailed information or in case of any query contact ABC Testing Incorporated at 95 First Street - Post office box 868 - Bridgewater, MA 02324.

    You can also make a call at 508.697.6068 or can drop an e-mail at

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    ( May 16, 2013 -- When it comes to the stock market, the blunt reality is: most people fail miserably. The truth is that there is an enormously high failure rate because it's so easy to get into the game. All you have to do is open up your laptop, find an online service for your stocks and options trading, and that's it - you're ready for success. Or so you'd hope.

    Unfortunately, being able to trade doesn't mean you know how to trade. Even if you educate yourself on the machinations of trading stocks and options, being able to successfully predict a stock price and turn a profit consistently is something that the average trader just will not be able to do on his own. That's where websites like come in.

    Phil's Stock World is a premium stock market newsletter that provides market education and live trading guidance to its Members. Phil Davis, CEO of the company, is an industry leader and expert at portfolio management and training. He is considered a shining star among peers, and in late 2007, he famously predicted the impending market crash and the subsequent correction 2 years later. Many of the illuminating articles from his site are featured on the most internationally respected finance outlets in the world including MSN Money, Forbes, Seeking Alpha, Business Insider, Yahoo and Google Finance.

    In mid-April, published an article about using stock options to take advantage of the rally seen recently in the market. His picks made an average of 1,816%... in just 21 days. And no, that's not a typo. Results like these are the reason Premium Memberships to Philstockworld are wait-listed at $500 per month, placing Phil Davis in the elite of the Financial Blogosphere.
    Mr. Davis obviously isn't a one hit wonder, and his major event predictions from years ago were only the beginning. In the early parts of January 2012, Davis said that Bank of America (BAC) was where plays should be made and named it his top stock pick of the year - going so far in a TV interview as to boldly say investors would do well to put 100% of their money in BAC and take the year off. By the end of that year, BAC was the best performing stock in the S&P 500.

    Then, just five short months ago, Davis went live on Business News Network with forecasts that have already produced massive returns. His predictions made 55% on Apple, 45% on Chimera Investments, and a stunning 589% on Tesla. But that is nothing compared to the trading expertise he demonstrated in April 2013. also offers more affordable subscription services as low as $49 per month to teach like-minded individuals the keys to finding success in option and futures trading, as well as portfolio management. "The membership portion of the website has the real education, tips and training for stock traders. Best of all, it is about the same price as a single trade with a broker, so the benefits are very real with," said Davis.



    Phil'sStockWorld was founded by Phil Davis. It is a premium subscription service that teaches stock, options and futures trading, portfolio management skills and advanced income-producing strategies for investors. The mission is to educate investors and provide "High Finance for Real People - Fun and Profits."


    Tina Davis
    Meuller Associates
    26 Franklin Street, Tenafly
    New Jersey, NJ 07670
    (973) 247-7334

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    Buffalo, NY ( May 16, 2013 -- Energy consulting firm BidURenergy, Inc. (BUE) has helped a Maryland client in the Industrial sector save 20% on their energy costs by brokering a new electricity supply agreement with a different supplier.

    Energy consulting firm BidURenergy, Inc. (BUE) announced on Monday that its services have led an industrial client in Maryland to extensive energy savings. The firm helped the client in obtaining two new energy supply agreements from a different supplier, leading them to significant energy cost savings each year, for three years, on the supply-side of their electric bill.

    BidURenergy stepped in when the client was experiencing a difficult relationship with their current supplier. The client had been with that particular supplier for 3 years, after signing a 2 year, fixed-rate supply agreement with them in 2010. The fixed-rate they procured in 2010 was competitive (by 2010-standards), however, after their contract expired, and they did not renew, the supplier began charging them exorbitant rates - trying to recover money lost through mismanagement.

    It was at that time that the client came to BUE for help. The firm immediately stepped in and reviewed their utility accounts. The experienced market analysts and energy consultants at the firm allowed many reliable, third-party suppliers to bid on the client's electricity supply, using BUE's exclusive blind-auction format.

    The firm was able to not only help the client save on energy supply costs for electricity, but on natural gas supply costs as well. BUE showed the client that better supply agreements were available in the competitive market for energy supply. Overall, the firm helped the client save an annual rate of 20% on electricity through the term of their new contract. BUE was also able to help the save the client more than 15% on their natural gas supply costs after they procured the supply in the competitive market.

    "We were able to find the client a new supply agreement with a different supplier, allowing them to once again find energy cost savings in the competitive market for energy supply. After we reviewed their energy procurement needs, we saw that we could also find them energy cost savings in the competitive market for natural gas supply. Overall, they were very happy with their new energy supply deals," explains Daniel Twichell, Senior Market Analyst at BidURenergy, Inc.

    BidURenergy also announces that it is inviting any energy customer who thinks they may be paying too much for their current energy supply agreement to become clients of the firm. The consultants at the firm will personally review a client's energy accounts to see what savings they can find. The firm's auction and analysis services cost no out-of-pocket costs, so new clients have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Prospective clients are invited to call the Energy Management Hotline at 877-669-8243 to have an energy consultant review their account for free.

    About BidURenergy, Inc. - BUE is an electricity and natural gas consulting firm with thousands of clients across the nation, specializing in energy procurement auction administration, and utility bill auditing. The firm's energy services are available to industrial, commercial, and retail companies. More information is available at this page.

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    ( May 16, 2013 -- Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi, a Controversial Black European Politician, is currently seeking One Hundred Million Students to publicly sign up for an Alternative Medicine Course; under the auspices of the Registered Informal Learning Program for Apprentices.

    To this effect, Prof Obi's program is all set to be recognized as the Largest Ever Online Informal Healthcare Training Course in History.

    Via such a massive scale Online Healthcare Training Program, Joseph Chikelue Obi ethically intends to directly reach almost every willing household ; while ultimately wishing to comprehensively (and internationally) spread a relatively diverse range of Basic Clinical Knowledge concerning Natural Healthcare , Wellness and Wellbeing.

    According to him, the primary objective of this program is to formidably empower the masses in those particular areas where they can lawfully take Simple Preventive Measures concerning Holistic Disease Control and therefore safely embrace a Healthy (or Much Healthier) way of Living.

    Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi firmly opines that Healthcare Costs are rising very (very) fast indeed. At the same time, mankind is becoming much more vulnerable to various kinds of Fatal (and Bothersome) Diseases, mostly because of not maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle and not knowing enough about Integrated Prevention of Diseases.

    According to him, "When millions of Apprentices are duly trained in Alternative Healthcare, they will (cost-effectively) prove to be a Massive Game Changer , and will ultimately bring remarkable changes within the General Healthcare Scenario of the Whole Wide World , particularly in Europe , America , Asia , Africa and the Pacific Regions. They will exponentially make Healthcare Strategies much more accessible (and affordable) to those relevant strata of Society which cannot simply afford Conventional Healthcare Costs. By providing people with Basic Informal Knowledge of Self-Care, our principal endeavor is to ethically promote Optimized Wholesome Wellness of Body, Mind, Spirit and Society."

    National Governments within the European Union (EU) are officially supporting the Informal Learning Method which is the fundamental basis of delivery of the program ; and numerous Policy Makers as well as Healthcare Experts across Europe (and beyond) have duly appreciated that the Alternative Health Course which Chikelue Obi has initiated is for the Noble Benefit of Society at Large.

    According to some of these Statutory Authorities and Top Experts, Alternative Medicine can additionally prove to be highly instrumental in controlling breakouts of several kinds of Diseases, some of which could even take the form of epidemics, when timely prevention is not possible. When people are completely aware of Basic Disease Control Methods and also have Simple Knowledge of Self-Care, they could then be able to Safely Manage certain Clinical Aspects of their Diseases (or Ailments) in a very timely manner.

    Timely Interventions would therefore hopefully restrict further Disease Complications; and this is one of the major goals that Chikelue bravely intends to achieve from the Alternative Health Course which he has exclusively designed.

    The efforts of Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi could laudably (or skeptically) be seen as a (One-Man) Mission to make the Earth as Free from Diseases as possible.

    People who find Prof Joseph Chikelue Obi and his Online Healthcare Program very inspiring and want to be part of this noble agenda, can now promptly gather relevant official details about the project , by simply visiting his website at

    About Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi

    Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi is a Controversial Black European Politician as well as a Formidable Global Advocate of Alternative Healthcare.

    He boldly supports various Alternative Medicine Campaigns, most especially those with an objective of safely empowering mankind with Basic Informal Knowledge of Self-Care, Disease Prevention and Healthy Living.

    Professor Obi is currently inviting a Hundred Million Trainees to openly join his Alternative Healthcare Apprenticeship Scheme (Online Training Program).

    For more details, please contact Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi at:


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    ( May 16, 2013 -- No Nonsense Muscle Building Program is a program created by Vince Delmonte. With the launching of the program comes now the question if this product is effective. To provide an answer for that question, a website is launched ( containing all the information that users might need to understand the program and better implement its contents in achieving muscle growth in the most natural way. It is a website that will provide an overview of Vince Delmonte's program and reviews about all of the programs aspects.

    Most people now especially men prefer to have big bodies and large muscles. Due to that reason, these people have also started looking for products that will help them achieve this desire. However, no matter how many products for muscle growth are available in the market, there is still the issue about whether it is effective or not. Fortunately, aside from supplements for muscle growth, there are already programs created to help people achieve their desire to grow their muscles quickly.

    One of the programs that were created for muscle growth is the No Nonsense Muscle Building Program. There is already a website ( that has been launched to help people know what this program is all about and how it works. The website has contents about what is included in the program and information that may help them about why they should use this program.

    This muscle growth program created by Vince Delmonte is an eBook that contains the step by step information that will help the user to have muscle growth in just a short span of time. This program also contains secrets including the effects of taking supplements that can only provide about 5% difference on the user's effort of growing muscles, which will only happen if the user has taken all the proper nutrition that he has to take during the process. This program is focused on the importance of performing proper exercise routines in increasing and achieving muscle growth. However, this program must be used together with the special ingredient that users must have, which is determination, dedication and commitment in fulfilling their desire.

    The website is created in order to provide information that can be used by users in learning all the information about the program and be able to determine for themselves whether the program really suits them.


    For more information about the program, visit, or send an email by filling out the form that can be found on the website.

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