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    New York, NY ( May 29, 2013 -- announces the winners of the May 2013 competitions. Grand prize winner is Robin Kappy, whose Saturday Night Daydream is on the front page of for the month of June.

    Nominees for the N*de-of-the-Month, Photo Art N*de-of-the-Month and Best-of-the-Rest were selected as Curators' Choice by the guest curator, Della Clason Sperling, Independent Curator and Art Historian. All Barebrush curators have an opportunity to rank the Curators' Choice in their own special poll. Winners determined by a statistical combination of the curators and popular votes. The My Fav N*de, My Fav PhotoArt N*de and The Peoples' Choice poll winners are based on popularity.

    Art of the Nude

    Award: Curators' Choice 1st Place: N*de-of-the-Month, May 2013
    Title and Artist: Saturday Night Daydream by Robin Kappy of New York, NY
    Words of the Artist: Figure drawn from life on a hot-press paper, 04/12/2013.
    Media: Graphite

    Award: Curators' Choice 2nd Place
    Title and Artist: Heat by Jerry Ralya of Craftsbury Common, VT
    Words of the Artist: Although I always work with high contrast between my lights and darks, this small picture uses a yellow/cream-toned paper to
    Media: Pastel

    Award: Curators' Choice 3rd Place
    Title and Artist: Profile with Bare Breast by David Schulz of Middletown, CT
    Words of the Artist: My favorite model. She has wonderfully developed shoulders.
    Media: Oil

    Award: Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
    Title and Artist: Yisrael Again and Again by Jean Marcellino of New York, NY
    Words of the Artist: Created at Spring Studio, November 2012
    Media: Pastel

    Award: Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
    Title and Artist: Anticipation by Sharon Sieben of Mesa, AZ
    Words of the Artist: 30 x 12 inch Oil painting on Gallery Wrap Canvas
    Media: Oil

    Photography Art of the Nude

    Award: Curators' Choice 1st Place: Photo Art N*de-of-the-Month, May 2013
    Title and Artist: Door 6 by Joseph Mays of Louisville, KY
    Words of the Artist: I've been thinking a lot lately about doors. Doors can mean so many things. Safety, imprisonment, hiding, mystery, escape....
    Media: Photography

    Award: Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
    Title and Artist: Guaicaipuro by Tony Lee of Panama
    Words of the Artist: En honor al cacique venezolano que pudo unir a todas las tribus para hacer frente a la conquista espa�ola.
    Media: Photography

    Award: Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
    Title and Artist: Legs with Rose by BlindWolf Photography, T. F. McDonald of Lexington, KY
    Words of the Artist: Softness lines and angles of the feminine. 48" x 32" original signed by the artist with a Certificate of Authenticity from
    Media: Photography

    All Media, Genres

    Award: Curators' Choice 1st Place: Best-of-the-Rest, May 2013
    Title and Artist: Three Days, Three Men by Jacqueline Saunders of Burke, VA
    Words of the Artist: A composition of three very different personalities was intriguing to me.
    Media: Watercolor

    Award: Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
    Title and Artist: Observer by Geoffrey Stein of New York , NY
    Words of the Artist: Mixed media and collage on paper
    Media: Mixed Media

    Award: Curators' Choice Honorable Mention
    Title and Artist: Tilt Shopping Center by Ione Citrin of Los Angeles, CA
    Words of the Artist: 19" high x 30" wide
    Media: Watercolor

    The Public Polls:

    Award: My Favorite Nude 1st Place
    Title and Artist: Profile with Bare Breast by David Schulz of Middletown, CT
    Words of the Artist: My favorite model. She has wonderfully developed shoulders.
    Media: Oil

    Award: My Favorite Nude 2nd Place
    Title and Artist: Saturday Night Daydream by Robin Kappy of New York, NY
    Words of the Artist: Figure drawn from life on a hot-press paper, 04/12/2013.
    Media: Graphite

    Award: My Favorite Nude 3rd Place
    Title and Artist: Serene by Darlene Kuhne of Arvada, CO
    Words of the Artist: Figure started with ink wash,back in with ink line. Finished with conte; line and wash.
    Media: Mixed Media

    Award: My Favorite PhotoArt Nude 1st Place
    Title and Artist: Door 6 by Joseph Mays of Louisville, KY
    Words of the Artist: I've been thinking a lot lately about doors. Doors can mean so many things. Safety, imprisonment, hiding, mystery, escape....
    Media: Photography

    Award: My Favorite PhotoArt Nude 2nd Place
    Title and Artist: Guaicaipuro by Tony Lee of Panama
    Words of the Artist: En honor al cacique venezolano que pudo unir a todas las tribus para hacer frente a la conquista espa�ola.
    Media: Photography

    Award: The Peoples' Choice 1st Place
    Title and Artist: Impressionist's Muse by Lindsay Rabson of Merrick, NY
    Words of the Artist: "Impressionist's Muse" captures the essence of how early Impressionist painters perceived their subject matter. Not in
    Media: Photography

    Award: The Peoples' Choice 2nd Place
    Title and Artist: Ode to Hopper by Jacqui Morgan of New York City, NY
    Words of the Artist: a class demonstration of painting white with the beautiful model/artist Raisa.
    Media: Watercolor

    Award: The Peoples' Choice 2nd Place
    Title and Artist: Three Days, Three Men by Jacqueline Saunders of Burke, VA
    Words of the Artist: A composition of three very different personalities was intriguing to me.
    Media: Watercolor


    Barebrush shows contemporary art of all genres, media and styles in three online, monthly art exhibitions. Guest curators select the Curators Choice nominees, looking for meaning, emotional impact and skill. Barebrush helps worthy artists win recognition and prizes.

    The mission of Barebrush is to increase the awareness, acceptance and appreciation of the art of the nude. Online since 2006.

    Contact Information:
    Ilene Skeen


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    Dallas, TX, ( May 29, 2013 -- Virtual Flight Centre got featured on which is an aviation directory where aviation businesses can list their business for free and get massive online exposure. As of February of 2013 their listings are also available on their iPhone and Android app.

    The Virtual Flight Centre provides professional pilot training, including Instrument Rating Refreshers and Revalidations on our CAA certified FNPTII Piper Seneca PA34 as well as Jet Orientation and Sim Assessment Preparation Courses on our Boeing 737. They also have an FNPTI Piper Warrior PA28 and an Airbus A320 which will be coming very soon. They also provide flight simulator experiences on their 737, PA34 and A320. These range from a 30 minute to a 4 hour experience, with prices starting from just £69. During the experience the participant will get the opportunity to take-off, get to grips with the flight controls and handling of the aircraft followed by numerous landings in the day, night, various weather conditions and at a range of airports. In the longer sessions, the participant is able to try landing at some more challenging airports such as Hong Kong's old Kai Tak. All this is after a comprehensive briefing from the instructor about the simulator, aircraft and the effects of flight controls. Each briefing and experience is tailored towards the customer and their current knowledge and understanding.

    Their simulators are also used for corporate and team building days, where companies can reward their staff or entertain clients in a fun but educational environment and compete with a number of exercises throughout the day. All our simulators are made from retired aircraft and our 737 is complete with the first 25 feet including the galley and cabin area, which provides a great setting for film and TV coverage including news reports, Aircrash Confidential and pilot training DVD's for the IPA.

    You can find more information about Virtual Flight Centre @

    "Our most important goal is to give massive exposure to the aviation businesses who post their listings on our aviation directory at We have already been noticed and mentioned by 450+ highest ranked media outlets worldwide such as the ABC News, The Boston Globe, Miami Herald, The Columbus Dispatch, The Telegraph, San Francisco Chronicle, Sign On San Diego, The Canada Sun, Australian Herald, Irish Sun, New Zealand Star, The UK News, Ireland news, Mexico News, Netherlands News just to name a few. This does not even include the 45+ Radio and TV stations such as Fox News, CBS News, News Channel 9 and many more affiliated stations", said Director of Digital Marketing, Jason parker.

    About is an aviation directory where aviation businesses can list their business for free and is a fast growing community of skilled pilots and aviation enthusiasts. It's our goal to get the most exposure possible for the aviation businesses listed on our aviation directory, iPhone and Android app.

    For all media inquiries, please contact:

    Jason Parker
    Direct 1-888-300-6849

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    ( May 29, 2013 -- IMD, a top-ranked global business school based in Switzerland, today announced its 25th anniversary world competitiveness rankings. In addition to ranking 60 economies for 2013, the IMD World Competitiveness Center also looks at the winners and losers since its creation.

    Professor Stéphane Garelli, director of the IMD World Competitiveness Center, said: "While the euro zone remains stalled, the robust comeback of the US to the top of the competitiveness rankings, and better news from Japan, have revived the austerity debate. Structural reforms are unavoidable, but growth remains a prerequisite for competitiveness. In addition, the harshness of austerity measures too often antagonizes the population. In the end, countries need to preserve social cohesion to deliver prosperity."

    Highlights of the 2013 ranking

    The US has regained the No. 1 spot in 2013, thanks to a rebounding financial sector, an abundance of technological innovation and successful companies.

    China (21) and Japan (24) are also increasing their competitiveness. In the case of Japan, Abenomics seems to be having an initial impact on the dynamism of the economy.

    In Europe, the most competitive nations include Switzerland (2), Sweden (4) and Germany (9), whose success relies upon export-oriented manufacturing, diversified economies, strong small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and fiscal discipline. Like last year, the rest of Europe is heavily constrained by austerity programs that are delaying recovery and calling into question the timeliness of the measures proposed.

    The BRICS economies have enjoyed mixed fortunes. China (21) and Russia (42) rose in the rankings, while India (40), Brazil (51) and South Africa (53) all fell. Emerging economies in general remain highly dependent on the global economic recovery, which seems to be delayed.

    In Latin America, Mexico (32) has seen a small revival in its competitiveness that now needs to be confirmed over time and by the continuous implementation of structural reforms.

    A 25th anniversary perspective on World Competitiveness

    In 1989, the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook had a split ranking. The most competitive advanced economies were Japan, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Among emerging markets, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia led the way. Globalization had not yet kicked in. China, Russia and several other nations (some of which did not exist back then) were not included.

    By 1997, the world of competitiveness had become increasingly global, and IMD first produced a unified ranking including both advanced and emerging economies. Here are the countries that have risen and fallen the most since then:

    Winners since 1997 (+ 5 or more ranks):
    China, Germany, Israel, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan

    Losers since 1997 (- 5 or more ranks):
    Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom and Venezuela.


    - The US, Singapore and Canada, although not in the "winners" list, have very stable and enduring competitiveness models that rely on long-term advantages such as technology, education and advanced infrastructure.

    - In Europe, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany share the same recipe for success: exports, manufacturing, diversification, competitive SMEs and budget discipline.

    - In Asia, China's success has had a pull effect on the region's competitiveness, prompting many Asian economies to redirect their exports from the US and Europe to other emerging markets. - Mexico and Poland are seeing a revival in competitiveness that will need to be confirmed over time.


    - Europe has lost ground and accounts for more than half of the "losers" since 1997.

    - The UK and France in particular are losing their dominant position and competitive clout, while The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Finland need to adapt their competitiveness models to a changing environment.

    - In Southern Europe Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece are all lagging behind. They did not diversify their industry enough or control public spending and are now facing austerity programs.

    - The fate of Ireland and Iceland shows that competitiveness needs to be sustainable, and that uncontrolled fast expansion can also lead to disaster.

    - Latin America has been disappointing, with larger economies such as Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela all losing ground and being challenged by the emerging competitiveness of Asian nations.

    Professor Garelli added: "Generalizations are, however, misleading. True, Europe's competitiveness is declining, but Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and Norway are shining successes. Latin America is disappointing, but there are great global companies all over that region. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are immensely different in their competitiveness strategies and performance, but the BRICS remain lands of opportunities."

    "In the end, the golden rules of competitiveness are simple: manufacture, diversify, export, invest in infrastructure, educate, support SMEs, enforce fiscal discipline, and above all maintain social cohesion," concluded Professor Garelli.

    The IMD World Competitiveness Center is a part of IMD
    IMD is a top-ranked business school. We are the experts in developing global leaders through high-impact executive education. Why IMD? We are 100% focused on real-world executive development. We offer Swiss excellence with a global perspective. And we have a flexible, customized and effective approach. Published since 1989, the World Competitiveness Yearbook is recognized as the leading annual report on the competitiveness of nations.

    Matthew Mortellaro
    +41 21 618 0352

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    BENICIA, CA ( May 29, 2013 -- Cycle Gear Inc., the nation's largest retailer of motorcycle apparel and accessories, is celebrating the anniversary of the opening of its Laurel, Maryland location. Just a short drive from the heart of Washington DC, the store is located at 14219 Baltimore Avenue, Laurel, MD. The Laurel store was Cycle Gear's first retail location in the motorcycle-rich DC Metro Area.

    To mark the anniversary, Cycle Gear will host a celebration weekend May31st-June 2nd featuring music, food, and raffle prizes. The grand prize each day will be a GoPro Silver with drawings taking place at 7:00pm on Friday and 3:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

    "The customers at the Laurel store have been outstanding" said Dave Bertram, CEO of Cycle Gear, Inc. "We are happy that Cycle Gear has been so well received and look forward many more years of taking care of motorcyclists in the area."

    Employee-owned and enthusiast-driven, Cycle Gear is an active member of the riding community, sponsoring local events and working with new and experienced riders to help them find just the right gear. Cycle Gear's industry-leading focus on customer service and satisfaction has been a company hallmark since its founding in 1974. Their customer commitment includes 100% Satisfaction and 30-Day Best Price Guarantees, Lifetime Free Tire Balancing and a No Hassle 7-Day Helmet Exchange program.

    About Cycle Gear:

    Cycle Gear® Inc. is the country's largest retailer of motorcycle parts, apparel and accessories. Since 1974, Cycle Gear's product selection and superior service have catered to the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts. With stores nationwide and an e-commerce website, Cycle Gear provides access and unbeatable prices to riders wherever they are. As an employee-owned company, the Cycle Gear team takes enormous personal pride in providing its "100% Satisfaction Guarantee," which includes the industry leading "7-Day No Hassle Helmet Exchange and a "30-Day, Best Price Guarantee" as well as easy returns, in-store or online, and no restocking fees, ever. Visit one of 96 store locations in 27 states, or visit us online at today.

    Contact: Johnny Lin
    Cycle Gear, Inc.

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    Today Bell's Travel Guides announced the release of the 2013 Alaska Map Book, The Alaska Highway Map Book and the Inside Passage Map Book. These three guides are the most accurate and informative free Alaska Travel Guides available. All guides are available as online flipbooks, downloadable PDFs and as free magazines that can be found in hundreds of visitor centers and tourist locations throughout Northern BC, The Yukon and Alaska.

    ( May 29, 2013 -- Bell's Travel Guides has been publishing travel guides in Alaska for over 50 years and is excited to announce the release of their 2013 Alaska Map Books.

    Tim Bell, publisher of the Alaska Map Books remarked "Once again we have put an enormous amount of work into creating the absolute best available free guides of Alaska. With another revamp of our maps, they are even easier to use and more accurate than ever. 2013 definitely marks the best year of our travel guides so far."

    Bell's Travel Guides makes their free travel guides available to use in multiple different platforms. Copies of the magazines are distributed throughout the Northern parts of British Columbia, The Yukon and Alaska in visitor centers, campgrounds, car & RV rental companies and most tourist attractions. You can also view a digital flip book on your computer or download the PDF versions to your smartphone and view all the information even if you're not connected to the internet. All of the information found in each Mapbook is also available on their website.

    About Bell's Travel Guides

    Bell's Travel Guides has been publishing travel magazines about Northern BC, The Yukon and Alaska for over 50 years. They currently publish three Alaska Travel Guides: The Alaska Mapbook, The Alaska Highway & Connecting Routes Mapbook and the Inside Passage Mapbook. Each Mapbook has in-depth descriptions of cities, towns, highway maps, history, accommodations, camping and things to see & do. More information can be found at their website,


    Name: Timothy Bell

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    SUPERIOR, CO ( May 29, 2013 -- New Software Application For CPAP Equipment Providers Enters Beta Testing Phase With Promise To Improve Patient Experience While Reducing Overhead By 80% Or More

    CPAP Horizon Project announced today that it has opened its ManageMyCPAP software application to beta users. This new eHealth web application allows CPAP equipment providers to deliver a high standard of care to a large patient population in an efficient and economical manner. The ultimate aim of ManageMyCPAP is to improve patient satisfaction and adherence to therapy while, at the same time, reducing overhead and increasing revenue for CPAP equipment providers.

    "I founded CPAP Horizon Project with one primary goal: to improve the results of the current CPAP therapy system. ManageMyCPAP, our first major project, is a big step in that direction. We believe we can help our customers deliver a superior patient experience and, through interactive technology and smart use of support staff, reduce overhead by 80% or more," says CPAP Horizon Project Founder, Doug Hudiburg.

    According to the company, the intent of this beta phase of the software is to work very closely with both equipment provider staff and patients to continually improve ManageMyCPAP through user feedback. "We've taken the application just far enough to have the basics in place, the best stuff is yet to come because it will be driven by real-world user needs and feedback," Hudiburg said.

    For more information about ManageMyCPAP, please visit

    CPAP Horizon Project ( exists primarily to help improve the current CPAP therapy system. Through partnerships and their own projects, we provide the interactive technology, standardized therapy protocols, shared resources, and economies of scale that bring efficiency and effectiveness to much higher levels than the current status quo.

    For more information contact:
    Doug Hudiburg 
    CPAP Horizon Project 

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    Goshen, MA ( May 29, 2013 -- Where do you do your best work?  If you're not sure how to answer that question, chances are you need modifications in your home and office, says the author of a new book on the creative process, Inspired! How to Be More Original, Insightful and Productive in Your Work ( ). 

    "What makes for a creative work environment is going to be quite different for you, me and the fellow down the hall," says Yudkin, a noted marketing mentor and the author of 16 previous books.  "Some people need lots of hubbub and activity, while others need quiet and solitude.  Some people need the colors, light and view to be just right while others need as visually neutral a scene as possible.  Individual differences are a hallmark of personal productivity."

    Factors to consider, Yudkin notes, include air temperature, clutter, humidity, privacy, smells, textures, spaciousness and whether a workspace is always the same or variable.  Other tips on developing a more creative environment include:

    * Explore your past. Think back to your most productive times or places, and recall what your environment was like then.

    * Look for evidence in your present. Inventory what's true about the area where you work now, especially aspects that you're not aware of having deliberately set up.  "Suspend your judgments about these hints from past and present," Yudkin says.  "When you judge yourself for something that you need but others don't, it just gets in the way of your creative process."

    * Try out new options with an inquisitive spirit.  Get input from others and see how well possible solutions work for you.

    * Don't use less-than-ideal conditions as excuses.  Too often, complaints about a workspace become an element of self-sabotage.  "Yes, maybe you'd get loads more done with a standing desk, but you can also stand up on your own more now without it," Yudkin comments.

    Inspired! How to Be More Original, Insightful and Productive in Your Work provides research, stories from the history of science and invention, suggestions and up-to-the-minute techniques for improvements in creativity, problem solving, idea generation, motivation and time management.  The book is available in paperback for $19.95 at or and for $9.99 in Amazon's Kindle store or Barnes & Noble's Nook store.  For more information, go to .

    About the Author

    Author Marcia Yudkin ( is a long-time writer, marketing coach and entrepreneur known for her creativity.  She has published 16 previous books, including a Book-of-the-Month Club selection and another featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as scores of audio products and PDF reports.

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    Buffalo, NY ( May 29, 2013 -- Energy consulting firm BidURenergy, Inc. (BUE) announced a new program this week to partner with interested firms and help promote energy cost savings across the United States.

    Energy consulting firm BidURenergy, Inc. (BUE) announced a new program this week to partner with interested firms and help promote energy cost savings across the United States. The firm plans to give program participants monetary incentives for recruiting new clients for BUE. The firm explains that this will help spread the advantages of effective energy cost management.

    "We are looking to increase the reach of our energy cost management services. BidURenergy wants this to be a significant source of revenue to its channel partners who work hard to promote our firm's services. I, along with my colleagues, look to bring opportunities to our partners, who can promote our services to a stream of new clients," explains Jillian Chiarantona, Channel Partner Manager.

    The firm hopes to foster new partnerships with firms that operate as business consultants, energy brokers, engineers and others that provide services to medium to large size businesses. These partners will generate significant revenue by referring their contacts to BUE. BUE will then offer its energy management services to the new clients with the hopes that they are inclined to apply more control to their energy costs.

    BidURenergy analyst's estimate that top Channel Partners will earn up to and possibly exceed $50,000 per quarter in commission payments. The firm's growing customer base provides channel partners with all the leverage they will need to attract new clients.

    The firm's energy services, like energy procurement, bill auditing, demand response, and smart metering, are all risk-free, come at no out-of-pocket cost and can offer significant energy cost savings in the long-run. Those who are interested in becoming a channel partner and earning substantial revenue are invited to call Ms. Chiarantona at 877-669-8243 ext. 206 or reach her by email at jillianc(at)bidurenergy(dot)com.

    About BidURenergy, Inc. - BUE is an electricity and natural gas consulting firm with thousands of clients across the nation, specializing in energy procurement auction administration, and utility bill auditing. The firm's energy services are available to industrial, commercial, and retail companies. More information is available by clicking this page.

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    ( May 29, 2013 -- Mississippi - Spray foam insulation is completely changing the construction and contracting business as traditional insulation is being tossed out and spray foam is taking its place. In Mississippi, Dixie Foam LLC has begun administering spray foam insulation for commercial and residential purposes. As people want it, Dixie Foam provides the spray foam in Mississippi.

    People are switching to this type of insulation because it's stronger, more durable and protective of structures. Who wouldn't want to protect their home or office better? The reason spray foam works so well is because of the density of materials used. Instead of fiberglass insulation that simple sits within walls or ceiling, spray foam actually binds to trusses and the complete structure, producing a complete barrier to outside air and damaging agents such as mold and mildew.

    Contractors prefer spray foam as the insulation choice because it adds value to any home or commercial building and it maintains value much longer than fiberglass. People aren't left complaining about poor insulation after several years.

    Another reason spray foam is becoming the number one choice for insulation is because of the energy savings it provides. With energy conservation talk in the last 10 years, people can finally become energy savvy and energy saving when they let spray foam seal better and stronger.

    Before, finding a supplier of this type of insulation was difficult and hit or miss. Now, with Dixie Foam supplying spray foam insulation in Mississippi, residents of this area can finally get the insulation they've heard about and are interested in.

    Learn more about spray foam insulation and how Dixie Foam can install the insulation you need in your house or commercial building:

    2101 Douglass Rd
    Macon, MS 39341-8532

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    ( May 29, 2013 -- Rehoboth, DE- Adrienne Toghraie of Trading on Target is speaking at the Traders World Online Expo #13 on May 27th to June 2nd. Ms. Toghraie will be speaking on the Fear of Trading in the financial markets. Adrienne is a highly regarded trading coach in the financial industry.

    Thomas Barmann will also be speaking on Spot and Follow Institutional Money Moves using Never Loss Trading techniques using highly advanced trading concepts coping with the digital world of high frequency or algorithmic trading. With this you'll learn to trade with a multi-indicator system where each indicator has a positive expectancy. By overlaying and correlating them, a powerful concept for high probability trading can be built. 85% of the world\'s financial markets are dominated by institutional investors. Mr. Barmann helps you spot and follow institutional money moves on multiple time frames.

    Both of these speakers are part of the Traders World Online Expo #13 that hosts 37 experts in the financial market. Registration is FREE. The event starts May 27th and ends on June 29th at

    Colin Scott
    Rehoboth, DE

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    ( May 29, 2013 -- The Wild Bird Centers of America ( is proud to announce the opening of its newest company-owned retail store in Fort Worth, TX ( The store is located in the Trinity Commons Shopping Center with Tom Thumb and other fine stores.

    Customers are invited to visit or contact the store at:
    Wild Bird Center
    Trinity Commons Shopping Center
    3000 South Hulen St. #150
    Fort Worth, TX 76109
    (817) 737-6700

    Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Saturday; Sunday 12 Noon to 5:00 PM.

    Wild Bird Centers' CEO, George Petrides, Jr. states: "We are delighted to welcome the Wild Bird Center of Fort Worth to our birding business. We are eager for our staff to serve all backyard nature lovers in the Fort Worth/Dallas community. We know that our customers will find this store a beautiful and relaxing place to shop with excellent customer service and top-notch products." Petrides also reports: "Our Wild Bird Center stores are renowned  for the care and knowledge shared about wild birds so our customers enjoy their bird feeding and watching experiences to the fullest. Our stores also offer private label wild bird products such as specialty seed blends, suet cakes, bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and pole systems as well as nature and household gifts. Many of our famous private label products feature the art of world-renowned nature artist, Charley Harper."

    The Wild Bird Centers of America (, with headquarters and National Training Center located outside Washington, DC, is a national franchise system supporting wild bird specialty stores and dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. For information contact George Petrides, Sr. at  (301) 841-6404 or


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    Las Vegas: ( May 30, 2013 -- The Card Player Poker Tour will pull into the Choctaw Casino, Durant, Oklahoma from July 18 to August 5, 2013 for its penultimate stop on its inaugural season.

    The festival will offer poker players a busy schedule of 54 events, daily guaranteed tournaments, and a total of $1.5 million in prize pool guarantees. The Final Table of the $1,600 Main Event $500k Guarantee will be streamed live August 5th on

    Included in the schedule are games to suit all players, including the $1,500 + $100 buy-in Championship events taking place from August 2 to 5 with a $500,000 guarantee. There is also a $200,000 guaranteed $500 + $50 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament on Saturday July 27, a $150,000 guaranteed $400 + $40 buy-in game on Friday July 26, and a $100,000 guaranteed $100 + $10 re-entry event on Friday (day 1A) July 19 and Saturday (day 1B) July 20.

    The full schedule of tournaments can be at the Card Player Poker Tour website.

    The Choctaw Casino Resort is a casino and AAA Four Diamond hotel in Durant, Oklahoma, about one hour north of Dallas, Texas. The poker room at Choctaw is located on its own exclusive floor and features 30 tables with a private staff and services. The resort has 431 well-appointed hotel rooms and luxury suites, which offer a wide range of amenities.

    Hotel rates start at $79, offer code CARD13. You can reach the Choctaw Casino by calling 1-888-652-4628.

    About the Card Player Poker Tour

    The Card Player Poker Tour (CPPT) is a series of live poker tournaments founded and supported by Card Player Media, publishers of the largest poker magazine in the United States, Card Player, and poker web portal The tour, which is in its inaugural season, features live web broadcasting of its final table events, a players' points system and, each season, the tour's best players will be invited to play in the season-ending CPPT Championship. For more information, visit


    For further details contact

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    ( May 30, 2013 -- Smith Technical Resources is a one stop shopping solution for all computer repair, wired and wireless network support and also online backup solutions. It provides on sight and online technical support services with a full range of support options so that each computer owner, either using their equipment for personal or business use, can benefit from the information technology services provided by one of Nashville's best computer services.

    The technology support services provided by Smith Technical Resources are fast, efficient and reliable for any computer problems that may arise from hardware, software or network connectivity issues. The technicians from the support center respond to phone calls or inquiries within 4 hours of the client placing the call. The support personnel can either visit the office or residence of the customer or resolve their issues by online remote support in a timely manner. It all depends on the severity of the particular issues that are being experienced by the client. Nashville computer repair done by Smith Technical Resources helps personal and business users save valuable time and money when they are in need of professional technical support services. All with the convenience of prompt and professional on site visits.

    Although the company has great services for computer repair in Nashville, it also has a great plan for people who would like to repair their systems themselves with only some guidance via a telephone call or an e-mail. The team at Smith Technical Resources is of great help in this regard and is happy to assist anyone who wishes to get advice and tips for computer and system repair. It should be noted that all major technical issues should be investigated by a technology support professional.

    The company does not claim to be the best Nashville computer repair company, but it is definitely one of the best in the business that provides technology services in the middle Tennessee area. The team is full of dedicated professionals who have many years of expertise and can help with online and on site support for business owners as well as help personal users get the best out from their computer systems.

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact:

    Smith Technical Resources
    Company Location:
    2126 Abbott Martin Rd, Nashville, Tn. 37215
    Website Address:

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    ( May 30, 2013 -- Johannesburg, S.A. - Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd, a company dedicated in providing latest technological CNC machines, is now offering affordable vinyl cutters which will enable businesses to create their own signs and save substantial amount of money on marketing. Businesses such as the SUPERGEL, an award winning disinfectant capable of replacing 95% of all cleaning chemicals, are now creating their own signs to further market their brand more effectively and efficiently.

    Like many independent businesses, SUPERGEL also spent a lot of money on getting their signs made. Since their investment in the vinyl cutting plotter not only are they saving money but are also creating their own custom designs and printing them at will. The easy to use cutter plotter has enabled them to create multiple signboards, which are now placed at multiple locations increasing their marketing coverage.

    The ease of use of the vinyl cutter is one of the main reasons why it is suitable for businesses like SUPERGEL to fulfill all signage requirements. The vinyl cutter can be installed as a printer hence simplifying the cutting process and virtually allowing anyone to use the machine without any previous knowledge or experience with CNC machines. The vinyl cutter printer is compatible with all popular vector designed file formats such as CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator. Furthermore, Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd provides a free professional Artcut cutting plotter software which controls the vinyl cutter for cutting custom design files and which has an additional simple custom designing capability as well.

    The precise cutting and exquisite finishing of the vinyl cutter also enables it to be used for car decorations and art pieces hence making the machine suitable for home businesses and hobbyists as well. Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd is offering a vinyl cutter demonstration and unlimited training to help consumers become familiar with the CNC machine's working and capability. The company's life time free service has made them a favorite amongst the customers, who have appreciated their efforts in satisfying their needs and requirements.

    About Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd
    Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd is one of the leading companies in South Africa that provides various CNC machines. The company is known for its highly competitive pricing and for offering latest technological CNC machines such as Vinyl Cutters, Milling Machines and Plasma Cutters. Through their online platform,, descriptions of the products and their technical specifications can be viewed. Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd is known for its lowest price and 100% satisfaction guarantees, and for its exceptional after sales support.


    For more information about Vinyl Cutter, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of, please call at 072 222 2211 or email to

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    Aliso Viejo, CA ( May 30, 2013 -- Recently pulled divorce statistics from online divorce cases show that wives on average earn more than their husbands. New research from the Pew Research center reports similar national findings and offers explanations and comparisons of the female income changes over time.

    According to's new end of month report of its users who filed or are filing for divorce, women out earn their soon to be ex-husbands by an average of $6,000; a wife's average annual income is $44,357.58, while the husband's is $37,720.55.

    The Pew Research center recently published similar, more expansive statistics documenting this rising trend. Summarized in a New York Times article, this new data states 40% of mothers in the U.S. are the main breadwinners for their families. In 1960, that statistic was a mere 11%. The high rise over the decades, the article explains, is most likely due to greater social acceptance of women in the workforce, the rising cost of living deeming two household incomes necessary, and the higher rate of women earning college degrees compared to men.

    Breaking down the demographics shows dramatic fluctuations of income within this group of breadwinning women, however. The Pew statistical analysis, drawn from the U.S. Census Bureau, shows that single mother breadwinners make an average of $23,000, while married women who earn more than their husbands have an average household income of $80,000. The article also says "couples in which the wife earns more report less satisfaction with their marriage and higher rates of divorce." provides online divorce forms for couples filing for an uncontested divorce process. Clients can opt for either a do-it-yourself packet, or have the forms prepared by customer support specialists. The forms may then be filed with the court with a 100% money-back guarantee of court approval.

    To learn about services, visit


    McClain Concepts

    92 Argonaut Suite 200
    Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

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    Montreal, Canada, US and International telephone service provider, Convergia, is offering free consultations with telephone experts and professionals for businesses to find out more about the uses and features of the executive IP phone, Yealink T28P.

    Montreal, Quebec ( May 30, 2013 -- Convergia, a Montreal, Canada, US and international voice and data service provider, is offering free professional consultations for businesses, to provide expert advice about the uses and features of the executive IP phone, Yealink T28P.

    The Yealink T28P is an executive IP phone with POE and power supply, and comes with many great features including 6 SIP accounts, a TI TITAN chipset, HD Voice with HD Codec, an HD speaker, HD handset, 16 programmable keys, XML phonebook, BLF 320 x 160 graphic LCD, and 2 LAN ports. The consultations are free, to show companies how they can save money and benefit their business with hosted IP PBX, IP PBX systems and more, all optimized to fit the specific needs and goals of their individual business.

    Alejandro Bitar, the President of Convergia, explained, "Convergia offers the most reliable business telephone systems at the most competitive rates available anywhere. Our professional consultants work with businesses to help them find the best plans and features available to meet their specific company's needs and budget."

    You can visit to get more information about the Yealink T28P executive IP phone, business phone services, business phone systems, SIP trunking, voice PRI, hosted IP PBX, IP PBX systems, long distance and international telephone rates, high speed internet access, business telephone plans, and the company's extensive portfolio of other home and business phone services.

    About Convergia

    Convergia is a Montreal, Canada, US and International long distance calling service provider and a world-class provider of voice, data, and Internet services, with a wide range of internet phone service plans for residential, business and wholesale customers.  Founded in 1998, Convergia is a Montreal-based corporation, part of a seven billion dollar group of companies with over 6,000 employees located in over 50 countries, with a cutting edge fiber optic network spanning over 50 countries across 4 continents and connecting more than 150 points of presence. Offering a wide range of voice and data services, including local analog and digital phone lines, long distance, cellular services, hosted PBX, dedicated PRI and T1 voice circuits, ADSL, high speed static IP Internet, MPLS networks, domestic and international toll free, audio and web conferencing, VOIP, SIP trunking, computer softphone, global travel calling cards, and prepaid services, Convergia has developed into one of the largest privately held global end-to-end telecom networks in the world.
    For further information, please contact:
    Customer Care

    Tel.:   1-866-669-4357

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    1010 103, a Montreal, Canada, US and international long distance calling service provider, is offering lower rates to call the Netherlands and Sweden in observation of their respective Independence Days.

    Montreal, Quebec  ( May 30, 2013 -- 1010 10 3, a Montreal, Canada, US and international long distance calling service provider, has announced lower phone rates for calling the Netherlands and Sweden, as they celebrate their respective Independence Days.

    10 10 10 3 offers a low calling rate of 3.9 cents a minute for landlines and 37.9 cents a minute on cell phone calls for the Netherlands, celebrating its liberation from Nazi Germany since May 5, 1945. Sweden, celebrating their National Day of Sweden on June 6th, is offered low rates of just 1.9 cents a minute for landlines and 20.9 cents per minute for cell phone calls.

    President of 101010 3, Alejandro Bitar, said, "Our reduced phone calling rates in observation of the Netherlands, Sweden and various European countries celebrating Independence Days give people an ideal opportunity to try our high quality international phone calling service and enjoy great savings on their international calls, while contacting their friends and family members throughout Europe and around the world at our reduced telephone calling rates. 1010103 offers the cheapest long distance rates year round. We also have the highest voice quality and best customer service of any long distance and international provider."

    Bitar concluded, "Callers do not have to sign a contract to get great savings through 1010103 and they do not need a telephone calling card. All callers have to do is dial 1010103 before the number they are trying to reach, and then the call will be added to their local phone bill at 1010103's low international phone rates."

    You can visit 1010 103 to get more information about their low rates to Europe and worldwide, as well as their entire portfolio of local and international long distance services. 

    About Montreal 10-10-10-3

    10-10-10-3 is a Canada, US, and international long distance calling service company  headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 10-10-10-3 provides a 10 10 service which is a long distance service used by consumers on a casual calling basis. This type of long distance service allows the consumer to get amazing long distance rates without having to change their primary local telephone service provider and eliminates the use of a telephone calling card.

    For further information, please contact:

    Customer Care

    Tel.:   1-866-650-0103

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    Ottawa, ON ( May 30, 2013 -- The new children's line of apparel from Level Six has arrived! Level Six aims to provide children (toddlers to teens) with the most comfortable and stylish apparel available while parents maintain their peace of mind knowing their child has full protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.

    What does the Level Six children's sun protection line consist of?
    The 2013 children's sun protection line features boys & girls shorts, t-shirts, sunsuits and drytops. "We are about surf and being outside. Our line of adult rash guards/sun protection tops has been so popular, the demand was there from parents who wanted something for their kids too," co-owner, Stig Larsson. "We are excited that a portion of our children's sun protection line will be available at Mountain Equipment Co-op, Sail, Gander, and other outdoor retailers across North America," co-owner, Tyler Lawlor.

    How does the children's sun protection line actually protect the child?

    More effective than sunscreen, each garment offers full protection from the moment the child puts it on - no re-application necessary! The yarn for these items is treated with a sun block before being woven. Our board shorts are made from tightly-woven, polyester-brushed microfibre. The tight weave of both of our sun protection fabrics reinforces their UPF factor, especially when wet. Both of thee elastane/polyester and microfiber fabrics are treated for chlorine and salt water resistance.

    What does the UPF Rating Mean?

    UPF stands for "ultraviolet protection factor". Our UPF 50+ rating means that no more than 1/50th of the sun's UVA and UVB rays pass through the fabric. UPF is different than the SPF (sun protection factor) rating found on sunscreens because SPF measures the amount of time it takes for sun-exposed skin to redden, while UPF measures the amount of UV radiation that penetrates a fabric and reaches the skin. UVB rays are the type that cause sunburn on the surface layer of the skin, while UVA rays penetrate beneath the skin's surface and accelerate skin's aging.

    About Level Six:

    Level Six paddling gear and apparel company originated in 1997 by Olympic and National Canoe and Kayak team members, Tyler Lawlor and Stig Larsson. The company is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Level Six products can be found throughout North America with distribution in Europe, Japan, Russia and Australia.

    Visit for more details or contact Tyler Lawlor,, 613-274-0144.

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    ( May 30, 2013 -- The new website, provided by UK web hosting company. It is a part of the company's objective to help charity's and non-profit organizations. Fun 4 All is a non-profit organization that aims to protect the health and well being as of the unpaid care providers. Fun 4 All defines care providers as individuals that provide help and support other people without direct payment. Care providers that Fun 4 All cares about are people that provide support and help to a child, relative, partner, or to other people that cannon manage themselves due to disability, addictions, mental illness, as well as physical illness. provided Fun 4 All a free website and hosting services so that the organization can continue their work and help more people. Fun 4 All has is ran by volunteers who have years of experience in running residential activities in UK, they organize workshops and indoor activities for more than 125 people with different abilities. The non-profit organization has also facilitated mini demonstrations and workshops including; Reflexology, Holistic Therapies, Tai-Chi, and variety if Arts and Crafts. These activities are provided by the members of the non-profit organization.

    Donating the site is a part of the company's objective to help Fun 4 All expand a successful operation in helping other people. and Fun 4 All hope that through the update of the website more people will learn about them, their deeds, and they gain more members. If Fun 4 All get more members , they can seek out other suitable locations to provide more festivals and workshops to fellow individuals.

    All interested individuals can visit and help the organization. The website contains almost all the information that people need to know about Fun 4 All.

    "When I first found out about a UK charity helping carers, I wanted to see how we could help ease the burden for them, we were able to do a full facelift on their website and provide them hosting. Calvin Robbins - Managing Director Fun 4"


    For further information about Fun 4 All, please visit For more information about web hosting please visit

    Website: &
    Address:, Devon

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    ( May 30, 2013 -- Perspective Group announces that The Association of Timeshare Recyclers (ATR) has confirmed that they will exhibit at the Fourth annual Global Networking Expo.

    GNEX 2014 - The Global Meeting of Minds, will be held February 9-12, 2014 at the luxurious Ritz Carlton Sarasota in Sarasota, Florida, a destination that offers a sophisticated blend of casual Gulf Coast lifestyle and cosmopolitan excitement.

    "The ATR will challenge both the primary and secondary markets to collaborate for solutions that increase both the liquidity and flexibility of the timeshare ownership experience, and balance the sustainability of HOA's and Resort Operators over the long term. " Heather Guffin, Founder of Timeshare Recyclers.

    The ATR's mission is to find, create and promote timeshare exit strategies that work for the consumer, timeshare resorts, and primary market companies. Their goal is to be influential in solving this industry defining issue, focusing on how to balance the needs of timeshare consumers who do not want to continue to pay maintenance fees for programs they are not using, with the timeshare resorts who rely on fee collection to run effectively.

    "Having a new association exhibit to the kind of decision making audience that GNEX provides is an excellent idea for driving new members. We're really excited to have ATR join us this coming year." Said Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, Perspective Group.

    All Exhibitors will be located in the Networking Lounge, the hub of conference, located immediately next door to the main conference room. The lounge will be open all day, each day of the conference, providing attendees the chance to be exposed to industry specific companies from around the globe.

    Anticipation is already building for GNEX 2014 due to exceptional feedback received from the recently concluded GNEX 2013 in Beverly Hills, CA, where 85 percent of attendees held senior executive positions with companies across the globe. Vacation ownership industry leaders will, once again, gather at GNEX 2014 for unrivalled face-to-face time with some of the most prominent professionals in the timeshare industry to build business relationships, forge strategic partnerships and discuss new ways to improve the industry on a local and global scale.

    GNEX Conferences are synonymous with outstanding networking and open forum discussions that generate the opportunities for delegates to be introduced to others. Most importantly, the conference is shaped by those who attend, and for GNEX 2014, the platform continues to adapt as others follow, adding in more components that are requested by attendees.

    The combination of interesting key industry speakers from around the globe, session topics that are relevant to pertinent issues with freely shared information, open floor debates, extended networking time including organized networking events and then incredible nightly social events has proved a winning formula for the GNEX Conference.

    For more information visit

    A list of Sponsors and Exhibitors to date include:
    Dial An Exchange, Holiday Systems International, INTUITION by Perspective Group, Oombaga, CustomerCount, The Association of Timeshare Recyclers, iTeam.

    About The Association of Timeshare Recyclers
    The Association of Timeshare Recyclers (ATR) is not-for-profit corporation recently founded by President and CEO of Alliance Sales and Marketing Solutions, Heather Guffin. The mission of ATR is to find, create, and promote exit strategies that work for the industry as a whole. The ATR actively searches for and endeavors to create exit strategies that provide a win-win-win scenario for consumers, active sales rooms, and for HOA's or timeshare resorts. In order to fulfill the ATR's mission, it relies upon timeshare resellers, renters, and trade-in companies that work hard every day to recycler timeshares on the secondary market.

    About GNEX:
    Hosted by Perspective Group, leading global PR & Multimedia Company for the timeshare industry, the Global Networking Expo is an annual event that brings together top executives from leading companies around the world together for a few days of networking and industry enrichment.
    GNEX 2014 - The Global Meeting of Minds, will be held February 9-12, 2014 at the luxurious Ritz Carlton Sarasota in Sarasota, Florida, a destination that offers a sophisticated blend of casual Gulf Coast lifestyle and cosmopolitan excitement. Now infamous for its high end social events, there are already plans for a large scale Sport Fishing event comprising of 20+ yachts and an event to be held within the stunning and historic Ringling Museum of Art.

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