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    ( August 21, 2013 -- Oklahoma - It's a fact: houses leak air. That expensive climate-controlled air in your living room is vanishing through your roof and exterior walls. And that blistering or frigid air from outside is creeping in to take its place. This unfortunate air exchange accounts for 40% of a home's energy loss, according to the US Department of Energy. And for you, that lost energy translates into lost dollars. One common method to reduce this kind of energy loss is insulation.

    If you live in Oklahoma, you know how drastic the climate is and you know how important energy is in your home. It's both sweltering hot in the summer and frigid in the summer, so insulation is a must. Kool Foam LLC guarantees the best spray foam insulation in Oklahoma, which protects against the ever-changing weather.

    One of the most effective varieties is spray foam insulation. This is sprayed into the roof and wall cavities of your home where it expands and then hardens. The resulting thick layer of foam not only provides a traditional layer of insulation, but plugs holes and fills gaps in the exterior layer of your house. That reduces how much air flows into and out of your house. By reducing air exchange in addition to insulating, spray foam insulation provides as much as 50% more insulation than more traditional types of insulation, like spun fiberglass.

    A quick way to compare traditional insulation to spray foam insulation is to compare their thermal resistance or R-value. R-value measures how resistant a material is to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better a product prevents heat flow and the better it insulates your house. For example, fiberglass batt insulation and fiberglass insulation blown into your walls both have an R-value of around R-2 to R-4 per inch. Vermiculite insulation has an R-value of about R-2 per inch. Spray foam insulation, however, has an R-value of between R-5 and R-6. In fact, the closed-cell spray foam insulation that is often used as roofing insulation has the best R-value rating of any commonly used kind of insulation.

    That superior R-value rating for spray foam insulation translates into its use being one of the best ways for you to save money on heating or cooling bills. More, you aren't just saving money - you're saving energy, which is good for the environment. If you are building a new home or re-insulating your current one, spray foam insulation deserves your serious consideration.

    Kool Foam provides insulation with a high R-value to keep homes warm during the winter and cool during the summers of Oklahoma. The foam is extremely durable and generated from the best materials available today.

    You can learn more about Kool Foam as one of Oklahoma's leading spray foam contractors by going online to

    Contact Kool Foam Today For A Free Estimate 888-406-4732

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    ( August 21, 2013 -- Coffee drinkers have always been on the search for the best coffee; they purchase different brands and roasts, looking for something a little better and different than what they are accustomed to. However, it is not the brand or even the roasting technique that matters most when it comes to looking for the best coffee beans; it is the country of origin.

    While 7th Avenue Roastery is a relatively new Oklahoma coffee roaster, they pride themselves in the coffee beans they purchase and sell to customers. It starts with the country and the farmer. Seventh Avenue Roastery wants people to know about some of the greatest coffee countries and what comes from their soil, so here is what you can expect from a few places:

    Kona coffee comes from Hawaii, in America, where the plants are planted in hard, black, volcanic soil. Kona is one of the most popular varieties of coffee because it is neither too strong nor too mild and preparation methods are meticulous. The plants themselves are protected from intense sunlight and receive just the right amount of rain to produce coffee that people from all over the world enjoy.

    Coffee from Vietnam is frequently used in special blends because it is mild and mixes well with other beans. Vietnam is becoming one of the world's leading producers of coffee because of how well their product works with just about everything else.

    Ethiopia is the country where coffee plants were first discovered; as coffee plants still grow wild there. Coffee from Ethiopia is considered to be rather remarkable because it is extremely rich and earthly without being bitter.

    People who want something a bit different should try coffee from Guatemala. The volcanic soil contributes greatly to the distinctiveness that Guatemalan coffee has: it is rich and deep, chocolaty and a bit spicy.

    Coffee hailing from Indonesia is another kind that not many people have tried, but they should. Indonesian coffee is aged in a manner that cannot be replicated through technological means, which produces a dark and rich coffee that has a very low level of acidity.

    The Ivory Coast in Africa produces coffee beans that are excellent for espresso. Extremely strong and heady, these beans are perfect for use in classic cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and anything else that can be brewed in a coffee shop or home espresso maker.

    Kenya's coffee is very popular in America and Europe, because it is strong, acidic and slightly fruity. Large companies do not grow Kenyan coffee, but rather, farmers take care of the plants and roast the beans in small batches.

    For exceptional beans from all around the world that are roasted to perfection, find coffee from 7th Avenue Roastery online. They are becoming a leading Oklahoma coffee roaster and do not disappoint. They will ship anywhere their beans are being demanded -

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    ( August 21, 2013 -- Oklahoma City - Personal injury lawsuits are brought by attorneys to get compensation for their client for injuries caused by the negligence a person or a corporation. In the case of an individual, a personal injury or death may result, for example, from the negligent operation of a motor vehicle or from some other careless personal actions. Personal injury lawsuits against a corporation are generally based on a products liability theory. Many companies sell products that were improperly manufactured or designed. These flaws can cause serious injury, and even death to a consumer. Product liability personal injury cases usually result in very high jury verdicts against the defendant corporations. In addition to actual damages granted, a jury can award punitive damages to punish the company for its behavior. These punitive damages can be very large amounts of money. And unlike ordinary damages, punitive damages cannot be discharged in a subsequent bankruptcy proceeding.

    Joe Carson helps people settle product liability lawsuits in Oklahoma and represents the average consumer who has been wronged due to a defective product. This type of situation can be devastating for a consumer and they need protection under law, and Joe Carson does just that. Product liability lawsuits can also turn into major events, as explained below.

    The largest personal injury verdict in history was in the Case of Anderson vs. GM. This case was a product liability suit resulting from the explosion of 1979 Chevy Malibu. Six people died and another was severely burned when the Malibu exploded after being rear-ended by a drunk driver. The jury in this case awarded 4.8 billion dollars in punitive damages and 107 million in compensatory damages. It must be remembered that this cause of action was a product liability suit that lead to personal injuries and death. Usually, these extremely high jury awards can only be assessed against a corporation, for practical reasons. An award of that amount against a private individual would be for the most part, non-collectable.

    The law offices of Callahan & Blaine claim to have received the highest jury award in the history of the United States for a claim based on personal injury. They received an astounding 50 million dollar verdict after taking a case to trial. It must be remembered that different states keep track of their own largest personal injury jury verdicts. Additionally, many personal injury cases involve plaintiffs that reside in different states. In these types of cases, a lawsuit may be filed in the federal court system. A constant monitoring of all of the state and federal courts is needed to keep appraised of the latest large jury verdicts.

    While your case may not result in extreme payouts, you can receive considerable compensation if a manufacturer neglected the product you used. Joe Carson can help you receive compensation you need for recovery or damages.

    Find Joe Carson and complete list of his practice areas along with contact information for a free case review at

    Phone: 405-397-1717
    4816 Classen Ct
    Oklahoma City, OK 73118

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    ( August 21, 2013 -- Oklahoma City - Most people go through their day trying to accomplish their normal daily routines. No one anticipates becoming a victim of a tragedy during the course of their daily lives. But, Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured every year due to the carelessness of others. Every day people suffer serious injuries due to car accidents, faulty products and improperly maintained premises, among other causes. When you are injured because of someone else's carelessness you want to be properly compensated for your losses. This seems like a straightforward and easy thing to accomplish. However, when it comes to getting proper compensation for your injuries and other damages, you must usually deal with the other parties insurance company. This is not a job for amateurs.

    The attorneys at Johnson & Biscone in Oklahoma City are by no means amateurs and work fearlessly with people to help them challenge insurance companies for the amount of money they need to make a full recovery. Personal injury incidents are never planned and disrupt life. That's why Johnson & Biscone provides ample support, counsel and representation for personal injury cases in Oklahoma.

    Taking on an insurance company is not a job that you want to do on your own. Insurance companies hire lawyers that specialize in minimizing or denying your claim. In order to recover money damages from an insurance company, you need to prove that the other party was negligent. Negligence is a specific legal cause of action. The insurance company lawyers will try hard to deny that their client was negligent and deny your claim. You need to hire a lawyer to challenge the insurance companies denial of liability. If you fight an insurance company on your own, you will lose. You need a lawyer that is used to challenging insurance company lawyers to get a fair settlement.

    The business of insurance companies is to take in money as premiums and then give out as little as possible when a claim is filed. They are experts at keeping their money. They will fight you every step of the way. Even when you prove that their client was at fault in causing your injuries and damages, they will deny the extent of your losses. Insurance company lawyers will say that you have suffered little financial, emotional and economic damage to their clients carelessness. You need to hire a lawyer to challenge the insurance company and make them pay you just compensation for your losses. You can only settle a claim one time. If you negotiate with an insurance company on your own and make a mistake, you have to live with it. Don't take any chances.

    Johnson & Biscone attorneys are thorough and reputable, making sure people aren't treated unfairly. You deserve proper recovery for an incident that was not your mistake. For more information about Oklahoma personal injury attorneys and how Johnson & Biscone can help, go online to

    Hightower Building
    105 North Hudson Avenue, Suite 100
    Oklahoma City, OK 73102
    Phone: 1-405-232-6490

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    ( August 21, 2013 -- has now partnered with,,, to give our subscribers maximum information distribution.  We now have over 3 Million opt in subscribers to our network and growing.  With our network SMS/TEXT messaging services we can reach over 200K opt in subscribers with our time sensitive Penny Stock Alerts. 

    Penny Stock Alerts are by subscription only and to receive alerts form any of our websites you must subscribe with one of the links above.  Our subscribers have seen over $300,000,000 (Yes that is $300 Million) in gains from our newsletters since 2008.

    "We are very excited to be able to offer our clients a valid and substantially effective marketing services that we can be proud of" says Founder of

    About The Network.....

    About Us

    We are the premiere source for Investor Relations Services on all levels of publicly traded companies. If you are looking to increase the public's awareness of your company or possibly your company is in the market for funding. Our platforms have produced over $300 Million in market based results since 2008. We utilize the most the most technologically advanced marketing platforms to include exclusively opt in emails to our large member list totaling over 3 Million, SMS/Text Alerts to over 200k opt in subscribers and of course the latest in Social Media Marketing. We also employ some of the world top tier landing page developers that have been individually responsible for hundreds of million in results for our clients.

    In addition to the most successful track history in the last 10 years we are part of the largest network of media distribution professionals. We don't just send out emails and hope for the best. Our educated and experienced marketing professionals distribute your information to over 238,000 media outlets to ensure maximum visibility for your company.

    What can do for you?

    1. Individually tailored email campaigns to our opt in database of over 3 Million Network Subscribers to our informative and effective alert newsletter.

    2. Text/SMS Alerts to our Database of opt in network members. The best part about working with is the automatic inclusion of our entire network. For more information click on our contact page and shoot us an email for more information.

    3. 5 Star Landing page creation specifically designed to drive maximum awareness of your company and it's impressive profile. This includes in the same price our traffic directive program which will surge organic viewers to your customized landing page. Our landing pages have produced over $100 Million for our clients since 2008.

    4. Press release production, creation and distribution. We employ the absolute most effective semantically gifted writers in the world. That is a fact! Do not let your exciting updates about your company go unnoticed
    by potential investors because you let Doris, the cute little old office lady you have write your press releases. Leave this kind of heavy handed work to the professionals.

    5. Website design and redevelopment of your Market Brand. We are not just the best marketing and investor relations firm around we are also partnered with the top names in Brand recognition in the World. It doesn't matter if you Public Company has a proprietary synthetic enzyme that helps break down fat cells in cats or if your Public Company is in the process of 5 acquisitions of 5 much larger companies that will increase your market value by 3000%. The cold hard fact is that if you claim to be this big awesome company with all of these impressive market statistics and then your potential investors browse your website, Facebook, Twitter only to find that they are archaic unexciting templates your "tech guy" made off's build it yourself web designs. Or even maybe your company does not even have any presence in the social media market then you and your potential clients/investors will pass once again likes ships in the night.

    In case you did not know Twitter has over 40 Million Visitors each day and by 2015 brands will be generating 50% of their web sales through social media and mobile platforms with a projection of $30 Billion.

    6. We are always available and we are most certainly in the business of being in your business! Contact us today....

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    ( August 21, 2013 -- Today was a great day for Malia Negrette as she received the High Honor of "Photographic Realism" from the European Art Council today in a ceremony held a the Museum Central Center in Paris today.  Malia Negrette's work has been featured in galleries all over the world since she was  in her early teens with a predominately 4x5 Black and White format.  Now at 31, she utilizes a wide range of photographic equipment from traditional film mediums to digital.  Her most recent work of late has featured her love of Dogs in a Series entitled "Thank you for Being my Friend" that is now completely sold out in a very exclusive and limited series of just 10 prints of each photo in a series of 10 photos. 

    "We will be watching her work for many years to come as she has become one of the most coveted Animal Photographers in the world in the last decade" quoted from Museum Director Lance Jeffries.  Mr. Jeffries is not only a museum director but a Gallery owner in 3 different countries where he has featured several of the worlds best and most well known Artist and Photographers.  Recently in a show in South London his gallery sold 10 prints of Malia Negrette's same series being honored today for well over 6 Figures.

    "A quality collector knows when they are getting value for their money and that is what I look for when we carry work for an artist, period" says Lance.

    The ceremony honored several other art medium successes but non as well known as Malia Negrette.  We will continue to bring you the most up to date news from the Arts, Investing World and Business Successes.

    Jacob Phillips
    New York European News Exchange

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    ( August 21, 2013 --, a division of Ranowear, Inc. has launched a ten day little black dress sale good through August 31, 2013. Selected items in Body Body's unique Party Dress Department will be 10% off during the sale. Customers are advised to simply enter the code "littleblackdress" in the Coupon Box when they check out in order to to receive their discount. The sale items are:

    Take It Off - Black Tube Dress

    Flashback Dress

    Vampyra - Lingerie Club Dress

    "School is starting and the new club season is poised to get underway. Everybody at Body Body is really excited about this chance to party," states Ranowear, Inc. President and CEO, Willis Domingo. "Little black dresses are predicted to be the hot fashion item this fall. We're introducing them to our customers with another great sale."

    For more information contact Catherine Stend, Director of Public Relations at


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    Global Payout Announces a Robust Pipeline of New Clients on MoneyTracTM

    SAN DIEGO, ( August 21, 2013 -- After three years of program and software development, Global Payout, Inc. (OTC Pink: GOHE) is now implementing new client companies on its MoneyTracTM Consolidated Payment Gateway ("CPG") that will result in significant increases in revenue.

    Global Payout's MoneyTracTM Consolidated Payment Gateway enables international employees, members and affiliates of multi-national corporations to receive their income via online accounts that permit them to transfer money to bank accounts, credit or debit cards and prepaid cards in over 200 countries at a cost significantly less than traditional banking institutions. In addition, Global will launch domestic U.S. MoneyTracTM prepaid cards and international prepaid cards for their client's employees and members located anywhere in the world. The combination of the MoneyTracTM CPG and prepaid cards issued by U.S. and international issuing banks provides multinational companies with a single source to distribute outgoing payments that is more cost effective and efficient for their employees and members.

    The depth of experience and knowledge of Global Payout's management and executive teams sets the company apart from its competition. There are significant barriers to entry to achieve the results the Company has to date in its developmental stage. Global's product line offers businesses and their employees solutions previously unavailable and at a cost significantly less than offered by competitors.

    "With the development of the MoneyTracTM CPG and the implementation of U.S. and International prepaid cards, the Company can deliver solutions that are more competitive than any payment company in the market place" says James L. Hancock, CEO, Global Payout, Inc., "Global Payout's prepaid payment solutions are the most complete and unique in the industry".

    About Global Payout, Inc.

    Global Payout, Inc.,, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a management consultant services company and program manager offering companies electronic payment and prepaid card solutions. Global Payout has a product line of prepaid products that can be utilized off the shelf or the company can customize payment solutions for qualified businesses. Through Global Payout's processors and solution providers, the company offers both international and domestic payment solutions. The company provides for U.S. and international prepaid cards allowing account holders without bank accounts to access funds worldwide. As program manager, reseller and consultant, Global Payout is a provider of prepaid cards in the U.S. for payroll and general spend programs. Additionally, Global Payout offers an electronic payment platform that will allow transfer of money to bank accounts, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards and remittance locations, worldwide.

    Forward-Looking Statements Disclosure:

    This press release may contain "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the federal securities laws. In this context, forward looking statements may address the Company's expected future business and financial performance, and often contain words such as "anticipates," "believes," "estimates," "expects," "intends," "plans," "seeks," "will" and other terms with similar meaning. These forward-looking statements by their nature address matters that are, to different degrees, uncertain. Although the Company believes that the assumptions upon which its forward looking statements are based are reasonable, it can provide no assurances that these assumptions will prove to be correct. All forward-looking statements in this press release are expressly qualified by such cautionary statements, risk, and uncertainties, and by reference to the underlying assumptions.


    Global Payout, Inc.
    Investor Relations

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    This amazing tool is 45% off through Labor Day

    Online, ( August 21, 2013 -- Two weeks after launch, the DTC PowerSafeLifeTool has become one of the bestselling desk lamps on, making their Top 3 out of 100 Hot New Releases for Desk Lamps. This perfect back-to-school gift is 45% off until Labor Day (September 3, 2013).

    "This is really a great product, the Lamp looks great on my computer desk and I love having the radio so convenient. I plugged it in to charge with my computer and it is still going strong 2 days later." - Judie Didriksen, review

    The PowerSafeLifeTool has both solar power and a dynamo hand crank; it will never need batteries. There are 12 LED lights that act as a table lamp or as a spotlight. With an LED warning light and siren users can summon help. There is a radio built-in to listen to music, the weather or emergency broadcasts and a 3 LED flashlight to help users see their way clearly. A USB charger can charge both the LifeTool and to let the LifeTool charge a mobile phone or other USB charged device.

    Product video is available at

    "We are very happy to offer a 45% discount on the PowerSafeLifeTool until Labor Day. We are convinced that every child and teen returning to school should have one of our great lights. With the siren, lights and multiple power sources, it is perfect to light the way and help children stay safe." - Don Carter, Co-founder, DTC LifeTools

    DTC LifeTools is an online retailer dedicated to bringing the best tools to life - for safety, comfort and fun. All of their products are sold satisfaction guaranteed.

    # # #

    If you would like more information about this topic, please contact user at 573-415-0029 or email at

    Contact: Don Carter
    Telephone: 573-415-0029

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    ( August 21, 2013 --, one of the largeHIV dating service providers, offers everyone a chance to find the perfect date so that they can eliminate loneliness from their lives and find happiness. The website has lots of features that allow HIV singles to meet, flirt and chat with as many as other singles as they please.

    One of the problems associated with HIV is that HIV-positive men and women find themselves short of dating options. Fortunately, HIV dating websites are available to help positive singles get in touch with others. is among the fastest growing HIV dating websites that offer a large member base with HIV singles from various parts of the world. Its members include gay and straight singles as well as individuals of all ethnic backgrounds and races. The site believes that everyone deserves to love and be loved and wants to help every HIV single find true love or date without judgement as well as disclosure. also allows HIV singles to connect with like-minded individuals. Members can choose from a bank of possible dates and find one who may be a perfect match for them. They can also make new friends who will be there to support and encourage them when they're going through a hard time. The main benefit of joining this dating service is that interested individuals will not be afraid to tell the person they're dating about their HIV status. Both of them will be able to deal with the stigma of having this kind of disease and just enjoy each other's company. They will be able to relax as they know that the burden of their HIV status is off of their shoulders.

    Interested individuals can register and make their own profile for free and find others who are also looking for romance, online chat, online date or a serious long term relationship. is among the most reliable HIV dating websites for HIV gay singles and HIV straight singles online. The website knows that HIV is a sensitive topic and its members' profiles will never show up on search engines and can only be seen by signed up members. follows a no-fake-no-scam-no-spam policy to protect its members and their privacy. The website wants to make sure that only genuine HIV singles use its service.

    For more information about, please feel free to visit its official website at Interested individuals can also use the contact form provided at to send their questions or queries.

    Steeger Consulting

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    ( August 21, 2013 -- Union Square Dental is a leading dental office in San Francisco California providing quality general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry to dental patients in San Francisco. Patients are educated by the specialized dentists about how to take better care of their teeth and better dental health in general

    USA, San Francisco California: A dental clinic, Union Square Dental Practice, with the most advanced equipment and tools to take care of patrons' teeth has come to the fore lately. It is run by a team of 2 dentists, Mahsa Hakim, DDS and Nazanin Hakim, DDS in downtown San Francisco. They run a Patient-Focused Office wherein not only do they treat their patients but they also educate them and make them aware about various dental issues and their solutions.
    The most modern and up to date systems and technologies are used in the dental clinic such as Soft Tissue Zap Laser, Diagnodent Dental Caries Diagnostic Machine, Air Abrasion Hand Piece, Schick Digital X-Rays, Patient Education Software, Zoom Teeth Whitening, Invisalign invisible braces, Nitrous Oxide Relaxing Gas, PracticeWorks Management System and Intraoral camera. Cosmetic procedures that make teeth appear better such as veneering, whitening, implants and invisalign are also offered here.

    Union Square Dental Practice employs patient management software and keeps a personal touch with their patients by communicating with them via email and sms. The clinic is conscious about pollution of the local water ways and has thus installed a special dry vacuum filtration system that enables the environmentally sound disposal of old mercury fillings.

    In lieu of traditional x-rays for tooth imaging, patients at the Union Square Dental Practice are exposed to 90 percent less radiation through digital imaging technology which renders the needs for the chemicals that process x-rays, useless. The clinic also offers mercury-free restorations and pediatric dentistry. Lumineers are provided by the dental clinic as well. They are basically contact lens-thin and are placed over existing teeth without having the patients go through the hassle of removing painful tooth structure unlike traditional veneers. It is a permanent, pain free cosmetic solution for stained, chipped, discolored or misaligned teeth.

    The dentist clinic also has a Quality Dental Plan in place and on offer for patients who cannot afford the full cost of the whole dental procedure at one time. It is basically a dental savings plan to help promote good dental health wherein patients get immediate treatment without any waiting periods.

    Union Square Dental Practice specializes in offering dental treatment for children and young adolescents as well. The atmosphere inside the clinic is child friendly and calming so that they are at utmost ease. They also provide examinations and teeth cleaning for infants and will keep a tab on their dentistry needs as they grow and their bodies change. The clinic provides important information to parents as to how to properly care for their ward's teeth and also makes formal recommendations about how to achieve overall dental well being.

    Media Contact:-
    Name:- Union Square Dental Practice
    Phone Number:- (415) 693-9139
    Address: 450 Sutter Street, Suite 1326
    San Francisco, CA 94108
    Email ID:-

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    ( August 21, 2013 -- The fresh tastes of a new season in far-off Goa and Bangladesh come to Wapping next month as the award-winning Indian dining room, Laksha Bay unveils its mouth watering new menu.
    Launching in September, the delectable new menu has been a labour of love for the Laksha Bay team and head chef Anayet Hussain who spent two weeks on a culinary journey of discovery in Bangladesh, tasting, savouring and discovering new flavours before setting to work in the Wapping kitchen. With a focus on fresh, beautiful flavours which paint a picture with herbs and spices of far-off dishes, favourite plates and regional specialities, the new menu pays homage to home style cooking in a culinary love letter to authentic cuisine.
    Filled with aromatics such as ginger, capsicum, fiery red chillies, earthy coriander and soothing mint as well as succulent meats and fresh fish, the brand new autumn menu is a taste sensation, all set to a beautiful backdrop in the heart of London.
    Uniquely, Chef Hussain has also spent time developing healthier twists on classic dishes, so those conscious about their intake can enjoy all of the larger than life flavours without consuming larger than life calories.
    Hussain said, "We have developed the new menu with the aim of transporting diners from their table in the heart of London to the heart of tropical South Asia with every forkful. Each new dish is inspired by tastes and techniques that have their roots thousands of miles away in the busy streets of Bangladesh, sun-soaked Goa and the serene Lakshadweep archipelago.
    "We spent two weeks in Bangladesh eating and tasting, experiencing, savouring and learning and brought back with us so many new ideas, fresh new concepts and tips that have been passed down from generation to generation to pack into our best menu yet. To this we added our signature twist - our unique fusion of traditional and contemporary and a real thought as to how each dish could be made health conscious without losing its gastronomic heritage."
    Conveniently located on Wapping Lane, Laksha Bay embodies the relaxed lifestyle of island living. The décor is vibrant, classic and elegant, with vivid colours and luxurious dark woods, the perfect mix of comfortable and contemporary. With attentive service and a luxurious attention to detail, Laksha Bay is a hot choice for diners serious about enjoying a real taste of Asia without leaving the hustle and bustle of central London.
    The restaurant was a finalist in the 'Best in London Central and City' competition in 2012, a Spice Times restaurant award regional finalist for London in 2011 and winner of the Asian curry awards 'Young restaurateur of the Year' title in 2012. It will celebrate its third anniversary on 27th September.
    To enjoy a taste of the delicious new menu make a reservation at or call 0207 481 0777.

    About Laksha Bay
    Both traditional styles of cooking and modern finesse are celebrated at Laksha Bay, allowing us to offer classic dishes to satisfy and innovative meals to delight. The authentic flavours of our dishes have been achieved through the use of the finest ingredients and cooking techniques.

    Our decor and ambiance has been carefully crafted to provide a first class dining experience that delineates class, comfort and excellence.
    Issued by Dakota Digital. Please direct press queries to Rebecca Appleton. Email or Tel 01623 428996.

    ##ENDS ##

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    Monmouth Junction, New Jersey ( August 21, 2013 -- Orion Systems Integrators, Inc. an innovative and global Information Technology Solutions and Services provider, today announced that it has been ranked among Inc. Magazine's 500|5000 Fastest Growing Companies for 2013 for the fourth consecutive year.  This continues to place the company among an elite group of entrepreneurial firms across the U.S.  ORION proudly joins LivingSocial, Edible Arrangements, CDW and Lifelock, among other prominent brands featured on this year's list. Past members of the Inc. 500 include well-known companies such as Microsoft, Zappos, Pandora and Oracle.

    The 2013 Inc. 500|5000 companies are ranked according to the percentage of revenue growth from 2009 to 2012. Orion's rapid growth rate of 130 percent during the three-year period earned the company a no. 2685 national ranking and no. 90 of the top 100 Companies in New Jersey in the IT Services sector. Orion's full profile can be viewed at: .

    "We are honored to have achieved this recognition for the fourth consecutive year.  A strong belief in innovation combined with our talented and dedicated team of associates will continue to lead us down a path of growth and success", stated Sunil Mehta, President and CEO of Orion.

    Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found at  Companies on the Inc. 500 represent the top tier of the Inc. 5000 and are featured in Inc. Magazine's September issue. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2009 and have revenue no less than $2 million in 2012. In addition, companies must be U.S.-based, privately held, for profit and independent - not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies - as of December 31, 2012. The minimum revenue required for 2009 is $100,000; the minimum for 2012 is $2 million.

    About Orion Systems Integrators, Inc.

    Orion is an award-winning, innovative New Jersey based Information Technology software and solutions provider with a global footprint and over 900 technology professionals. For over 20 years Orion has developed, integrated, deployed and managed IT solutions for leading financial, telecom, pharmaceutical and government organizations across the globe.  Their reputation has been built on the value of their ability to leverage people, process, and technology to deliver quality solutions while putting mission-critical business requirements and rapid return on investment at the center of the solution development process.  Headquartered in New Jersey, the company has additional offices throughout the US, India, Canada and Chile.

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    Skopje ( August 21, 2013 -- Seavus, well-known IT company that operates all around the world, is proud to announce that their mind-mapping software solution DropMind® has officially integrate with Biggerplate- the largest communities of mind map users in the world.

    Bigggerplate has been a significant material resource to the mind-mapping sphere for several years. With this integration, DropMind® is entering among the top five mind-mapping solutions, delivering mind maps and templates that Biggerplate's users can find useful and effective, driving to increase productivity.

    From collaboration aspect, users can easily join this community, connect with other users, join groups and exchange DropMind®'s templates. This way users can save valuable time and exploit the knowledge of the professionals who prepared the maps. Biggerplate already has more than 50.000 active users participating in enriching their community with useful mind-maps and over five million mind-maps downloaded so far.

    DropMind® dedicated team covers many areas where mind-mapping can be found useful, with a special accent to business oriented mind-maps which are created by the most experienced departments in their respective fields. DropMind® would also like to ask its valued clients and all potential users to visit their library on Biggerplate and help themselves with templates they see valuable, as well as sharing their own mind-maps with other users that can benefit from them.

    To access DropMind® free mind-maps library, check the following page:

    "We are delighted to welcome Dropmind to the Biggerplate mind map community, and we look forward to seeing loads of great Dropmind content being shared on the site soon!" - said the Founder of Biggerplate, Liam Hughes.

    About Seavus
    Seavus® is a software development and consulting company with a proven track-record in providing successful enterprise-wide business solutions. The company has over 500 employees worldwide and offers a variety of products and service options, successfully covering the European and US market from several offices in the world. Their expanding portfolio covers: BSS/OSS, CRM, CEM, Business Intelligence solutions, ALM, embedded programming, mobile and gaming solutions, managed services, as well as custom development, consultancy and resourcing. Seavus portfolio includes over 3,000 customers, among which leading worldwide telecoms and handset manufacturers, organizations from banking and finance industry, consumer electronics, technology, education, government, health, etc.

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    Stars from Glee, World War Z, The Middle, Pretty Little Liars and Big Time Rush, joined performers Ryan Beatty, Marcus Canty, New Boyz' Ben J and Allan I.

    LOS ANGELES ( August 21, 2013 -- No one was being bullied Saturday evening at the 2013 NO BULL Teen Video Awards as Grown Up's 2 star and the evening's host, Nadji Jeter, welcomed a star-studded audience of celebrities, NO BULL's 15 teen award nominees, parents, and anti-bullying activists. The Great American NO BULL Challenge announced LIVE at the awards show the winners of NO BULL's coveted "Noble" award recipients. All of the organizations entrants wrote and directed short films and Public Service Announcements about the importance of bullying prevention and digital responsibility, which will become part of the NO BULL Academy's educational resources, available to anyone anywhere. 17-year-old Henderson, NV native Hunter Hopewell won the overall NO BULL Best Documentary of the Year award along with 15-year-old San Rafael, CA native Hayley Grimshaw winning the Best Public Service Announcement.

    Celebrities from Movies, Television, Music and Sports gathered alongside national anti-bullying and social action activists on Saturday, August 10th in Los Angeles for the 2013 NO BULL National Education Conference and NO BULL Teen Video Awards. All nominees were given the star treatment as the evening opened with a special performance by Epic Records recording artist Marcus Canty and continued with phenomenal performances by iTune's fastest rising star in the pop charts top 10 with his song "Hey L.A." Ryan Beatty, musician Allan I, songwriter of the hit "Crickets" and bringing the show to a close, Warner Brothers recording artist Ben J of the New Boyz.

    Nickelodeon actress Kayla Maisonet, Big Time Rush actor Tucker Albrizzi and Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas actor Noah Urrea presented the first award of the night. It was the start of a slew of celebrities who would make their way to the Teen Video Awards stage to honor the opportunity for social change at the youth level in an awards show of "Oscars meets the Grammys" in Hollywood's backyard, epically produced by Kombine Media. You can view all of the evening's celebrity presenters, category award winners along with their nominated films here.

    Through the magic of filmmaking and the power of peer-to-peer influence, The Great American NO BULL Challenge empowers teens to become leaders by taking action to address bullying prevention, campus safety and the importance of being digitally responsible. The NO BULL Challenge provides a much-needed platform and spark to encourage youth activism to inspire the world's 200 million teenagers to make a difference.  

    No cost education resources from the 2013 campaign will be available by November 2013. The 2013/2014 Great American NO BULL Challenge will accept entries between December 13, 2013 and April 30, 2014. The 2014 Teen Video Awards is slated to take place on August 9, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

    Judges for the 2013 NO BULL Challenge included Lee Hirsch, Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker and Director of BULLY!, IM5, musical act, Dr Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa and 18-year-old daughter Zoe, television personality and host of The Dr. Oz Show, Emily-Anne Rigal, Founder of and 2011 Halo Award recipient by Lady Gaga, NO BULL National spokespeople Zach Veach, Shawn Hayes, Director of Research and Education, HealthCorps, Julie Hertzog, Director, PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center, Chelsea Krost, TV & Radio Talkshow Host, Millennial Lifestyle Expert and Author, Tina Meier, Founder of the Megan Meier Foundation, Julia Mora-Blanco, Manager of the User Safety Team, Twitter, Patrice O'Neill, CEO and Executive Producer, Not In Our Town, Dave Steer, Manager of Policy and Communications, Facebook, Robin Utz, Chief, College and Career Transitions Branch, Division of Academic and Technical Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education, U.S. Department of Education and Michael Walton, Star Sprinter/Founder, The Michael Walton Foundation.

    About The Great American NO BULL Challenge: A social action organization that inspires teens from around the world to take a stand against bullying and to promote digital responsibility, leadership and social action through filmmaking. NO BULL provides the platform, framework and motivation for youth to create powerful short films and Public Service Announcements that spark dialogue to affect change. The annual campaign is available to middle and high school students and their teachers at no cost. The NO BULL Challenge was founded by Shawn Edgington, a cyber-safety expert, bestselling author and President of Granite Insurance Brokers and E-COMP, as a result of a personal incident that occurred with her teenage daughter. Next year's annual campaign and contest kicks off on December 13, 2013. The Great American NO BULL Challenge is a 501c3 organization.

    About the Teen Video Awards:
    On August 10th, 2013, the Teen Video Awards culminated the 2013 campaign year by announcing the award winning films "live" during the "Oscars meets the Grammy's" awards show. The 2013 award winning filmmakers and their teams took home the experience of a lifetime, along with the coveted "Noble" Award, video cameras, school scholarships and a custom made by Balfour, NO BULL signet ring. Celebrities, music lovers, top filmmakers, educators, youth and industry leaders came from across the country to celebrate, educate, learn, and empower all of those who were in attendance.

    2013 NO BULL Challenge Partners Include:
    Facebook, Balfour, Hello Herman/All In Films, Dr. Oz's HealthCorps, OPIVU Salon, GoPro, The Cyber Safety Academy, TEEN LINE, GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network), 4-H, ADL (The Anti-Defamation League), The Bully Project, NOYS (National Organizations for Youth Safety), BPA (Business Professionals of America), The California Endowment, Communities in Schools, FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America), Granite Insurance Brokers, GuestAssist Campus, i-SAFE, InTouch Mobile, The Megan Meier Foundation, The Michael Walton Foundation, Not In Our Town/School, Project Change, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), Sears: Team Up To Stop Bullying, Twitter and Youth Service America.

    Media Contact:

    Sarah Flores, The Great American NO BULL Challenge

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    NEW YORK, NY ( August 21, 2013 -- A former intern has filed an intern pay class-action suit against Sean Coomb's Bad Boy Entertainment Inc. and its corporate parent, Universal Music Group, in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

    Rashida Salaam, 26, of Brooklyn worked as an intern at the entertainment industry giant from January 2012 until May 2012.

    The ex-intern's attorneys Jeffrey K. Brown of Leeds Brown Law PC, of Carle Place, NY, and Lloyd R. Ambinder of Virginia & Ambinder LLP, of Manhattan, filed the suit, which purports to represent more 500 former interns who worked at the company, beginning in 2007. The suit was filed Aug. 20.

    The lawsuit seeks back wages plus interest for the hours that Salaam and her peers worked -- an amount that will be determined at trial.

    Salaam, most recently a researcher at PRNewswire, worked as an unpaid intern from January 2012 to June 2012, while working toward her BA in English/journalism at City College. She typically worked three or four days each week until 6 p.m. or 7 p.m., according to the suit. Her duties included answering phones, filing and copying documents, running errands and preparing expense reports.

    According to the suit, company interns also gift-wrapped presents and decorated the office during the holiday season.

    Unpaid interns and are 'employees' under New York labor law and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and they are eligible to sue for unpaid wages going back six years, according to recent court decisions. In June, a judge (Case No. 11cv6784, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, Glatt v Fox Searchlight Pictures), found that Fox Searchlight Pictures violated labor laws when it used unpaid interns for production tasks on "Black Swan," the 2010 film starring Natalie Portman. And, PBS talk show host Charlie Rose and his production company agreed to pay roughly $110,000 to settle a lawsuit (Case No. 650780/2012, New York State Supreme Court, New York, NY, Bickerton v Rose) brought by former unpaid interns, under an agreement approved by a New York judge. 

    (The case is Rashida Salaam v. Universal Music Group, No. 13CIV5822, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. The case is assigned to U.S. District Court Judge J. Paul Oetken)

    Leeds Brown Law and Virginia & Ambinder have established a web site,, to provide information to unpaid interns.

    About Leeds Brown Law, P.C.
    Based in Carle Place, NY, Leeds Brown Law, P.C. is a New York City area law firm dedicated to providing the highest quality guidance and representation to clients with concerns involving a broad range of legal practice areas. Over the last two decades, the firm's attorneys have become widely known and respected - in New York and across the U.S. - for their ability to litigate complex legal issues effectively, and for the outstanding results the firm has achieved, particularly in the areas of employment law, civil rights, discrimination and sexual harassment. For more information call 1-800-585 4658 or visit

    About Virginia & Ambinder, LLP
    Attorneys at the New York City law firm of Virginia & Ambinder, LLP have made it their mission to assist underpaid and mistreated employees in New York, New Jersey, and throughout the United States. With over 20 years of experience in the field, the firm has consistently provided focused, dedicated representation to thousands of workers in hundreds of wage and hour class action cases--holding employers accountable for unlawful wage and hour abuses, including overtime and prevailing wage violations. For more information, call (212) 943-9080 or visit


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    ( August 21, 2013 -- According to the recently published article in Robotics Tomorrow Magazine, the article described how flexible AGVs (automated guided vehicles) increased efficiency and reduced costs by helping automate a warehouse as well as a production line. Automation is often referenced only on the manufacturing plant floor. Increasingly, automation occupies large 200,000+ square foot distribution centers throughout North America and Europe. The challenges for these large, often three-shift, high volume, rapid-turnaround operations are developing an effective turnkey solution with superior design, increased production, and reduced costs.

    Since a large retailer might sell tens of thousands of products from thousands of vendors, it would be highly inefficient to ship each product directly from each vendor to each store. Many retailers own and run their own distribution networks, while smaller retailers may outsource this function to dedicated logistics firms that coordinate the distribution of products for a number of companies. A distribution center can be co-located at a logistics center.

    The whitepaper extensively discussed labor costs, aging workforce, and safety at the manufacturing workplace. Whether on the plant floor or distribution picking and packing areas, a high percentage of the manufacturing, logistics, and distribution executives, express concerns about the trend of increasing labor costs.

    Many distribution centers have an aging labor demographic and that brings up issues of safety, productivity, and quality control. The trend is for companies to operate fewer, larger distribution centers to maintain customer service levels with fewer facilities, resulting in a reduction in total network inventory levels. These larger distribution centers create different operational challenges.

    In most cases, distribution center jobs are more costly than automation. A distribution center typically has a general manager who manages the facility along with a number of department managers who are direct reports. Many distribution centers, in excess of 100,000 square feet, divide staff into two categories, direct labor and indirect labor. Direct labor staff executes the distribution processes, while indirect labor staff supports the direct labor staff. Each department is composed of supervisors and warehouse workers.

    To read the Seegrid whitepaper in its entirety click the link: is an eMagazine of News, articles and interviews covering the trends and breakthroughs in the Robotics industry. With an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization.

    About Seegrid

    Seegrid Corporation ( provides simple, affordable, flexible vision-guided automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to the material handling industry. Seegrid robotic industrial trucks, flexible AGVs, are revolutionizing the movement of materials in manufacturing and distribution environments. Seegrid automated pallet trucks and tow tractors optimize workflow processes by increasing productivity and reducing costs, creating economic and operational advantages. Robotic industrial trucks deliver a rapid return on investment, improve facility safety, and reduce equipment and product damage. Fast Company magazine named Seegrid as one of the Top 50 World's Most Innovative Company in 2013 and among the Top 10 World's Most Innovative Robotics Company in 2013. Follow Seegrid Corporation on Twitter at @Seegrid.

    Seegrid Corporation
    Amanda Merrell
    Marketing Director

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    Lumberton, NC ( August 21, 2013 -- Lumberton Automotive has recently completed construction of it's new 25,000 sq. ft. building in Lumberton, North Carolina on Linkhaw Road. 

    The new building comes with the look and feel that General Motors has set for its brand, business and for its customers. With a sleek and modern look, fantastic new showroom, and an much larger service section, Lumberton Automotive is on the road to becoming one of the better GM dealerships in the area. 

    The completion of the new building has come at the perfection time, where it coninsides with the release of the new 2014 Chevy Silverado. The revamped flagship for GM trucks has uprgaded almost every aspect of the vehicle and sets a new standard for dependable trucks. 

    Lumberton Automotive has also released a new program called the 'Lumberton Advantage.' This impressive new program allows potential buyers to build the exact GM automobile online and receive an email quote within minutes! To check out this new program and all it entails visit Lumberton Automotive online at The Lumberton Advantage.

    To see the vast selection of invetory, options, and to get directions to Lumberton Automotive click one of the links below. 'Lumberton Automotive, home of the Lumberton Advantage.'

    Lumberton Automotive
    'The Lumberton Advantage'

    Taylor Scott
    FDM Media Corp.
    Digital Audience Development Director

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    Noblesville, IN ( August 21, 2013 -- American Health Network is pleased to announce that Racquel Reyes, MD and Terene Varghese, MD have joined its nationally recognized group practice.

    Both physicians specialize in internal medicine with an emphasis on preventative health and wellness for adults, geriatric medicine, and chronic disease management for such conditions as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. The doctors practice knowledge-based medicine for the best patient outcomes which utilizes scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness.

    Dr. Reyes completed her residency at Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital and received her medical degree from College of Medicine - University of the East. Dr. Varghese completed her residency at Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital and received her medical degree from St. George's University School of Medicine.

    "We're both extremely excited to embark on this new chapter in our healthcare careers," said Dr. Varghese. "We look forward to serving the health needs of Noblesville and the surrounding communities. "

    Dr. Varghese and Reyes will start seeing patients on September 3, 2013 and will be affiliated and share a practice suite with Dr. Walt Beaver at 18077 River Avenue, Suite 104 in Noblesville, Indiana.

    About American Health Network
    American Health Network is Indiana's largest physician-owned group practice with over 70 offices and more than 200 primary care physicians and specialists in Indiana and Ohio. The organization is driven with the visionary purpose of providing high-quality, cost-effective care, supported by a robust electronic infrastructure in our quest to provide exceptional care to our patients. For more information, visit

    Julian Stanisic
    Marketing Manager

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    West Lebanon, NH ( August 21, 2013 -- M2S, the exclusive technology provider for the Vascular Quality Initiative® (VQI®), announces the milestone of passing 100,000 procedures captured using the PATHWAYS™ clinical data performance platform.

    The PATHWAYS platform provides VQI participants with data collection and long-term outcomes assessment tools for improving the quality and cost of vascular healthcare.

    The VQI continues to experience exponential growth since launching in February 2011. Today there are more than 245 participating centers and 1,500 physicians across the United States and Canada capturing and analyzing data using the PATHWAYS platform.

    The design of the PATHWAYS platform meets the critical challenges in healthcare, empowering users to collaborate on outcomes and implement quality improvement projects that positively affect patient care. M2S continually enhances the functionality of the PATHWAYS platform, recently adding risk-adjusted reporting for Carotid Endarterectomy and Carotid Artery Stent to its Analytics and Reporting Engine. The analytics tools created by M2S allow users to perform custom, complex outcomes analyses and benchmark results with peers for comparison. All data within the PATHWAYS platform is under the protective governance of a Patient Safety Organization that protects the data from legal discovery. This functionality further increases the value of the data for improving patient care and determining best practices.

    About M2S
    M2S, the exclusive technology provider of the Vascular Quality Initiative is a healthcare performance management solutions company that provides innovative technology and services to the healthcare industry to manage clinical information and utilize information to improve the quality of patient care and reduce costs. The VQI is built on M2S's PATHWAYS clinical data performance platform and allows users to track, measure, and analyze clinical information while promoting collaboration, objectively driving decisions, and optimizing performance. For more information, visit

    Contact: Chris Scelza, M2S,, (603) 298-5509

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