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    ( June 14, 2013 -- If you own a home, you know that utility costs have been rising steadily, with the average electric bill more than doubling in the last 10 years. For economic and ecological reasons, homeowners everywhere are recognizing the advantages of solar energy and considering new methods of powering their lives.

    Born out of a university project, Energy 2 Green provides easy-to-follow manuals, which provide all the information you need to install and build your own solar panels and windmills. Once installed, these products reduce or even eliminate electric bills, while transforming your home into an energy producing "green home." First tested by high school students, the instructions are easy to follow and all materials can be found at your local home improvement store.
    The major advantage of choosing the DIY method over a regular solar company is that there is no huge payment required upfront. Rather than waiting 10 - 20 years to recoup your investment, the do-it-yourself option requires a much smaller initial payment (starting at $200) and pays for itself in as little as 2 months. One Energy 2 Green customer says in her testimonial, "We had a blast building our own windmill which was rewarding enough for me - but then I got my first full monthly bill after completing it and it was actually a check!"

    Using Energy 2 Green's simple, illustrated instructions, you can power your home with safe, legal solar and wind power. Rather than waiting for a paper manual, which could become obsolete as soon as you buy it, Energy 2 Green's Ebook manuals can be downloaded instantly, including automatic, immediate future content updates. This means that you will always have the most current information. Rest assured - if you're not happy with your purchase, they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

    About Energy 2 Green
    Energy 2 Green emerged out of a university science department project, for which the challenge was to create a working solar panel and windmill for under $500. Only everyday building materials could be used, and the instructions had to be easy for anyone to understand. The winning design was then tested by high school students, who succeeded at building a working solar panel and windmill. The company now offers manuals, training videos and other information on going green and saving on utility costs. The manual package is currently on sale for only $49 (down from $190).

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact: Marissa Veronica
    Tel: (458) 206-0616

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    ( June 14, 2013 -- "Soundbar is a convenient solution to complete one's home theater experience but many end up dissatisfied with their soundbar selection", says Fredric. Through his recently launched blog, Fredric, as an audiophile himself, seeks to share his expertise and provide soundbar enthusiasts with the essential information required before they make their purchase selection. blog author, Fredric, is a technology enthusiast who since young, has developed strong interest in sound reproduction engineering. His fascination with this field is inherited from his father, who himself is an audiophile.

    The last few years see the most radical revolution in the TV we used at home. From big bulky CRT tube to slim Flatscreen TV. Emergence of a new speaker category commonly referred to as soundbar is the natural consequence of this revolution. The main reason is none other than the lack of ability by these close to paper-thin TVs in producing decent quality sound that the whole family can enjoy.

    The first question being asked by anyone looking to buy their first soundbar is, "Can soundbar really produce good audio quality?" It is an interesting question with simple answer but requires in-depth expertise to properly put things in perspectives. If compared to full home theater with professionally calibrated multiple speakers system, soundbar is definitely of no match. But soundbar is an appealing alternative to those looking for simple plug and play solution.

    "Soundbar is a convenient solution to complete one's home theater experience but many end up dissatisfied with their soundbar selection", says Fredric. Through his recently launched blog, Fredric, as an audiophile himself, seeks to share his expertise and provide soundbar enthusiasts with the essential information required before they make their purchase selection.

    About is a blog dedicated to provide easy to understand guide when it comes to soundbar selection. As an audiophile himself, Fredric shares the important aspects that one should consider and what to expect before buying a soundbar.

    Contact Info:
    Name: Fredric Russo
    Company Location: Atlanta, Georgia
    Website Address:

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    June 15, 2013 - Phoenix, AZ -- Paying the sticker-price for a forklift may push the overhead costs up, and high overhead can be justified as perfectly fine if it's part of a strategic growth plan, but what if it's a temporary job? Avoid the pitfall of purchasing an unnecessary piece of equipment. Find out about renting from Reliable Forklift Sales, the Phoenix forklift rental people.

    Most of the common business mistakes can be avoided with some number crunching, and it may be the ideal time to challenge the notion that the company must buy the equipment rather than rent it. Is investing in equipment the way to go? Let the Phoenix forklift rental people at Reliable Forklift Sales offer some insights:

    Unplanned Forklift Use
    Understanding how frequently the forklift will be used and the length of time the job will run can lend insight into renting or buying. If the company believes the forklift will see a high level of use, check to make sure it's the perfect forklift for the work. If buyers worry about the long-term commitment, use the gauge of the past as an indicator for the Future. If the renter has expanded over the past twelve months, a rental must meet the demands of expansion.

    Businesses often create more frequent applications of equipment like the forklift, but if this isn't an expansion move, it may be time to rent. Many companies purchase forklifts rather than rent because it's a necessary piece of equipment in their business. This should be easy to determine. The question becomes, with new business coming in, does it make more sense to rent?

    Ad Hoc Use
    Some believe that not using the forklift a lot, but having it around for ad hoc use is really a question about the business's flexibility. A rental can help the company cover all its bases in case something unexpected comes up. A rental unit is certainly a solution for ad hoc use.

    If Rental is the Choice
    Finally, tackle the issues of actually renting a forklift. Determine the forklift use. This factors into the forklift's lifting capability, the height the forklift; the type of surface the forklift works on; the arrangement of the workspace for navigating purposes. If the company plans to run the forklift for two shifts, be sure to communicate that. Find out what kind of insurance the forklift rental company buys too.

    These are just some tips from the Phoenix forklift rental people, Reliable Forklift Sales. Call them at 604 414-9996 with any question. They're happy to help.

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    June 15, 2013 - It is very important that a homeowner keeps the roof on his or her home well maintained in order to keep it looking good while protecting the family that lives inside. From repairing or replacing a few shingles to the installation of a totally new roof, regular wear and tear or weather damage may make it necessary for a homeowner to need the help of a roofing company. For those Mesa, AZ homeowners who need excellent and respected Mesa roofing contractors, there is no other roofing company that provides the complete customer satisfaction found at Harper's Roofing, Inc.

    Why It's A Good Idea To Choose Harper's Roofing, Inc.

    While a roof is important to both the outside appearance and inside comfort of a home, roofing problems require the help of roofing professionals who know how to tackle any roofing job. At Harper's Roofing, Inc., they make it their goal to please their customers with outstanding roofing service. They provide their roofing work at an affordable price. They are licensed, bonded and insured for extra customer satisfaction. For any Mesa, AZ homeowner who wants to learn more about the professional roofing services provided by Harper's Roofing, Inc., call (480)963-2796.

    Harper's Roofing, Inc. Provides Excellent Roofing Service

    By combining years of experience with a determination to handle every roofing job in a fast, efficient and cost effective way, Harper's Roofing, Inc. has what it takes to satisfy each of their customers. From the easiest to the hardest of roofing jobs, Harper's Roofing, Inc. has the knowledge needed to handle any type of roofing repair or replacement. Whether it is a shingle roof, tile roof or a flat roof, Harper's Roofing, Inc. can service any type of roof.

    The roof on a home not only protects the family inside from the weather outside, but it also adds curb appeal. Whether the roofing problem was caused by storm damage or age, it is important that a roofing problem gets fixed before it gets worse. In order for a roof to get fixed properly, though, an excellent roofing contractor must be found. For those who need excellent Mesa roofing contractors, there is no better roofing company to call than Harper's Roofing, Inc.

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    June 15, 2013 - When a plumbing issue occurs in your Tucson, AZ home, you need the help of a company that can provide you with outstanding plumbing services. Whether the problem is a clogged drain or a leaky faucet, a professional plumbing company can help out with any type of plumbing job. While it may seem simple to handle a plumbing job on your own, you could end up causing further plumbing problems. If instead you would like to hire the help of a professional plumber who can do the job right the first time, you need to contact Cummings Plumbing Heating And Cooling.

    For great Tucson plumbing, there is no better company to call than Cummings Plumbing Heating And Cooling. Since 1985, Cummings Plumbing Heating And Cooling has been providing the homeowners of Tucson with great plumbing services. Along with providing great plumbing service, Cummings Plumbing Heating And Cooling offers these services at affordable prices. Add that to friendly and helpful customer service representatives who can help make your experience with Cummings Plumbing Heating And Cooling a pleasant one, and there really is no better Tucson plumbing company to call. From the handling the smallest of plumbing jobs to the largest of plumbing renovations, Cummings Plumbing Heating And Cooling has what it takes to fix your plumbing problem.

    Family owned and operated for almost 30 years, Cummings Plumbing Heating And Cooling is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in any type of plumbing job. With a huge amount of trained and certified professional service people who can fix your plumbing problem in a time efficient and budget friendly way, Cummings Plumbing Heating And Cooling is the plumbing company to call when you need a plumbing job handled in your Tucson, AZ home. At Cummings Plumbing Heating And Cooling, you are the number one priority, and this fact becomes extremely well known once you experience just how great the plumbing service from Cummings Plumbing Heating And Cooling truly is. For more information about the huge amount of plumbing jobs handled quickly, cost efficiently and professionally, call the plumbing specialists at Cummings Plumbing Heating And Cooling at 520-293-6900.

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    June 15, 2013 - A properly functioning HVAC system is vitally important to the comfort levels inside a home. When a problem arises with a home's HVAC system, it can make the home unbearable to be in. Whether the house is too hot or too cold, extreme temperatures inside a home are never pleasant to deal with. Due to things like normal wear and tear and age, it is sometimes necessary for a homeowner to have his or her home's HVAC system serviced by professionals who truly know what they are doing. For those homeowners in Apache Junction, AZ who need ac repair Apache Junction, contact the friendly HVAC professionals at Chandler Air, Inc.

    Why Homeowners Should Choose Chandler Air, Inc. For Their HVAC Needs

    At Chandler Air, Inc., they work hard to please each of their customers with outstanding customer service and satisfaction. From the initial consultation until the finishing touches are applied, Chandler Air, Inc. walks each customer step by step through the HVAC repair or replacement process. Each one of their HVAC professionals are trained, certified and licensed to handle all HVAC jobs, and they do these jobs at a price almost anyone can afford. Combine theses great things with the overall high levels of customer service, and there really is no other HVAC company that compares to Chandler Air, Inc. To schedule an appointment for a free consultation, call (480)899-5556.

    Get Great AC Apache Junction Service From Chandler Air, Inc.

    When a home's HVAC system is not functioning properly, this problem can lead to great discomfort. In order to bring back a comfortable temperature inside a home, it may sometimes be necessary to contact an HVAC repair and replacement company. For those who need high quality HVAC service in Apache Junction, AZ, no other HVAC company provides the high levels of customer service and satisfaction that Chandler Air, Inc. does. Chandler Air, Inc. can diagnose the HVAC problem then fix it in a time efficient, budget friendly and high quality way, and this is why they are a respected and loved HVAC company. For more information about the ac repair Apache Junction services provided by Chandler Air, Inc., call them today.

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    June 15, 2013 - When a person is injured due to an accident, this injury can create a lot of pain and stress in that person's life. Not only can a personal injury result in physical and emotional suffering, but it can also cause a great deal of financial despair. While accidents cannot always be avoided, the impact an accident can have on a person's life can be lessened with the help of an excellent personal injury lawyer. For those residents of Chandler, AZ who need the help of an excellent personal injury lawyer Chandler, contact The Hogle Firm.

    Founded by attorney Dana Hogle, The Hogle Firm is focused on protecting the rights of anyone who has suffered from a personal injury due to an accident. While most people assume they will get financially reimbursed by the at fault party's insurance company, it can take a long time to see any money. Plus, an insurance company will try to pay the lowest amount of money possible. This is why so many people who have suffered from a personal injury have chosen to take their cases to court with the help of The Hogle Firm. The Hogle Firm has an in depth understanding of the laws surrounding personal injury cases in Arizona, and they use this deep understanding to help each of their clients receive a fair outcome in a personal injury case. To set up an appointment for a free consultation with The Hogle Firm, call (480)247-2277.

    For any resident of Chandler, AZ who has been injured during an accident, fair and just financial reimbursement can be easily won with the representation of The Hogle Firm. With an extensive knowledge of personal injury laws in Chandler, AZ and a determination to win each of their cases, The Hogle Firm will work hard to protect their client's rights. The Hogle Firm understands how hard it can be to deal with a personal injury, and that is why they offer such excellent representation in a personal injury case. For any resident of Chandler, AZ who needs a personal injury lawyer Chandler, call The Hogle Firm to set up an appointment for a free consultation. With the excellent legal representation of The Hogle Firm, anyone can receive truly fair compensation for the financial, physical and emotional despair a personal injury has caused.

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    ( June 14, 2013 -- The pinnacle of the sporting year is almost here and to celebrate Corinthia Hotel London is serving spectators of the capital the perfect Championship Afternoon Tea.

    Experienced in the Lobby Lounge below the soaring dome of the 'Full Moon' chandelier, tranquillity and calm is the order of the play.

    An array of teas including bespoke blends created especially for Corinthia London's Tea Palace menu are available to enjoy. Guests also have the option to indulge in a glass of Laurent-Perrier with a Champagne Afternoon Tea.

    Savoury options are available including a selection of delicious finger sandwiches with gourmet fillings such as Loch Var smoked salmon,creamed Innes goats cheese with cucumber and organic egg mayonnaise with micro watercress, followed by a mouth-watering selection of scones.

    With the magnificent Baccarat Chandelier and its 1,001 crystals baubles illuminating The Lobby Lounge, an indulgent selection of themed afternoon pastries are sure to win you over.

    Inspired by the tastes of the Summer Wimbledon season, Corinthia London presents delights such as Pimms Jelly presented in a small glass named "A Sip of Summer " or a chocolate tennis racket aptly titled "Game Set and Match".

    Afternoon Tea is served from 3pm daily. The Championship Afternoon will be served from 24th June to 9th July 2013. To book please call 020 7321 3150 or email


    Photo captions:
    Championship Afternoon Tea
    Corinthia Hotel London's Lobby Lounge

    About Corinthia Hotel London
    Housed within a Victorian building, 294 rooms including 36 suites and 7 penthouses offer sweeping views across London's most popular landmarks. Corinthia Hotel London provides unrivalled world-class luxury with superb ground floor offerings including restaurant The Northall, serving the best in British produce throughout the day; modern Italian cuisine at Massimo Restaurant & Oyster Bar and the musically inspired Bassoon Bar. Corinthia London is also home to the flagship ESPA Life at Corinthia, a next-generation spa housed across four floors, plus its own Daniel Galvin hair salon The hotel boasts the largest room sizes in London, original restored Victorian columns and tall windows that let in swathes of natural light. Cutting edge technology in rooms and meeting rooms allow for recording, mixing and broadcasting from dedicated media rooms. Corinthia London is a 21st century grand hotel located in the heart of London, created by experts with a passion for craftsmanship and an understanding of world-class service. Corinthia London is the ninth of Corinthia Hotels' collection of five-star hotels founded by the Pisani family of Malta.

    Editorial Contact in US
    The Bradford Group
    Karen Hoffman/Sarah McHeffey
    Tel: (212) 447-0027
    Fax: (212) 725 8253

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    ( June 14, 2013 -- Cottrell, Solensky & Semple, P.A. is pleased to announce that Lisa Perez has been invited to join the prestigious Claims and Litigation Management Alliance. The CLM is a nonpartisan alliance comprised of thousands of insurance companies, corporations, Corporate Counsel, Litigation and Risk Managers, claims professionals and attorneys. Through education and collaboration the organization's goals are to create a common interest in the representation by firms of companies, and to promote and further the highest standards of litigation management in pursuit of client defense. Selected attorneys and law firms are extended membership by invitation only based on nominations from CLM Fellows.

    Lisa Perez ("Of Counsel" to the firm) is a graduate of the City University of New York; College of Staten Island (B.A. 1983) and Yeshiva University; Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (J.D. 1986). She is admitted to practice in all Courts of the State of New Jersey. Ms. Perez has extensive experience handling Title 59 and Section 1983 cases for cities, including Plainfield, east orange, Elizabeth and Linden; and Union County. Ms. Perez is currently assigned as a Public Defender for the City of Elizabeth. Ms. Perez has extensive PIP/UM experience with New Jersey Property Liability Insurance Guaranty Association (NJ PLIGA). Ms. Perez has extensive trial experience and premises liability experience representing Greater New York Insurance Company.


    Edward Solensky, Jr., Esq.

    About the CLM:
    The Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) promotes and furthers the highest standards of claims and litigation management and brings together the thought leaders in both industries. CLM's Members and Fellows include risk and litigation managers, insurance and claims professionals, corporate counsel, outside counsel and third party vendors. The CLM sponsors educational programs, provides resources and fosters communication among all in the industry. To learn more about the CLM, please visit

    Susan Wisbey-Smith, Communications Manager
    Claims and Litigation Management Alliance

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    NEW YORK, NY ( June 14, 2013 -- Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals has added a new quote form that can help to get an accurate quote for your travel plans in no time. Conveniently located on their home page, the form asks only a few simple questions such as location and date of travel before being able to receive a highly precise estimate of your costs.

    Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals has been providing innovative and effective service for the mobility impaired traveler and their families since 1987. When traveling as or with a wheelchair user, there are many things for one to worry about. With Wheelers' help, renting a handicapped accessible van is not one of them. They are able to solve any transportation problem that may be encountered with the best solution possible. Wheelers is a leader in the accessible travel field and will continue to be in the future.

    Wheelers Handicapped Accessible Van Rentals is dedicated to providing quality service and products and because of this they end up on top of competition time and time again. They use only the best of modified vehicles in the country, such as Amerivan from Eldorado, Braun, Vantage Mobility International (VMI) and others. Their mission is to provide quality and innovative transportation to all handicapped travelers in every city around the United States and Canada.

    This new estimate form will allow customers to easily find out available rentals and costs for their future trips in a simple and convenient place. Wheelers Handicapped Accessible Van Rentals ensures that any travel, from a simple day outing to a long country-wide road trip can be accommodated by their unique vehicles.

    SOURCE: Jubilant Web Website Marketing Company

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    ( June 14, 2013 -- Celebrating his 20th year anniversary as a successful heart transplant recipient, Mohan Mahal is selling an eco-friendly house solar house in Silicon Valley with a giveaway of a Tesla Model S included 3 year lease to honor his donor.

    San Jose, CA - Twenty years ago Mohan Mahal needed a heart transplant. Twenty years ago a donor gave him one. Most transplant patients are recorded to be lucky to live 10 years successfully. A recipient with a 15 year life span is excellent. Someone who received a transplant and lived 20 years plus is almost unheard of.

    Mohan Mahal, the CEO of SIDCO a company committed to sustainable energy and energy efficient homes is such a recipient. So grateful for the quality of life he was given and the years he has had as a result of a heart donor, Mohan decided to honor the family as a mark of his 20 year anniversary as a recipient.

    He decided to add an extra perk as incentive for green-minded buyers on his latest real estate refurbish. Not only did he include solar panels for sustainability, he decided to throw in a Tesla - that goes with the house for a 3 year prepaid lease. The Tesla was a way of thanking the family who participated in his heart transplant donation and the extra life he has had. He is paying it forward to some very lucky new homeowner.

    The Home will be shown on June 15th from 10AM to 12PM. The address is 1151 Koch Lane, San Jose, CA 95125. Dr. Sharon Hunt, Mahal's Post Operative Cardiologist, will be there as well as a representative of Tesla.

    Mohan believes that if the hot real estate industry in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the state follows this trend by including electric cars, there could be a massive shift in energy usage. His vision includes in another five years many homes coming with this kind of sustainable energy to encourage the public as an active participant. Solar panels are being provided by Solar City.

    Contact: Mohan Mahal, SIDCO, (408) 314-3454, or

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    ( June 14, 2013 -- Amazon is now offering ebooks that aid in your job search. These helpful hints may include how appropriate attire to wear, how to act during an interview, and resume writing help.

    Many people these days are trying to learn how to find a job. Maybe they have poor job security, or have been laid off, or just want to start over in a better career. For whatever reason, it is important that they find good tips on getting a job. One big tip that many job seekers should know is they need a good image to represent themselves for a job interview. Whatever the job is, they should be dressing appropriately. If its an office setting, business attire will be better than jeans and a T-shirt.

    There are a number of resources to help people land that perfect job. Many of these are online from websites like This company offers numerous Ebooks on how to dress and act to show a good presentation. In addition, there are many helpful tips and advice on setting up the right resume, how to write an appropriate cover letter, how to act and dress for an interview, just to name a few. Many of these resources are available at very low prices, which is important for those on a budget. Some of these Ebooks are less than ten dollars, many are under $20.

    David Musa
    Musa Solutions Inc

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    ( June 14, 2013 -- The Car Show in Alamo, Texas featured over 30 vehicles, as the event was organized and sponsored by teachers and personnel from the local high school. The display drew in exhibitors from the area who were their to display their various vehicles. For attending, those present were treated to a quality barbecue.

    Clifford Serna, an employee of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, was presented with honors as 'crowd favorite' with his yellow Honda motorcycle. The best in show was given to Eric Granadonegro's Mud Bogger, for his 1996 Ford Bronco that holds a 351 Cleveland engine.

    The show was held at the high school was a culmination of the Expeditionary Learning program for the local Alamo Navajo High School. It had been kicked off in the earlier in the week, and attracted students and residents of the area. The program is geared toward allowing students the opportunity to attain high-energy activities to study regarding the trade routes of the area, along with other history aspects.

    The exercise was specifically designed to give students a literally understanding of the impact of the Route 66 road, which is one of the most well known trade routes, and is now the most popularly known highway stretch. Route 66 has been defined as the most famous road in all of American history, in fact. It eventually stretched from Chicago to Los Angeles after becoming the main street in Albuquerque.

    Alamo classes for students all somehow include an incorporation of the trade route, along with the impact it has on various subjects. "Each teacher looked at the exercise through their own lens," art teacher Hanna Treder said. "For example, the math teacher might require learners to calculate miles per gallon for specific distances, locations and the different vehicles traveling the route."

    While history will look at the aspects of the development of the road, and English teacher will look to Kerouac or Steinbeck writing that references the stretch.

    "It made for a deeper experience," Treder said. "Along with the barbecue it was very relaxed and entertaining but exciting. The students were able to see how things have changed. The owners of the vehicles did a 'sound off,' revving engines that excited the crowd. The students put in hard work, drawing in handmade sketchbooks and studying various historical personalities like Montezuma and others."


    Route 66 Marbella ( provides visitors with information on one of the most exciting and worthwhile destinations on along the historic route. Learn about the many special events, along with services held by the company.
    Contact:Robit Rob

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    Brooklyn, NY ( June 13, 2013-Spike Art Creations, a small startup company based in Brooklyn, NY, has Justin Bieber fans screaming for more.

    Spike art creations has invented a new art form that uses powerful magnets combined with ferrofluid, a liquid created by NASA to be used in outer space. "The combination creates three-dimensional spikes and colored-swirls that are so unique, that they are virtually impossible to create with any other art medium," says Frank Marino, company President.

    While there are many applications for ferrofluid use, one of the most popular seems to adopting a new look for well-known celebrities. In the video on their Kickstarter page, Spike Art Creations shows the sculpture Ferro Vision being made. As the photo of this piece of artwork circulated the internet, Justin Bieber fans began submitting their own artwork, created using Spike Art Creations' art kit, which showed the Ferro Vision sculpture's shocking likeness to the celebrated pop star.

    Thousands of fans have reached out to the company, asking not only where they can get their own art kit, but also where they can purchase what they are calling the "Justin Bieber Sculpured Lamp." Currently, Spike Art Creations does not have a licensing agreement with Justin Bieber. However, they are in works of creating a Justin Bieber Sculptured lamp, due to popular request, to submit for licensing.

    "Justin Bieber fans are asking for us to produce these," says Marino. "They are already saying they want one for Christimas or their birthday. They want a lamp of their idol to shine upon them as they sleep, and be there the moment they open their eyes in the morning."

    You can help support Spike Art Creations by visiting their website, or clicking on their Kickstarter page. For a pledge of as small as one dollar, you will automatically be placed on their mailing list, where they will send you updates on when and how you can purchase your own Justin Bieber Sculptured Lamp.

    Frank Marino

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    ( June 14, 2013 -- Traub Lieberman Straus & Shrewsberry LLP is pleased to announce that Kim Petrina has been invited to join the prestigious Claims and Litigation Management Alliance. The CLM is a nonpartisan alliance comprised of thousands of insurance companies, corporations, Corporate Counsel, Litigation and Risk Managers, claims professionals and attorneys. Through education and collaboration the organization's goals are to create a common interest in the representation by firms of companies, and to promote and further the highest standards of litigation management in pursuit of client defense. Selected attorneys and law firms are extended membership by invitation only based on nominations from CLM Fellows.

    Kim is a Partner at Traub Lieberman Straus & Shrewsberry LLP's Chicago office and focuses her practice in the area of complex insurance issues, including insurance coverage analysis, insurance coverage litigation, evaluation of coverage and monitoring of catastrophic loss claims involving multi-million dollar disputes nationwide. She also is retained by insurance companies for direct defense of insureds. Kim maintains a nationwide practice with respect to insurance coverage issues, and has extensive experience in policy interpretation, extra-contractual liability issues, bad faith issues, and the general representation of insurance companies in state and federal courts throughout the United States. Kim also represents insureds primarily in the product liability and construction defect arena throughout Illinois. Kim has co-authored several presentations pertaining to emerging insurance issues.

    Ms. Kimberly Hansen Petrina
    Traub Lieberman Straus & Shrewsberry, LLP
    303 W. Madison Street, Suite 1200
    Chicago, Illinois 60606
    (312) 332-3900

    Firm Marketing Person: Sheri Wolfe.

    About the CLM:
    The Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) promotes and furthers the highest standards of claims and litigation management and brings together the thought leaders in both industries. CLM's Members and Fellows include risk and litigation managers, insurance and claims professionals, corporate counsel, outside counsel and third party vendors. The CLM sponsors educational programs, provides resources and fosters communication among all in the industry. To learn more about the CLM, please visit

    Susan Wisbey-Smith, Communications Manager
    Claims and Litigation Management Alliance

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    Boca Raton, FL ( June 14, 2013 -- Howard S. Krooks, J.D., CELA, CAP, has been named President of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) for 2013‐2014. NAELA is a professional association of over 4,300 attorneys who are dedicated to improving the quality of legal services provided to seniors and people with special needs. NAELA members assist their clients with public benefits, probate and estate planning, guardianship/conservatorship, and health and long‐term care planning, among other important issues.

    As President, Howard S. Krooks will help develop recommendations and plans for innovative opportunities on issues and trends relevant to NAELA and Elder and Special Needs Law.

    "I have enjoyed the opportunities I have had shaping policy within NAELA. I am excited to be at the forefront of continuing to move this organization forward. NAELA is devoted to assisting its members with providing the very best legal services to seniors and people with disabilities, two groups that are sorely in need of advocacy and legal representation," Mr. Krooks said.

    Howard S. Krooks, a partner of Elder Law Associates PA, is admitted to practice law in Florida and New York. His practice is devoted to elder law and trusts and estates matters, including representing seniors and persons with special needs and their families in connection with asset preservation planning, supplemental needs trusts, Medicaid, planning for disability, guardianship, wills, trusts and advance directives.

    Mr. Krooks is certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation and is a member of the Council for Advanced Practitioners of (NAELA). He has been a member of the NAELA Board of Directors for several years, most recently serving as President-Elect. He was honored with the designation of NAELA Fellow in 2009. He serves on the Executive Council of the Elder Law Section of The Florida Bar as the NAELA Liaison. He is a Past Chair of the Elder Law Section of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), where he continues to serve on the Executive Committee. Mr. Krooks was named The Florida Bar Elder Law Section "Member of the Year" in 2010. He was chosen as a Florida Super Lawyer from 2007 to 2012, a Metro New York Super Lawyer from 2007 to 2012, named to Florida Trend magazine's Florida Legal Elite in 2007, 2010 and 2012, and has an AV® Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell.

    About NAELA
    Members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) are attorneys who are experienced and trained in working with the legal problems of aging Americans and individuals of all ages with disabilities. Established in 1987, NAELA is a non-profit association that assists lawyers, bar organizations and others. The mission of NAELA is to establish NAELA members as the premier providers of legal advocacy, guidance and services to enhance the lives of people with special needs and people as they age. NAELA currently has members across the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

    About Elder and Special Needs Law
    Elder and Special Needs Law are specialized areas that involve representing, counseling and assisting seniors, people with disabilities and their families in connection with a variety of legal issues, with a primary emphasis on promoting the highest quality of life for individuals. Typically, Elder Law and Special Needs Law address the convergence of legal needs with the social, psychological, medical and financial needs of individuals. The Elder Law and Special Needs Law attorney handles estate planning and counsels clients about planning for incapacity with health care decision-making documents. The Elder and Special Needs Law attorney also assists clients in planning for possible long-term care needs, including at-home care, assisted living or nursing home care. Locating the appropriate type of care, coordinating public and private resources to finance the cost of care and working to ensure the client's right to quality care are all part of the Elder and Special Needs Law practice.

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    Contact: Joseph Mazin, President & CEO
    Telephone: (818) 890-1401
    Fax: (818) 890-6001
    Web Site:
    Dream Master Trailer :

    Pacoima, California ( June 14, 2013 -- Flamemaster Corporation (Pink Sheets - "FAME.PK"), declared a quarterly cash dividend of $.0125 payable on September 10, 2013 to shareholders of record, August 08, 2013.

    Flamemaster Corporation is a specialty chemicals manufacturer servicing the aerospace, defense, energy and transportation industries with high performance aircraft sealants and coatings. The Company has also added contract packaging and manufacturing services capacity.

    The release herein may contain or identify forward-looking statements. These statements are based on a number of assumptions and estimates, which are inherently subject to uncertainty and contingencies, many of which are beyond the control of the Company and reflect future business decisions, which are subject to change.

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    Dallas, TX ( June 14, 2013 -- Ding Duck got featured on which is an aviation directory where aviation businesses can list their business for free and get massive online exposure. As of February of 2013 their listings are also available on their iPhone and Android app.

    The world's worst flying student inspires aviators! It is incredible that a cartoon character, Ding Duck with 5,975 flying lessons and still can't fly could be the source of inspiration and humor to pilots worldwide. His creator, Gary Clark is an award winning Australian cartoonist and private pilot. Clark's own passion for flying has driven the development of Ding Duck as a dominant character in his comic strip, "Swamp".

    Ironically, despite hundred of crashes, Ding has become the pin-up boy for air safety. He delivers the air safety message in a unique way. Ding finds himself used in many facets of aviation. When major air route changes were implemented in Australia many years ago, Ding was called upon to be the face of change to air traffic controllers.

    Ryan Campbell of Teen World Flight, the youngest pilot attempting to fly solo around the world flight has chosen Ding Duck as his mascot.

    Included in the daily briefings of the French Air force are Ding Duck cartoons. In fact, the latest cartoon book of Ding's adventures, "I Want to Fly!" includes a dedication to those pilots. Published by Martin Leeuwis Publications, the book is available online in the United States.

    Many a flying school, air traffic control tower, air safety seminar have Ding Duck cartoons on view. Ding Duck is unique in that he provides humor in aviation yet has been aligned to important issues in commercial and defense aviation.

    You can find more information about Ding Duck @

    "Our most important goal is to give massive exposure to the aviation businesses who post their listings on our aviation directory at We have already been noticed and mentioned by 450+ highest ranked media outlets worldwide such as the ABC News, The Boston Globe, Miami Herald, The Columbus Dispatch, The Telegraph, San Francisco Chronicle, Sign On San Diego, The Canada Sun, Australian Herald, Irish Sun, New Zealand Star, The UK News, Ireland news, Mexico News, Netherlands News just to name a few. This does not even include the 45+ Radio and TV stations such as Fox News, CBS News, News Channel 9 and many more affiliated stations", said Director of Digital Marketing, Jason parker.

    About is an aviation directory where aviation businesses can list their business for free and is a fast growing community of skilled pilots and aviation enthusiasts. It's our goal to get the most exposure possible for the aviation businesses listed on our aviation directory, iPhone and Android app.

    For all media inquiries, please contact:

    Jason Parker
    Direct 1-888-300-6849

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    Winter Park, FL ( June 14, 2013 -- In an effort to call attention to the timely and vital services it provides to Americans struggling to pay their mortgages, Consumer Debt Counselors (CDC) is joining the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and HUD Housing Counseling Intermediaries in celebrating June as National Homeownership Month. CDC provides HUD-approved housing counseling and homebuyer education that includes in-person sessions, telephone assistance, online courses and housing workshops.

    "Studies have shown that homeowners who receive housing counseling, like that which we offer, are 67 percent more likely to maintain their mortgages after a loan modification," George Janas, CDC's president said. "It is because of that reality that we focus so much attention on providing quality foreclosure prevention counseling and valuable educational services."

    Consumer Debt Counselors' housing counseling services include:
    First-Time Home Buyer Education
    Florida Hardest Hit Program
    Rental Housing Advisory Services
    For more information on CDC's HUD-approved housing counseling services, visit

    About Consumer Debt Counselors
    Consumer Debt Counselors is a licensed, bonded and accredited non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. CDC's mission is dedicated to teaching our clients and the general public how to better manage their financial resources and how best to resolve their financial problems. Through our programs, we assist individuals and families learn the responsible use of credit, basic household money management skills, and how to increase their net worth through asset building.  For more information, go to

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    Columbus, OH ( June 14, 2013 -- Families seeking memorable travel experiences have one more reason to book their trip to Columbus this year, as the city becomes home to the newest store in the American Girl Store family, opening June 21 at Easton Town Center. Just in time for summer travel, Hilton Columbus at Easton has launched its American Girl Package, featuring a special American Girl Doll bed, access to the hotel's American Girl Library and an easy walk to the new American Girl Store, which is a five minute walk from the hotel.

    This package invites American Girl Doll fans to shop, explore and create memories, while enjoying Easton Town Center's fashion scene, on-site movie theatre, wide array of dining options and more. Guests can book their American Girl Store package online at or by calling 1-800-HILTONS.

    Starting at just $219 plus tax, the American Girl Store package is available for booking now and includes:
    - Deluxe overnight accommodations at the Hilton at Easton
    - Special American Girl Doll welcome letter to your special little girl
    - An American Girl Doll-sized travel bed (one per package)
    - Milk and cookies for American Girl Doll lovers and their dolls
    - Turn-down service for guests and their dolls
    - Access to the Hilton Columbus American Girl Library
    - Five-minute walking distance to the new American Girl Store
    - Complimentary in-room internet
    - Complimentary self parking
    - Additional children and amenities may be added for an upcharge

    Columbus is a city unlike any other. Vibrant and alive, Ohio's capital is known for its open attitude, smart style and entrepreneurial spirit. Columbus' uncommon blend of neighborhoods, arts and culinary experiences, events, attractions and accommodations are made unforgettable by its diversity of outgoing locals who warmly welcome visitors. Free travel guides, maps, online booking and detailed information are available at or 866.397.2657 (866.EXP.COLS). Visitor information is also available on Facebook: and, Twitter: @ExpCols and Pinterest.


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